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Yet another amazing e cig kit by SMOK, the SMOK Devilkin has an ergonomic design with tiny radians right in the center of the body to give it a comfortable hold and grip. Additionally, it has a big lateral fire button that allows you to use it easily, and a snake-like pattern blade that pairs up with the drip tip. Additionally, the SMOK Devilkin has the ability to have upgraded firmware and several protections that include intelligent atomizer recognition and a 10 second limit along with short circuit protection for your safety. Also, users love the fact that the top fill system has a locking system that prevents any accidental spills, leakage and openings at unwanted times. If this sounds like the device for you, it;s time to load up and vape your way to heaven!

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SMOK Devilkin & TFV12 Prince Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Great Alien Alternative
Credit to: Jai Haze
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SMOK SMOK Devilkin reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK Devilkin & TFV12 Prince Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Great Alien Alternative by Jai Haze

What's going on, everybody? Jai Haze here. So today, I'll be doing a review on a device that I was sent for the purposes of the review. SMOK Alien 220, I never got around of doing just because I didn't wanna do it, and everybody else had one. That was one of the me too devices. You know what a me too is? That's basically, I got this. Oh, me too. So everybody had it and everybody loved it. There's been a couple of products that come to mind when we're talking about things that just jump off that are huge. Number one is the Smoant Chiron. Number two would be the Alien 220. Number three would be the VooPoo Drag. Number four, there's not really one right now. I guess you could say maybe the Tesla Wye just because of how lightweight it is, but there's nothing that's been as successful as those three. And of course, SMOK always gets a bad rap, always. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about an RTA, which they apparently do not make, or if you're talking about the Prince just because there's so many different renditions.

Like the first thing I thought of when I saw this box is, what Prince Tank is in here? And sure enough, this is the TFV12 Prince. And the problem is with SMOK is a lot of their tanks are not cross-compatible. You have a coil for the TFV8, you have a coil for the TFV12, you have a coil for the TFV12 Prince, you have a TFV... You understand what I'm saying? Like there has to be a point when you're like, You know what, listen, we've made all of these coils, all these things. We could be that much more successful and not have to worry about spreading all our money out all over the place making 50 different tanks. That to me, is what just makes sense. I don't know why a company like SMOK doesn't stop making all the products they're making and just focus fire on one with different coils. You think that would be the most cost-effective way of doing it. One of my favorite single battery devices of all time is the AL85, extremely compact, really, really enjoyed it, was kind of the first of its kind aside from the Pico, but I wasn't a huge fan of the Pico 'cause the screen was absolutely trash.

Today, we're talking about the SMOK Devilkin which is a 225-watt device. This is the full kit. The screen on the X-Priv, I enjoyed so much. So much so that a lot of my devices that I'm doing reviews on, I always cross reference that just because of how beautiful that screen is, and this has almost the exact same thing. External 18650s, let's just flip it. Let me show you what I'm working with. Flip it. Alright, alright there, pony pants. SMOK Devilkin Kit, kind of reminds you of the Alien 220. On the side, QuickReader code. On the other side, what do we got, a scratch and sniff, this is going to be gray almond flavor and scented. All your information on the side. Sample, not for sale, very rarely will I see that on a SMOK product. Also, very rarely will SMOK actually send me devices.

Maybe they watched a lot of my AL85 reviews and was like, Oh, this guys likes SMOK, let's send it. Little do they know, there are certain products regardless of what company you are, that I may or may not like, and I'm not gonna hold any boundaries whether or not you have this right here, that means absolutely nothing to me. Devilkin Kit, there is literally a story on the back side of that. Who draws its sword out of the sheath, shining with divine radiance. It is the incarnation of the courage and justice, which uses the blade-shaped design on both the front and the back sides. The lateral body adopts curve design to show its elegant lines and junky butt. Super 225-watt experience like the handle of your sword. It has upgraded its user interface and 1.3-inch screen with high definition that displays more specific data. What in the fuck are we talking about? There is a story to a breakdown, back to the story, and then over here what's included. It's a really nice display though, I like that. I think that's gray and black. Up and down, and up and down.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was I thought this was gonna be a lot more minuscule than what it is. It is quite tall for a box mod. Usually, we're seeing a lot smaller now, especially when we're factoring in the new 20700s, there's absolutely no reason to make things this large. Now, I'm not quite understanding the whole sword reference and the sheathing going on, go over that in a second. Then you have a silica gel pack, do not eat this if you wanna survive. You know what you'll notice is a lot of companies are going with this kind of design, a lot of their tanks look just like this, sort of like how they did it on the Baby Beast, a lot of companies are doing the same thing. I guess if something works and it sells, other companies are like, Oh, how could we capitalize on that?

