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Here we have a very sleep e cig kit presented by Joyetech, the EXCEED D19, that comes with a very intuitive E Liquid tank and two output modes. Customers of Joyetech have found this device to be enjoyable to use and with a 1500 mAh battery along with accurate airflow control, this kit will make your all day vaping a pleasure. The best thing about the Joyetech EXCEED D19 is that it is easy for vapers of all levels to use, and not to mention convenient. There aren't too many tiny parts to mess with in this device which means you can get vaping even faster.

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Joyetech Exceed D19: Best Starter Kit for Beginners?
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Joyetech Joyetech Exceed D19 reviews

Video Transcript: Joyetech Exceed D19: Best Starter Kit for Beginners? by Suck My Mod

What's up, guys, I am Matt back with another video. Today we're gonna check out a starter kit from Joyetech. This is the Exceed D19.

All right. This is the Joyetech Exceed D19. Now let's talk about starter kits here first for a second. We see a lot of them out, where it's a mod and tank combo. But remember, just because it says starter kit does not mean that it's for beginner vapors. A lot of them like the smoke sticks, those come with a baby beast X on them now. It's more for a direct lung, but I think a lot of times, a newer vaper will buy that thinking it's for them, and then they'll get it and it'll have a loose draw and it might not be satisfying enough for them. Now, with the D19 it does come with a mouth to lung coil head and then a direct to lung coil head. The direct to lung is still a very restricted lung, it's not like the baby beast and stuff like that. You're getting, like it says on the coil head, between 20 to 35 watts with the direct to lung coil, and with the mouth to lung, you're getting about 8 to 14 watts. The tank holds 2 mls of liquid, the battery is 1500 milliamp hours. And the interesting thing that I wanted to see when I first got this, is how does it compare to the eGo AIO that Joyetech put out, what? A year and a half ago or so now, maybe longer? That one was very, very popular.

And if you look at my eGo AIO video, it got some of the most views out of any of the videos that I've done. So I know a lot of people were buying it. But it did have some quirks. The coils could get flooded, and when they were flooded they were kinda hard to clear because of the way that system worked. A lot of times if you over-filled past the fill line, then you went to screw the top cap on, it would push liquid into the coil head and flood it, and it was easy to over-fill those for sure. With this one, it's a little bit more like a conventional tank, it doesn't have that air flow that comes in through the top and then goes up into the coil head, like the AIO had. This one has airflow that goes in through the base and up through the coil head. So on this one here I have the mouth to lung coil installed, let's go ahead and vape it. Very, very satisfying, I had some 12 milligram in here. And then here is the direct to lung coil, I have 3 milligram in here. Definitely a looser draw, but more of a restricted lung hit. So let's go ahead, dive down the table, and we will take a closer look at these.

Big thanks to Coil Master for sponsoring the up close portion of this video. Links for them will be down in the description below. Today folks, we are looking at the Joyetech Exceed Kit, Standard Joyetech packaging. Inside you have a couple of directions on this warning card here, talking about how to prime or replace your coil, and it talks about suggested airflow depending on which coil heads you use. And then obviously you have your battery and tank. And then inside that little box you have a charging cable, you have some spares, glass, O-rings, and then an extra coil head. And this is the direct lung coil head. Okay, so here you have your battery. It is 19 millimeters in diameter, 1500 milliamp hours. Has a standard 510 here. And then there's like a hard plastic around that 510, that is where the light comes out. The rest of the battery feels like aluminum, feels pretty nice, but also pretty lightweight. On the bottom there, got a little venting. And the length on this battery is about 75 and a half millimeters.

Now the tank obviously, also 19 millimeters in diameter, holds two mls of liquid, has a 510 on it also, so you could use this on other devices. And the length on this tank from the base to the top of the drip tip's about 42 millimeters. Now, the tip is built in, okay? So you're gonna be using this tip. Got a medium or so bore. Feels like a 510, kind of a thinner 510 tip when you're using it. So, on the base here, you have air flow. The big slot, that's more for the direct lung, okay? There's one big slot on it. But you can close it down and see how... There's those three small holes right there, and you can use those when you're using this in a mouth to lung mode, and even close it down to one. So you could get this thing about as tight as you want. So I think it's cool that they give those two different options for air flow.

