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Designed with improved flavour and vapour production, the Aspire Atlantis EVO Tank enables you to vape down to the last drop and guarantees peace of mind and utmost Sub-Ohm satisfaction. The top-filling of this tank allows you to vape on-the-go, whereas the 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm clapton kanthal coils are powered by four spacious cotton exposure holes to prevent chocking with higher VG e-liquids.To adhere with TPD regulations, the low-profile atomizer tank holds 2ml of e juice. Measuring 22mm in diameter, the Aspire Atlantis EVO measures 45mm from the end of the 510 screw-connector to the top of the drip-tip.

Aspire Atlantis EVO Aspire
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Aspire Atlantis EVO Extended Kit
Credit to: Vape Don't Smoke
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Aspire Aspire Atlantis EVO reviews

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Video Transcript: Aspire Atlantis EVO Extended Kit by Vape Don't Smoke

Hi, guys, welcome back to Vape Don't Smoke, it's Paul here. Today we're doing a review of the new Aspire Atlantis. Yes, we are checking out the Aspire Atlantis EVO.

Okay, guys, so let's dive down and check out the Aspire Atlantis EVO kit. And now guys, this does come in two different versions. You have the Atlantis EVO tank and then you can also get the extended kit version of the tank. And I'll show you the differences in a couple of minutes. In terms of price, the difference is only a couple of pounds. But anyway, I'll show you the differences in a few seconds.

So it comes in a little cardboard box, it's what it with Atlantis. On the back of Aspire... Sorry. On the back, we've got a little bit of a description about the tank. It tells you a lot about it. Pause it now if you wanna see that. And you can see there's not an awful lot else to show you on the packaging. It does open up kinda like a little book, and you get this little flap at the front. We got a little warranty card included in the kit as well. And then you can see there, it just shows you the tank being broke apart and also what each piece of the tank does. It also gives you a little discussion on the coils as well. A little bit strange on this one, guys. They've given you a 0.4 ohm and a 0.5 ohm coil. You know, there's not an awful lot of difference between the two. I was kinda wondering why they went down that road.

If you look at the specification of each coil, it tells you recommended voltages, etcetera. But the material wise, they both are Kanthal Clapton coils. So they're giving you two Clapton coils. One a 0.4, one a 0.5. Again, I'm not really sure that you'll even know there's a difference. It tells you down here on the 0.4, it's got larger airflow for greater vapour production and balanced flavour. And then in the 0.5, it produces a more dense vapour which highlights the flavour differently. Guys, we'll check out the coils. But you know I'm not 100% sure on that.

So let's open it up then. So we'll just get our finger in and just pull off the little slot... Flat there. And we'll just pull out the little spongy bit, there we go. And we'll move that to one side. So here is what comes in the box. Now, bear in mind, I got the extender kit. So guys, if you didn't get the extender kit, what you'll get is the tank, a spare glass section at the coil, and that's all. If you get the extender kit, you get a larger tank piece. And this little adaptor piece.

Now, I'll show you what they are now. Let me just get the tank. So there it is, the spare glass section, but it is also a larger piece. And here is the coil, spare coil, we'll look at both coils in a second. And we also get this little adaptor piece here, which we'll install in a second as well. Moving that out of the way. And here is our tank. Now guys, the easiest way to describe this tank is this as a Nautilus... An Aspire Nautilus X, with bottom airflow. And also, a wider airflow. I mean that is the easiest way to describe it. It is a Nautilus X, and everything that... It's the same shape, it's the same kind of function, but rather than having that tiny little airflow at the top, we do have much more airflow at the bottom. Now not as much airflow as the Cleito, but it is a lot more than the Nautilus X.

Now just to go from top to bottom then we do get that slightly rubber-ring as we did with the Cleito. And that's always so to prevent the heat getting to your little lipsies. And then, obviously, we do have the top piece. Now the top piece again, it's not a standard drip tip, it does kind of come off like this, it's like a little top hat piece, and that exposes that little rubber-ring at the top. So in terms of doing a drip tip test, guys, like here's a little drip tip... You can use your own drip tips like that. But obviously, you know and I don't really have to say much there, that way it's a little bit ridiculous.