So inside the box, you're gonna get an extra glass for the tank, another silica gel packet just to make sure it stays dry and not so saturated and moist inside of the box. A peripheral pouch which is gonna have an extra grommet and some extra O-rings. Guys, don't use these. Do not use clear O-rings, they will fade, they will look absolutely horrible. Micro-USB, then you have a battery safety card.

Caution on the back, if your batteries start fraying, just re-wrap them. And if you don't have the means of re-wrapping, purchase another battery. I know it seems like a costly thing, but using batteries that are frayed, that's the last thing you wanna do. And this is very, very, very important to be including with all mods, whether it's a starter kit or something that's advanced, just to inform everybody not to have batteries like this. I can't tell you, as a company, how many people I've seen walk in that have batteries all jacked-up, flopping all over the place and think it's totally fine to have that battery in its pocket. The question you have to ask yourself is, Who is the company that sold them that battery that didn't give them the education to not do it? I get it, it's common sense, but is it really?

Then the warranty, we're not even gonna talk about this. I'm not even gonna go over this; this is just inside the box. Again, I think the big reason why a lot of people have issues with SMOK is just because they've sold so many, it's gonna be more relevant and you're gonna see it more often. I wouldn't be too concerned with the manual as to going through it and seeing how this works 'cause they are very simple, especially if you've already owned a SMOK product before. And before you comment and say, It's smock, just shut up. First thing we're gonna do is go over the tank. On the top, your drip tip comes right on out. I wish it was a little bit shorter because I like the design of it, I think the drip tip is super-cool, but I guess they're making it large like that so you don't have to worry about burning your lips on the top side of the tank.

Double O-Rings. Now, you can't use your half-moon drip tip with no O-Rings inside of this. It has to be TFV8, TFV12 series. To fill this up, it's just like all the other SMOK products, swing that open, 0.4, 40W-100W. Other coil that it comes with, 0.12, 80W-120W. I don't know how long you have been vaping watching this right now, but one thing that was really cool was, back then, when you were getting coils, they would either come with a regular coil or a temp coil. They no longer do that, they just come with one really low coil and a mid-set. We're gonna be using the mid-set coil just because I don't really have much of a need to go that low. A little dab'll do you on that, saturate that a little bit. There is a lot of cotton on this. Now, keep in mind, if you put too much juice down here, when you put the tank back together, it's going to come out of the air ports on the bottom, so just do a little bit, wait a second, let that start to saturate in like you see it there and drying up, and then let that sit.

Air flow on the bottom is absolutely massive. Whether SMOK is doing something wrong or right, people are still buying them. Alright, let's go over it. So let's see what fits on the top of that. A 30mm almost works. You get a little bit of overhang on the front side of the mod and nothing on the sides. So you could, hypothetically, get away with using a 30mm on top of this. And on the bottom for your battery door, pop that up, nice spring mechanism. No play in the door, this is good. A lot of companies seem to ignore this and let this be floppy; this does not move at all. Inside for your batteries there are these little plastic sleeves that SMOK is typically known to put inside of the mod. What that does is stop the battery from touching the side and either the positive or the negative at the same time. That's not saying, It's okay to leave frayed batteries in there, 'cause we just went over that, just go ahead and replace that frayness with some regular plastic. Don't just put saran wrap around your battery and see how that is.