To fill this you grab this cap right here. And there's a little bit of grip right there as you can see with those slots cut into it. And unscrew it like so and fill up right there. And then there's a seal right on the underside of that. And this feels to me like it's Delrin. Okay, so to get to your coil head when you wanna swap it out or whatever, you unscrew the base here, and then if you pull the glass off a lot of times this seal will come off with it. But I do wish there was more for this glass to hold on to, 'cause sometimes when you take this all apart, the glass just comes off. And if there's juice all over the place, it can be kind of a messy mess. So on the base here is your coil head, and this is the mouth to lung coil head, these unscrew. And as you can see in there, it's got a smaller hole so you're getting less airflow. Here is the direct lung coil and as you can see, that has a lot larger hole, than the mouth to lung coil, and it also has bigger wick holes.

So you're gonna be using more wattage with this guy. It's got a lower resistance and so you're gonna be going through juice faster. So it's gonna need to wick faster, hence the bigger wick slot on that. I have used thick liquids in both of these 70 VG and the mouth to lung wicked just fine for me. But if you're a new vaper, or something like that, I would suggest going with a 50/50 higher milligram liquid; 12 milligram, 18 milligram something like that, with this coil head and you're set. It'll give you a nice throat hit. So in my other one I already have the direct lung coil installed, so on this one, we're going to install the mouth to lung coil. I'm gonna use some of Phil Busardo's liquid 'cause it's the highest milligram liquid I have, 12 milligram, and I believe this is 50/50 as well. I could be wrong though. But I think it's around there. It's definitely made more for mouth to lung type vapes. So we'll just put a couple of drops down in there.

Then we will put the glass back on, and as you can see, the glass sticks nicely to the base. So a lot of times when you pull this apart, the glass is gonna come off with the base. And now let's go to fill it. If you're having trouble with it, possibly leaking a little bit when you go to fill, I would suggest closing your airflow all the way off. And yeah, this is definitely a thinner liquid. It'll work great in this tank. Put the cap on. And now let's screw it on to the battery. So with the battery, five clicks will turn it on and you'll see that red light light up. Okay, depending on what your battery is, what your battery level is, that red light, after your vaping will start flashing at you a little bit. So right there it's more solid. So it means I got a pretty good amount of battery life yet, but that light right there, will start flashing at you after every vape and faster and faster and faster until it dies basically.

So now, another interesting thing with this is that you can have this in two different modes. You can have this in direct output mode or basically regulated mode they're calling it. We're gonna talk about this more when we go back up top. But the idea of it is that, when the red light is on, it's in that regulated mode, so it's gonna keep you at a constant voltage throughout the life of the battery even as the battery dies down. Okay, now if you turn it off, and then when it's off, if you long press the power button, you'll see that white light come on and now it's in direct output mode, which means it's basically not regulated. Your voltage is slowly going down with the life of your battery. If you wanna go back to their constant voltage mode, five clicks, it turns it off, then long press the power button, and then the orange light or red light, will go on.

Like I said, we're gonna talk about that more because it doesn't seem like there's much of a difference between the two. And here is a look at the black and white gradient looking one. It's very cool. Up next to the silver. There's those. And here's a look at it in my hand. Not a big device at all. Okay, so I think that's it for the up-close guys. Let's go ahead and go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more. All right, here I have the mouth to lung again. Let's go ahead and vape it. I have all three of the little holes open. Let's close it down to two. And now down to one. Yeah, you're gonna be able to get this thing as tight as you want it. One hole is definitely too tight for me, but some people might like it like that.