But you are able to use your own drip tips if you wanted to, but of course, I bet if we put the little rubber cap back on, and then put the drip tip in... Does that look any better? Not really, to be honest. But in terms of your drip tips, they will fit but each to their own. So you can see that that just kinda pops on and off like so. We do have a top filling method where we can just unscrew the top piece, like so, and that is how you would fill the tank down the side.

Now in terms of cleaning the tank out, etcetera, you just... It does come completely apart. All you need to do is really just slide the glass piece off like that. And then you can give your tank a thorough clean. Moving down to the bottom of the tank, you can see that we do have the adjustable airflow going all the way round. And when you close off one of them, they all close off together. We've got the Aspire engraved logo on the side of the tank here. And nothing else on the back. The bottom of the tank, guys you can see we've got Atlantis EVO, and the bottom of the tank is 22mL in diameter. The tank in whole weighs 34g and a maximum height of 48.3mm.

Now guys, I can just simply remove the coil, just like so. And you can see that's got rather a deep well down there. Now, one of the things that they are highlighting about these particular coils is the wicking method. And what they're saying is is the wicking method comes all the way down to the bottom of the tank, which means that they're completely covered in e-liquid for the majority of the time, which they say does help with wicking higher VG juice. So if you can see when I screw this on, you can see that the wicking port is at the very bottom of the tank. Now we've seen in some tanks, it is a little bit higher. And then when your juice goes to a certain level... A certain level, it's not actually touching the wicking ports. So they have mastered that on this tank and you can see all the way around that the coil will continuously be soaked in that e-liquid, which is a very, very good thing. Let me just unscrew the coil now and we'll have a little look at that.

So you can see that the coils have got this orange ring going round them. The orange ring does highlight that this is a Clapton coil. The blue ring highlights nickel, etcetera, etcetera, but this is a Clapton coil from Aspire. And you can see writing on it... This is the 0.4 ohm, 40 to 50W. We can see we're getting plenty of airflow going through the bottom pin. And then you can see directly down it, you can maybe pick up some of that Clapton wire going inside. And we've also got that little mesh plate at the top to help prevent spitback. Now comparing it to this coil guys, this is the 0.5 ohm coil. We can see we do have the exact same shape of coil, the same design of coil, but the one thing that's different between the 0.5 ohm coil is the center piece. So if you look at the 0.4 and the 0.5, you can see that this center piece is a little bit more restricted which should give you a tighter draw. However, I'm sceptical of it because it doesn't seem that much of a difference. The 1.8 ohm coil is very, very tight and that does help, but that doesn't really, to me, seem much of a difference, but we will obviously check it out.

Now guys, these are the same coils that you can use in the Triton tank. I believe you can use it in the Triton 2 and a couple of the other Aspire tanks. The Atlantis Version 1, I believe, is the exact same as well. So guys, these are becoming the Aspire coils that they are releasing for all of their tanks. But just to highlight, while I'm saying it's very similar to the Nautilus X, these will not work on the Nautilus X. Okay, so we've got our tank in bits now. What are we gonna do with it? Well guys, there it is to highlight the difference in size of the two pieces of glass.

Now, you can see that my tank probably could do with a bit of a clean. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use the adaptor piece. So, what coil shall we vape on? Well, let's go for the 0.4 ohm on this occasion. So to use your adaptor piece guys, you just simply screw on your coil and then you take your adaptor piece here. Oh, sorry, turn it round the other way. And you can see in the adaptor piece there is kinda like an indented ring going round there and that just slides on like that. Tighten it down, like so, and then you can take your larger... Move all that out the way. You can take your larger piece of glass, pop that on like so, and then when you screw your top piece on, you have turned your tank from a 2mL tank to a 4mL tank. So that is why I would go with the extender piece.

Now guys, to be honest, there's about, from what I paid... I paid round about £10 for the tank and I think the normal sized tank is about £8, so for £2 of a difference I would highly recommend the extender piece. The simple fact is, if you don't wanna use it, don't use it. But it's better to have it and not use it than want to use it and not have it. So guys, I'm just gonna take it apart again just now 'cause what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna give the Clapton tank a little bit of a clean. I am gonna use the larger piece because we're gonna fill it up and I wanna use it all day. So, I'm gonna give these pieces a clean and then we'll come back and fill it up.

