AL85 Mod

AL85 Mod

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Max Wattage:85W
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The SMOK AL85 mod is a smaller version of the 220W SMOK Alien mod, and the 85W power combined with the popular Baby Beast tank is a perfect pairing for intermediate vapers in search of a stealthy pocket rocket. This AL85 mod has a lot of slick features that were put together carefully and thoughtfully by the SMOK team. It has a super satisfying feel in the hand, and it quickly becomes apparent that a lot of consideration was put in when designing this mod to give the user the best and most enjoyable vaping experience possible. This innovative design isn't one you'll find in just any old mod.

SMOK AL85 Mod reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK AL85 Quick Glance! Its The Baby Alien Starter Kit! by RiP Trippers

Got another starter kit for you jokers. That's right, this is the AL85 by SMOK, and this has become my favorite starter kit by SMOK. It's like the Alien mod kit. It's smaller, more compact. Holds a single 18650 instead of dual. You get less wattage though, okay, 85 watts. But for me, I'm not vaping really anything over 85 watts. So, this is my cup of tea. Six to 85 watts. You've got TCR. You've got temperature, nickel, titanium, stainless steel. Like I said, it holds a single 18650, which you unscrew this knob right here, comes off. Then you've got your battery in there. You've got your sob-firing switch. You've got your USB port right here. On this side, SMOK, and then it says AL85 Carbon Fiber S. This side, it's pretty simple, okay? Simple mod. You've got your baby beast up top, which comes with this kit, holds 3 mLs of juice. I've already got a full view on this. I'll post a link down in the description.

This is super simple, super easy to carry around. If you're a mid-wattage type of vaper that wants just a single 18650 device. If you're looking for a device like that, that packs a little bitty punch, well then this AL85 kit may be for you. So, the SMOK AL85 kit comes in this packaging and inside, you get your AL85 mod in a baby beast tank. You get a pre-installed 0.4 ohm coil-head which uses organic cotton, and that fricking coil is a nice big old macro coil. It performs great, okay? And the 0.6 ohm, here's the 0.6 ohm, which is smaller, also uses organic cotton, but it vapes great as well.

You'll receive this USB cable for charging, and you'll also receive a baggy of extra o-rings and an extra gasket, a Keep On Vaping vape band, a battery informational card, a quality control card, and last but not least, a SMOK user manual. One thing I noticed, this does not come with is an extra glass tube, which is definitely a con. So, yeah, the Baby Beast is a 22 millimeter tank, and look at it, it sits nice. Not even close to having any overhang. But, what's great about this mod, this AL85 mod, is your 24-25 millimeter devices look great on there. Just to give you guys an example, here's the new Geek Vape illusion sub-ohm tank. That's right, Geek Vape has got their own sub-ohm tank coming out, and this is a 25 millimeter sub-ohm tank. And look, no overhang. Sits flush. But, yeah, just to show you here's the knob. And, then you unscrew that and then the battery comes out like so and it's a nice snug fit because you've got this little plastic liner in there.

Comes in different color options. It's got black and gold, black and red, silver, I believe silver and red, and then you've got black and charcoal, and there's some other colors probably coming out, but you've got color options. That's a good thing.

Guys, that's only at 35 watts. Let me put it to you like this. If I was stranded on an island, a desert island, okay, and I only had this sucker, I didn't have a dripper, I didn't have other sub-ohm tanks, I didn't have anything else to choose from, I would be thoroughly satisfied.

Everything about this is fantastic. Now, some of you guys may say, well the single 18650 battery thing, that's a con. That may be a con to you if you're gonna be vaping its full 85 watts all the time, then yeah. But for me, 35-65 watts max is what I vape at, especially on this mod and it's good. It's good on the battery life. Here's the G320 with the big old TFE12 next to this sucker. Look at that. Look at the size comparison. That just shows you how small this is. Hell, my hand swallows this sucker up. That's what's so great about it. Never get tired of it.

So, the site that I know of that's selling this thing right now, is selling it for $69.99. I'll post the link down in the description. Now, that leaves me to talk about the big question and the big answer today. Hey, RiP. If you lost this bad boy today, would you go out tomorrow and buy one? And, the answer is, yeah. The AL85, highly recommend it. Definitely go out and buy one. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this AL85 kit review by me. If you liked the video, then like the video down below. If you want to see more of myself, well then subscribe for more. This is RiP Trippers, and remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future. And the future is now.