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A must have e-cigarette with a classical finish, the Eleaf iStick Power features huge 5000mAh battery capacity and several output modes. It lets you access all your key vaping information on the clear OLED screen and change your output settings with responsive buttons. The Eleaf iPower also comes with an ultra-large battery capacity of 5000mAh, which can last you for a remarkably long time at any power-setting. Apart from apply the new firmware with Smart mode and custom logo, the Eleaf iPower is fashionable looking and is available with many attractive colors with a highly sophisticated temperature suite.

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Eleaf iPower 80w - 5000 mAh Battery
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Eleaf Eleaf iPower reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf iPower 80w - 5000 mAh Battery by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today I have a new device to show you guys. And this device right here was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Eleaf. It is the new Eleaf iPower 80-watt device. So, Eleaf has done it again. They've made a nice one here. So basically, what we have is an 80-watt device, has all the memory mode like TCR modes in here. There's nickel, titanium, stainless steel. Has a built-in 5000, yes, 5000 milliamp hour battery in here, ran in parallel. Alright. So, pretty nice what they did with this one. Small, compact, comes in five different colors, I saw there's grey, silver, brushed aluminum, bronze, and one more color. I'll tell you guys all the colors later, but this is the grey one right here, the grey with the black on there. Pretty sweet. Charge port is right there for it. It's firmware upgradeable. It's got all the bells and the whistles this one right here. So, yes, let's do this. Let's dive down. I'll show you guys the device. I'll even take it apart. I'll let you guys see the inside. I'll let you guys see the battery in there. Why not, right? We want to see what kind of battery is in this.

Yeah. We'll come back, vape it, and I'll give you guys all my thoughts on the iPower 80-watt from Eleaf. And here's the packaging, the iPower by Eleaf comes in. Okay. There is the other one, I couldn't remember, wood grain. White, wood grain, brushed silver, bronze, and grey. I have the grey. And inside the packaging, you'll get an iPower user manual, charging cable or for you to do all your upgrades. Alright. And the device fires down to 0.1 ohms, and in temperature control mode, it fires down to 0.05 ohms, so 0.1 for power and bypass. And here is the star of the show, the iPower. And top of it, I got the Lemo or Lemo Version 3, which I just recently reviewed. Alright. There's your 510 right there, looks a bit gold-plated 510. Stainless steel threading for the 510 here. As you could see, it sits nice and flush, everything sits beautiful on this. Nice, spring loaded sample. Battery venting, your charge port and for your upgrades. The case is an aluminum case, very light. Light, nice feel to it, small. We're going to do some size comparisons too. Alright. Here it is right next to the Plato by Aspire.

Here it is next to the Cool Fire IV. And here it is next to the Sigelei 213. Alright. And the charge port here is a 1 amp charger on here. 5000 milliamp hour battery in this device. No atomizer on it. You have your resistance, your battery indicator, and your wattage. It does go up to 80 watts. Alright. Pretty decent scrolling on it. Picks up speed. Very nice. I like the way this scrolls. Alright. You press the up and down button, you could lock the device. Alright. While the device is off, if you press the up and down button, it'll flip the screen. You press the up button and the fire button at the same time... TCRs. How do you get out of the... Five clicks off, 10 clicks, temperature of the board, and then 20 clicks it'll tell you the version that it is while it's off. We're not going to get into that. While your device is powered on, click it two times, and you could turn your logo on and off. I don't have any logos on there right now. Click the center button. You're in bypass mode. This is the new mode that they have called smart mode. Nickel, titanium, stainless steel, M1, M2, M3, and then back in power mode.

Alright, let's take her apart. Okay, I've removed the four screws; one, two, three, four. Took the bottom plate off, took the face cover off, which you see the face cover there on the bottom plate. And now I'm just gonna slide it out. There we go. And there's the battery. So if you do your calculations, 18.5 watt-hours at 3.7 volts, you'll figure out it's 5,000 milliamp hours. Alright, so there seems to be a LiPo pack in here. So it is a LiPo, riding parallel. Alright, we got her back assembled again, and the buttons seem to be like a plastic. They're not aluminum, they're plastic, but they're very nice. That clicky sound. Got a very nice sound. Pretty cool. Alright, peeps, let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it and I'll give you guys my thoughts. And we're back. And that was the Eleaf iPower 80-watt device with the 5,000 milliamp built-in battery. Now, let's start off with cons. First con on here is going to be a subjective con, because it could be cons for a lot of you people out there, that it's a built-in battery, okay. A lot of people will want to be able to swap out the batteries. With this one there's no swapping.

