SMOK's back at it again, ladies and gentlemen, with their newest kit. I know... A couple of days ago, I reviewed their newest kit called the E-Priv. Now, they got this one out, and it's called the Species. Can you even keep up? I can't even keep up and I'm receiving all this shit on a daily basis. To be honest with you, it's all great stuff, man. Most of it is great stuff. Now, there are cons to everything; there are pros to everything. We're gonna get into all of that. But what I really like

The SMOK Species Kit! Touch Screen Vape Mod! TFV8 Baby 2 Tank!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: The SMOK Species Kit! Touch Screen Vape Mod! TFV8 Baby 2 Tank! by RiP Trippers

SMOK's back at it again, ladies and gentlemen, with their newest kit. I know... A couple of days ago, I reviewed their newest kit called the E-Priv. Now, they got this one out, and it's called the Species. Can you even keep up? I can't even keep up and I'm receiving all this shit on a daily basis. To be honest with you, it's all great stuff, man. Most of it is great stuff. Now, there are cons to everything; there are pros to everything. We're gonna get into all of that. But what I really like about this is, it's a combination between the Alien kit... That damn thing sold like hotcakes. So yeah, this is a combination of that with a little bit of G-Priv action. Yeah, buddy. This is basically an upgraded Alien kit with touch screen options. Oh, yeah.

So here's the packaging the SMOK Species Kit comes in. Of course, inside that packaging you're gonna receive your SMOK Species Mod. Comes with a USB cable to charge that mod. Included is the TFV8 Baby V2, an extra coil head, an additional straight glass tube, extra o-rings, and an extra gasket. And last but certainly not least, it comes with a warranty card, a battery warning card and a user manual. Yeah, buddy. So I've seen eight different color options for this bad boy. First of all, you could choose this white and red, green and black, red and black, matte black and red, gold and black, rainbow and black, blue and black, and silver and black.

Now, onto the SMOK TFV8 Baby 2. She's primarily made of stainless steel. 24.5 millimeter in width at the base and about 49 millimeter in length. At the base of this device, she's got a slightly protruding gold-plated 510 pin which is not adjustable. Threads are obviously nice and smooth. And also, down at the base it says, "Designed by SMOK". Down here, she's got triple bottom adjustable airflow. You grab ahold of this airflow ring, it stops in one direction, stops in the other. Perfect amount of restriction on this, in my opinion. And whatever you adjust on this side, it's gonna be the same all across the board. At the top of this tank, it comes with a proprietary drip tip sleeve which is made of Delrin, and that sucker comes off like so, and you cannot use another drip tip. This is the only drip tip that comes with this. So it's not 810 drip tip compatible, it's not 510 drip tip compatible. That may be a major con to some of you guys. SMOK, why'd you do that with this? You fixed the top fill, which I'm about to show you in a second, but the damn drip tip... Why in the hell is it a proprietary one? To get into the top fill, you got this little button. You push it and it slides right open. And look at that, you got a bigger fill slot. Definitely a pro.

If you look underneath here, it's got a little gasket so it seals everything in. And in bubble tank mode, she holds 5 ml of juice. When you're done filling her up, you just... Whoop! And she's locked, not going anywhere. Love this button, big pro. Oh yeah, and if you want, you could pull this bubble tank off and pop this additional straight glass tube on there and it'll hold 2 ml of juice. But yeah, in order to get this sucker apart, all you gotta do is just unscrew it, just like all these other sub-ohm tanks out there. And inside of the base, screwed into it is a coil head, a single mesh coil head. And this coil head right here, best coil that I've used from SMOK in a long time. Definitely above average for a mesh coil head that uses just organic cotton. Oh yeah, and here's the inside of the top of the tank. Again, you can pop this sucker off. And, of course, the coil head that comes preinstalled into this... Just like I just showed you, it's the single mesh coil head with that medical grade cotton, 0.77 ohm, 90-140 watts recommended, best at 110-130 watts. And again, SMOK, why the hell do you overrate your fricking coil heads? Do not, do not, do not vape this thing at 140 watts, guys. This thing's gonna burn out real fast if you do that. So with this coil head, I recommend vaping between 90 and 100 watts max if you want this thing to last.

