Welcome back to the channel, guys. Thank you so much for joining me. And as always, big things, too. Our sponsor, Coil Master. Today we are gonna be looking at the mag kit. We're gonna start down up close with this bad boy. Now, the mag kit does come in a bunch of different colors. It also comes with the SMOK TFV12 Prince that we took a look at a couple days ago, and as you can see from the picture, they're definitely fashioning this after a pistol grip, basically, and touting it as being ver

MAG 225W Kit by SMOK!
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Video Transcript: MAG 225W Kit by SMOK! by Suck My Mod

Welcome back to the channel, guys. Thank you so much for joining me. And as always, big things, too. Our sponsor, Coil Master. Today we are gonna be looking at the mag kit. We're gonna start down up close with this bad boy. Now, the mag kit does come in a bunch of different colors. It also comes with the SMOK TFV12 Prince that we took a look at a couple days ago, and as you can see from the picture, they're definitely fashioning this after a pistol grip, basically, and touting it as being very ergonomic. So let's go ahead and break it down. Standard SMOK packaging inside, you're gonna have your mod. Underneath all that, you have some manuals, warranty cards, warning cards.

TFV12 Prince, and that is obviously finished to match with the mod. Like with the standard TFV12 Prince, when you buy it without a mod you have the straight glass right here which knocks your capacity down to about four and a half mLs. So because we just took a look at this tank recently, I'm not gonna go through it but I thought I'd just give you a quick close up on the one that comes with the mod. They definitely match the finishes pretty well. It's got that kind of candy apple red finish, looks like a Hot Wheels car or something like that. And here's the gold one that I've been using. It's not as shiny as the red one. Okay, so you're looking at 92 millimeters tall, and this platform is about 30 millimeters. Now, one of the first things you're gonna notice when you get this mod is that your 510 and the plate there around it looks like it's cock-eyed and not seated evenly inside the mod. The reason that is is that the top of the mod here is not parallel to the bottom, so when you stand it up, this is actually angled a little bit. That's what the 510 plate does right here is basically level the tank out, so it doesn't look all cock-eyed with the mod.

I'll show you it all together here in a second. So obviously, it's fashioned after a grip, like a pistol grip. It's called the mag kit because it's got a battery compartment like that. Very nice. And the purpose of them making this basically is ergonomics, it's very ergonomical and I agree, it is. It's not perfect. We'll talk about that more in a little bit. So you got some venting up top here, you have venting all along the side there, the back strap. I've got a charging/upgrade cable right there. Side note, I would love to see manufacturers start using the USBC pretty soon. That should be coming. And I'll go ahead and take this protective film off. Button's down here, pretty clicky.

So your trigger button, your power button right here has a bit of a mushy feel but still clicky. It feels like what you would expect, I guess, by looking at it. I mean it's got just that kind of mush and then click at the end. Kind of like a RC controller type grip and switch there. Now, the battery compartment release is right here, so you press that down and your release comes out. Now, one of my first concerns when I saw this mod was would it be easy to press that in normal use and lose your batteries? I thought maybe, you know, if you hold it in your left hand, maybe somebody could accidentally push that button in, but the button is designed in such a way that that's pretty hard to push in at an angle. So you're gripping it hard, like that. I really have to pull my pointer finger over and then push down like that to get it to release. So in normal day to day use, I don't think that that's a worry. If you're holding it in your right hand, the button kind of fits in between these two fingers right here and you never accidentally touch it. So, it was a good design by them and it's very, very rigid, and well done. Feels very sturdy and it has a nice little click to it when you press it. And see when you press it here, you can see this side goes out. One other nice touch too, just to point out, is I really like that they put that finish on these two buttons down here.

On this side obviously you do have some carbon fiber. It says SMOK mag 225 watt TC kit. Let's look at the battery tray a little bit closer. So you pull that out, there's what it looks like on the inside. You got a couple gold plated spring loaded pins up there, pretty standard and then you put your batteries in here. They obviously run in series so, positive up on that side, negative up on that side. When you're sliding this back in, make sure you push it in hard enough, you wanna hear a little kind of spring release. Right there, and now you're in. And once that's all together, it's silent. This thing is put together very, very well. It's a very sturdy mod. And slightly heavy, obviously.

As far as materials too, looks like the standard stuff that SMOK uses and looks like the same finish that they've used on past mods as well. This one's definitely a fingerprint magnet 'cause it's got a gloss and a little bit of a fleck, a sparkly fleck, to it. So five clicks turns it on. Come on. Focus. There we go. Okay, and then you're fired up. For a normal wattage mode, obviously, go to the right and you start scrolling faster and faster, and then you scroll down and it goes all the way down to six watts. To get into the menu, just like other SMOK devices, three clicks.

