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What's going on there, YouTube? VapingwithTwisted420 has returned! That's right, people, we are back and you might notice a different locale this morning. We're at the park. Let me tell you something. I underestimated a couple of things. One, how much traffic and how many people are here in the morning, and two, how humid it is in East Texas this early. But anyway, that's not important, people. What's important here, I got something pretty fucking wild to show you. Two firsts for the company

SMOK's Craziest Mod to Date?!?! SMOK I-Priv Kit - Voice Control and 21700's!
Credit to: VapingwithTwisted420
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Video Transcript: SMOK's Craziest Mod to Date?!?! SMOK I-Priv Kit - Voice Control and 21700's! by VapingwithTwisted420

What's going on there, YouTube? VapingwithTwisted420 has returned! That's right, people, we are back and you might notice a different locale this morning. We're at the park. Let me tell you something. I underestimated a couple of things. One, how much traffic and how many people are here in the morning, and two, how humid it is in East Texas this early. But anyway, that's not important, people. What's important here, I got something pretty fucking wild to show you. Two firsts for the company name SMOK, you guys may be familiar with 'em. Okay. Today, we are taking a look at the SMOK I-Priv. That's right, people, the I-Priv. And let me tell you something, alright. Let me just... To quickly get things going here, I'm gonna show you a re-enactment of when I first put batteries in this bitch. Take a look real quick.

Alright, let's go ahead and set up this new mod. Doo doo, doo doo. Ah, get in there. Alright, just one more will be good. See what's going, alright.

Hello, master. I am your new warrior.

The fuck? What the fuck? SMOK fucker said, Hello, master. I am your new warrior. What the fuck?

Yeah. Yeah, it tripped me up. It tripped me up. Now, I'm not gonna lie. When I first saw this SMOK, I think I see it on SMOK's Instagram and I was like, I don't know, man. Kinda had the whole Iron Man thing going. And the worst part is when I saw an ad they made with the hall of armor for Iron Man with the different colours of the mod. I was like, Eh. But after getting it in person, looking at the name of it, looking at how they did everything, really it's not too bad, in my opinion. It's really not too bad. And let me tell you, those two first that I was talking about, this is SMOK's first Dual 21700 and Dual 20700 and 18650 device, for one. For two, this is their first mod with AI, as everybody is touting, voice control. But not only this thing have voice control, this son o' bitch talks to you about random shit. You can turn it on and off, of course, but it talks to you like, no atomizer... Check it out real quick.

No atomizer.

No shit.

No atomizer.

Alright. What if I lock you, bitch?




Alright. Pretty wild stuff, man. Pretty wild stuff. But I'm getting ahead of myself per usual, per usual. What this is, people? This is a 230 watt, like I said, Dual 21700 and Dual 20700, Dual 18650. Temp control, bypass, TCR, all that good stuff. It comes with this TFV12 Prince tank with two mesh coils, the strip and the mesh, the ones that I just talked about recently and it holds 8 mls, which is also good. It's available in a shit ton of different colors and they all have that nice new finish that they started using since the Lux, alright. All those nice finishes and I've seen it going for anywhere from 60-80 bucks online, pre-order, 'cause it's not out yet, of course.

So yeah, yeah. This is... This is pretty wild. And not only does it have all that stuff I just talked about, it's got this little screen, it's kinda like an arc reactor, a little circle screen. The son of a bitch also has, I guess like a power beam coming out the fucking bottom of it. It's a flashlight, basically. The RGB flashlight. You can do all kinds of different colors, you can now use it as a flashlight in the dark. It's pretty. It's pretty random. It's pretty random. There, so as you can see, people, lot of stuff going on here. Hopefully, what I wanna do is get SMOK to send me a bunch of these different colors. Maybe we can do a giveaway with you, guys, and look at 'em, and stuff. You know what I mean? I think that'd be pretty neat, kinda neat-o, skeet-o.

Anyway, people, to keep this thing going. You know, I got people looking at me all crazy in the park. That's a part of being in YouTuber. You know what I'm saying? You gotta be versatile, be able to adapt to surroundings and your situation, okay? But moving on, moving on. Inside the package, let's take a look inside the box. You open it up. First, you're gonna have a mod. That's always good. Dig a little bit deeper and you're going to have a tank. You got your tank in there. You're gonna have an extra standard glass. Okay. A little bit further than that, you're gonna have some o-rings and an extra coil, like I said, you get a strip and a mesh, which is pretty awesome.

