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SMOK Mag Kit

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This is SMOK’s most efficient and ergonomically designed mod made thus far. Fast and furious in the right degrees the 225W Mag Mod features large HD colour screen displaying specific data. Additionally, the SMOK Mag Kit makes use of the revolutionary TFV12 Prince tank to boast of an unprecedented super large capacity of 8ml. SMOK also incorporates its patented tank-locking mechanism to ensure the perfect seal. The good thing about SMOK Mag Kitis its ability to display specific vape data succinctly such as vaping effect, VW/TC MODE, battery life, voltage, and resistance value.

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Unboxing SMOK Mag Kit ( Royal Blue White 09g Edition / Baby Blue ) Vape Review
Credit to: Jonny 5
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SMOK SMOK Mag Kit reviews

Video Transcript: Unboxing SMOK Mag Kit ( Royal Blue White 09g Edition / Baby Blue ) Vape Review by Jonny 5

Hey, welcome back to my YouTube vape review channel. For today's video, we got a brand new mag kit available at Surreal. We just got these. These are fresh out of the box. And this is the mag kit in royal blue white, code number is 09G, so you guys can see that right there, royal blue white 9G. So, let's get right into this, and if you notice, before I start peeling this off, open on one side, open on the other side. We will have a future video, I did shoot the video, just want you guys to know that, just haven't begun to finish editing it, but it will be up very soon. So, let's get right into this.

I won't be firing this mag kit. Once you own one, and you fired it, and you've seen what it is, that one mag, they're all the same, but I just wanna see what this color is, so that's what we're showing you guys right here, just showing you different color on the mag. Let's open this up like that. We'll put this guy like here. And let's... I'll let you guys look at it first. I like that white, that's beautiful, that's pretty. Look at that, that is a pretty color mag.

Let's see what else we got under here. Oh my goodness, it comes with a baby blue Prince Tank. I don't think I've seen this. I absolutely love the color on this tank. This... Honestly, this is like cotton candy, just the color design that they got with it. They got a little bit of the purple on the blue. It's definitely sharp, I like that color. I also like the inside. The inside has a little bit more purple in it.

Comes with a pre-installed Q4 coil, comes with a replacement T10 coil in the packaging. I'll show you guys that coil in just a second, just wanna throw this on like this. Just look at this, the white trigger, the white battery door, white battery clip, rather, standard issue. Flower pin looks like it's the same flower pin in all of them. I like it. I really like the way that the clip looks on that white, and that white is sharp.

Here is your replacement T10 coil. It comes with all your other vape bands and all of that stuff for the tank. You also get a replacement flat glass, you get a micro USB cable inside, and you get your five Torx screw, so that way you can adjust your flower pin, because these have been known to have some little bit of wonkiness with them, but other than that, that's it. She's beautiful. Oh my goodness. Royal blue with white, this is sharp. I just love the way that the trigger looks, white, like the white buttons, the white clip on it, down to the white on the magazine. It's just... Overall, I think this is a really beautiful-looking Smok, and they did a really great job with this.

Anyway, guys, my name is Jonny 5. Make sure you guys give me a thumbs up. Show me some in the com box down below. If you're new to my channel, and you're just checking it out for the first time, you probably should subscribe in the corners. We do daily uploads on this channel, that means you get one view in the morning and one view in the evening, and I will catch you guys on the next one. You guys be good, be safe. Later, taters.