So, let's talk pros and cons with these; pros first. The Delrin top cap has Delrin threads in it. Be very, very careful when you screw this guy on and off. If you cross thread it you could screw up your threads and then your whole tank is screwed, is messed up. It would have been nice if they did have stainless steel threads on that. And it also would have been nice if the little drip tip here was removable and you could put your own tips in it. I kinda get why they made it all one piece though so you could get a nice grip on it and unscrew. So that makes sense, but that is also kind of a con that you have to basically touch your tip where your mouth goes to unscrew the top cap. So if you're a germaphobe you might not like that. Another con for me is, while these both have the direct voltage or the regulated voltage options, I don't see much of a difference. I think even on the regulated, it's still losing a little bit of power as the battery dies, and that in my opinion, I've tried it both ways and I just don't see a ton of difference. It was a nice extra little perk that they threw in that most of these stick batteries don't have, but I don't know necessarily that it works super great.

That being said, when I have it in either mode, and I have it in the mouth to lung configuration here, I can get a better part of a day out of the battery 'cause I'm not using a ton of wattage. There's not a lot of amps being drawn off of this battery. And also obviously, when it's in mouth to lung modes, you're gonna go through less liquid. So, I found that when I have the mouth to lung coil in here, I fill it probably twice. I'm probably using a total of about 6mls of liquid in a day. When I'm doing straight direct lung type vaping sub-ohm tank right here, here's the Valerian, I'm using maybe 20mls of liquid a day. Those are really the two main cons that I found. As far as pros, I think it's a little better than the AIO. There's less room for air. And I thought the AIO was a really nice device, but I know a lot of people have problems with it, with flooding, things of that nature. You had to really make sure not to fill over the line on that AIO. This one's a little bit easier to use.

The only kind of quirk is, that to get to your coil head, when you go to swap it out, soon as you pull it all apart, the glass comes off. There's obviously some juice still on it and can be a little messy. But I still think it's an easier system to use than the AIO was. As far as vape quality on this tank, that's another huge pro. I think the vape quality is as good as the AIO, or maybe even a little bit better, but a little more consistent than the AIO because you had those leaking problems. I get not amazing flavor off of this. It's still a pre-built coil head but more than enough. I know if I had this when I first quit smoking, this would taste very, very flavorful to me compared to a cigarette.

I've been testing this for a few weeks now, and I've never once vaped this and thought, You know, that's not enough flavor for me. Now, with the mouth to lung coil head, you're getting a very nice warm vape. It's very, very satisfying, especially with the 12 milligram, I get a nice throat hit. Now, with it wide open on the direct lung coil; let's vape that one more time. It's definitely a lot cooler vape for me. I would dial it up a little bit if I had the chance to, as far as wattage goes. I still get a good amount of vapor but just wish it was a little bit warmer, but the sweet spot really with this whole device is that mouth to lung coil head. So that's why this, I think, is definitely one of the best out there when it comes to this kind of kit; when it comes to mouth to lung, being able to refill with your own liquid, minimum amount of fuss, I think it's one of the best out there for a starting vaper, right.

So this would be a great Christmas present for people. You can get it for around the $30 range, I believe. Buy them a five packs of coils on top of that and I think the coils are around 15 bucks for five of them. And so, I would have no qualms at all giving this to a smoker and seeing if this helps them quit. The biggest problem I think we have right now with new vapers, is them going into a vape shop and getting something like this, right off the bat, that blows big old clouds. Well, I have baby lungs, but a lot of people can blow really big clouds with this. Anyway, new vapers get something like this and it's just too much, too much air; they're not used to it. They are craving something with the throat hit. Something that mimics a cigarette, and a device like this or some of the pre-filled cartridge devices out there, do it a lot better. Yeah, I wish there was something like this out there when I quit smoking.

So I think that's it guys. I have no problem recommending this over the AIO. I think it's just a little bit better; a little more of a refinement. And that's what we've seen a lot in vaping over the last year or two. We haven't seen a ton of crazy new innovations. We've seen just incremental steps, things getting a little bit better, a little bit better, a little more refined. So I definitely do like this and suggest it to new vapers I do wish those two little modes actually did something different though, like when you do the direct wattage and/or the direct battery modes, I wish that it actually seemed like it regulated it a little bit more. But I have found that I still get a pretty decent vape with the mouth to lung all the way down 'til my battery is about dead. I think that's it guys I'll put links in the description for where you can pick this up. Don't forget to check out our channel Matt and V. That about wraps it up. Until next time. Thanks for watching. Suck my mod.