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SMOK has been doing an unbelievable job a constantly releasing high-quality products on a continuous basis, and as the market evolves at the same rate we are striving to bring our customers their newest products as quickly as they are released. The amazing SMOK E-priv is a very durable e cig that is loved for its functionality as well as its ease of use. The SMOK E-Priv kit comes with batteries, a bulb glass, and the great Prince TFV12 tank that will give you the flavor and smoke production that you desire. This top-notch e cig is one of the best, and even if it is at a very reasonable price you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the very best.

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The New SMOK E-Priv 230W Kit! | & Raspberry Eclair E Juice!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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SMOK SMOK E Priv reviews

Video Transcript: The New SMOK E-Priv 230W Kit! | & Raspberry Eclair E Juice! by IndoorSmokers

All right vapesters, check it out, so we got a brand new SMOK Priv kit to look at today. And I know man there have been a lot of Privs. I've got so many Privs hanging out in this house, it's like, Old McDonald's Farm up in this mofo, with a Priv Priv here and a Priv Priv there. Here a Priv, there a Priv, everywhere a mo-freakin Priv Priv. 'cause I think the H-Priv was first, then we got the G-Priv, and we had the I-Priv and I got the S-Priv. But today, for the first time ever on this channel, we're gonna be taking a look at the brand new, drum roll, please, E-Priv. And that is what we're gonna be looking at and vaping on, right here, right now, on IndoorSmokers. Hell, yeah.

So check it out, guys. I got my E-Priv in red and black, but we do have a blue one. We're gonna be giving away to you guys, so just hang tight till the end of this video, I'll tell you what you need to do to get in on that. So let's go ahead and take a look at what you get in your kit, the brand new E-Priv kit. Oh, damn. Check it out. Don't eat it. Alright, guys... Fuck. God damn before I could even get a chance to love it. It's gone so quick, but alright guys, that is your E-Priv double 18650.

It does have that little kind of snap thing that you have to press to open it, which is kinda nice 'cause some of the ones that just push in, can open up in your pocket and dump your batteries. On the second level, you got all of your instruction manual, warranty codes, battery safety tips, all that kind of stuff. You also got your o-rings and your top seal replacement piece for The TFV12 tank that comes with it, I'll show you in a second, micro-USB charger, replacement glass piece. So you know how much I love the mesh coils, but that's not the best part. We actually got pre-installed in this baby, the dual mesh coil. And that is right here in your TFV12 tank with bubbly glass, 8 ml capacity. I already did prime this coil up a little bit, but I haven't filled the tank, so I can open her up and show you guys this beauty. Alright, check it out, this is one badass double coil. Look at these freaking juice slots in the front and the back, plus a couple more on the side, man. And of course, just like all the TFV12 tanks. I do have a full review for this tank itself if you wanna check that out, but you do have a bottom airflow adjustment on that collar. You also have your top fill, and that is the push and flip design.

Last time I was down at the studio, I found one more flavor, I had not tried yet, of this Overloaded e-juice by Ruthless. And this is the Raspberry Eclair. So we're gonna go ahead and put 8 ml of this, right in here. Oh yeah, there we go. I've actually gone through about three or four of these 100 ml bottles by Overloaded. They're some of our favorite e-juice line down in IndoorSmokers studio, everybody be vaping on them, but luckily, I managed to grab that one before anybody had seen it. I'm gonna put it together and then we'll take one more look at the E-Priv before we get vaping on this bad boy. And I am stalling, because I need to go get a couple 18650s which I do not have with me, and I got nobody here to throw them to me. You guys are worthless, man, you can never go get me nothing. Alright, I'll be right back. Alright guys, got the dual 18650s right here. You can see... I don't know if you guys can, but it is well marked down at the bottom there, the plus and minus. So I like it when they do that, it makes it very easy. So, I gotta say guys, this does have a big bright beautiful screen, right there. Most of the menu system and everything does work pretty much similar to the other Privs in that list we gave earlier. Three clicks will get you into there, you can do your wattage, temperature control. You also have your ramp up your pre-heat there. You can adjust your puff counter, which I'm gonna leave at never.

