Aspire Starter Kit

Aspire Starter Kit

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The Aspire starter kit is constructed with Aspire G-Power 900mah battery as well as a K1 glassomizer. It features a new generation of glassomizer that makes use of Aspire “BVC” (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology. This technology is intended to last longer that gives users the cleanest and purest taste from the e-liquids. The Aspire CF G-Power includes a metal button, stainless steel endpoints, a carbon fiber coated tube as well as six safety holes on the bottom cover. Bring the Aspire brand build quality and high-end style to the mix and you have a product available at a great introductory price.

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Aspire K1 Review
Credit to: TiaVapes
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Aspire Aspire Starter Kit reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire K1 Review by TiaVapes

Hey, guys. It is Wednesday here on the TiaVapes channel and today I am looking at a kit that a lot of you had requested that I check out and so I got it, the Aspire K1 and Carbon Fiber Battery Kit.

Hey, guys! So a lot of you have been asking about my opinion on the Aspire K1, which is a new Aspire tank that also features the BVCs, the Bottom Vertical Coils that the Aspire Nautilus Mini had, which are amazing coils, as well as the Carbon Fiber batteries. So I got the kit, here is the box. It shows you everything it comes with and it slides out like this. Aspire. So you open it up and it's got a nice sized user's manual. I already have the battery out and ready. This is where the battery goes, the wall adapter, USB charger, and then under the USB charger, a five-pack of replacement coils, awesome. I actually didn't even know these were there while I was snooping through the kit at first, and then when I found them, it was like, trick or treat! There's some BVCs.

So I just wanna show you, guys, that these are a little bit different looking. So, I just wanted to show you guys the coils real quick just in case you are interested. And these are 1.6 ohm coils. Alright, I just wanna show you, guys, up close and personal with the K1 because I'm gonna fill it. drip tip and here's the base with the BVC coil. Alright, so here is the K1. It is all stainless steel and Pyrex glass. It has the BVCs and this is the carbon fiber battery, it is super, super light. There's also six vent holes at the bottom and this is a metal button as well. It has metal endpoints. This is the eGo connection and it is spring loaded in there, so better connection. It has excellent flavor. You, guys, know that I love the BVCs, almost everybody loves the BVCs. So it has excellent flavor as well as vapor production and a really good vape.

I would say, this is a really good, like a really fancy beginner set up but I like it. I like the look of it. I definitely am going to use it a lot especially, since it's a stronger battery and I'm always tending to drop things, not that I've ever had a bad experience with dropping something like a mod or an e-cig and having it not work. I guess I'm just one of the lucky few. Oh nice. So swanky. It vapes great. I mean, another thumbs up. But really, Aspire has yet to disappoint, they just keep coming out with solid products. I'll put the tank capacity and the battery milliamp per hour somewhere around here. If you have any questions about this kit, you can go ahead and comment below and I'll try my best to answer your question.

I think a fancy starter kit like this would be great for somebody who is like someone you would know that is having a really hard time making the switch or even wanting to try and quit cigarettes. I mean, I would recommend like a CE4 starter kit but those tanks that come on there are just crappy and the batteries are not as powerful, so getting somebody a set up or getting a set up for yourself that is really good quality, I think would help people or yourself, depending on who's watching, make the switch a lot easier when you have a product that works a lot better. You can go the cheap route with $20 Blister Kit but you're gonna have to upgrade eventually. It's inevitable. Say you splurge and get the fancy starter kit, it's just gonna last you a lot longer and perform so much better that it's worth it. If you would like to check out the Aspire K1 and carbon fiber battery kit, I'll put a link below to it. That's it for today's video. I hope you enjoyed. Please stay tuned to my channel for more videos. Subscribe if you like what you see. And as always, thank you so much for watching, guys.