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Welcome back to the channel guys, I am Matt, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Today, we're gonna take a look at the Proton kit from Innokin. Now, this is a mod that I've spent a lot of time with over about the last four weeks or so, so it's a little more of a longterm review. I'll also show you the unit that I've been using so you can see the wear and tear on it. But I'll just say, right off the bat, it's one of my favorite mods to come out this year and that's no surprise for a lot

Proton 235W Kit by Innokin - Mod of The Year??
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Video Transcript: Proton 235W Kit by Innokin - Mod of The Year?? by Suck My Mod

Welcome back to the channel guys, I am Matt, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Today, we're gonna take a look at the Proton kit from Innokin. Now, this is a mod that I've spent a lot of time with over about the last four weeks or so, so it's a little more of a longterm review. I'll also show you the unit that I've been using so you can see the wear and tear on it. But I'll just say, right off the bat, it's one of my favorite mods to come out this year and that's no surprise for a lot of you. I'm sure this has had a quite a bit of buzz about it. So we're gonna go ahead and unbox a new one here. This is the Rainbow version. Inside this little case right here, you're gonna have a vape band, micro USB charging, some extra O-rings for the tank, a cool little manual and then in here, you got all these warning and safety cards, authenticity cards, battery care guide, all that good stuff.

And then it says innovation inside you pull this up, you got another card, so much paper in this, your mod, your Scion 2 tank, a bubble glass for that Scion 2, an extra drip tip, and then an extra coil head. This is the plexus. Okay. With the Scion 2, you're looking at 24 millimeters in diameter about 49 millimeters from the base to the top of this tip. This isn't your standard like 810, that's just the friction fit. This is one of those that has a O-rings around it. We've seen other companies do this as well like the SMOK tips and stuff like that. So a lot of the friction fit 810s are not gonna fit in this. But the other tip it does come with is a straight Delrin. This one obviously has that cone shape airflow control.

Down here, it is clicky. To fill this, you push right there. And now, I've never reviewed the Scion 2 before I believe that it came out even before this mod, but also it came with different coil heads. I think that these are all gonna be interchangeable with the original Scion as well and there isn't even an RBA section out there. So it comes pre-installed with this 4-coil design. But the exciting thing about this one is this other coil that it comes with, and that is the Plexus coil. At first glance it kinda looks like mesh, it is Kanthal though and it's a little different from mesh if you can see in there, it's still got that honeycomb design, but it feels a little thicker if that makes sense, and it's just not your conventional mesh that we've seen in some of these other coil heads. This is 0.15, 60 to 110 watts and they're calling this bad boy The Plexus Coil. So let's go ahead and get the cotton soaked with the straight glass. It's a 3.5ml capacity. Got it all filled up, close it, good to go.

Okay, here's the mod. You're looking at 85 millimeters tall, about 43 millimeters wide this way. And at its thickest point about 30 millimeters, but as you can see, the 510 is over here off to the side, so really about 26 millimeters is gonna be the biggest you're gonna wanna put on this. Here is a Zeus Dual that's 25 at the base. Yeah, so 26 should be just fine if you were to use 30 on this you will have some overhang. It does have a spring loaded gold plated pin. It's a mixture of metal and plastic. It's not as durable feeling as obviously like the Aegis Legend or something like that, but it feels very, very well done. Now with the different colors, you basically have accents. Right? So this is rainbow but the whole body is not rainbow. You have some rainbow accents right there, rainbow accents right there. Then you have this cool little 3D pattern right there.

Side fire switch, it's got a little Proton logo, Proton up there, Innokin down here, it's got that same sort of Alien, SMOK Alien shape. Now on the bottom you do have some battery venting, to put your batteries in, you pull out, that guy pushes up, it's not spring loaded, it's got a little bit of play to it, but it's not bad. I've never had this open up on me on my other mod. Batteries do run in series. Not sure if you guys can see down in there, but you have a minus and a plus and then it is also marked up here, plus minus, so we'll go like that, and like that. No rattle or anything. Lets go ahead and put this tank on here now. Now to get this all started, you click three times, see a little Innokin logo, it'll ask you same wattage SS-316L Titanium NI200. Same as just, if it's the same coil that you had on this mod before, we'll just go down to wattage, press the fire button, and there we go.