Okay guys, so we're at that stage now. I've given the tank a good clean. I've rebuilt it. I've also pre-wicked the coil just by putting a little bit of juice on it. For this review, I'm gonna use some of this Pink Lemonade from Be sure to check them out. And we'll just fill it up down the side. So guys, this holds 4mL of e-liquid with the extender piece on there. So that's a fantastic amount of juice. So we'll just fill it up as much as we can go, take our little top piece and just screw it on, like so. And we take some paper towel and give it a wipe 'cause we've put too much juice in it. I always make the same mistake, don't I? So there you go guys, that's the tank completely full. So we'll just pop our little drip tip on. We'll pop our little ring cap on to protect our lips. Get that on there. There we go. And you can see I'm gonna have the airflow completely open. And guys, there she is, the latest Atlantis tank from Aspire. It's the Atlantis EVO. And this is the extended sub-ohm version. Guys, let's jump up top and see how it vapes.

Okay guys, so that is a close-up look at the Aspire Atlantis EVO. Bear in mind, guys, I did buy the extended kit which gives me the extension piece. Obviously, if you do pick up the normal version, you will only get the 2mL tank. Now, guys, the price difference between the two is very, very low, so I would recommend that you pick up the bigger one. So first things first then, let's give it a vape and see how it goes. I've got it at 46W. I've got 0.4 ohm coil in there. Let's give it a blast.

Not too shabby, guys. Not too shabby. So how is it vaping, guys? Well I've got... You see, I'm getting really nice flavour, I'm getting great vapour production. And like I said in the close-ups, guys, I've got to say this is kind of like a cross between the Nautilus X and the Aspire Cleito. It's just kinda like a middle ground. And the Nautilus X is very much for the mouth to lung vaper. The Aspire Cleito is very much for the cloud-chaser. Well guys, this kinda sits in the middle. It's definitely, I wouldn't say it's for mouth to lung vaping, but if you are looking for a more of a settled vape, it's probably the option that I would suggest. It's got good airflow guys. It gives you good flavour. Now, I have had better flavour from different tanks, so the flavour's not the greatest I've ever had, but it is nice flavour. I've been vaping on this coil now for about three days and I'm still getting very, very nice flavour.

I think the tank looks okay. I got the silver one, although it does have the silver and black incorporated. It looks okay, guys. I mean with the little extender piece, I get 4ml, which is great. I do love the fact that it has that option. Obviously, TPD complaint is the 2ml version, so they're giving you the option to increase the size which is a nice thing. A really nice thing. The coils are really good. There are a variation of coils now, so you don't have... You can obviously get different coils to suit the type of vaping that you do. If you do wanna do mouth to lung vaping guys, there is a 1.8 ohm coil that has a really narrow chimney, and if you close the airflow up really, really low then you'd be able to get a nice comfortable mouth to lung. The only downside to that is, obviously, this drip tip is quite thick. And to do a mouth to lung vape with such a thick drip tip might be a bit of a tough thing to do. You could put your own drip tip on, then again you've got that kinda ugly look. So it's entirely your decision.

Guys, this tank is 22ml in diameter, and that is the type of tank that I prefer. So I think it fits on all your mods quite handy. I've got it on the Treebox Plus and it looks pretty good. I think the black and the silver looks really good with this type of mod, as well. In terms of the price, guys, this does retail round about the $19.99 mark for the extender piece.

In terms of the vape I get from it, I am very pleased with it. I do like the tank, I think it looks good, it vapes well, it gives good flavour and it is reasonably well priced for a stock-coiled tank.

In terms of cons guys, I haven't really came across very many but there is one in particular that really does annoy me, and it's that whistle noise. You've probably heard it now that I've had a few vapes. But it does have a bit of a whistle when you have a vape. Let me show you.

If you get past that whistle, there aren't really any other cons. You do get this little heat mat rubber-ring thingymajiggy. I've used a 4ml tank for a good week now and I haven't had to use the rubber-ring because it doesn't get warm. I think if you used the 2ml version, you will find it will heat up a little bit, but which is why they give you that.

Guys, all in all it's a big thumbs up for the Atlantis EVO. Guys, I hope this review has helped you make a decision. Please nip over to Facebook and join the Facebook group, it's called Vape Don't Smoke. We've got a great community over there and we would love you to join. You can also follow me on Twitter at vapedontsmoke82. Please subscribe for future reviews guys. But whatever you do today, please take care and vape don't smoke.