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The upgraded version of the legendary original Nautilus, the Nautilus X tank from Aspire has a leak-resistant design, comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance and is designed to produce outstanding flavour from your e-liquid. The compact tank has been a mainstay for many vapers for years due to its reliability. The Nautilus X features an improved Utech airflow technology where airflow is directed around the coils before reaching your mouth, thus maximising the flavour. We recommend letting your tank stand for five minutes and adding a few drops of e-liquid to the air-holes and the mesh before usage. The Nautilus X tank has now been replaced by the Aspire XS Tank.

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Aspire Nautilus X Review
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Aspire Aspire Nautilus X reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Nautilus X Review by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, I have a new tank to show you guys. And this tank right here, yes, this one, was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Aspire. It is the new Nautilus X, there we go, Nautilus X mouth-to-lung Tank. So, a lot of people are gonna say, Mike, what's a mouth-to-lung mean? Well, mouth-to-lung is basically the way we used to smoke cigarettes, well, the majority of us. I was one of them, where you take a puff without inhaling it, then you inhale, and you let it out. That's the way we used to smoke cigarettes. That's what this does, it mimics mouth-to-lung smoking, to mouth-to-lung vaping. You understand what I'm saying? The other stuff where you guys see me throwing out massive clouds, for those that don't understand, I'm not doing a mouth-to-lung, I'm doing direct where I'm just like... The way I breathe it in, that's the way I'm bringing the vapor all in straight into my lungs, I don't stop it, and then bring it down. Alright. That's what the difference is between the two.

So, this tank here is mouth-to-lung. So, Aspire has updated their Nautilus. Basically, with this kit, you get the tank, the small little tank, I have it on my little Vaporshark DNA 40, fits two mls of liquid, it's top fill, and the airflow is a top airflow on this tank. The coils on here are 1.5 ohm coils, it's a special coil, the way they designed this coil, 1.5 ohm coils, and 14 to 22 watts I think it is, that's what the wattage range is, 14 to 22 watts. Right now, I'm rocking it at 19 watts. Very nice. Nice little tank right here. Let's do this. Let's dive down. We'll do a quick dive down. I'll show you guys the tank, how to fill it. I'll talk a little about the coil when we come back. Alright. So, let's dive down.

Here's the packaging the Nautilus X comes in. Basically a top fill, compact, leak-proof, U-tech, 2 mls, and top airflow, it says inside this package, as you could see there better. So we got the tank. Then inside the packaging, they give you a spare coil, and an extra glass. Alright. So there's the tank right there. There's your airflow right there, you see the opening right up there on top? As you could see, it's on both sides, and by taking this top ring, this is how you would adjust the airflow. See that? I just cut it down. Right now, the airflow's off. Whatever is on one side will be on the other. Drip tip, yeah, I know. Yeah, they did it again, Aspire put one of these stupid things on their tanks. But anyway, this is the way you would fill, right here is your top fill. Top fill, 2 mls of liquid, leak-proof. So what happens with this coil basically? I know I said I was gonna talk about it later, but I'm gonna talk about it now. Air goes through here, down in the coil, and comes up another chamber, it comes out of this hole, and passes in through. Crazy the way they set this up.

Well actually, what happens is, to be technically, is from here, this is where your top airflow, it brings the air in, goes down, and then comes up through here. That's how basically you get your vapor, comes right out of this. And it's set up, it cannot leak. It's set up for the regulations I guess for... In the EU, which is basically they state on here, that it's T... I don't know if you guys can see it, TPD compliant. And to pop off this glass, you just push this down, or you could just do a little twisting, and the glass does come off. There we go.

There's the glass, comes off, and your coil is basically... That's it. Get a better look at the coil, there we go, Nautilus X, 1.5 ohms, 14 to 22 watts. Alright. To change the coil, you just screw on your new coil, put the glass back on, put the top back on, that's it. Nice little easy tank. Here's the black version of it, the one I've been using. This one's all in black, and the stainless. Alright. Let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

Alright. And we're back. And that was the Nautilus X from Aspire. So, Mike, what are your thoughts on this tank? You know what, we'll start off with cons, and the only con really with this tank for me, has to be the drip tip. You can't use your own drip tip, but you know what, for this style of tank, you basically need to have something with a tight draw for a drip tip, it's not for you lung-hitting or nothing like that. So, I mean for what it's supposed to do, that I guess is fine, with this drip tip on here, but I mean it's not bad, at least it's not like a... What do you call it? It's not stainless steel or anything, it's a nice Delrin. It's not bad, but I have to state it as a con, 'cause I know a lot of people like to use their own drip tips.

Other than that, the airflow is nice on it, I like the top airflow. I love how that... This coil, that's innovation right there, what they did basically with the coil, air goes in from one side, goes down, and out the other side of the coil, almost like a chamber inside there for the air to pass through. I mean that's crazy the way they did that. And the flavor is beautiful on here. Vapor production is gonna be your usual mouth-to-lung vapor you're gonna get.

Let me get a hit of this shit. Hell, yeah. Not bad. It's a mouth-to-lung tank, and it works. The coil in here is reading at 1.64 ohms, that's what it's reading at. Let's bump it up a little bit, we'll throw it up to... We'll do 22 watts, they said this does 22 watts, so I'll put it at 22 watts, and I had the airflow halfway, I'm gonna open it all the way.

I could lung-hit it too, if I wanted. Not a bad tank, pretty good, but I would have lung-hit this. I think it's better with the watt, it's like around 19 watts, that's where I've been enjoying using it. Let me throw it back down to 19, 19 watts, little tighter draw, very nice. So, who sells this Mike? You know what? Everybody's gonna sell it. It's not available yet, but as soon as vendors that have it in stock, I'll put their links in the description below. I think Aspire has a pre-order going on. So I'll throw Aspire's link down below.

You guys could check it out, if you decide you wanna buy it direct from Aspire. But as soon as it comes out to US vendors, we'll have their links. And pretty cool what they do with this tank. Basically, they've made this tank to be compliant with the TPD compliant, I guess, which has to do with over in Europe, I guess with their laws going on and stuff. So they made something that's basically, they're calling this a leak-proof tech. It doesn't leak. But, do I recommend it? Yeah. You know what? I wish I had this back in the days. That's all I gotta say.

And it's messed up, because something like this does come out. For the rest of the world it might be fine in places where it's legal. But the way shit's going here in the United States, you think to yourself, Oh, this will be perfect tank right here to give somebody who just wants to get off cigarettes, and then you start thinking about the stupid FDA and all their bullshit, that's going on. And it's hard to get into the videos and stuff. But anyway, I'm talking about the FDA again. Yeah, I do recommend this tank, and yes, when it does come out, and you like to mouth to lung, and that's your style, and you wanna maybe hook a brother up that wants to quit smoking the stinkies, right here.

This is a nice tank, right here. I do recommend it. I highly recommend it. It's a very nice tank, flavor's nice. Vapor is not that bad for mouth to lung. It's a nice tank. And yeah, I think I'm done. All the links will be in the description below. I also have another link down there, which I'll bring up the FDA again. I have a link down there, if you guys wanna donate to save vaping, there's a link down below, alright? There's also a link to down there. Make sure you all sign up and basically support HR 2058. Alright, so, I'm done. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.