Now it's gonna be a pro to all those people that, basically, don't want to deal with swapping out batteries or whatever; they just wanna plug it in and leave it plugged in overnight to charge. Big pro for that. 5,000 milliamp hour battery. Great battery life. You will get through your whole day with this, no problem. I've had no issues with battery life on this. I've ran this a whole day, all by itself, and I got through the day, vaping this. This tank, actually, right here that you see, vaping it at 70 watts. And I had no issues, I went through my whole day with it. That was the test I did, of a one day of to see if I could do one tank with this device at 70 watts and see how long the battery lasted and I went through the day, no problem. Charge time. It's gonna take a little while to charge. Obviously it's a 5,000 milliamp hour battery. Only has a 1 amp charger on here, and it's a LiPo pack, in here, just like you guys saw in the up and close. Curiosity was killing me, I wanted to know, What did they put in here? I'm thinking, Is this two 18650s built-in or is it a LiPo? So I had to open her up and check her out. And it is a LiPo in there.

Cons; more cons, let's see now, cons. Okay, I mentioned the con about the battery. That might be a con to some. Another con is, when I go to lock the device and unlock it by pressing the up and down button, sometimes I'll lock it and then when I go to unlock it, it won't register and then it will register. It's very weird on that. That's the only issue I've had with this board, is locking the device by pressing the up and down button. Other than that, temperature on here works great. Upgradeable, awesome. All the color options, awesome. Size on this is awesome. Build quality, it's a nice device; very nice. And I think they've killed it with this one. This one here, in my opinion, they're gonna sell a lot of these. Because this is a device that not only gives you 80 watts, it gives you great battery life. It does everything. It's upgradeable. It's small and it's nice-looking. It's a nice-looking device; very nice by them. Very impressed with this one. It does have a logo mode, which is the new firmware that's on here. There's an upgrade right now. If you have the PIco, the PIco has... There's a new firmware for you to do, like that smart mode. I'm not sure too much about the smart mode. I think it has to do with certain resistance, setting different profiles, something like that. That's what I was reading up on it.

There's not much information on the smart mode. They need to explain it a little more, on what the smart mode is on here. So, they have that and they have the logo option. Now, to get the logos on here, I think it has to be plugged in and you're going to need the firmware from there. But I don't think they have the firmware up for this yet because this device hasn't even been released yet. So, soon you're going to be able to put even your own little logo on it. Well, I think it's gonna most likely be on the welcome screen, for this device. So, pretty cool what they did. That they have it down as a logo. That stuff is for fun. That's the way they categorize it on here. But other than that, nice screen, nice brightness, love the button. These buttons. And I'm pretty sure, when I took them off and I was trying to feel, they're plastic, but they just... It feels so nice. And inside the buttons there, it's got a rubber that hits, makes the connection to the board, and I think that's what gives it that nice feel. Very nice, what they did with this button. Pretty good. No rattling, nothing going on. Fires right away. Soon as I press that fire button, bam, power right to it.

70 watts on here, hitting it and it feels great. Nice device. I highly, highly, highly recommend this one. This one here is a must for whoever's looking for a device that basically does it all and has great battery life built-in, needs at least 80 watts, this is the device to have, right here. Good job by Eleaf on this one. I'm very impressed with this one. And to tell you guys the truth, I'm loving using this setup, this device here, very nice. So, who's selling it, Mike? I see that Everzon has a pre-order going on right now, $35.50. Killer price for this device, 35 bucks for this. I think it's a killer price for it. $35.50 from Everzon. And what I'm going to do also is as I find more links, people getting them in stock, I will add them down below. I'll add links in the description. So all you got to do is check it. So, if you're watching this, maybe three weeks from the day I filmed it, there might already be all the links on there. There might even be USA vendors selling it already and their links will be down below. So make sure you look in the description. I have plenty of links down there.

Alright. So, I have that link, I'll have Eleaf's link. If you guys want to check out Eleaf's website, I'll have their link down below. My links to my Facebook, Instagram, my Twitter, that'll all be down there. Advocacy, I have casaa.org, August8th.org, aemsa.org, the links are down below. Make sure you guys click on them. Click, give a donation. Right now is the time to donate. Make sure you contact your representatives. There's a link down below to find them too. Contact them. Tell them to support HR 2058. Tell them also that you vape and you vote. Alright, tell them vaping is not a tobacco product. Tell them your life story and keep on doing it. Alright. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.