So you do have this smoked piece of plastic over the top, the screen is plenty bright for me and most use cases outside, it's a little bit hard to see. In here with my video lights it might look dimmer than it really is. Up top there, you're gonna see Innokin, the two battery levels, your wattage, it'll time it when you fire. It says you're in wattage mode down there. 0.13 ohms says your voltage when you fire it. Now this just has a joystick. No other buttons, you got your joystick right here, your micro USB charging and upgrade port right down there. Three clicks on this joystick will get you into the menu.

So coil, basically is just your mode, so if you wanted to do wattage mode or temperature control mode, you would do it right here. So let's say, we wanna do stainless steel 316, it will calibrate it to try to make it as accurate as possible. And then now you see this screen. Now, if you want to adjust the number that's in here, whether you're in wattage mode or temperature mode, you're obviously gonna see your temperature when you're in temperature mode, just one click doesn't do it, so you hold up. It blinks.

And then you can scroll through. When you're in TC, mode, you can also adjust your wattage, so once that's blinking, you just press down, and then you can adjust watts. When you're in normal wattage mode, there's nothing else to adjust except for that wattage so it doesn't matter which way you hold the joystick. Once it's blinking you can go down, up, to the right, to the left, and this does scroll all the way up to 235 watts. It'll stop you there. Then round-robins to 6 watts. Let's go back into the menu. Here's a TCR function, you can adjust your TCR here and once you do that then you are in TCR mode. The curves feature is very, very cool. You have different slots for different curves you wanna do, you can only do it in wattage mode though.

So let's say we wanna fill in C1, see the little dot down there that's blue, click the power button and at that point you can adjust that, click the power button again, you can go over to the next one, sorry not power button, the joystick button. Click that once it's an arrow, you can just that when you're done, click the button again, go over, click the button again, and then you can adjust that one. And this is in half-second increments, all the way up to six seconds. So there's 12 different ones you can adjust. Bypass setting, wattage mode only, you can turn on bypass mode here, remember because it is running in series, it's gonna be like a series, bypass mode, so like seven point whatever volts.

And then here in settings you can have your vape cut off so if you only want to be able to vape for as long as 12 seconds, it'll cut it off. Screen dim time, 20 seconds, it'll start dimming it at 30 seconds, it'll time out, brightness, it's already at 100% and then back... You can switch between cells, see some Fahrenheit right there and here you can switch between the color of your screen basically just the wheel in the center is what will change. So let's see, we wanted to do pink with this. Now you see, you got the pink and there's some other accents of pink as well, then you got a puff counter. This says six puffs. It's a brand new device. You can reset it or go back and then your firmware, this is where you do a reset, update, all that stuff.

Now, if you just wanted to have it turned off so the fire button won't fire in your pocket or anything like that, it's just three clicks on the fire button here. And now it's off. If you were to click it again, it'll say click three times to power on. So there's no other really necessary lock features because remember this, you have to actually hold it down to adjust wattage as well. Very, very slick interface. I really, really like it. I think that they did an awesome job on this, it was very well thought out. It's basically got everything that you're gonna need. The only thing that is missing that I can see is a curves feature for temperature control mode. I'm not sure if they will end up implementing that or not. So if you wanna get an idea of what one looks like after it's been used hard for about a month, I dropped this so it's got a scrape right there, scrape right there. Not really paint problems, per se, but there are a few corners that have the paint that came off probably from my drop. Let me zoom in here. Yeah, a little bit right there. The finish has held up well, besides that when I dropped it, the door is still good.

There's what the 510 will look like. So if you can see that, you're gonna get a little bit of... You're gonna get some rub marks when you are screwing on and off atties. But not too bad for some hard use. This has been in my pocket quite a few times and I've taken it out with me a lot as well. The joystick has held up really well actually. So I think that's it for the up close guys. Let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more.

Okay, here I have the Proton, I have the Scion 2 up top with the plexus coil head, airflow's wide open. 80 watts, it's reading 0.13. Let's go ahead and vape it.

