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SMOK Big Baby Beast

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The UK SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank combines the best of the two most popular tanks today, blending the affordable performance coil family from the Baby Beast with the capacity/range of the full-sized TFV8. The SMOK Big Baby Beast maintains the 24.5mm diameter profile of TFV8 to accommodate 5 milliliter tank capacity accessed/filled via SMOK's signature Hinge and Lock Top Fill System. Larger than the original and compatible with the smaller UK SMOK TFV8 coils, the TPD-compliant SMOK Big Baby features a re-designed airflow system and a new range of “Baby Cores” with greater efficiency.

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TFV8 Big Baby Beast by SMOK - Another Win for the TFV8 Line!
Credit to: Ambitionz Vaper
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SMOK SMOK Big Baby Beast reviews

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Video Transcript: TFV8 Big Baby Beast by SMOK - Another Win for the TFV8 Line! by Ambitionz Vaper

What's up, guys? I am Matt. Back with another video. Today, we're gonna check out a sub ohm tank from SMOK. One of their newest in the TFV8 line. This is the Big Baby Beast.

Alright. So this year, SMOK put out the TFV8 line. I think the first one came out beginning of this year, or was it the end of last? I'm not sure. Anyway, it's a very, very popular line. They've sold a ton of the Cloud Beast. Then they came out with the Big Baby, and then the Big Baby Beast. Now, the Big Baby and the Big Baby Beast used the same coils. They are different from the Cloud Beast. They're a little bit smaller coil heads. Baby Beast was a 22 millimeter tank. I think it held around 3, 3.5 mls of liquid. The Big Baby Beast, however, holds 5 mls of liquid. So a really good amount and it's a lot shorter than the Cloud Beast. But because the coil heads are smaller, it still can hold a lot of liquid. And it's a 24.5 millimeter tank. These do come with three different coil head options. You get the V8 Baby X4, the V8 Baby T6, and then the V8 Baby RBA. The RBA is very simple. It's for dual coil. It's got that two-post configuration. It's definitely cool that they give you options and that they give you an RBA. It's a solid RBA, for sure.

Now, right now, I have the 0.2 in here. It's the T6, I believe. It's rated for 40 to 130 watts. I have it at 65 watts, so probably bump it up a little bit later in this video, but let's go ahead and vape it. Airflow is wide open. I like these coil heads. What we're gonna go ahead and do now is dive it on the table, we'll go through it all, then I'm gonna give you my thoughts. We're gonna try both of the different pre-built coil heads, this one and the X4, and I'll tell you which ones that I like the best, and we will go from there. Alright, big things to coil master of response are in the up close portion of this video. Link will be in the description for these guys and also more videos on some of their products coming up soon. Today, though, we are looking at the TFV8 Big Baby Beast. It comes in some pretty cool packaging. It shows you what coils it comes with. This one comes with the V8 Baby X4, V8 Baby T6, and V8 Baby RBA. This the black version. I believe you can also get it in stainless steel.

Now inside, you're obviously gonna have your tank, some manuals, all that good stuff. Extra O-ring, spares, some vape bands. Then you have the 0.2 ohm coil head, the T6. We'll look at that a little bit more in a sec. And then your RBA section. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it, but two extra pieces of glass, which is really cool. Now, I'm gonna focus more on the pre-built coil heads. I wanna take a look at those two more, but let's look at the RBA here. It has some pre-built Claptons. You run your wicking down into those slots right there. We've seen this kind of build deck on a lot of different products. And on my other one, I did wick this build. It didn't really have any problems with it, and it does get a little bit gurgly when you fill it up. There is no juice flow control. As long as you have that packed with cotton pretty well, you're gonna be okay. So you got that same velocity style, two-post design, easy to build, very simple. But it's a cool, nice touch that they threw this in.

So let's take a look at the tank, 24.5 millimeters wide, holds, 5 mls of liquid. Big difference between this and the full-sized Cloud Beast is that this holds the Baby Beast coil heads. It is quite a bit shorter, but it can still hold a lot of liquid, because the coil heads are a little bit smaller. You have this big, gigantic drip tip right there. But it does also come with a 510 drip tip adapter, if you wanted to use your own. Now, the filling method's always been cool on these. You slide it out, like so, and fill up right there. You have a nice rubber seal on it, seals everything well. We've seen other manufacturers do this, but I like the implementation of theirs. It really fits together well and it locks in quite nicely. I like it.

Here's the air flow slots. Air flow slots are bigger than the Baby Beast. But I don't really know if you're gonna get that much more air flow with this, because really, the choke point on these is the coil heads. You're using the same coil heads in both tanks. And even though the chimney right there is a little bit bigger and the air flow slots are bigger than the Baby Beast, I think the trip point is the coil heads themselves. So, I don't know. You might get a little more air flow with these, but it's tough to say. It doesn't seem like you really get a whole bunch more, but that's fine with me. It still has more than enough air flow. The base unscrews, on this one, the coil head stayed in there. That'll happen sometimes.

This is the 0.15 coil head. Well, looks like two coils, but I think there's actually two stacked on top of another. There's actually four there. So see on the holes there, you still get quite a bit of airflow, but that's really gonna be your choke point. That's gonna minimize your airflow, and so, the airflow with this and the Baby Beast will really be close to the same using these exact same coil heads. This one's best at 45 to 60 watts, rated 30 to 70, and here is the 0.2, little sloppy with that one lead, but that's okay. And this one, you should have even a little bit more airflow, because there's three holes and I believe there's two coils stacked one on top of another. I'll vape them both when we go back up top. So to install one of these, you basically just screw your coil head on in. I wanna screw it in nice and tight. And there's a look at the rest of the tank, very, very simple. You can break it down really easily and clean, love the fact that they add extra glass, two extra glasses at that, that's really cool. And they also give you an extra insulator or whatever you wanna call that, right there.

