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The SMOK H-Priv 2 225W e cig kit is a redeveloped version of its predecessor, the H-Priv, and has taken leaps and bounds to bring you a new design that all of its fans are sure to love. This version now has a crafty new figure along with a sliding catch door to pin down the two 18650 batteries and a cobra pattern body design. The SMOK H-Priv 2 now uses the famous TFV8 Baby coils that assure vapers will get the best quality flavor possible, and also fantastic thick vapor production for all of the cloud chasers out there. The next time you are shopping around for a new kit, the well respected SMOK H-Priv 2 could be the one for you.

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The New SMOK H-Priv 2 225w Kit! | Tropic Thunda by Ruthless!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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SMOK SMOK H Priv 2 reviews

Video Transcript: The New SMOK H-Priv 2 225w Kit! | Tropic Thunda by Ruthless! by IndoorSmokers

Welcome back vape fam to another installment of IndoorSmokers. Hope you guys are having a great day where you are at. We got an exciting product to look at today. She's purdy and she's hot. Hot town, summer in the city. Back of my neck getting shitty and gritty. Bean down, isn't it a pity. Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city. All around, people looking half dead. Doing something else there I don't know what they said. Alright, guys, this is the brand new SMOK H-Priv 2. Sorry to make you sit through all that to get to the actual product we're gonna look at, but this is basically a deluxe version of the H-Priv, so if you like that original H-Priv, you're gonna love the H-Priv 2. So hang tight, guys, 'cause we are gonna be looking at and vaping on this beauty, right after this.

Not sure how clear you guys can see the finish on this thing, but it's sort of a honeycomb-looking design on there. There you go, bam. And then this thing is a double 18650, 220-watt mod. We actually have not one... Whoops... I don't know where the fuck that came from, but two of these H-Priv 2s to give away at the end of this video. One we're gonna do on here, one we're gonna do on Instagram, but look how purdy that one is. I saved you guys the iridescent version and the other one is in black. First, let's go ahead and take a look at what you get with your pack. First, your bath salts. Given up on the bath salts, man, they don't make me feel right. And then we got more hotness down on the lower level. Fire in the hole. That is your tank right there, and this does come now, this new H-Priv 2, with the Big Baby Prince tank, and of course, it's matching. It does come with two coils; a.4 resistance, and a.15 resistance. And with this bulb glass piece that you have on here, you get 6 mil juice capacity, which is awesome. With the regular glass piece, which they give you a replacement one of, you get a 4.5 mil capacity. And then you also have this pretty nice cord, you can feel that, it's got that texture on it, so this is a nice cord that comes with it. That.15 replacement coil. The.4 coil is the one that's pre-installed, so they also have that.15, and then your seals, and your o-rings, and that top-gasket piece that you use to fill the juice.

And then today, we're gonna be using some Ruthless vapes. I'm gonna be going back to that Tropical Thunda. I love it, one of my most favorite tropical vapes. And Ruthless vapes actually sent me that in a whole gift pack here, check this out. Bam, bam, all kinds of gifts up in here. Bam. Water bottle. Coffee cup, which can always come in handy, you can never have enough coffee mugs. Oh damn, even a pair of sunglasses, Ray-Ban style. Oh, yeah, that'll work, nice. And then they sent some swag, as well. This type, every single one of these is like a different style. Bam, bam, they're gonna close me for a month. And then even a big-ass hoodie. So, anyways, Mike and I'll do a celebrity death-match wrestling to figure out who gets what out of these, if you pack them off all just right. Oh, not bad. Alright, well, thank you guys, appreciate that, and definitely appreciate that Tropical Thunda, we're gonna be using today. So let's go ahead and fill up our 6 mil juice capacity tank here, the TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank. Oh, that is a lot to spit out and I am a spittin' it, I'll tell you that. So I hope you guys were having a great day where you are at. Maybe the East Coast is finally thawed out from all that snow you guys were getting, or is anybody still getting some snow? Let me know, I'd be curious.

