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SMOK has done it again with their SMOK Infinix kit that is pocket-sized and ready to enjoy anywhere and everywhere you want to go. This device's simple plug and play pod system makes it as convenient as ever to have a vape on the go. All it takes is filling your 2ml FIT pod with any E Liquid of your choice, stick the pod into your kit and you are ready to go. The battery has a lot of integrated safety features that include an 8 second cut off and a short circuit protection along with a voltage protection system. The SMOK Infinix FIT kit is the perfect choice for vapers of all skill levels, making it as fast and easy and imaginable to change out flavors and have a large selection of them. When it comes to flavor, in this case, size doesn't matter.

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SMOK Infinix Pod System | One of the Best Refillable Pod Systems?
Credit to: AVAndy
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SMOK SMOK Infinix reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK Infinix Pod System | One of the Best Refillable Pod Systems? by AVAndy

The Smok Infinix.

How's it goin everybody? This is Andy with Today we're going to be taking a look here at the Smok Infinix, one of their three pod systems they released earlier this year. Today we're going to be taking a look at this and like always we're going to go over the basics on this Infinix here, have a vape on it. Dive and take close up looks, see what it comes with, take a look at the pods, the filling, the coil, all that good stuff. Then we'll bring it back up top, have a few more vapes and I'll give you my overall thoughts on the Smok Infinix.

Starting off with the basics here, this is a pod system, an open pod system. These pods come empty. You do fill it up with your own e-liquid. Right now I have the salty club blueberry inside of here which is a nicotine salt e-liquid. You don't have to use the nicotine salts in here, but a lot of people do in these low-powered setups. The battery on here is charged via micro USB located on the bottom of the device here. It has a 250 milliamp power internal battery and then the pods on here have a two ml e-liquid capacity inside of here. The pods are disposable. And like I said they come unfilled. So you do, you fill them up, I'd say about 10, 15 times and then you're gonna need to replace the pod just like you would a coil on your standard tank.

On this guy here there is no adjustable wattage or anything like that, it's just very plug and play. You fill up the e-liquid, pop your pod in there, inhale to vape and you're good to go. There's no fire button. Nothing like that. Just simple, easy to use, no adjustable wattage, but the actual wattage on here is 10 to 15 watts depending on how full your battery is charged. That pretty much covers the basics though, it's a super simple system here. Let's go ahead and have a vape. Like I said I've got the salty club blueberry inside of here, one of my favorite nicotine salt liquids, 45 milligram. Let's go ahead and have a vape.

Alright here we have the packaging on the Smok Infinix, you can see on the back here, if you wanna pause that real quick you can see what it comes with. Little description of the mod, but we'll go over that in a second. Slide this box out here. Inside the box you will have two replacement pods. I do have one inside of the Infinix right now. But you'll get two. And then the Infinix right here. Slide that out you will get a micro-USB cable for charging the device. You get a little attention card. Do not inhale immediately after filling the pod. Wait two to three minutes. I'd recommend waiting till like five to 10 minutes though. Not when you refill it but just on your first fill.

Little Smok instruction booklet here. Talks about the device, the specs, warranty, diagram. And then you get a little how to fill on the back. So here we have the Infinix up close. You can see it right here. This is the blue one pod, two ml capacity on this pod right here. There is the pod, you could see the connection on the bottom of the pod there inside of the device. Here you can see on the side, you can see these filling holes. This is the little rubber stopper that you do take off to fill it. All you do is you pull that out and push it to the side to fill it up and then I will show you the filling bottle in a second. When you do push this back in though, make sure not to push it too tight 'cause you don't want it to go all the way inside. Just tap it a little bit. Make sure it goes in. And you will be good to go on that. Slide the pod into the device. Clicks into place. You are good to go. It's as simple as that.

This is also one of the items that's included. These bottles or the filling holes you just saw is pretty small so your standard dropper here, this is what I have inside of this bottle the salty club blueberry. So if you use this dropper right here it's gonna start filling over the side. So what you do is you put your e-liquid from here, your needle tip, you can see this little needle tip filling hole. You're gonna take this and then squeeze the liquid into the Infinix pod inside of here. So it is a little bit of a pain that you have to transfer it from this bottle to this bottle. But on the positive side they do include this little easy filling bottle with the device so that makes it a bit easier. That's my main con on this is how to fill it since you have to put it, like I said, from this bottle, pour it into here. I usually just unscrew the top and then fill it like I was filling a tank inside of here.

And then take this, insert it, and then squeeze and you're good to go. Doing a little quick size comparison here, you can see the Breeze 2 on the left, Smok Infinix on the right. Another one here is the Smok Rolo Badge on the left, Infinix on the right. See that size comparison there. But yeah it's super easy. The pod, they pop out very easily like that. Just move that dropper. Just peel this out again real quick. Take your needle tip right here and then you just put it in the hole and you squeeze and you fill it up and that's all there is to it. Very, very easy. When the battery does die just toss it on the USB charger that's included with it and you are ready to go. Just pop that in. Again, don't push too hard, because you don't want this little portion to go inside of the pod. So you just slightly tap it and then when you do have it filled slide it into the Infinix and you are ready. That's gonna take care of the close up though. Let's bring it back up top, have a few more vapes on this Infinix and I'll give you my overall thoughts on this guy.

Alright, now that we've got the close up out of the way, let's go ahead and have a few more vapes like I said these non-adjustable on this system, so I'm not turning up the wattage or anything like that. So let's go ahead and have a few more vapes, I mean the battery is a little bit more drained. Not by much though so it's pretty much going to be the same, but let's go ahead and have one.

Very nice, very nice. The airflow on here is non-adjustable. And it's a pretty similar draw to the Fix if you've ever used the Fix by Major League Vapers. That's the similar airflow on here. It's in between like a direct lung and mouth to lung, but it leans more on the mouth to lung side in my personal opinion. And for my overall thoughts I'm going to be following up with the other two Smok Pod systems, the Badge and the Fit. But out of the three this is my personal favorite, followed by the Badge, followed by the Fit. But this one, this one's really good here. I do like the form factor. It fits nicely in the hand, it's not big. It's pretty sleek and portable as you guys can see here. And you saw in the close ups some comparisons. So it's a portable easy to use set up.

The only thing I wish is the fill ports were larger. I think it's sort of a con that you have to put your e-liquid from this bottle into the filling bottle like I showed you in the close up and then right here you can see that little needle tip bottle that makes it easier to fill. I mean it's a tiny con. It's not a real big deal. But if I was to improve one thing that's what I would do. I would just make the fill port a little bit bigger on there. But yeah, overall it's a very good kit, very easy to use. Price point we have them on for $20, $19.99. I will leave a link in the description if you do wanna check that out. And like I said I will be doing videos on the Fit and the Badge coming up as well. And then I'll do a comparison between all three so you guys can check it out.

If you're looking for a good nicotine salt liquid, highly suggest checking out the salty club blueberry. Fantastic flavor. But yeah that's pretty much gonna wrap this one up guys. If you have any questions on the Infinix or any other... Oop, dropped that, any other vape-related questions in general, please leave a comment down below and I'll do my best to get back to you. If you guys did enjoy this video please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe. It is greatly appreciated. And as always, vape on.