And now we're into the menu and you can choose your metal. So wattage, titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and then the M is basically a custom setting, so you could go over to the metal you want, choose it, long press, then you can adjust your wattage right here, long press again. And then if you wanted to, you could adjust your TCR values. And so then if you press a short press, it goes into the puff settings, you can clear your puffs, all that good stuff, you can set a maximum puff. And so if we go over into wattage mode, you can long press and then adjust your wattage from right here, but obviously you can do that from the home screen. And then long press again, and here's where you could adjust your preheat function. Normal, high, soft.

No curves on this. Long press and that'll get you back to the home screen. If you short press it'll just go to the next, that puff screen and then so on. So let's see what it looks like if we short press through this. Go to the puff screen, then you go to the color screen, and this is where you can change the color accents of your screen. Like we've seen in other past SMOK mods like the Pro Color. Let's just do red for fun and then you can power it off from this next screen and now we're back to the home screen.

So let's go ahead and put this tank on, now that plate right there around the 510 measures 24 millimeters, so you're gonna see that flush out perfectly with this tank 'cause it's a 24 millimeter tank and as you see there, just looking at it, it looks cock-eyed from this top cap up here, right? And so that's because the top is not level. So a wider shot here, you can see that when you're holding it, this looks a little angled and the tank looks more straight up and down. Now obviously, you could put bigger addys on this and because that plate underneath the, or around the 510 is raised up a little bit and cock-eyed, you will see a little bit of a gap. So say you were to put like a 30 millimeter addy on this, it wouldn't necessarily hang over these two sides, it would just about flesh out, but it would have a gap underneath it because of that plate around the 510. So five clicks will actually lock this, so now you're locked. You could just do that and put it in your pocket. As far as shortcuts, when you're in wattage mode, if you press the trigger button and the left button, you could swap between wattage and your temperature control modes.

If you do the trigger and the right button, you can swap between the preheat functions, soft, normal, and hard. Now, let's put it in a TC mode. Originally, you wouldn't think that you could adjust your wattage from this home screen, right? You would have to do it from that screen that I showed you in the menus where you choose your metal and then you can choose your TCR value and all that stuff. But there is a shortcut to change your wattage, so the trigger and the left button when it's in TC mode. That just does the same thing, where you can change your metal but the trigger and the right button in TC mode, instead of preheat, will allow you to adjust your wattage. That's pretty much it for the menu. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that when you are holding this, if you're holding it right handed, which I'm left handed, but I still vape with my right hand usually for some reason, you can't see your screen, okay?

So when you're holding it this way, you can't see your screen, you flip it around and you'd have to adjust your screen that way. Obviously if you're holding it left handed, you can see your screen, but even then it's hard to get to your controls and stuff like doing it one handed, so it's kind of a two handed device any time you want to go and dive into your menu. As far as a size comparison, here is the Reuleaux RX Gen3, obviously a lot shorter. Here is the V-Jet, been using this one a lot. Here's the G PRIV 2. So as you can see, you have... It's a very ergonomic mod, but you do have to sacrifice the size thing. It's a bigger mod than most dual 18650 mods. It feels great in the hand, though. So I think that's it for the up close, guys. Let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more.

Okay, here I have the mag kit all put together. Airflow's wide open on the tank, it's reading 80 watts, the coil has.413. Here we go. You guys know already, I'm a big fan of the Prince tank. It's one of SMOK's better tanks. Like I said in the last video, probably my favorite. It was a toss up between this and the Big Baby Beast, but it's probably my favorite 'cause of the juice capacity. Few people in my past video said that they did have some problems with the coil heads not lasting very long. I find that they last about the same amount of time as like the Big Baby Beast coil heads. I'm sure they're made at the same cotton, I'm sure they're made with the same wire. So what could happen is maybe either SMOK's QC is messed up and they're wrapping some of their coils too tight, they're wrapping the cotton too tight so it's not wicking well enough or it could be some user error. I'm not pointing fingers at all, I just don't know.

And you really wanna make sure that your coil head has been marinating in a tank for a while. Even if you've already primed it up, let it sit in there for a good five minutes before you vape it. If you even remotely crisp that cotton, burn it even a little bit, it's never gonna wick as well as it once did. Don't chain vape it when your levels are super duper low and what not. If it even tastes like it's getting remotely dry, make sure you fill it up. Let's talk about the mod. That's what's interesting here. Now, personally, I am a gun owner but I've never really been into other items that are shaped like guns. I know there's people out there that are into stuff like that, and that's totally cool. Not judging it, it's just never really been my thing.

