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Featuring a new design, the Aspire Cleito Tank from Aspire e-cigs is revolutionary but affordable with equal measure. It allows for an unrestricted airflow, which provides an awesome flavour profile and some large fluffy clouds. The unique airflow system of Aspire Cleito means that the chimney section of the tank is replaced with the actual coil itself, leading to improved flavor production. Aspire Cleito features a 2ml capacity, is top filling and includes a heat-resistant delrin drip tip to be used with higher wattages/temperatures. The two coil options include a 0.4 ohm coil and a spare 0.2 ohm coil.

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Aspire Cleito Review
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Aspire Aspire Cleito reviews

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Video Transcript: Aspire Cleito Review by Suck My Mod

What's up, guys? I am Matt, back with another video. Now, today, we are gonna check out the newest tank from Aspire. Without further ado, let's have a look at the Cleito.

Alright, this is the Cleito made by Aspire. It's spelled C-L-E-I-T-O. When I looked it up, they said to pronounce it Cleito on a website. So I'm gonna go with that. I believe it's like a Greek mythology or maybe astrology type of name. So this is a sub ohm tank, top fill. The coil head basically is the whole chimney. There's no other chimney piece. You just have one long coil head. Your top cap screws into that, that that coil head screws into your base. You have glass and that's it. Kind of simple. Reminds me of like a new school type of a Carto tank or something like that. Now, I guess the idea and the principle behind it is they say that you get a smoother draw because it's all one piece. You don't have any choke points or anything like that, but we'll talk about that a little bit later. This comes with a 0.4 ohm and a 0.2 ohm coil. They're Clapton coils. The 0.4 ohm is rated 40-60. I think the 0.2 ohm is rated like 50-70 right now I have the 0.4 ohm 50 watts. Airflow is about two-thirds of the way closed. This thing has a lot of airflow. Let's go ahead and vape it.

Okay, so what we'll go ahead and do now is dive down on the table and take a closer look at it. Okay, so here is the box for the Aspire Cleito. Probably my favorite description I've ever seen on packaging, broad flavor, tempestuous airflow, vast vapor and incredibly simple and easy to use. I love the wording there. So it's kind of a cool long case, nice presentation, really, really like it. Now, when you pull this guy out, you do have quite a few different things that come with it. You get an extra coil head. There's a 0.2 ohm coil head and then it comes preinstalled with a 0.4 ohm. You got some extra glass right there, and then it also comes with this vape band, and then these things, which are to go over the top cap. I'll show you how that works here in a second.

Okay, so let's take a look at this tank. This is the black version. It does come in black or stainless steel. On the base there, you do have a gold plated 510 pen, it says Cleito. Here's the airflow. Airflow ring's really nice and easy to move, about the perfect amount of resistance. Now, on the top here, this isn't a standard 510 drip tip. This is a Delrin piece, and then this tip pops off and you can use 510 tips in the top of that right there, although your o ring will then be exposed. Not really a big deal with the black one, but with the stainless, obviously, you can see the o ring. I guess you could pull that off too, but 510 tips do fit in the top of that. I actually like this tip that it comes with quite a bit so it's not a bummer for me. But if you are someone that likes using your own drip tips, it's something to keep in mind.

Now, this is a top fill design, so you just pop off that top cap. That unscrews and then you would just fill down the side there. Everything comes apart really easily. Here's those coil heads right here. If you could see down inside there, really, really wide diameter coil, and then there's some wicking wrapped around it. And I think it's taller than a lot of other coils, which they can do that because of this design 'cause it's all one piece. So, obviously, no airflow restriction or anything going on in there. Besides that, pretty standard, same type of pen we've seen. They say that these have a Clapton style coil inside.

Just quick and dirty. We'll pull one of these out. Now, Clapton right there as you can see, really wide diameter. Obviously, I ruined this... That coil, but you could see it's a spaced Clapton coil, basically. There's some of that wicking. It is all cotton, really, really big juice feed. Surprisingly though, this has not leaked on me. It looks like it's a two-piece wicking system. You basically have an outer layer, and then an inner layer. Now, if you see down inside there, there's a hole, right, but that hole doesn't go all the way through. So there's basically two layers. You have wicking on the inside and then wicking between this outside layer and the inside layer and that is that right there.

