TFV12 Baby Prince

TFV12 Baby Prince

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The TFV12 Baby Prince showcases the brand's new mesh coils that are an upgrade from the regular kind coils that you might be used to, as they are constructed with a thin sheet of very high grade stainless steel. This is perforated so that the E Liquid can flow easier to the wick and help it to create a faster heat time which leads to thicker, denser close and lots of mouthwatering flavor as well. The E Liquid capacity of the tank is 2 ml but it uses a nice top filling system that makes adding more e juice easier than ever before. the TFV12 Baby Prince tank comes with two coils of different ohm levels and both of them are able to really upgrade your next vape. In order to get the best results possible, it's recommended that you use this device with a battery or mod that can output at least 60 watts of power.

TFV12 Baby Prince SMOK
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TFV12 Baby Prince by SMOK! | Dewberry Fruit from Kilo Premium!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Video Transcript: TFV12 Baby Prince by SMOK! | Dewberry Fruit from Kilo Premium! by IndoorSmokers