Then you got a dope ass little braided micro-USB cable, those nice little metal ones that I've been liking, SMOK is including those. Very cool, kudos. Kudos there. But beyond that, something else really cool that's included is an adapter. You get an adapter to where you can use your 18650s if you want inside this mod. Pretty neat. And I also like the little dialogue card. You got a little card that has all the prompts and different things that you could say to your mod and that your mod can say back to you. It's pretty... It's pretty crazy. It's pretty crazy. So, okay.

Okay, we got a lot to go over here, people. First and foremost, this TFV12 Prince, I love, like I said, I love the fact that they're including the 0.15 mesh and the strip coil with it. Those are pretty good options to have. Straight out of the box, this things holds 8 mls. It's got that nice top fill. You guys know what's going on by now. It's a good tank and it's a pretty good one that they include it. Like I said, they got mesh included, baby. That's what I'm talking about, got the mesh.

Now, I got a whole section where I do the voice stuff and we talk to it and see what happens and stuff. But first, let's talk about the mod, okay. And first things first, this motherfucker's got a 16 pack. Look at all these abs. This thing's got abs for days, shiny, beautiful abs. They're amazing. Just some amazing abs right there. I just wanted to point that out and get that out of the way. Okay, now here's something that surprised me, people. Now, this thing has a unique shape, especially around the 510 connection. It's got these little things sticking up out of the side. Shoulders, I guess, right? So I was looking at it, I was like, Ah, it looks pretty good. I doubt it'll fit a triple. I'll be fucking damned if that that bitch doesn't fit a triple. It's sure as shit does. Fits a triple like no problem. Yeah, I was very surprised. So yes, this is a triple RTA V2 friendly mod. Shameless plug, it is shameless. Coming out about a week or so. It's gonna be dope.

Anyway, people, moving on. Moving on. Back battery door, you pop it open, it's got magnets. Everything, spring-loaded, pretty standard, like I said, you can do Dual 21700s. You can also swap it out and do Dual 20700s and I think that's pretty awesome. I think that's pretty cool for a SMOK mod to finally be able to do something like that. You know what I mean? Moving on, on the bottom, you got for micro-USB charger port and of course, your little power beam flashlight do-hicky. You got that down there, chilling and everything. You got a nice fire bar on this guy, classic SMOK fire bar. Here, the buttons and everything are pretty standard, everything's pretty cool.

Alright. Now the screen, let's look at the screen real quick. I really like the screen. It's nice and bright and it's colorful and I like the way they did the arc reactor thing. You fire it and it does little stuff and things that's cool. Three clicks still to get into the menu and you got a few things you can go through. Of course, you can switch your modes and adjust all your settings and all that stuff. Pretty standard stuff there.

You also have the my setting, which is basically their power curve. You can go in there and set up a power curve and do some different stuff. You can change the color of the screen and control the time out right here. You got a bunch of different colors you can do. I think that's cool. And then you have the voice settings and you can switch that from male to female to robot. You'll hear it in a minute. It's pretty. It's pretty out there, okay. And then, last but not least, you got the LED setting. On the LED setting, you could control everything on the bottom. You can set it to a solid color, do a rainbow effect, you can set it to fade, set it to jump, you got a bunch of different options down there, okay? But it's bright as shit, I will warn you that it's an extremely bright LED, alright. But, yeah, that's pretty much it. That's all you can do in the menu, that's everything. I like the dual battery monitoring. I think it's a good looking screen. Damn wind.

Okay, folks, we are back. I had to take a little break 'cause of the wind. Got a little... Got a little dark, and got a little windy, surprisingly only out here. And now, I'm gonna show you some of the little stuff that you can do talking to it. I kinda little show you it's responses and shit. Some of the stuff is pretty funny. I was pretty surprised. So here's some of me talking to this fucking vape mod by myself in the room.

Hello, I-Priv.

I'm here.

Okay. Higher power.

Power has been increased.

Lower power.

Power has been reduced.

Shut down.

Are you serious?

Bitch asked me if I'm serious. It's crazy. No, I'm not serious. I'm not serious, okay? Lock device.


There we go. Unlock device.


