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The SMOK AL85 Mod is an Alien inspired portable mod capable of firing up to 85 watts and supports titanium, nickel, and stainless steel 316 wire in temperature control mode. The AL85 boasts of an Alien-style futuristic style stunning look with a sleek two-tone color design in a ultra-portable shape. A detailed operating interface displayed on the OLED display screen lets you adjust and monitor your settings easily. Other features of the SMOK AL85 include 85W peak output, wide temperature control range, minimum firing resistance of 0.1ohm for wattage mode and 0.06ohm for TC mode, integrated firing bar, and a micro USB port for both firmware updates and charging.

SMOK SMOK AL85 reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK AL85 Review! - Mini Alien Mod w/ The TFV8 Baby Beast On Top! by Suck My Mod

Welcome back to the channel guys, I am Matt. Today, we are gonna look at a miniature version of the very, very popular SMOK Alien Mod. This is the AL85.

Alright, this is the SMOK AL85. Let's get it out of the way again, because every time I make a SMOK video, people say I'm saying it wrong. I get that it's spelled SMOK, but SMOK the company says it's pronounced smoke. We might not like it, but it is. Now what this is is a miniature version of the Alien Mod, the very, very popular Alien Mod. This is a single 18650 Mod. It comes with the Baby Beast on top. Now I got this a little bit late. I know there's already quite a few reviews out there for it, but I figured I'd still do a review. And watch till the end 'cause I am gonna be giving away two of these kits to two lucky viewers.

Now, this Mod, like I said, goes up to 85 watts. It's got most of the functions that the Alien has. It's got that same side button. It's got the different temp control functions, all that good stuff. And a big winner for me is that it also comes with the Baby Beast. I love the Baby Beast and the Big Baby Beast tanks, those and the Blazer Mini are probably some of my most used Sub-Ohm tanks right now. Doesn't mean there's not a lot of other good ones out there, but those two have just... They've done right by me.

The Baby Beast does come with a 0.4 and a 0.6 Ohm coil. I like the 0.6 because it lasts a little bit longer, it doesn't need as much wattage. So right now, I do have the 0.6 on your 45 watts, air flow's wide open, here we go.

So what we're gonna go ahead and do now is dive down the table and take a closer look at it. Big thanks to Coil Master for sponsoring the up close portion of this video, links will be down in the description below for them. Today, folks, we're having a look at the AL85.

Typical SMOK packaging. This is the red and black version, obviously, it does come in black and black, gold and black. I think maybe one other color. Inside you are gonna have your Mod. You've got some silica gel. Don't eat that folks. Then underneath that, a little battery warning card, an authenticity and warranty card, a nice detailed manual, charge cable and update cable, and then your Baby Beast, an extra coil for the Baby Beast, and some spares for the Baby Beast.

Okay, so, not gonna do a full review on the Baby Beast. I did a review on the Big Baby Beast already. Lots of other reviews out there on the baby. This one is just a 22 millimeter diameter. Big Baby is 24. Okay, obviously same old, same old, you fill it up right there.

Now, with the coil heads, it does come with two different resistances. The one preinstalled is the 0.4 and that one is rated for 40 to 80 watts, 55 to 65 for the best. But I personally like using... Damn, are things in there tight... I like using this coil head better for the kit because it needs a little less wattage, which means my battery lasts a little longer. So this one's a 0.6, 20 to 50 watts, best at 30 to 40.

So let's prime this and fill the tank, and then we'll look at the Mod. Again, I am using UniNuts. I used this in my last review, and I actually quite like it. So I'm gonna use it again. Pretty much the only time where only having one nut is a good thing. But then it says Nuts plural, like one nuts plural, I don't know. Okay, anyway, prime the coil, I'm gonna fill this bad boy holds 3 mls of liquid and we're gonna get that bad boy out of the way.

Okay, so here is the Mod, this is the black and red version. Like I said, it is a smaller Alien, basically. You've got the carbon fiber back there. So I'm not sure if that's real or not, I'm sure someone could pipe in on the comments. You've got your red trim on this one button is the side, 510 up top there. Well, let's go ahead and screw the tank on right now.

