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For those who are familiar with the iJust series, you will know that they have made a lot of very impressive products that are loved by vapers all around the globe.

The Eleaf iJust 3 follows that same path and will knock your socks off with every vape you take. The Eleaf iJust 3 kit combines a 3000mAh iJust rechargeable battery with the ever-popular 2ml Eleaf ELLO Duro tank, which is compatible with the new HW-N 0.20Ω (Net) and HW-M 0.15Ω (Multihole) sub-ohm atomizer coil heads.

What is most valued overall is the fact that every ounce of this design went into squeezing every last drop of flavour out of the liquid added, which is what all vapers love to see in a kit. Weighing 155g and measuring 128mm tall / 26.6mm diameter, the iJust 3 has a stylish and well-crafted steel body. Eleaf once again proves that they are the masters of convenient size - both in hand and in the pocket.

Operationally, the iJust 3 is an easy to use, non-adjustable power, single-button vape kit. It delivers reliable, consistent power, making a reliable, consistent vape. When it's to re-fill, the ELLO Duro tank has an innovative slide-fill mechanism that is so simple yet so effective you'll wonder why it's not on every vape kit!

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Eleaf iJust 3 Kit with ELLO Duro Tank
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Eleaf Eleaf iJust 3 reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf iJust 3 Kit with ELLO Duro Tank by Mike Vapes

IJust 3 from ELEAF. Are you ready, peeps? Let's dive down. Alright, guys. And here is the packaging the iJust 3 by ELEAF. Inside the packaging, a USB charging cable, a spare glass, extra O-rings, two different style top fill gaskets, spare coil, manuals, and your device. Alright, guys. Let's start off by looking at the tank. This is the new tank by them called the ELLO Duro, f I guess. It's a 25 millimeter tank, has a massive airflow slots, does have a stopper, drip tip is an 810 style drip tip with the O-rings, so if you have a regular 810 without the O-rings, it'll not work in here, it's got to be with O-rings. Alright. So there's the nice drip tip that they give, beautiful looking drip tip.

Top fill on this one here, you have to actually look and see for this little symbol right here, it's not too visible, but you just press forward and you fill. Now, like you saw earlier, they give you two different gaskets. You get two of these, one is pre-installed, and the other type that's fully open. Now, with this gasket, it'll prevent you from liquid spilling out of there, I guess, while you're filling it, so yeah, they give you that extra gasket. Nice little touch. Bubble glass, pre-installed, will hold around 6 to 6.5 mls of liquid, it all depends. It's around maybe 6.2 mls in my opinion. Now, tank itself comes with two coils. Alright. We'll look at the coil that's installed in the tank, and these coils are basically the same type of coil, same fitment as the SMOK Baby Beast coils.

Alright. Here is that first coil of theirs. Now, looking at the inside, I don't know if you guys could make it out, it's like a mesh coil, but it's different, they're calling it like a net coil, it looks more like a honeycomb style coil. Big opening on there, you could see the opening, the diameter. And specs on this coil is a 0.15, 50 to 100 watts? Yeah, 50 to 100 watts. And here is the spare coil that they provide, it's a 0.2 ohm, 40 to 90 watts. Now this one, is mesh, as you could see there, it is a mesh coil in there. Could look both of them side by side, you could see the diameter on both, and differences between the both. The net coil will have this like red O-rings, the mesh has black.

Now, first thing you do with the coil before you vape it, obviously, you have to need some liquid. So I'm going to use some of this liquid called Carnivalia Azure, it's a blueberry pomegranate, you get this from paradigmdistro.com. First thing we're going to do is saturate the coil, make sure we get liquid all around, make sure that cotton has fully saturated. Alright. That's good enough for now. Then what we do is, we're going to grab our top piece, this piece here, and screw it down. There we go. Got that done. Now, we're going to look for that symbol, which I wish was a little bit more vibrant, they should've made this in white maybe, so you could see it. Press it forward, grab our bottle, and stick it in and squeeze. Alright. Almost there, almost there. There we go. We are full.

And you could see it really just leaves a little bit of liquid on top of there, that's the only downfall of it, but something like, if you do this, you don't have to worry about it coming out, or if you drop it by mistake, it tips over on your desk, you don't realize that you have it open, it's basically almost like a safety feature built into it. Then we just do that. Alright. We'll put this on the side, let it saturate, and let's check out the mod. Alright, guys. Here is the device, the iJust 3. Fire button, five clicks, turns on, you're going to see a light going on on there, and that light will indicate also the strength of it, like when you see a green, it's fully charged, and then it starts diminishing, it turns different colors.