So when I first saw the box of this show up at my house, I wasn't like super excited about it, I thought maybe it was little gimmicky. But after using it, there is no doubt that the ergonomics are fantastic on this. And there's also no doubt that it's made really, really well. Plus, it's got a really nice board in it. So it's functional, it's definitely functional. Might be slightly gimmicky and it's called the mag kit and whatever, and it's shaped like a pistol grip. But it's definitely functional. But let's talk about cons, 'cause there are a few. First off, I understand why they did that thing with the plate. I get why it's a little bit this way so the tank doesn't sit on there at an angle and look funky, but I would have just rather them just made this whole top plate of the mod here completely level, parallel with the bottom of the mod. And I don't think that that would have killed ergonomics that much. I get why they did it, kind of the natural grip here, it's got a little bit of a slope up up here. But they should have just kinda straightened it out, at least in my opinion.

I'm sure that they did probably try some prototypes of it that way, and somebody must have liked it this way better. Doesn't have anything to do with the function of the device, it's not a deal breaker for me. Something else that I think SMOK needs to start incorporating into their devices is a curves function where when you're in wattage mode, you can go in there into a user setting is usually what they're called, and you can adjust your vape by each second. Okay, so you get kind of a preheat function, if you want it to fire really high at first, and then slowly travel down, you could do that, however you wanna do it. It's a nice feature to have. And so I think that it's time SMOK starts putting that in their mods, maybe make it a 2018 resolution or something for them. Another con that I found while using it, is that while it's super duper ergonomic, and it feels great in the hand when you're vaping it, there's times that when, even when I just vaped it for you guys a second ago, you go to look at the screen, you gotta go like this, and flip it around if you wanna adjust it then.

So it's not as user friendly as some mods when you want to go adjust your functions and get into the menus. For example, a mod like this, and a lot of others out there, including some made by SMOK, you can adjust with one hand and you just do, do, do like a cell phone or whatever. With this one, it's very hard to adjust with one hand. You could still do it, it's just not super ergonomic with one hand, it's easier to do it with two hands. So, even if when it's in your left hand and you're vaping and that's, and you can see the screen, it still, to get to the control, you gotta go down like this and it doesn't feel super great.

Not a big deal. Again, just something to point out that you don't see with a lot of other mods, 'cause most other mods are kind of symmetrical in some way. You can hold them whichever way you want. With this mod, there's one way to hold it. Besides that, build quality is a lot like the other recent SMOK devices. They've gotten better and better with it. Their finishes have gotten better, they don't chip off as easily or anything like that. So build quality is really nice. This thing feels sturdy. It's one of SMOK's sturdier mods, sort of like with the T-priv. I would say even sturdier feeling though. So if you're somebody that is hard on your mod, construction worker or whatever, and you need something that will last you a long time, this is pretty nice. And it's nice that you got this mechanical button here that releases your battery tray.

The one thing to mention though is that over the last year or two, we've seen mods that have been built really, really well, and that could survive a lot of situations, but what I would love to see is for some of these mod makers to start focusing more on the tanks and if they are gonna make a mod that is touted as being something that is super durable, or waterproof, or whatever, start focusing on those tanks too, and figure out a way to make those more durable. Obviously this mod's gonna hold up really, really well, even in a fall, but it doesn't mean the tank will. The tank, the glass could easily break and what have you. So I'd love to see them start focusing more on the tanks when it comes to durability of kits. Anyway, I think that's it.

If it's something that you're into, you like the look of it, it's just up your alley, it's your style, it's a great mod. There've been other pistol grip type mods out there. I think you could definitely argue that this one's the most refined. If you're somebody that is into that, you're into the look of it, you don't mind a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier mod than most other dual 18650s and you love the pistol grip idea and everything, you're not gonna be disappointed. The board's fantastic, it's a nice mod. SMOK's just one of the leaders when it comes to mod making. And so, I don't think you're gonna be disappointed there. It really just comes down to if you're into the look of it, and you don't mind the larger pistol grip style mod. So I think that's it, guys. I will put links in the description for where you can pick this up. You're looking at about the $70 to $80 range with the kit together. I don't think that they sell these separately, yet, but wouldn't shock me if they do in the future. Okay, I'll shut up now. Don't forget to check out our channel, Matt and V. That about wraps it up until next time. Thanks for watching Suck My Mod.