There's what that 22 millimeter Baby Beast looks like. It does air 24 millimeter, I tested it on this, will flush out just about perfect with that edge so you could get away with 24 too, 25 wouldn't look too bad either.

Now, with the battery, you unscrew this bad boy right here. On the cap there, it's says a minus and on the inside there you have a big old plus as you can see. So you really shouldn't get this thing mixed up. Let's throw a battery in. 18650, obviously.

I'm not ever really a huge fan of SMOK's threading. It's not that it's bad, it's just like, I don't know, it feels like the tolerances are loose or something like I had the same issue with the RDTA box, but it's just... Getting the thread started, it's not crunchy necessarily. May be somebody out there that has this can tell me what they think. So, you screw that bad boy all the way on five clicks does turn it on.

It's gonna ask you if this is a new or old coil, we'll go new. And now we are in wattage mode. You can do this in 0.1 watt increments. Obviously, this does go all the way up to 85 watts. So now if you hold the power and the down button, now you can scroll through the different modes. So you got Watt, Temp, Memory. Let's go to Temp. Now you're in nickel, but when you're in nickel, you can then do the wattage like that, by pressing the up and power button. And when you're in wattage mode, that up and power button will do the strength. So hard, soft. See, it always switches back fast, hard, soft, normal, hard, soft, normal. I'll go with normal.

So now let's dive deeper into the menu to build... To change our different materials. There you would do one, two, three. You go to mode, long press. Temperature, long press. Strength, long press, then materials. So TC-TI, TC-SS, TC-NI. So then when you're in TI, you can actually change your TCR values like that if you wanted to adjust them. You could do that with stainless and the others as well. And then it takes you back. Okay.

So you could swap between modes in a few different ways. If you wanna dive deeper into the menu and change your metals and stuff, you gotta do the three clicks or you can just do the down and power and go between temp and wattage that way. Also, in this... Also, in the menu, you can reset your puffs, you can go to your settings, long press, change stuff in there. In mode, you can go into memory. Basically, you set your memories for quick access to different settings that you want. And so yeah, if you like the normal Alien Mod, you're gonna like this interface. It's not too difficult. If you're just starting out, you don't have to really dive deep into anything. But if you want to geek out, adjust TCR values, all that good stuff, you can do that also.

And on the screen, it shows you your voltage, your ohms, your amps. Your... The PCB is the temperature of the MOD, what mode you're in, wattage, your puff counter, which this is a brand new device. And then right there is how long you've been vape... How long your last drag was, see down there where it's timing.

There is your charge port right there. No battery venting other than the port, probably should have put some holes on the bottom there. I don't think that that battery slot is airtight, but still for people's peace of mind, could have put some venting down there somewhere on the side, whatever. Oh, also I better take this guy off. I probably should have done that before I showed you guys the... Before I showed you guys the screen, huh.

So yeah, it's a smaller version of the Alien, very similar to the Skyhook RDTA box as well. Here's how it fits in my big hands, very comfortable. I turn it to 45 watts. Also, if you wanna lock up down, that locks it, but you can also just do the five clicks.

The thing about SMOK Mods is that a lot of times they have two different ways to do the same thing. Materials-wise, it does feel nice. It feels solid, not any play in the button, no rattles, nothing like that. It's coating feels nice.

Let's go ahead and go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more. All right, here is the AL85, again, with the Baby Beast on top. Forty five, well, let's get a little crazy, let's go up to 50 watts.

Yeah, very, very nice. Not much else for me to say about the Baby Beast, I reviewed the Big Baby Beast. I'm a fan of these tanks, I like them even more than the TFV8, they're a little more my speed. Now, let's talk about the Mod. If you are an Alien fan, and you like mini mods, there's no doubt you're probably gonna like this one. The interface is very, very similar and it looks a lot like the Alien even. But let's talk pros and cons.

A lot of them are subjective though. And just come with the territory with these types of Mods. One battery is not gonna last you all day on a device like this. If you're a chain vaper, you chain... You vape as much as I do, two batteries will probably get me through the whole day if I'm using the 0.6 ohm coil head on here and using it at around 45 watts. If I'm using a 0.4 here, and I'm using it around 60 watts, I might even need three batteries depending on what I'm doing that day and how much I'm vaping.