You can also get into this screen, which is gonna allow you to change the colors around if you wanna do that. Let's see what that looks like. The last thing you're gonna get is to turn the unit off, I'll say no. There you go with the red screen, ohh. That red was a little bit hard to see. This is kind of the greyish screen on here. And then this is the only part that is a little bit weird, I don't know if you guys can see, there is a plus right here and a minus right down here. So the bars are actually very close, it will adjust in 0.1 increments. If you press both together, it's gonna lock and unlock your device. This is a 230-watt mod, it will go on 0.1 increments until you hit 100 watts. And then it will start going in 1-watt increments up to 230. It can also do all of your temperature control coils nickel, titanium, stainless steel. 200-600 Fahrenheit, 100-315 Celsius.

This will read resistances down to 0.05 in temp control or 0.1 in Power mode. So this is the dual mesh coil that we have in here. It is a 0.2 resistance coil, rated between 50 and 80 watts. Says it is best between 65 and 75. The other coil they give you with it is a 0.15 resistance, and that is a standard mesh coil. We're going with the double mesh right now. I do have this at 65 watts on the spot. And it is reading this coil at 0.22, so pretty close to spot on at the 0.2. And we're gonna be doing 3.75 volts to get this vape. Alright, check it out. Let's hit this thing on the brand new E-Priv.

Whoo! That thing is popping. I gotta say, that overloaded is doing just that, overloaded with flavor. I wasn't sure how much I was gonna love the Eclair part of this, since I'm not a big fan of the bready type of vapes, but I was looking forward to that raspberry, but I gotta say, it's a very sweet. Almost more of like a Toaster Strudel than an Eclair. I would say, just a very sweet sort of raspberry, frosty filling kind of a bready thing with just maybe like a little hint of the flaky bready goodness. And the flavor is banging off them double meshes.

God damn! Alright, guys. Let's do it up to 70. Yeah, the only downside on this is, kind of, these buttons are too close together so, it's like, you got these three bars up here that don't do nothing and then they kinda continue the style here, which is kind of cool. That is your USB port right there for the micro-USB cord they give you. The bottom bar don't do nothing. So these two right here are your plus and your minus and basically your controls when you're in the menu. And they're so close together, it is almost hard to press them without accidentally locking or unlocking it. That's the only thing I would say. If you wanna do two different bars maybe put the plus bar way up here and the minus bar on the bottom, so you got some separation between the two, but other than that this baby is vaping like a beast, looking like a beauty.

Late night fuuuuuck! Damn dude. Sorry I'm getting a little bit loopy, I'm shooting this again, it's about 1:30 AM, my time, and it's whatever time you're watching this your time right now. But man, that flavor is intense, I will say that freaking double mesh coil, double your meshes, double your pleasure.

Rippity rip rip wrap around no problem man. I had plenty of vape. I could have gone a 360 if my head turned that way. So I'm go ahead and turn it up to 75 watts, take one at the high end of its range, see how it holds up.

Hell yeah! I think that's getting a little bit warmer and I think I did notice a little bit of a diminishing of flavor. I think I would keep this thing between 65-70 watts probably. I think that's right where the flavor was peaking. And yo, I think I'm starting to peak now al. Can anyone name what song that came from? Old-school fucking rap fans.

So, if you guys are so inclined and wanna go pick up the E-Priv or go check it out a little bit more, I will put a link to where you guys can do that right underneath of this video down in the crotch box. I will also put the link, whoop, to where you guys can check out some of this Overloaded E-juice; highly recommend this Raspberry Eclair, if you guys like sweet, desserty types of juice. And then don't forget we also have one that we are gonna be giving away after the cutscene on this video, so hang tight if you wanna get in on that. For everybody else, I appreciate you guys hanging out with me for a little while, on this late night or early morning possibly for you guys. If you haven't already, please subscribe to this channel. I appreciate each and every one of my subscribers. You might as well go ahead and ring that little bell right next to the subscribe button, that way you get the notification when the videos go up. If you enjoyed yourself at any time during this video or you liked this new E-Priv by SMOK, please give us a thumbs up and let me know what you thought about it down in the comments. And then that's it guys; class is out. I will see the rest of you giveaway vapesters right after this.

So, same rules as we've been doing lately, we're giving this away over on the forum. The vape lounge forum. I'll put a link right underneath this video. All you gotta do is go over there and post on the E-Priv giveaway thread. Before you go over and do that, just make sure you are a subscriber to this channel; you still gotta be a subscriber to qualify and give us a like on this video. Then click that link and head over to the forum. Good luck everybody and I will see you guys right back here tomorrow with a brand new videooooo! And I'm out.

C'mon say hi, how come you can't even let me point it at you, come on, be a sport. What's the matter babe? Good girl. Is that my good girl? Yeah.