Aspire K3 Tank

Aspire K3 Tank

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The Aspire K3 Tank is a luxurious mouth-to-lung tank that is available at an amazingly low price. It uses Aspire’s famous Nautilus BVC coils for longer atomizer life and fuller flavours. With a mouth to lung style of vaping but a Sub Ohm tank design and wider airflow, the Aspire K3 tank allows a better draw for fuller flavour and vapour production. Its acid resistant Pyrex glass tank and a replaceable 510 drip-tip with a simple bottom-fill mechanism gives you easy access to the tank for adding e-liquid. The K3 Glassomizer turns any 18mm diameter battery into a 5 star vape!

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Aspire K3 Tank
Credit to: DFW Vapor
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Aspire Aspire K3 Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire K3 Tank by DFW Vapor

Hi, everyone. My name is Alicia from DFW Vapor, and today, we're gonna go over the new K3 Aspire tank. There it is, you guys. And the good thing about this tank is it's gonna be similar to the Nautilus. It's gonna take the same Nautilus coils, but it's going to be a lot cheaper in price when it comes to a cost of a Nautilus to this tank, so it's a good little upgrade from those disposables that everyone's using there. But it's gonna be a 2mL tank, and it's going to have a 1.8 Nautilus coil in there for you. And I'll show you that Nautilus coil just here.

And then, the e-tank part itself with the little drip tip in there. But we'll go ahead and show you how to prime it. With this, you're gonna make sure that you tilt the tank over, so it doesn't go straight down that middle stem, 'cause it'll go straight out and then just make a mess everywhere. So you're gonna go ahead and just tilt it over and then pour it kinda like you're pouring a beer. And then you're going to fill up to that little ridge right there, that little black ridge. Now you can just set that guy down, 'cause you're gonna need to prime your atomiser with five to six drops straight to the top, and then there's also little wicks on the side that you can get to.

So you just do one, two, three, four, five, six, and then just those little dots on the side. One, two, three, four, five. Alright. And then you're just gonna put that base back into that tank part, screw it down, and then, once you get it back on your battery, you're just gonna do five to six dry pulls, and then this guy will be ready for you. Alright. Well, that's all to learn about the K3 tank. You guys, go to our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and our Instagram page and give us some love. Thank you, guys. Have a great day.