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The SMOK Novo will get your attention in a moment's notice with it's dimmed cobra print on the front and back, as well as the sleek plating that goes down each side. This e cig runs off of a 450mAh battery, which means that you can expect a very impressive battery life and won;t need to recharge it all day long. This kit has an ergonomically crafted mouthpiece that is designed to give you the most comfort it can out of a vape, and trust us, you will melt into your chair with every inhale. To charge this device up again, just connect it to a USB cord and you will be on your way. Additionally, you'll know when the battery is about to die out when its LED light flashes 15 times giving you enough time to plan ahead. And not to worry when it comes to safety, SMOK is on top of it and has many features to protect you from any harm.

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The SMOK Novo Pod System & New Pods!
Credit to: VapnFagan
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SMOK SMOK Novo reviews

Video Transcript: The SMOK Novo Pod System & New Pods! by VapnFagan

What is going on everyone out there in YouTube land. Today we're gonna check out a device that's been out for a few months now. And, I guess, SMOK contacted me and said, they were gonna send over some new coils or new pods for the Novo Pod System, for me to check out and I said, Well, I never got a Novo for review. So they said, Well, we'll send you the Novo and then you can review the Novo and check out the new pods. So even though it's been out for a few months and it's been reviewed many, many times, it's kind of new to me. So we're gonna check it out today.

So today, we're gonna check out the SMOK Novo Pod System. There it is folks, got it loaded up, as always, with some 19.5 milligram Ghostick e-liquid. Let's have a quick vape. I am using the older coils that come inside the kit. I have the newer coils inside this one right here. We'll talk about those later on. Let's have a quick mouth to lung style vape and we'll talk about the Novo. Here we go. First thing I can tell you about this device is the airflow, and we'll talk more about the airflow in a moment. The Novo sent over directly by SMOK for the purpose of this review. If you guys are looking to pick one up or check one out, I did search online; found it pretty much everywhere. VaporDNA, Myvaporstore, Element Vape, Going price for the kit, $24.95.

So inside the box, you will get the Novo device or the battery. You'll get two empty pods, a very, very tiny micro-USB charging cable and a user manual. The Novo measures in at 83 millimeters tall, 24 millimeters wide and 14 millimeters thick. It is constructed of a zinc alloy. It's available, I believe, in eight different color options. This is the black one with the cobra kind of design to it. If we compare it really quickly up against a very popular pod system, like the Juul, you'll see that the Juul is a little bit taller, but of course the Novo is much wider and it got a lot more girth to it. Now this one does include two empty pods to get you started. And one interesting thing about the pods, is they don't state the resistance anywhere on the pod, anywhere online or anywhere in the manual. Nowhere can I find the resistance. But the new pods that they just came out with, that you could purchase separately, these new ones actually have the resistance on the actual pod itself, as you can see there, 1.5 ohms. So I'm not sure if these are gonna be 1.5, or maybe a little bit higher, but this is one thing I noticed.

What I can tell you about these pods is they will hold around 2 mls of liquid. It is using a horizontal coil, and to fill them up, pretty simple. We got a silicone plug on the side right there. You gotta get your nail down inside there, and, if you have nails it makes it a little bit easier. But I always manage to have an issue with these style plugs. There we go. Pop it open. And the fill port on here is pretty large. It will accommodate the plastic tipped bottles nicely. And then once you fill it up, be sure to let the pod sit for about five or 10 minutes because you want the juice to absorb into the cotton. If you start vaping right away, chances are you're gonna burn up the coil. So, give it about 5 or 10 minutes. When you're ready to vape, all you gotta do, drop it down inside the Novo. Now this one does not have the magnetic connectors. This one is more of a press fit, so when you push it down, you'll feel it get pretty tight, and then once it's in place, it's actually pretty firm down inside there.

