Joyetech Exceed NC

Joyetech Exceed NC

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The Joyetech Exceed NC might look like your standard tube mod, but it is actually something very special and stands out among its competitors. This device houses a 2300mAh battery that sits inside a tub mod that has two output modes, which means you get more use out of your battery than you originally thought. However, it's the tank inside the Joyetech Exceed NC that makes it so different from other similar mods, as it is a very low maintenance tank that allows you to vape in a very cost-effective way. If you are an achiever than this efficient e cig is definitely the one for you. Don't pause any longer and get your own Exceed NC, it's sure to please you from the very first inhale that you take.

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Joyetech Exceed NC Kit - A Great Starter Kit?
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Video Transcript: Joyetech Exceed NC Kit - A Great Starter Kit? by Vapor Trail Channel