And then this is a 225-watt device. It will increase in.1 increments unless you hold the button down and then it will do it in 1-watt increments, which I like. And that'll get you up to that 225 all the quicker. Now, this does have a five click on function but you are not gonna be able to turn the unit off with five clicks. If you click the unit five times it will just lock the unit. Now, when it is in the locked position, you can press and hold the fire button for five seconds and that's how you're gonna turn the unit off. You can also get into the menu system itself, and there is a power option that will allow you to turn the unit off in there, as well. And then besides the 225 watts, this thing will also do your full array of temperature control nickel, titanium, stainless steel, it will do 200-600 Fahrenheit, 100-315 in Celsius. And you do have the ramp-up options; soft, normal, hard in wattage mode or your CTRs in temperature control. The new H-Priv 2 will read resistances down to one in wattage mode or 0.05 in temp. There we go, we got 50 watts going on right now and we are doing just over 4 volts, about 4.1 volts to get this vape. So, let's go ahead, do our first vape at 50 watts on the new H-Priv 2 with Big Baby Prince tank. Check it out.

God damn. 50-watt vape, man. These coils are awesome, they do have great flavor on them. All right guys, kicked it up to 60 watts. Let's go ahead and see how she vapes now, we are pressing 4.5, 4.6 volts to get this. And you can see this thing is firing up very quickly. Almost no delay between when you press the button and when the units starts firing and when you're gettin' vapor production. Alright, 60-watt vape, check it out.

Full wrap-around capabilities at 60 watt, no problem. I think this is probably the sweet spot, I'm getting incredible flavor coming off of this, as well as just real nice, big, rich, dense vapor clouds. Do another one of those.

Oh yeah, there you go. But I do love the flavor and vapor production you get off of these coils. Although they may be a little bit short-lived compared to some of the other coils on the market, I'd say that's one of the downside with SMOK coils, but you're getting huge vapor and a lot of flavor coming off of these things, so I guess something has to sacrifice. I think the only reason I would turn it up to this high end of its vaping range is in order to get those little quick vapes. So let's see what we can do in about the one, to one-and-half second vape range.

Damn. That was a 0.6, about a half a second vape coming off of that.

But you're definitely getting a hotter vape coming off of this now. And I would say you're seeing a diminishment of flavor, as well, at this range.

So let me know what you guys thought about it down in the comments below. I do love checking out your guys' comments. And of course, I will put a link right underneath this video where you go check out this H-Priv 2 kit with the Big Baby Prince tank. And of course, I'll also put a link down there where you can get this Ruthless Vapes Tropical Thunda, or any of their other flavors. Alright guys, and don't forget, we do have a giveaway. I'm gonna tell you guys about it right after this cut-scene. Otherwise, don't forget to subscribe to this channel. If you haven't already, ring that little bell, so you get the notification when the videos go up. If you enjoyed yourself at any time during this video or you like this new version of the H-Priv, then give us a thumbs up on this video, they are greatly appreciated, and then just have a great rest of your vaping day for everybody else. I will see you guys right after this cut-scene.

Alright my lucky vapesters, here are the two we're gonna be giving away. I think we're gonna go ahead and do this multi-colored iridescent one right here on YouTube. And this other black version, we'll be giving away on my Twitter account, I will put a link to my Twitter account right underneath this video, but for this one, it is gonna be the same as usual. All you have to do is be a subscriber to this channel. Might as well ring that little bell so you get the notification when the videos go up. And then all you're gonna have to do is like and comment. Make sure you say the term H-Priv 2 in your comments, so I know you're actually entering the giveaway, not just a random comment. And then we will have a website that'll pick randomly among the comments. So make sure you only comment one time. If you comment more than once, you will be disqualified. So, good luck everybody on the giveaway and on life in general. And then I'll catch you guys right back here with a new product to look at tomorrow. See you guys then.