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The compact and powerful SMOK G80 kit is ideal for vape hardware innovators and combines the G80 box mod and the SMOK Spirals tank with its small-sized airhole slots. It is designed to provide more precise wicking and the ability to save eliquid. You can adjust all the four slots to get an open draw when vaping. Coming with a top power of 80W that can work under temperature control or wattage control modes, the kit is so pocket friendly that it lets you to enjoy your vaping anywhere and anytime. The SMOK G80 Kit features a regulated box mod that comes with an easy-to-read OLED screen, and a 2ml top filling, leak free SMOK Spirals tank.

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SMOK G80 Kit Full Review with Charts and Disassembly
Credit to: DJLsb Vapes
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SMOK SMOK G80 reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK G80 Kit Full Review with Charts and Disassembly by DJLsb Vapes

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Here is the box where the SMOK G80 Kit comes in. It is a kit that is going to come with the SMOK G80 mod, as well as the SMOK Spirals Tank, which I already reviewed. So the link to this review is going to be in the description down below. On the back, we have a brief presentation, as well as the kit contents, a couple of warnings, serial number, color of the kit, and scratch code to check for authenticity. Inside of the box, we are going to get the SMOK G80 mod. You are also going to receive the warranty card, a battery warning, and the G80 Kit user manual.

You also receive a SMOK Spirals Tank, which is going to come with a 0.6-ohm coil. You are also going to receive a 0.3-ohm coil. So the kit is going to come with different coils. It is going to come with a 0.6-ohm pre-assembled coil, but then you also get a 0.3-ohm coil. And as you can see, the 0.6-ohm coil, it is going to be just slightly smaller, so it has a more restrictive airflow. You are also going to receive a spare glass tank, micro-USB charging and firmware upgrade cable, a bag with spare O-Rings for the atomizer. The box is also going to have the device or the kit in the color you choose or the color you pick. Here is the gold and black, here the silver, and here the green and black. Here are all the colors side by side. So the green and black comes with the black Spirals Tank with green O-Rings. The gold and black with the gold Spirals Tank with black O-Rings. The silver with the stainless Spirals Tank with black O-Rings. And the black and red with the black Spirals once again, but with red O-Rings. And the stripes on the top-fill part, matching the same color of the O-Rings.

The weight of the G80 mod is going to be 99.4 g, 145 g with the battery. It is also going to measure 26.4 mm x 38.4 mm, and it is going to be 75.3 mm or 0.4 mm tall. Here is a comparison between the G80 and the SMOK AL85. And here, a comparison with the Joyetech eVic-VTC mini, probably one of the most sold or the best selling single 18650 mods last year.

Starting from the top, on top, you are going to find two screws as well as the stainless steel 510 connection, which is going to protrude from the mod just here. So it is going to be really difficult to get the top part or the top side of the mod being scratched with the atomizers. It is going to be a stainless steel 510 connector with the positive gold plated or brass spring-loaded center pin. On this side, you are going to find the control screen which already has a couple of really tiny scratches that aren't as noticeable when the screen is on, but it is going to tell you that I have been using and carrying this device with me a lot. So once again, the control screen and we have SMOK down below. On this side, we are going to have the fire button. The fire button protrudes from the mod as much as the plus and minus buttons, they are actually really close to each other. The fire button is really clicky. The plus and minus buttons really clicky as well. On this side, you are going to find a micro-USB charging and firmware upgrade port as well. On the back, G80, and nothing on this side. Well, actually three ventilation holes.

Now the entire black area, it is going to be an outer sleeve/battery door. On the bottom, you can see that the mod goes actually inside of this outer sleeve. So to insert a battery, you just have to slide the mod out of this sleeve. This is basically made of metal. And then you can also see that we have two holes, one on each side. Two holes, because what actually keeps the inside... Or the mod inside of this sleeve, are actually those two ball bearings. And those two ball bearings actually do an amazing job, not only those plastic things, those ones are going to prevent the inside or the mod from moving once it is inside of this sleeve, but those ball bearings once they go into place, it is not that easy to open it, okay. You actually have to apply a lot of force to get it open. So it stays really, really well in place. By the way, no button rattle at all, nothing moves on this device.

