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Just like a fine wine, the SMOK Rolo Badge kit is a classy and sophisticated vaping device designed to give you the ultimate puffing experience. The SMOK Rolo Badge is a known stealth vape kit, which means that it's creators focus more on bringing out that great flavor despite its size. Speaking of convenience, the tank inside this kit is preinstalled, which means that you won't have to bother changing those messy coils, but rather dispose of the whole stick and start fresh for your next vape. Additionally, the SMOK Rolo Badge does not contain any buttons on its main body, so all it takes to turn it on is to just start puffing!

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SMOK Rolo Badge Pod System [ Better than the Suorin Drop ]
Credit to: AVAndy
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SMOK SMOK Rolo Badge reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK Rolo Badge Pod System [ Better than the Suorin Drop ] by AVAndy

SMOK Rolo Badge.

How's it going, everybody? This is Andy with, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the SMOK Rolo Badge, one of the three pod systems they came out with. I did cover the Infinix in a previous video, and I'll be covering a Fit in a video after this, but we're gonna be looking at the Rolo Badge right now.

Like always, we're gonna go over the basics of this kit real quick, have a vape on it, dive in, take a closeup look, see what it comes with, take a look at the pod, fill you in on that good stuff, bring it back up top, have a few more vapes on it, and I'll give you my overall thoughts on the SMOK Rolo Badge. Also real quick, before we start, I'm gonna leave a link down in the description to our Office series that we did, a little parody on The Office, Aspen Valley Vapes-The Office. That link will be down in the comments, it'll be on the pinned comment, and I'll also put that in the description as well. Be sure to check that out.

But like always, we're gonna start off with the basics here. So the Rolo Badge here, it's a pod system. It does have a removable pod, sort of like the Suorin Drop. It has a 2-milliliter e-liquid capacity inside of the pod. Battery on here is charged to be a micro-USB, so you don't need to purchase any batteries or anything like that. It comes with a USB cord to charge it. Battery capacity on this Badge here is a 250-mAh internal battery inside of here. On this, it is just simple. There's no even an on/off button, it's just draw to activate. There's no switches of any kind, no wattage. The wattage on here, though, is between 10 and 16 watts; that's gonna depend on your battery life. Fully charged, it's gonna be more towards the 16 watts. Battery starts to die a bit, it's gonna be closer to the 10-watt output.

The pods on this Badge here, it has a 1.2-ohm coil inside of here, so it's really good for your mouth-to-lung and your higher nicotine. It's always paired with that 10 to 16-watt wattage range. Very, very good. Let's go ahead. Actually, that pretty much covers the basics, I think. If I didn't cover anything, leave a question down in the comments if I missed something right there on the basics of it.

Let's go ahead and have a vape. What do I have in here? I have the Salty Club Mango. You can pick it up on Fantastic mango flavor. Let's have a vape.

All right. So here we have the packaging on the Rolo Badge. You can see the gold, that is the one it comes with. Take a peek at the back here, you can pause that if you want. Take a look, see what it does come with. Two pods, USB cable, user manual, e-liquid injection bottle. Slide this box open, take that out of this. Take this box out, hopefully. That is that. You will have the Badge right here in one of the pods. So take this top off.

Inside of here you will have another replacement Badge pod; we'll take a look at that in a second. A little injection bottle. So you pour your e-liquid into here and then use this to fill it up to make it a little bit easier. USB charging cable, and then the Rolo Badge User Quick-Start Guide in here. Very easy, just... Tells you about pretty much filling it since this is such a straightforward device. Here you can see that Rolo Badge pod up-close. See the connections on the bottom, two magnets as well. The connection point right there.

See it from the top, you can see the cotton inside of there and the coil. And then for filling this guy up here, you can see this. So I just pull that back a little bit, you could see that filling hole right there, it touches directly on the cotton. So you just take the e-liquid filling bottle, put it in that hole there, squeeze it, fill it up to the top, and you're good to go. You wanna close this down again. Don't push too hard on those, just wanna make sure it's secure and locked in there.

All right, here we can see the Badge up-close. This is the gold version. Like I did say, we do have the rubber version as well. It doesn't have this reflective fingerprint because you can see right there. You're gonna get some fingerprints on here. If that bothers you or not, that's up to you, but it is going to be a fingerprint magnet, that is for sure, on these little shiny colors here.