Alright, alright. Screen color.

Color has changed.

Screen color.

Color has changed.

Fuck yeah. Screen color.

Color has changed.

Yeah, that's right. Voice change.

Voice has changed.

Oh, she's got a robot voice now. Screen color.

Color has changed.

Oh, that's kinda creepy. Voice change.

Voice has changed.

Oh, he's manly. Screen color.

Color has changed.

Okay. Lower power.

Power has been reduced.

Okay. TC mode.

TC mode ready.

Alright, fuck yeah. Wattage mode.

Wattage mode ready.

Yeah, fuck yeah. Alright, lock device.


My wattage.

Mission complete.

What? Shut down.

Are you serious?

That's so much fun to fuck with. Alright, it's works pretty, works pretty decent for the most part.

Alright, folks, and I think that's everything I need to show you, okay? Alright, now, this is a lot going on. For one, I will say... What the fuck? Get off me. Fucking bugs out here. It's East Texas y'all. For one, I will say, they finally included the tank, the TFV12 with the new coils and everything, 8 ml capacity. I feel like they have a tank that works great with the mod. Now, it can't handle all 230 watts. I don't know much stuff that would but it's... Those mesh coils... Fucking great. They have been fantastic, okay. So the tank's good, actually. For once, with the bad ass mod, tank's good. Okay.

The mod itself, it's gonna be very polarizing for a lot of people. Either you gonna love it or you're gonna hate it. Some people who like... Even some people who like Iron Man and all that shit gonna be like, Ah, I don't know but the same time, I think it's pretty cool. It's an out there design and fuck it, people doing crazy shit all... People put out crazy mods every day, B. You know what I mean? It's one of those things.

The flashlight's kinda handy in case you need it. You never know when you'll need that. That's kinda cool. Dual 21700s, I think that's gonna be a big highlight because SMOK's never done it. This is SMOK's first big, big battery mod and let me tell you, I've been vaping this mesh around 70/80 watts, with these Dual 21700s, I get great battery life. So that's awesome, that's pretty awesome.

I love the screen. I like the arc reactor theme, I think it looks good. The battery door is fine, everything's good in that regard. Fire bar feels good, nice and clicky. I enjoy it. Now, the voice control stuff. Now it is pretty gimmicky but, you know, it has it's usefulness. Maybe it's sitting on the counter, maybe for somebody disabled or something, or maybe... You could do a lot through the voice control to where it's sitting on the table. You don't have to do anything but talk to it and it does some stuff, lock it. Maybe you don't want people messing with it. You know what I'm saying? Lock it with your voice, unlock it, change the screen color, it's kinda cool. It's kinda cool but mostly it is gimmicky. I get it.

IJoy was the first one to bring the whole voice control stuff out. I think this is a little bit more refined than that and it's still is hit or miss, it doesn't always work perfect, but I think maybe with some firmware upgrades it could be better. But it's neat, man. Maybe we'll get to a point to where it's gonna be... These companies are gonna have their own version of Google Assistant and Siri that can like, you can talk to, like you can connect WiFi to your phone. I don't know, I geek out on weird shit like that, but I think about the possibilities. So for me, I still think this is neat. It's still pretty innovative in a way. This is the second mod to have the voice AI stuff and this one takes it further by talking to you even when you don't talk to it by pressing stuff and things. And it's cool you can turn all that off. Turn the LED off, turn the voice off, otherwise you got a pretty good mod with good battery life. And I think that's what I'm here to tell you, people.

So, altogether, I think that's what I got. I think that's what I got. This is a pretty... This is SMOK's most ambitious mod yet. I will say that for sure. It is definitely out there. And man, I bet the Iron Man color scheme would look dope on one of these. So yeah, SMOK, holler at your boy. Send those colors, let's give some of them bitches away and see what happens. You know what I mean? But really, folks, that's what I got for you. So links in the description., if you want to go look around, again, I don't give a shit. But I told you, and we all know that has to be worth something, I think we do, I think we truly do.

So, anyway people, The Vape. Thank you for watching. I truly do appreciate. Remember, it doesn't matter what the fuck you're vaping on as long as you're not on them, gosh darn stinkies. That's what's important. And last but not least, you stay sexy, YouTube. Me in this video in the park on this new crazy mod, we're out.

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