This one does have the auto draw feature, which means there's no physical buttons anywhere; there's no firing button. As you inhale it's gonna automatically turn on and turn off and if you store it inside of a bag or something like that, just remember to remove the pod and that will kind of disable the device. We do have an LED light on the front, which you guys probably can't see, it's like around right there, and it does light up when you vape and it's also gonna tell you the charge status of your battery. Now, this little device is using a 450 milliamp hour internal battery and you can use a standard micro-USB cable to charge it on the side. But you probably won't use the provided cable, because this cable is extremely small. So you can use a micro USB cable of any kind, your cellphone cable, it doesn't really matter. Now, when this device is fully charged, it's gonna put out 16 watts. It does have a wattage range of 10-16 watts with a voltage range of 3.3-4.2 volts and it all depends on the charge of your battery. So, with a full charge, you'll get full power and then as the battery drains, the wattage and the voltage will drop.

This one does have an 8 second cut off. And aside from that, that's it. A very simple straightforward pod system, no buttons; really no features to it. And yeah, the new pods they sent over, I'm not sure if there's any difference to be honest with you. I know the resistance is stated on the pod this time around, but as far as coil, I'm sure it's the same coil, holds the same amount of juice, but we will compare the new pod up against the older pods and we'll see if there's a difference in flavor or airflow. Alright, so with all that said, let's jump back up and let's have a vape.

So let's talk a little bit about the Novo. Now, I can tell you this, the new pods they sent over seem to me to be a little bit more airier, that they have more airflow. And if there's one thing I've learned, I noticed about this device when I first started using it, was how wide open the airflow is. For being a pod system, you expect a really tight, restricted airflow, so you get a nice mouth to lung vape, especially if it has the auto draw feature. Because if it's too airy or too wide open, it's gonna be really hard to activate the auto draw feature if you're doing a mouth to lung vape. Now, if you're doing direct lung, no problem, whatsoever. But I've noticed with the newer pods, it's a little bit harder to activate the auto draw feature when doing a mouth to lung. When doing direct lung you're perfectly fine. I can activate the auto draw feature a little bit easier on the older pods that had come inside the kit. Not knowing the resistance, not knowing the airflow hole size, I can't really tell you what's going on here. But flavor-wise? They both seem to have about the same flavor. So they might have increased the airflow on this pod.

Now, it doesn't make it a bad thing, that this pod has a lot of airflow. Some people actually prefer a direct lung pod system. There's probably very few people, but there are people out there that prefer direct lung vape when it comes to a pod system. So, if you're looking for something more on the airier side, if you don't like the restricted tightness of a lot of pod systems, the Novo may be up your alley, because of the more wide open airflow. The mouthpiece is one of those wide tip mouthpieces; very comfortable on the lips. And the press fit pod kind of feature is nice and tight. It's not gonna pop off on you. I experienced no leaking issues, no dry hit issues with the pods or the coils, and the performance is nice. You're gonna get that pod flavor. You're not gonna get RDA flavor or sub-ohm tank flavor. A few people out there have been confused in the past thinking that when someone says it has good flavor that we're comparing it to an RDA. No, when I say good flavor on a pod I mean it has good flavor when compared to other pods on the market.

Micro-USB port is located in the middle, which is kind of strange. I prefer the bottom, but the middle is kinda a unique spot I guess. And they have nice colors. So pretty small, stealthy device. You can hide it in your hand and get a nice vape without anyone seeing you. And it comes with two pods inside the kit, where most devices only come with one pod inside the kit, so that is a nice bonus. The micro-USB cable is so damn short. I don't know. I hate cables that are that short, because when you charge them, they hang from your wall sometimes if your outlet is a little bit higher up on the wall. So that's kind of annoying. But aside from that, it's a nice little pod system. I don't see the difference in the new pods but the Novo is not bad. And if you're looking for something more wide open, check it out, there it is. That's all I got for you guys today on the Novo. Questions or comments, you know exactly what to do. Please hit the Subscribe button. I'll talk to you folks very, very soon. Make sure you guys build safe and as always, vape on.