So once again, to insert a battery or to replace your battery, you just have to slide the top of the device out of this metallic sleeve. And you can see that not only we have metal on top, but the inside of the mod is going to be made of plastic and it is going to have the battery compartment. The battery orientation is properly identified, the positive contact is going to be spring-loaded, the negative contact is going to be fixed. To use this device, and especially if you use it really close to the 80 watts, I do recommend you to use a high amp discharge battery. Positive, side up and you can see that the device is going to boot and display the firmware version. Once you place the battery, you just have to slide the mod into the sleeve. Now, it's going to work pretty much as any SMOK mod. Five clicks to turn it on.

And here is the working screen. The working screen is now on Power Mode. On Power Mode you have the selected wattage. You also have the battery bar, the preheat or ramp-up, the puff counter, the attached resistance, and the applied voltage. To adjust the wattage, you just use those two buttons. So this one, the button on the left is going to be the minus and the button on the right is going to be the plus. You can adjust this device from 6 watts in 0.1 watts-increments, but if you hold it in 1-watt increments, all the way up to 80 watts. If you hold both the fire and the minus button, you can cycle through Wattage and Temperature Control Mode, just like any other SMOK mod. If you hold both the fire and the plus buttons, you are gonna be able to cycle through all the different ramp-up options or pre-heat options.

To access the menu, three clicks of the fire button, and then we have Mode. We can cycle with the left and right or minus and plus buttons, but you can also cycle with short presses of the fire button. And then to confirm a selection, you just hold the fire button in. First option, or first sub-menu, is Mode. Inside of Mode, we have Wattage Mode or Temperature Control Mode. If we select Wattage Mode and we hold the fire button to confirm, then we can also select the strength or the pre-heat or the ramp-up.

Back to Mode, we have Temperature Control Mode as well. In Temperature Control Mode, you can adjust the strength or the power you want to have available when you press the fire button, till the device limits you, of course. If you hold it, you can do temperature control with the nickel coil or a nickel wire, with the titanium coil, or with the stainless steel coil. No matter the material you select, such as before with SMOK mods, if you confirm that selection, you can also tweak the TCR. In Temperature Control Mode, if you hold both the fire and left, or fire and minus, you can still cycle through Temperature Control Mode or Wattage Mode. If you hold both the fire and the right buttons or plus buttons, you can adjust the strength right away. So you can do all of that on the menu, but you still have the shortcuts by pressing both the fire button and minus or fire button and plus.

On Temperature Control Mode, of course, we have the temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit, the material you selected to do temperature control, the battery bar, the wattage you selected as strength, the voltage being applied, and the attached resistance. In temperature control, you can adjust these mods in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. If you keep holding minus or plus, it doesn't have a stopper, okay. It keeps cycling through degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.

Back into the menu with three clicks, next option is going to be Puffs. It is going to be the puff counter. You can set up... Once again you can set up... Or once again with SMOK mods, you can set up a maximum of puffs, and you can also reset the puffs if you confirm by holding the fire button and then if you click Yes. Back into the menu. Next option is going to be Settings or Settings Sub-menu. And then we have the Stealth Mode, on-and-off, so you can enable Stealth Mode on this device, and we also have the screen time. So you can tweak in and you can tune or you can select how many seconds you want the screen to go into standby.

Next option inside of Settings Sub-menu is going to be... The auto-lock function is basically the device locking automatically when the screen goes into standby. The next time you wanna vape, if the screen is in standby, you have to unlock the device because the device is going to be auto-locked. Next option is going to be Contrast, which is basically the brightness of the screen. You can adjust the brightness of the screen. Next options is Ohms Adjustability. Of course, the device is going to read the resistance, but you can still tweak the initial resistance, or you can still tweak the resistance the device readed.

