KangerTech Subvod 1000 CL Kit

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The epitome of elegance, grace, robustness and ease of use, the KangerTech Subvod 1000 CL Kit is flawlessly good for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Ideally suited for anyone who wants to start vaping or raise the bar for their e-cigarette use, look no further than this KangerTech Subvod 1000 CL Kit.

Presenting a new functional Kanger CL Tank in an exciting configuration, this model eliminates the need to separate the mod from the battery for refilling. If that was not enough, it also offers stunning performance for the discerning vaper and gives all kinds of vapers the convenience of using just one buttons.

KangerTech Subvod 1000 CL Kit KangerTech
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KangerTech Subvod Kit
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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KangerTech KangerTech Subvod 1000 CL Kit reviews

Video Transcript: KangerTech Subvod Kit by Mike Vapes

What's up peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today I have a new device to show you guys and this device was sent to me for the purpose of this review from myvaporstore.com. It is the new Kanger SUBVOD Starter kit. There you go. So basically what we have here is a Kanger Nano on top of a battery. Five clicks on, five clicks off, charging port, and it's got the new tank which is a top fill tank. Come in different colors. They have a purple, black, white, stainless steel, pink and teal. Price for the starter kit is $40.90. It comes with an extra glass, comes with the charger and one coil, a 0.5 coil in here. Let's dive down. Let me show you guys the device up close. I'll fill it up. I'll show you guys what juice I'm using. I'll show you the packaging. Come back, vape it, I'll give you guys my thoughts.

Alright, here's the packaging the SUBVOD kit comes in. Alright, there you go, some stats. Alright, so the tank itself fits 3.2 ml of liquid. Got some paperwork in here. It tells how you to prime the coil. Obviously it's telling you the wattage to use, but obviously, with this device, it doesn't matter. That's only if you take the tank off this and put it on a regulated device. Some instructions. Basically, I've got the tank. Got your micro-USB charging port. You got a little paper that, it says, Filling and close top cover immediately. Your glass and your device. Alright, there's the device right there. Very nice. A nice button on there, a nice clicky button. There's your charge. Got two holes there for battery venting. SUBVOD.

Alright, let's check to see if this is spring-loaded 'cause I'm not 100% sure. It's got very light movement in there. It does go down very little. I can't really confirm if it's really spring-loaded or if it's just me pushing it down. But anyway, you would use these two together. There's your tank right there, it's the Nano. And as you can see, they've updated it. It's got airflow on both sides. And you top fill. Your drip tip. It's a little hard to grab. There you go. That's how you would fill it. Alright, and the juice I'm gonna use, which I also got from My Vapor Store. It's from a company called Subbies, this stuff here. It's called, Lucifer Sam. This is like a raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry and lemon vape. Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good. And you just fill it from the top, just like that. That's it. Alright, and the kit is showing it's on. I can hear it firing. That's it peeps. A nice simple device. A little starter kit here. Let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it. I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And we're back. And that was the SUBVOD Mini or SUBVOD Nano kit, from myvaporstore.com. So yeah, pretty cool. I like this. God, I wish I had these devices back when I had quit. Something like this is beautiful. Love the color on this, white. Even the other colors they have are beautiful on these things. For $40.90 you can't go wrong. Let me hit this shit one time and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

Now, for somebody who's just beginning, who wants a simple vape, this is actually gonna be good for them 'cause you could lung hit it or put it... Restrict down the airflow, and I could mouth to lung it too. But it's mostly made for lung hitting unless you get 1.5 ohm coils where... For... More for mouth to lung because the coil inside diameter is smaller and it'll restrict the airflow. But, you could do it with this. The only issue I find with this set up is the coil that they give you. I think a 0.5 doesn't hack it. For me it doesn't. For others it'll be fine. But for me personally, a 0.5 coil doesn't hack it. But the good thing about this is they make other coils. So I would... It comes with only one coil. Fine, you're gonna need to buy more coils. I would look for the Kanger 0.2 coils.

So they come with a lower resistance, then it'll push better, but the 0.5? I don't care where you put the 0.5 coil on, on any kind of tube, like these style, it's not the greatest. It needs to be like a 0.3, a 0.2 coil and it'll be perfect. Get a hit of this shit. That's just off a light hit. For a lot of people that are just beginning, that's fine for them. But for the way I vape, no, 'cause right now it's a very cool vape. If I throw this on a regulated device, I could... It'll be warmer. And I can even get a bigger cloud. So it needs a 0.2 coil with this. But like I said, you're gonna eventually gotta buy coils. It only comes with one coil. So you're gonna need coils. I would look for the 0.2s. So, also this juice right here from Subbies, Lucifer... What's it called, Lucifer Sam. This stuff is delicious.

They have them right in My Vapor Store on sale right now. $14 for a 30 ml. Regular price is 21. And this company is straight from New York, my home town, from Brooklyn, New York, right here. So, check it out. This awesome juice. 14 bucks, I think is a great price for it. A real good price. 40.90 for this too, is a great price, 'cause just the tank alone, when these come out being sold separately, they're gonna be like 35-40 bucks. So, you're getting all of it together. So that's a great deal on this right here. So, check it out. In the description below I'll have a link to myvaporstore.com to purchase this here, the SUBVOD Starter kit and also to pick up some Subbies e-Juice. Alright, I'll have a link to my Facebook page, a link to my Instagram page and a link to casaa.org 'cause we all need to sign up to fight for our rights to vape. Alright. Thank you. And remember, keep on vaping.