Quick little mini review of the Scion tank, the plexus coil really makes it, I mean, it puts it up there with a lot of the other mesh tanks, like I said, you know the material looks a little different than your normal standard mesh, it looks like the... You know, there's bigger holes in between each the honeycomb shape and the material looks a little ticker, but it still comes out to that 0.15 that most of them are going for. This one's reading 0.13. It does seem like it has more airflow than a lot of the other mesh tanks do, but is it the best? I don't know, I still think I like the Falcon the best, but this is up there with them and these coil heads do last a really, really long time. You're gonna get a few weeks out of these, depending on what juice you use obviously and wattage you use it at. I really found the sweet spot for it to be around 80 to 85 watts. So it's a good tank. Flavor is really, really good. It's not just to throw away when you get the mod, it's worth trying out, even if you're not crazy about sub-ohm tanks. But the mod here is really the star of the show, so why do I like it so much? Why is it up there for me?

It's that interface, it's just easy, it's well thought out. Innokin does not put out a ton of products. They don't put out a new mod every two weeks or anything like that. And you could tell that they really thought out this board, but let's go into pros and cons, more before I gush about it anymore. What are my cons? I think that there should probably be a curves feature for TC mode as well. Also when you go into some of those settings there's no back button to get you to just the last spot, you have to press the fire button here and go back to the main screen. There's a few of those settings that are like that, and some others aren't, it's kinda odd. And another con for me, is that I think they could have made the screen just a little bit brighter. In normal use, this is fine for me, okay, but if you're out in super sunny weather you might have a hard time seeing it. For some reason on my black one, it almost looks a hair brighter to me. I don't know if you guys could pick that up, but just to my eye, it looks a hair brighter. I don't know if maybe the screen underneath the plastic here is a little bit closer or something, but I think they could have made the screen a little bit brighter. That's another con.

All of them are, are very, very minor for me though. I love this mod. It's in my top mods so far for the year. This one really, like the Aegis Legend, like I've said in past videos, I think that this one has better battery life than the Aegis Legend does though, but if you're a person that just wants one mod, one tank, you want a kit, you use it till it goes out.

I don't think that there's a lot out there in this price range, that really beats it. You can get the whole kit. Well, this has the Pharaoh mini on it right now, but you can get this whole kit for around 65 bucks. So what are my pros with it? It's really that user interface, it's the curve feature, it's just all very, very well thought out. I thought when I first saw a picture of this, I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it 'cause there's no physical buttons you just have the joystick but everything is just intuitive. When I first got this, I didn't even look at the manual or anything like that.

I fired the button I thought, Uh, how do I get into the menu? And then I realized that you can click this joystick I clicked it three times, you're there, it's all just very, very easy to get yourself through all the modes and it's... You're not diving into sub menus a bunch or anything like that. And it's just, it's well thought out, This is what happens when they take some time with a board. And really think out human behavior and what it's like to work through something like this. Now I haven't spent a ton of time with the new DNAs yet I do have a mod that has it in there so I'm not saying that this is the best board in the world or anything like that, but it's one of my favorites that I've come across. Because this has a lot of plastic on it, would be nice if maybe they came out with a durable version, like a tough version or something like that, that maybe competes with something like the Aegis Legend. But for my use case, I feel like it's more than durable enough for how I am. I don't work construction, I'm not out constantly dropping my mods, but I did drop this one once it's scuffed it up a little bit and it still works fine.

So all in all, I don't think in that $65 range, there's much else out there that beats this. It depends also what you wanna use on top obviously, 30 millimeter atomizers, stuff like that are gonna hang over but they did a fantastic job on the mod. Curve feature is super well implemented. I like that you can do it in half-second increments, super easy to get into the different modes. It's very precise, the wording on it is very precise, it gives you some warnings as you're going throughout if you wanna use it in bypass and stuff like that. It's just one of my favorite interfaces that I've seen in a mod so far. So like I said, you can get this for around 65 bucks. I don't know if they're gonna be selling the the mod separately from the tank yet or not, but right now the whole kit $60 to $70 range, is it worth it? Hell yes. Especially if you factor in the fact that this tank's probably 25 to 30 bucks, that makes the mod what 30, 40 bucks?

So for that price, I don't think you can beat it. This beats most other mods out there for me. So I think that's it for this one, guys it's a mod that I'm definitely gonna continue to use and right now it's probably my favorite that I've tried so far this year. Alright, don't forget to check out our other channel Matt and V, that about wraps it up until next time thanks for watching, Suck My Mod.