See the Badge right there, pod up on top. We already took a look at that. Take a look at this filled one here. I've got the Salty Club Blueberry in here still. See that pod, see the mouthpiece right there. You can see the mouthpiece right there for the Rolo Badge pod. And yeah, that's pretty much it. USB port right there for charging. On and off switch, there's nothing like that; it's just draw to activate. Very, very simple.

Do a little size comparison here. Here you can see the Aspire Breeze 1 next to the Badge, and then here you can see the SMOK Infinix next to the Badge, and finally the Aspire Breeze 2 next to the Badge, and then... Here you can see it next, like a dual 18650 battery mod. The H-Priv 2 right here. Yeah, that's pretty much gonna take care of this closeup. Let's bring it back up top, have a few more vapes on it, and I'll give them my overall thoughts on the SMOK Rolo Badge.

All right. Now that we've got the up-close out of the way, let's go ahead and have another vape on this Rolo Badge here. Like I said, no adjustable wattage or anything like that. Battery's a little bit less. Still have the Salty Club Mango inside of here. Let's have a vape.

So the flavor on the Rolo Badge, it is pretty good. It's not the best I've had from a pod system, and I actually like the flavor on the SMOK Infinix more than on the Badge, but it does have a pretty good flavor, vapor production. Again, it is decent. I'm using 45 milligram in here, and I'm doing a mouth-to-lung vape. I'm not trying to do a huge vapor production or direct lung vape here, just mouth-to-lung, simple. But the vapor production is pretty good for being a 1.2-ohm coil, 10 to 16 watts. So it's not high-powered at all, but you do get a good amount of vapor for what it is. As for the price point on the Rolo Badge, it's about the same price coming in. We have it for $19.99 on I'll leave a link in the description if you do wanna check it out on our site, but price point, 20 bucks, same as the Infinix here. The Infinix is also 20 bucks.

So for my overall thoughts on the Rolo Badge, I like the feel of it. It does have a nice weight to it, metal weight to it compared to the sort of plastic-y feel of the Infinix here. It's got a nice little heft to it, but I like the draw and the flavor and just the overall pod more on the SMOK Infinix than I do on the Badge. That's just for my personal style of vaping, though. I know I've talked to people that do like the Badge the most. It does seem like the Fit is the least popular out of these three, from everyone I've spoken to, at least, and that goes for me as well. It goes, for me, Infinix, Badge, and then the Fit is the last out of the three.

So the same price. One thing on this version here, we're gonna have the rubber editions on our site as well. I have not personally seen those yet but I think it would make me like it more because on these glossy ones, they are super fingerprint magnets. You can see, it's pretty marked up like you guys saw on the closeup. It does get marked up pretty easily, but you still, you might like the shiny version; to each their own. That's just personal preference.

So yeah, flavor and vapor production, it is pretty good. I'd say the flavor on a pod system is gonna be above average, but not by much. I'd say it's more of an average flavor on the Rolo Badge here. Size-wise and form factor, though, I do like it a lot, and I like the little heft it has to it compared to the Infinix, which is pretty light-weight. That's s a nice feature. I'm really curious about the rubber edition, like I said, because I feel like that would just make it feel even nicer in the hands compared to this glossy finish here on this version.

We're looking at both of these trying to figure out which one you should pick up. I personally would recommend the Infinix over the Badge. That's just my personal suggestion. You guys get which one you prefer design-wise, 'cause the vapor production and flavor is pretty similar. The Infinix is just a tad bit better in my opinion. Air flow is pretty similar as well. I think the air flow is a little bit tighter on the Badge. I know on the Fit, the Fit has the tightest air flow out of all three of them, but these are pretty similar in terms of air flow.

That's pretty much gonna wrap up this video on the SMOK Rolo Badge here. If you have any questions on it, you wanna pick it up, I'll leave a link in the description where you can get it on our site, Also, I'll leave a link to the Salty Club Mango. Mango, Blueberry, and Watermelon are the three flavors we do have, 45-milligram nicotine. But yeah, if you guys have any questions, please leave a comment down below and I'll do my best to get back to you.

If you guys did enjoy this video, please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe. It is greatly appreciated. And as always, vape on.