So when using a new coil head, I would kinda just go around and get these wet, maybe kinda tilt the coil and drop a couple drips inside there. I don't wanna flood it, obviously. Then you just pop this glass right on. This holds 3.5 mls of juice. And then you just twist your top cap right on. Now, normally, when I fill this, I do close this airflow down before I pull the top cap off. So, it's something you can try, with or without. I feel like it has less chance of getting leaky.

And now, with these little pieces right here, what those are, is just kind of a design thing. They can go up over the top of this, I believe. Not really my thing but if it's yours, that's awesome. So that's what that will look like. Maybe if you wanted to mix and match, it comes with the black one, a red one, and orange and blue. So I think we are all set. I'm gonna set my airflow right there. Let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more.

Okay, so here is the black version. Airflow is wide open this time, bumped it up to 60 watts. Let's vape it. Lots and lots of airflow. The coil diameter is very, very large. I mean, it's 4.5 mls, maybe 5 mls, I don't know but it's just a very, very wide diameter coil. That's why you have a lot of airflow. Now, the whole idea behind this whole one piece coil to where it's just one chimney, there's no choke point or anything like that. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me because, really, in all these sub ohm tanks, the choke point is the coil. It's not the chimney. The coil is almost always your narrowest point of airflow. Okay, so that part doesn't really make a difference. The better that it's all one piece or not. It's just kind of a marketing thing, but the flavor is really, really nice on these, and I attribute that to the fact that you're really close to your coil. Okay.

The coils in this are a little bit taller than normal. They're Clapton coils, and the flavor is really nice on them. Obviously, they need a lot of wattage, which could be a good thing or a bad thing for you. I tend to like a little bit lower wattage tanks but I've definitely bonded with this one, partially because it's not very tall. It's about 40 millimeters tall from base to the top of this top cap here. So it looks nice, it's simple, and it's kind of this new trends that we've seen, which I obviously really like, where the tanks are just a little more simple looking, a little more classy looking.

Pros and cons, the drip tip situation. If you don't like this drip tip, you can use your own, but it might look kind of funky with the o ring there. So I don't know. You know, you might like that, you might not. I actually really like these drip tips, so it's not an issue for me. The top fill, obviously works really, really nice. It's simple. I haven't had leaking problems. If you like a lot of airflow, I mean, a lot of airflow, this might be a tank for you and be up your alley. It's got a ton of airflow. I do think it's really nice that Aspire kinda went for a simpler tank this time, you know. They went for a simpler look compared to like the Atlantis 2 or that other one that I can't remember the name of now. Triton, that's it. It's a nice little simple tank that vapes well, flavor is awesome, and has a ton of airflow.

Not a lot can go wrong with it, really. The flavor is definitely, definitely above average compared to a lot of other sub ohm tanks. So, it's golden there. As far as temperature control coils, I don't know if they're coming out with any or not. I haven't heard about, I haven't heard about that yet, but I'm figuring, if it becomes a popular tank, they probably will come out with different kinds of coil heads. Spitback, I haven't had any. Surprisingly, because it is a Clapton coil, you would think that you'd get a little bit of spitback, but honestly, I haven't had any spitback whatsoever on these.

If you've maybe been vaping for a while and you're ready to start, and you're ready to maybe try a sub ohm tank, you think you might like more airflow or whatever, this might be a good first one for you because it's pretty straightforward and simple. And it's made well and it's cheap, so I definitely can't fault it for that. Flavor, vape quality is right on par with some of the other sub ohm tanks that I really like, like that I named in my best of 2015 video. So I would definitely say that this is my favorite tank that Aspire has made in the last year. I like it more than the Atlantis V2. I like it more than the Triton. The coil heads work really, really well.

One other con I didn't mention is that because of this design, you can't swap out your coil head unless the tank is empty. So, say you wanna swap it out, but you have half a tank full of liquid left, you can't really do that because of this design 'cause the whole middle piece needs to come out. So, that's a con. The drip tip thing, like I said, could be a con for some people, but if you are a sub ohm tank fan, and you like the look of this thing, and you want something with just a giant amount of airflow, it would be worth considering. So I think that's it. These things go for, I think VaporDNA has it for $24.99. Link will be in the description. That about wraps it up, guys. Until next time. Thanks for watching Suck My Mod.