Another con would be that I don't see any battery venting on here. That's basically become the norm for a lot of these types of devices, is to have battery venting even though odds are this tube right here isn't air tight. I think it'd still be good if they punched some battery venting somewhere in here. Also, I'm not really a fan of SMOK's threading. It's not the smoothest threading in the world, and it's almost like it's wide or the tolerances aren't very tight or something. Sometimes to get it started, you have to look at it and kinda back it off a little bit and then screw it back on, make sure you get it right. I said the same thing I think in the Skyhook video. I just think that they could do a better job with their threading.

Now one thing that people mentioned to me after I reviewed the Skyhook RDTA box is that on their Aliens, they had some issues with the coating not lasting very well or something, it would chip off. SMOK does say that they've updated the coating on this, only time will really tell. I can't vouch for it but I'm gonna continue using this. I could tell you guys a couple of months down the road, if I have many issues with it. But the coating does look solid to me. Again, if I do have some major problems with it, it starts chipping off very easily in my pocket or something, I will update you guys.

One other thing I would love to see SMOK implement into their Mods is an extra mode button. We've seen VapoRacer do that. A few other people have done that. It's not that SMOK's interface is that tough or anything but that extra mode button that we see on some other mods really makes it super fast to get through menus and stuff.

So you can talk some pros about the interface too. It's nice you can change your wattage when you're in temperature control mode. Their TC modes really seem to work well. You could change TCR functions within the different metal modes that you choose, so that's always nice. And when you're in wattage mode, you can change between soft, normal, hard, all that good stuff. So as far as settings and what this guy does, it's gonna be more than enough for 99.9% of vapers out there.

A big pro for me is that I think it's a really great mod for the Baby Beast, which I'm a fan of. If you're a fan of the Baby Beast, the AL85 is worth getting because they just go together really well, especially if you like the higher ohm coils in the Baby Beast. And it's a nice little all-in-one kit. It completes the package, they match well, they look cool together.

Also, another pro for me is the ergonomics. Some mini mods... Oh, gosh, what do I have out here? Let's look at the Tarot Nano here, are almost a little too small for my hand. This one, it's not horrible, there's some that are worse than the Tarot Nano. But I squeeze it and soon as I kinda have to bend my fingers back for the buttons and all that. With this, it's a little bit larger, it's a really nice size but also... That whole side switch there, that SMOK uses, makes it really, really nice. So all you gotta do is that. And so, at this size, that side switch, that side panel switch really shines with this type of device.

I don't think you can go wrong with this one. If you're an Alien Mod fan, you kinda already know what you're getting into. It's a smaller Alien with less battery power and less wattage. If you are a Baby Beast fan, it matches up well with the... They go really well together. It's just a nice little solid device.

One thing I'm not sure of is I haven't seen if they're selling the Mod separately from the tank yet. I'll do some more searching on Google after I film this and I'll put it down in the description below if I find the Mod being sold separately. Right now, the kit itself is 60 bucks, 60 bucks for this whole kit. I think the tank by itself is around 25, 30 bucks, so not a bad deal for the whole thing. So it gets two thumbs up from me for sure.

Now, how I'm gonna do the giveaway. I have two of these that I haven't used yet, pre-packaged, one black on black, one gold on black. All you have to do is obviously subscribe to the channel if you haven't subscribed yet, and follow me on social media, Twitter, Facebook, check out the links below. But I will do the giveaway on YouTube. So go ahead and comment below. You can say anything, just make... Don't say something rude. Alright, just be kind of nice. I'm sensitive but you could just say, I want the giveaway, whatever you wanna say. And two days from now, so Friday, this video is going up on Wednesday, Friday, I am going to pick the two winners.

All I'm gonna do basically is just comment on your comment. So be on the look out for that. A lot of people don't have YouTube accounts where I can private message them but I'm gonna comment on your comment, and I'm gonna tell you to email me and then we'll figure this out. All you gotta do is pay for shipping. Okay, so I'll ship it even worldwide. There's still some controversy about what vape reviewers can do with giveaways. So I think if we have people pay for the shipping, we can get around that.

So I think that's about it. Guys, I will put links down below, like I said, don't forget to check out our channel, Matt and V, we upload over there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That about wraps it up. Until next time, thanks for watching. Suck My Mod.