SMOK M2 Coils

SMOK M2 Coils


AKA: TFV8 Baby Beast Coils M2, V8 Baby M2

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The SMOK M2 Coils are designed for the SMOK TFV8 Baby and Big Baby tanks. Manufactured in a dual-core configuration, they are available in a 0.15 or 0.25 Ohm resistances for a balance of flavour and cloud production. The SMOK M2 Coils are wicked with pure organic cotton. Notably, the SMOK V8 Baby-M2 coils are for the SMOK TFV8 Baby (Baby Beast) only, and not for the TFV8 (Cloud Beast) tank. The SMOK M2 coils feature a patented dual coil head for an impressively-sized cloud of vapour on the 0.15 ohm coils or a smooth taste on the 0.25ohm.

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SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast M2 Coils Review
Credit to: Toby Walker
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SMOK SMOK M2 Coils reviews

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Video Transcript: SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast M2 Coils Review by Toby Walker

Guys, it's Toby from Head in the Clouds Vaping. Today, I wanted to talk to you about the TFV8 Baby Beast, and M coils in particular. I stumbled across these the other day by mistake while trying to order a new coil for my TFV8 Baby. These M coils are rated between 25 and 45 watt with a best at 35. They're not 0.3 ohms on the box. They're actually coming out at 0.25 on the mod, but it's such a little difference, it doesn't matter. They made these for the TFV8 Baby Stick. And that's why they exist. But I decided to purchase these because I like the TFV8 Baby, but I don't really like vaping at 70 watts to get the best vapor. So this is 34 watts with a high VG juice. And I just thought I'd share with you, how decent the clouds are at 35 watts. It's 34 watts, sorry. So, as you'd expect, the normal SMOK TFV8 Baby normal all the packaging looks pretty much the same. But we'll have a look at one and perhaps we can find out a bit more about why it vapes so well. If you've purchased these coils before, you'll even know that you get the fluted one like that. Or sometimes you get a more square one. This is a fluted one. And if I just hold that there so you can see, there is just basically a double wrapped, it's not a Clapton. I think it might be Kanthal wire. I'll pop it on the desk and just let you see what I can see.

So basically, down there, you got one big coil. And it's a double wrap. I dunno if that camera will pick that up. I might be in the way. But it's a double wrap, and then it's just jammed full of wick. So normally, if you look down one of these you might see eight, six, 10 small coils. This is just one big coil. And that's different from SMOK. And I guess they've changed. Maybe other people are starting to find that they don't want to vape at 70 watts. I know it hammers my battery life. I expect you find it as well. You have a collection of these, 18650 batteries, just loads and loads of them. You gotta charge them up. Yep, that was 34 watts that I'm vaping at there. It's not ridiculously high. That is the sort of cloud I'd expect vaping a normal V8 Baby coil at 70 watts. And these are so versatile. When I'm firing that, that's 3 volts. So I'm just going to take it up to 50. The flavor from 50 watts on that coil is on point. It says it's rated to 45 watts and the best is 35. Let's take it to 65 and see what happens. See, that juice is really starting to come alive. And that's from a coil that says it's rated to a maximum of 45 watts. We'll go as high as the mod can go. Let's go to 70 watts.

I'm smoking my house out. So that was 70 watts on a coil that's rated at 3.7 volts and the most it should really go to is 45 watts with a best of 35. Well we just doubled it and it still hit fine. And then the best bit, you can come right back down to 30 and it still tastes great. So I just wanted to share these coils with you guys because, if you like your TFV8 Baby like I do, you need to get some of these M coils because they're gonna make your battery last longer. The flavor is just the same as you'd expect from the Clapton coils, and it's brilliant. I'm smoking, vaping, sorry, Raspberry Sherbet E-Liquid from Vapouriz. I've done a video on it before if you'd like to purchase this juice. And I'm gonna have a nice afternoon now because I've got these coils. I've got my mod. I've got my juice and I'm saving battery life. So I just thought I'd share this video with you guys, show you the M coils. You've had a look. So if you like them, if you wanna try them, go out, grab them. I got these off eBay for £14.99 for five with free postage. You can see, I've used one already. And one's in there, and one's there. So thanks for watching guys. We've got a juice review coming up in a minute, so if you want to stick around, brilliant. Cheers.