And again, here's what the inside of that coil head looks like. You got that single mesh and you got your big old organic cotton feed slots around the outside. I mean, these are massive feed slots. And again, here's what the inside of the base looks like. Again, everything is nice and clean. Wish the threads were just a little bit cleaner. A little bit smoother, that's what I mean. And the other coil head that comes with this kit is the dual mesh. Well, I call it a dual net, but they're calling it a dual mesh coil head. Okay, there it is. Look at that. The dual net with the organic cotton. It's pretty much the same, vapes pretty much the same as the other dual net coil head that I just reviewed from the E-Priv. Just your typical average coil head. But yeah, it's a 0.2 ohm-er, 50-80 watts recommended, best at 65-75 watts. You got your organic cotton feed slots. And look how it indents right there on both sides. The single mesh is way better in this one, in my opinion, way better.

And look at her wick away. The two major cons that I found for this: One, the drip tip being proprietary, and two, the airflow. While you get tons of airflow and you can adjust it easily, the airflow is horrendous. It sounds awful. You guys need to fix the airflow, SMOK. It's just not smooth, it's loud as hell. You're gonna hear it in Face Time. Now, as far as the Species Mod is concerned, she's primarily made of zinc alloy, she's 82 millimeter by about 46 millimeter by about 30.5 millimeter. And this mod right here, is the reason why I'm reviewing it. All the color options, first of all, phenomenal. Check that out. This thing is absolutely gorgeous.

But yeah, other than the white option, this matte black and the red is just... Mmm, it's my second favorite. This is just a good-looking mod, all together. Absolutely gorgeous... This is the best looking mod SMOK's made. So yeah, you got the center 510 connection up top, stainless steel 510 connection threads, gold-plated spring-loaded 510 pin. Another major pro for this device, you could pop devices on here up to 30 millimeter and it's gonna look good. From 22 all the way up to 28 millimeter, there's gonna be no overhang. On the front of the device at the top, it says SMOK. Below that, you're gonna have your touchscreen. Below that, you got a little menu button. And then below that, you got your USB port. And on the side right here, you got the firing button, or firing switch, and it's nice and clicky...

At the bottom, you got the battery door. And this door right here is easily as good as the E-Priv. It's not loose, no rattle, stays into place, never going anywhere. The fire button, not loose, there's no play. All the function buttons... Well, there's really only one function button, but there's no fricking button rattle with this device. Everything is tight, just like the E-Priv. But yeah, back to this battery door. In order to get into it, you gotta push your thumb up and it pops right open. And there's your battery indicators. And everything for this device, damn clean. Go ahead and pop my Hohm Life batteries in there. And all you gotta do is press down on this battery door, and it clicks into place.

Oh yeah, and real quick, on the back of the mod it's got this cobra pattern. This cobra, glossy, sparkly pattern. Here's the back of the green unit. You could see it's got this sparkle going on, it's just like that on the white. And just to show you, here's what the TFV8 V2 looks like. 24.5 millimeter at the base... And look how much room you got. And check it out. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Sits flush. You gotta admit how good-looking is this. Best-looking device SMOK's put out in a long time. So when you first turn this device on... And to turn her on, you gotta click the side firing switch five times. But it's gonna say, "Warning, you must be at least 21 years old to use this product." Yes, I am 21. Gonna go ahead and hit Yes. And on the main menu screen, you got the dual battery gauge up top. You got the settings icon. Above that, you got the wattage, you got the second counter, you got the puff counter, you got the resistance and the voltage. And in order to adjust the wattage, all you gotta do is just tap it. And it does point one increments. If you hold it down, it's gonna go all the way up to 230 watts. And it's got this little dial. You see that, that blue dial?