Okay, so I'm putting one of these together. Once you have the coil head installed that you want, you're gonna wanna prime that wick up as good as you can. If you drop little bit down in the holes and it's a little gurgly the first couple of puffs, it's not a huge deal. I'll go on to the outside there and wet those up as well, and because we're gonna swap out between that one and this one, let's go ahead and just get this one ready and primed to. Wick slots are just a little bit different shape on this 0.15, but still more than ample as you can see. They get a little bit bigger at the bottom. So once you have that put together then you can screw your tank together, then you can go ahead and fill it up. We'll call that good. Then close this guy on up. It just locks right into place and it stays really nicely in there, this never really swings out or anything. So let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more.

Okay, so first off, here is the T6 Coil head. I have it at 75 watts now. Let's go ahead and vape that one. Yeah, flavor's quite nice. I have a high VG liquid in here. There's no problems. They break in really, really well. You get a cottony taste for like the first two puffs, then it goes away. Some other sub ohm tanks, you need to go through a whole tank to make that taste go away, but these ones break in really, really well. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and swap this out and put in the X4, and one thing I really wanna mention when doing this is to really wrench down on these coil heads. One of my cons is that a lot of times when you pull this thing apart from the base, the coil head sticks with the chimney and doesn't come out with the base. Thankfully, you don't have to fill it up that way, so it's not really a huge deal, but it seems to always happen, it stays on to that chimney and comes off of this. So just keep that in mind, especially if you're trying to swap it out or something when there's still some liquid in there.

These are rated 30 to 70, and so, I'm gonna turn it down just a little bit. You have less coils in there, so it doesn't need as much wattage. Well, we'll go 60. Yeah, those are nice too. You get a little bit less airflow on that one, because you just got those two holes, basically it's slightly more restricted, still enough airflow for me, for sure to get a nice comfortable lung hit. I think I almost like the two coils a little bit better, even though it might be, I don't know, about amp draw, because you're using less wattage on this one, even though it's a lower ohm, but it's just a little more restricted, and the flavor might be slightly better on the two hole one. All in all though, both these Coil Heads, I love them. They're great. The flavor on this is really, really nice. You're pretty close to your Coil Head on these. There's less space for the vapor to travel up before it hits your mouth, so the flavor is pretty damn intense on these, even with a really wide open draw. And this tank is really good. It's right up my alley. I think I might like this tank a little bit more than the main TFV8. To me though, I still get more than enough vapor off of this, and I think I might like the flavor a little bit better on this one.

Now, on the other tank I had, I did test out the RBA on that one. It works fine, it works great, works like any other RBA. Flavor is pretty good. It's got a good amount of airflow. It can get a little bit gurgly, if you don't pack those with cotton well enough, because there is no juice flow control. But all in all, I think it's a really nice thing that they added on to it, so folks can have a rebuildable section on it too. Especially if they run out of pre-built coil heads or something. As far as other cons with this tank, I guess, no juice flow control. It's not really needed with the pre-built coil heads, 'cause there's enough wick in there. I don't really have much leaking problems with it. It wicks really, really well with thicker liquids. It does go through juice pretty fast. That's to be expected on a tank like this, just like any others. But there's not a lot bad to say about this one. I know that this line has a lot of fans and for good reason, it's just a solid, solid tank. Even though this is called the Baby Beast, it's still for the guys that like a lot of vapor, wide open draws, and what have you. It's just a little bit mellower than the big TFV8. You might get a little bit less vapor, but I think the flavor might be a little bit better on this one than the full-sized TFV8.

I might do a versus video, with the full-sized TFV8 up against the Horizon Tech V12, 'cause they're both really, really good, wide open, cloud chasing type tanks that I think they deserve a head-to-head battle between the two. But with this one, the Baby Beast, I don't have a lot of issues with it. Flavor's good, love the fill method. Fill method is super-duper simple. Haven't had any problems with this guy just falling out or anything like that. It's nice that they have a 510 drip tip extension, if you don't wanna use this tip here, although I don't mind it at all. Air flow is great. They wick nice. The coil heads last a decent amount of time. They're about average, to be expected with a high wattage coil head. If this is all you're using, you might wanna swap out to a new one every week or so, maybe five days and that should keep you going. If you don't mind wider tanks, 24, 24.5 millimeter tanks, I would definitely suggest the Big Baby Beast over just the Baby Beast. It holds a lot more liquid, especially with the tank like this that goes through liquid fast. And I like this option. It looks great on most newer mods that have come out. I have it here on the Asmodus Minikin V2, I think it's what it is.

And now, I'm just looking through VaporDNA here. You can also get this tank in a kit with the Alien 220W TC for 70 bucks or with the G-Priv 220W for 90 bucks. This tank itself is $30. That's the one that I have. You can get it in stainless or black. The Baby Beast is $25 and a pack of five coil heads are 15 bucks. Looks like VaporDNA right now just has the 0.15 ohm, V8 Baby X4 or the 0.4 ohm, Cube 2 that came with, I think, the normal Baby Beast. So you could pick either of those. So all in all, it's a solid tank. Totally understand why the TFV8 series has done so well this year. I get it. I think it works well and I understand why a lot of people use these daily. It's one that I'm gonna continue to use. So I'll put a link in the description for where you can pick all this stuff up. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and don't forget to check out our new channel, Matt and V. We upload over there Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That about wraps it up guys. Until next time, thanks for watching Suck My Mod.