Fire button on the side. The way that I feel that this is designed to be fired is just like this. So I guess that's more of a left-handed mod than it is a right-handed mod. There is uniformity on both sides of this with the shield, just to really give uniformity, I guess. Down on the bottom, you're gonna see negative and positive, so we're gonna do negative here. That is a little tight in there. And negative right here. It snaps in. Okay to turn it on, five clicks, one, two, three, four, five. There it is, Devilkin version 1.02, and there's the display. Aw, man, that is clean as hell. So to cycle through the menu, just like all other SMOK products, you're gonna click the fire button three times consecutively, one, two, three, now you're in Watt mode. Titanium, nickel, stainless steel and then M, which is your memory functions. 22 different presets you can use. Once you press the fire button in this menu, it's gonna bring you to the next one which allows you to reset the puffs, to clear the puffs, then you could change the accent of the color on the main screen, we're just gonna stick to the first one. So we're gonna hold it down, and then that's going to select the screen time. We're gonna bring that down as low as possible, 15 seconds. Then click it again, and then auto lock. Basically what that means is after 15 seconds, once the screen shuts off, whether or not mod is going to lock.

Power off and on, self-explanatory, back to main screen. One of the things I love about SMOK is their short menus. If you hold the up and the fire button, that's going to allow you to select how that hits, soft, normal or hard. Then you can hold it down or let it time-out. And then if you press the down and the fire, that's gonna bring up the menu for your short menu of what you wanna use this on, and we're going back to Watts. If you press the up and down button together, that's going to lock the keys. It doesn't really match. I don't know what the deal is, why it has that color, I'm assuming they're matching the tank with the shield accent here. It would have been much better if it was black like that. And that is picking up, we're gonna do a new coil, does not round robin when you're at the top, we're just gonna put this at about 70W. Once again, that is the SMOK Devilkin. Let's bring it on the top.

Back on top with the SMOK Devilkin with the TFV12 Prince, 74.5W on a 0.39. Let me show you some vape. That is leaking like a sieve. Yeah, that's leaking a lot. Getting really good flavor, but I'm experiencing what a lot of other people have. I don't know how well you're gonna see it, but there's a lot of juice coming through down the air port. Let me just say it like this, and I'm speaking on behalf of a business. I see a lot of people that come in, they usually think that something is wrong with their tank. Why is it leaking? It doesn't make any sense. Or, The O-ring is bad. But usually, 95% of the time, it's the coil that's inside, whether the cotton is too wound up, whether it's too tight, whether it's too loose, whether there's not enough. There's a lot of different factors. How old it is. You'd be surprised some of the people come and they're like, Oh, I haven't changed my coil out in two months. I'm sorry, how long? Two months.

So basically, what it would take a baby to come out of the womb and start crawling. It's how long that coil is lit. I don't know any babies that crawl in two months. I think that's just when they start lifting up their head. This is how long it's been for me. Lots of spit back. And that is an 85VG, so it's very, very viscous. There should be no reason why that is leaking outside of those ports, but this just goes to show you on camera that I, as well, just like you can receive something defective like a coil. Now, the device itself, I like. Will I ever use it? No, I will not. Just because it's not really the type of mod that I would use, but for someone that's just starting out, I would definitely recommend this device.

I don't feel that it's bad. The tank on the other hand is just like all the other SMOK tanks. If you're not a big fan of SMOK, then you're probably not gonna pick this up, and you're probably gonna leave a comment down below saying, X SMOK. Bump SMOK. SMOK can suck my toes. SMOK can suck a fart on my ass. I get all that. You don't like SMOK, but there's people out there that are just getting into it that really like the way that this looks, and that's why I come in, trying to be as unbiased as possible. If I was to rate this as a kit, zero to 10, I'm gonna give this probably a 5.5, 6, just because it feels sturdy. There's not really anything that's functioning wrong with this, aside from the coil that's inside the tank. And as you could see, it's just getting worse the more we sit here.

I am getting a lot of flavor, but then again, there's not really much differences in flavor between a TFV12, a TFV8. Now, Baby Beast, it does really cut in and condense the coil, that's where flavor starts to get a little muted because it's not so much surface area, and it's not so much wire. You know what'll be really nice? If SMOK start including batteries with their starter kits, that would just be like a double win. I'll tell you this. SMOK and iJoy, I would say are the two biggest competitors in China for mass producing mods. If you already own an Alien or you are looking into getting an Alien, this is a better alternative as the firmware and the display is that much better. And I've kept it real. Have you? Jai Haze out.