And last option inside of this Sub-menu is going to be e-download. E-download, if you basically entered the download option, it is going to restart. Of course, you have to have it connected to the computer through the micro-USB port, and if you click that option, it is going to go into DFU Mode or Safe Mode or Firmware-upgrade Mode, as long as you haven't already connected to the PC.

Next option on... Or last option on the main menu is going to be Power. We don't have exit, but the last option is Power. If you hold the fire button and you hold the fire button again by selecting off, the device is going to shut itself down. Then of course, five clicks to turn it on again. So while using it, you don't need to turn it off. You just have to lock it with five presses of the fire button or the fire switch, and it is going to be locked. You can carry the device safely on your pocket or on your purse, and as long as you have it locked, next time you wanna vape, you have to press the fire button five times to unlock.

Every time you attach a new coil, no matter if you are using or vaping with Temperature Control or regular Power Mode, when you attach a new coil and you press the fire button, it is going to ask you if it is a new coil: Yes or No. If it is the same coil as before, just click No. If it is a new coil, just click Yes, and it is going to read the resistance. Instant, instant fire. It is insane.

Of course, this kit is going to come with the Spirals Tank, which I already reviewed, and it is indeed a really, really good atomizer with pre-made coils, but on this mod, you can actually use up to 25 mm diameter tanks. So this one is actually the Big Baby Beast, the SMOK Big Baby TFV8, and you can see that 25 mm diameter tanks will fit really, really well on this thing, even though it leaves a really tiny gap because, as you saw, the 510 connection or the 510 plate is slightly raised from the mod. But you won't scratch your mod either. The atomizer is still going to screw flush, and it is going to be stable because it screws flush on that ring, on that metallic ring, but it is not going to scratch your mod.

And that was the SMOK G80 Kit. Once again, the link is going to be in the description for the SMOK Spirals Tank review. Amazing, amazing atomizer for flavor. Now, regarding the mod, it was actually a very surprising mod, especially in regards of its accuracy. It is reading the resistances really, really accurate. The only one that readed wrong was the 0.52-ohm coil, it readed 0.53-ohms, and the 1.02-ohm coil readed 1.03-ohms. Other than that, it is reading the resistances pretty, pretty accurate. It is also doing a very good job stepping down, or it is doing a good step down and you can also see that it is actually going to provide, actually a little bit more than 80 watts with a single 18650 battery. So just slightly over powered, not by much, but slightly.

And the other amazing thing about this one is the fact that it is still going to drop a little bit on some resistances, with some resistances at 80 watts with close to low batteries, having the internal battery with a voltage of 3.6 volts, it is going to drop down just a little bit, but still providing the 80 watts, and that was also really impressive.

Now, regarding the temperature control, I'm gonna call this device a good temperature control device, even though it is just slightly off with the nickel coil, slightly off with the titanium coil, and a little bit more accurate with the stainless steel coil, even though with the dual stainless steel coil... With the dual 316L stainless steel coil, it is going to give you a little bit more temperature. So I was able to measure 474 degrees during all of those tests, setting up the mod to regulate at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regarding the signal and also the firing delay, this device is going to give you the voltage in about 190 msec from the moment you push the fire button to the moment you get the voltage you are supposed to be getting, so pretty, pretty instant fire. You are gonna get just slightly bigger delay if the screen is in standby, it is going to be a 250-ms delay, still not a big of a deal, but slightly bigger delay than with the screen on.

And you can see on top that at 80 watts, it is a slightly, slightly decaying DC signal, but I still measured the RMS, of course. On the bottom at 40 watts, you can see that it is a very, very straight or a flat DC signal. All the different modes on this device are minimum, soft, hard, and maximum. No matter the mode, if you set up one of those modes other than standard, for the minimum or on the minimum ramp-up or on the minimum strength, you are gonna get less 320-mV for a period of 2 seconds from the moment you press the fire button or starting with the press of the fire button... Excuse me, actually, 520-mV for a period of 2 seconds. On soft, you are gonna get less 320-mV for a period of 2 seconds as well. In hard, you are gonna get more, 520-mV for the same period of 2 seconds. In maximum, you are gonna get more, 720-mV for a period of 2 seconds. But if you are already using the device maxed out at 80 watts, of course, the hard or the maximum won't give you more.