And here's some quick specs for that color LED. Green is 100 to 60%. Orange is 59 to 30%. Blue is 29 to 10%. Red is 9%, right, yeah. That means charge it. Alright. Back to the device. Now, you could see there's a nice little design going on here, it's going to come in all different colors, 25 millimeter platform on here, there's the bottom of it, has a little hole there for venting, just in case. Alright. These are not dials, they do not move around, it's basically you just press the button, and it gives you the battery voltage right through that coil, and you vape. It's as simple as that. Here they are together. I'll screw this on, open up that airflow, and there we go. That's the way the black looks.

Here is the purple version. Here is the rainbow version. Here is the stainless steel version. And the red version. Alright, guys. And that was the iJust 3 from ELEAF. Let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts. And that was the up close of the iJust 3 with the ELLO Vero? It that what it's called? Ello Vero? Duro, my bad. The ELLO Duro by ELEAF. So Mike, what are your thoughts? Okay. We'll start off with the tank. Mesh coil and a net coil, I guess, or a honeycomb coil. I'm vaping the honeycomb coil here. The mesh coil I vaped when I first got it, I'm more familiar with mesh, and the mesh vapes great. Now, I was really interested in this net coil of theirs, and so far, I've had no issues.

Now, I know that another reviewer Mr. Mark, VapnFagan had an issue with his, he had gotten a dry hit or something, and I heard him and I was vaping it, and I was really hitting this hard, and I'm like, Oh. Dry hit, but wait a minute, I haven't experienced it. So yeah, I haven't experienced no dry hits on mine, he might've had a defect coil, so I know people are going to say that in the comments about his video. I've had no issues with this one. I have that net coil, NET coil, I don't know, whatever it is, honeycomb style coil in here, and I'm vaping it. And airflow, I've cut it down a little bit, as you guys could see right there, 'cause this got tremendous airflow in my opinion, tremendous. And maximum output on this device is 80 watts, the battery is a 3,000 milliamp hour battery. Let's have a vape. Even with it cut down a little bit, it's still a lot of airflow.

Yeah. Flavor is banging on this thing. Nice flavor. Lots of vapor. Lots of airflow. This Carnivalia stuff right here, this is the Azure, blueberry pomegranate, paradigmdistro.com, delicious stuff right here. So far, all their liquids. If you guys have noticed, this past week I've been using their liquids, and yeah, so far, they've been good. I like this line right here. So props to Paradigmdistro. So Mike, talk about the tank some more. Okay. Cons on this, the top fill, I cannot see that, especially with the black, I have to like... So you have to sit there and push and push and push and get lucky. Okay. There it is. Alright. So that's got to be a con in my opinion.

Another con in my opinion is that they should've included a vape band for it, just in case. I mean, yeah, it looks nice without the vape band, but because it's a thin mod and you place it on the table, if it tips over, whatever, you don't want this to break in on you, it is a bubble glass, so I would've liked to see in a vape band included with this. A lot of people already have vape bands, but yeah, for those that don't have it, would've been nice protection for it, but on Heaven Gifts, they do sell just the glass, so if you need spare glass for it, they have them in stock.

If this is going to be a device that's going to be your device, your go-to device, I always recommend when you do buy a device, buy a glass too, so you could have that extra bubble glass for just in case purposes. So yeah, basically, that's the only cons I have with it. It's been functioning great. It's got pass through too, so you could charge and vape at the same time also. Flavor, like I said, you guys heard it before, I'm going to say it again, flavor is pretty good on this. That's delicious. So price, Mike, right? You guys want to know price? Yeah, I know everybody wants to know the price on this. Heavengifts.com, $41.60, you guys saw all the colors in the up and close.

The only one I didn't have was the blue. Alright. So it's going to be six different colors to choose from. 41.60$, coupon code AMV15 will get you 15% off. Now, extras, you guys saw I had four extras in the up and close. Yeah, buddy. We're going to do a giveaway in this video. Two of these are going to go here on YouTube, the other two, giveaway on Patreon. Yeah. All you got to do is, you must be a subscriber, of course, like this video, why not? And comment down below. Let me know. Do you guys like tube mods? Are you into tube mod vapes? Tubob? Tubob? Not tubob, tube mods sub-ohm style vapes. I want to hear your thoughts down below.

Alright. And we'll do a randomizer when we hit a thousand likes. I'll reply to your comment down below, letting you know that you've won, and how to reach me in a future live show, I will announce your name. Alright. So, description below, ELEAF's website, heavengifts.com's website with the coupon code, and all of my links are down below as always. That's it. I'm done. Thank you and remember, keep on vaping.