And it does not round-robin. Oh yeah, and also on the main menu screen, not only do have your wattage in the middle, but you got the pre-boost settings, just like all these other regulated devices out there. So in order to get in the main menu settings, all you got to do is just tap on this little icon at the top left. Boom! We got our puff counter, we're gonna go back, we can adjust it from variable wattage to TC. Right now, I'm in variable wattage mode. If we hold this down, just like the main menu setting, it scrolls. And then below that, you got the pre-boost settings. Soft, normal, hard, max. We're go ahead and hit normal. There we go. Go ahead and switch to TC; we can adjust the wattage in TC. We can either choose titanium, nickel, stainless steel. We can adjust the TCR, down here. And on the main menu setting, whether you choose nickel, titanium or stainless steel, you can adjust the temperature, same way you do variable wattage. Go back to these menu settings, click on this. You can adjust the resistance, do the factory reset or turn her off. Tap on this. You can adjust the color of the screen, just like the E-Priv. And you can also change the screen timeout.

Oh yeah, and let's say you have your temperature or your preferred wattage set. In order to lock that, all you gotta do is hold this button down right here and now you can't adjust it. That's awesome, great pro, just like the G-Priv. And of course, to unlock it, if you wanna reset stuff, all you gotta do is just hold this down. And boom! She's unlocked. Easy peasy, what a sleazy. Another big pro I did not mention in the close-ups about this mod, it is so ergonomic. It starts wide, and I don't know if you guys saw this, but it starts wide at the top and it kinda narrows down. And it just feels oh, so damn good in the hand. Definitely not the smallest dual 18650 mod that I've ever held but it's damn comfortable, easily small enough. So I got her vaping at 75.5W, airflow is pretty much closed off on this tank. Like I said before, the airflow is awful. Oh yeah, the juice that I'm rocking on this TFV8 Baby 2 is Rainbow Nuggets. You ever had Rainbow Nuggets before? It's a Fruity Pebble style vape with vanilla ice cream. It is fantastic. If you're a big fan of Fruity Pebble's Cereal, you gonna like this juice that's in here. Go on my site, you'll see. It's got over 700 five-star reviews, 700 five star reviews! My four top favorite juices of all time: This, Charlie's Chalk Dust, Mr. Meringue, Transmission from The Merge line and Bed of Nails which is a butter pecan pie. And guess what? You can get all those juices on over at Check it out.

So that's with the airflow completely closed off. Get out of here, vapor. Yeah, that's the airflow pretty much closed off all the way. Not all the way but I'd say it's closed off more than a quarter of the way all across the board. And that damn thing is loud. Did you hear it?

Now, I'm gonna open it up just a little bit. Let's do halfway open. First of all, it's just too much damn airflow. And second of all, it's loud as hell, it's not smooth. SMOK, did you guys not test the airflow for this? Holy shit, not good! But the flavor off this coil, this single mesh coil head, wow! I mentioned it in the E-Priv video, you gotta step up the game. Well, you did with this coil head. Now, the airflow. Oh, that's another story. It's just obnoxious and it doesn't feel good, and you get too much of it. It'd be one thing if it was enjoyable, but it's not. That's not why I'm reviewing this kit though. The reason why I'm reviewing this kit is 'cause the mod; the mod's where it's at. So the Alien Kits, they sold like hotcakes. The G-Priv Kits sold great. You put those together and you got this. This is gonna sell, man. I'll post links down in the description to where you can just get the mod 'cause I highly recommend the mod. I can't recommend the tank, not the way it is. It's just because of the airflow; airflow is everything.

So yeah, as far as price points goes for the full kit, I believe it's like 80 bucks. I'll post links down in the description to where you can get the full kit. I'll also post a link down in the description to where you can get the mod. And I think the mod's like 55 or 60 bucks. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video, liked it, found it entertaining and helpful. If you did like it, well then hit that like button. Let me know that you care and share it for all your friends to see. And if you wanna see more of me, subscribe for more. This is RiP Trippers and remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future and the future is now.