Here is the temp control signal, and you can see that this device is doing a very, very smooth job. So I'm gonna consider this device a very good temperature control device. You can see especially on the right, you can see the moment I'm dripping some liquid and the device going through the liquid, that really smooth line, it dips down a little fast. Or in other words, if it starts... If you start running out of liquid, you are gonna feel the cutout sooner, but still in a line, in a consistent line, and not shaky, up and down. So really good temperature control signal and really good temperature control experience.

This device is going to discharge the 18650 down to 3.44 volts and if you charge the battery inside through the micro-USB port, it is going to charge the battery all the way up to 4.19 volts. And it is going to charge your battery at 0.80 amps not 1 amp, but really close.

Now, on this device, especially the device, not the tank because I already reviewed the tank, the atomizer. On this device, I'm gonna start with the cons, especially because I don't have a lot of cons. I'm gonna mention as a con the fact that the plus and minus buttons are too close to the fire button, even though I never pressed those buttons, instead of pressing the fire button. If you have really big fingers or if you have bigger fingers than I do, you are gonna probably hit those buttons while you press the fire button. So a solution for this, if SMOK doesn't want, or if they didn't have... Because of the design, it is a very small mod, and because of the design if they didn't have other place to place those buttons, I would much rather have seen those buttons slightly more recessed in comparison with the fire button.

Another con I'm going to give is the screen cover, the clear screen cover. It is a pro, the fact that it is clear, it is going to give you a very bright screen because it is clear, but it is pretty much flesh with the mod. So using it on a daily basis, you'll probably get some scratches even though it doesn't... I have a couple of them, and it doesn't affect at all. A solution for that would be, that cover, the clear plastic cover over the screen, being just slightly recessed in comparison with the mod. Other than that, I don't find any other cons on this device.

I'm gonna give as a pro, the fact that it is a very solid and well-built device; very, very small and pocket-friendly device, really genius idea with those sleeves. And it is not the first time we see these on devices on mods, but it is a very, very nice idea. And I like the looks of it and I like the build quality.

Another pro is going to be the paint quality because I have been using this device. I have been testing this device for three weeks now, and carrying it outside with me as well. You've seen the scratches on the screen, on the screen cover, and the paint is in mint condition, okay? It is in mint condition. It also helps the fact that the bottom is going to... Or the bottom is going be the plastic portion of the internal mod or of the mod. So the metal on the outside or the sleeve is not touching the place you place them mod. So the bottom being plastic is also going to help a lot. I would like to see the bottom of the mods. If companies can't do a better paint quality, I would like to see more bottom sides of the mods being plastic, because you won't scratch plastic or you can scratch plastic, but it doesn't look that bad.

Another pro, the fact that there's any rattles, anything moves on this mod. The sleeve is kept in place really, really well. Everything is really solid and well-made. Another huge pro, the fact that it fits wonderfully well, 25-mm diameter tanks even though it is a very small mod. Another pro, the sleeve, once again. I would like to see... I think this kind of sleeve, this kind of battery door will allow some customization. So I would like to see really fancy, matchy, matchy different color and different finish sleeves for this style of mods. And another and probably final pro, the fact that this device fires just instantly. It is insane.

With that being said, I'm gonna give away three. So I'm gonna give away the black and green, the silver, and the gold and black. To enter this giveaway, such as before, you just have to be my subscriber or to subscribe to my channel. You have to like this video and comment something down below. You can comment anything down below and you are gonna be entering on the randomiser, or you are gonna be entering this giveaway. Once again, the winners are always announced on my Q&A live show that goes up on my channel every other week, not every week but every other week I have a Q&A live show. Even if you don't catch it live, you can watch the replay. It is also going to be fun, I promise you, because you have, even on the replay, you have the live chat that happening, going on along with the video, along with the feed.

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