Aspire NX30

Aspire NX30

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Max Wattage:30W
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The perfect stealth mod is ideal for on-the-go vaping during the daily commute or unwinding at home. In conjunction with the low profile Nautilus X tank, the compact NX30 mod allows you to vape just about anywhere. The Aspire NX30 mod boasts of a gamut of features, giving you plenty of reasons to get hooked on to tis powerful performance. It fires up to 30 watts, which is a lot more than what is needed for MTL vaping. The Aspire NX30 is flawlessly suitable for a convenient vape whilst travelling.

Aspire Aspire NX30 reviews

Video Transcript: Vape Review: Aspire NX30 Rover Kit Review. Vape Device by Simon Royal

Hi and welcome to another video review. Today, I'm gonna be taking a look at my new piece of vape kit. This is the Aspire NX or X30 and this is the Rover kit. The difference between that and the normal kit, is that you don't get no tank on top of the normal one. This is a complete kit, all you've got to do is buy some liquid to go in it. I've finally upgraded from my basic little eGo stick, or eGo pen, and I was looking for something a bit more powerful, but I wasn't looking for a great big sub-ohm box with masses of cloud. I wanted something in-between. So, had a look around, there's lots of kits around, they do all sorts of things. Some were better than the eGo, some were worse, some were just not what I was looking for. So I picked up this. It is the... As I said it's the Aspire X30 or NX30. I'm not gonna do an un-boxing. You get in the box, you get your mod box, you get your tank, a spare tank ring, a USB charger and some instructions. And it's a cute little tiny little box with your new nicotine warning on it.

So here it is. As you can see it is very very small. It's a very tiny, very discrete little box. On the top of it, you have your tank, which it comes with. The Rover kit comes with a tank, it's a Nautilus X box or tank and it has a one... This one's got a 1.8 ohm coil in and all you do is you just screw on the top. To fill it you undo the top piece here, and pour your liquid in and you also pull your coil out of the top of that. As you can see, I've got some liquid in it. I'm been vaping it all afternoon.

It's a very simple little box. It does have a nice LED display. One, two, three, four, five. Five clicks turns it on and on the display you have a battery indicator and a wattage, which is variable, so you can turn... You can turn that up or down. The mouth of the tank is, like I said, it's a Nautilus X so it's got variable air flow on the top there. You just twist the top, there's a small hole... I don't know if you can see this. Small hole just about... Just about there, and you can twist this to change the air flow.

What do I think of it? Well, it's a big step up from the eGo that I've had. It's not a massively expensive vape producing kit; it's somewhere in-between. It's a great starter kit. I've been thoroughly, thoroughly amazed by it today. So let's see it working. So it's on. So this is your fire button, the airflow is set to about half way, so it gives you a nice... A nice tight draw and it's variable, so you can have a nice easy flow if you're after it or you can have a nice tight draw, which is similar to smoking a cigarette. These are great devices for switching from cigarettes or analogue cigarettes, if that's what you would call them, to vaping.

I liked my eGo, but it just didn't give the same experience, wasn't very good in the battery department. This has a 2000 milliamp built-in, rechargeable via micro USB, battery. The eGo had about 600 or 900 milliamp battery. Not much power behind it. And I was looking for something a bit better, so I looked at this. So let's stop talking and start vaping.

Not a massive cloud. A bigger cloud than... Bigger cloud than an eGo.

Nice mid-temperature vape. It does produce a slightly warm vape, but then you get that from a cigarette really, so it's quite a nice feel. I've got an 18 milligram nicotine in this, so it's very, very strong, massive hit in the back of the throat. I may tone that down a little bit, but flavor-wise this is... It's a WizMix Jubbly Bubbly, so it's sort of bubblegum flavoured and...

Absolutely amazing for flavor. It is the mouth to lung device.

You could change the top, you could use it as a direct to lung but it really is more aimed at mouth to lung devices. The difference between a mouth to lung is what smokers do, they...

So you put it in your mouth and then you inhale it into your lung. So, it's mouth to lung, whereas direct to lung is pretty much... I'm not gonna do it 'cause I'm not a direct to lung smoker or vaper. But you just... And take it straight into your lungs.

Fantastic tiny little box, excellent smoking experience. So, it's great for if you're wanting to give up cigarettes, and you've tried some other things, which just aren't quite... Just don't give you that same experience. You get the same drag that you get from a cigarette. The air flow is adjustable, so you can change that, make it tighter or looser. And, yeah, you just get... And the hit that you get from it, is insane. I've got an 18 milligram in here, I used to vape 16 in my eGo, didn't get much of a... I got a hit but that 16 is quite high really. But the first couple of puffs on this with an 18 in it was insane, I... Massive head rush and you just get that real smoking buzz that you get, the tingliness that you get when you... Like when you haven't had a cigarette for a while.

It's a fantastic little box. It really is quite tiny. I wasn't after a massive... A massive box or even a sub-ohm box. This has got a replaceable tank on the top, so you could change it for a different tank and use it as a sub-ohm device or change the coil and possibly use it as a sub-ohm device. This is, like I said, this has got a 1.8... Let's have a look. It's got a 1.8 amp Utech coil. It's fantastic. Coils are easily replaced you just take the top off, pull the coil out. They're quite cheap so about £3 to £4 a piece. Should last you anywhere between a week and a month, I would say, depending on how much you use, and really is just a superb little tiny device. As you can see it's a...

The tank... Well, the tank's probably half the size of the device. I think it's a 22 mil tank on that, and it's sleek, it's tiny, you've got everything you need on the device itself.

Five clicks to turn it off. If you try and vape when it's off, it will tell you that it's not on. Really is just superb. You've got your circulation holes in the bottom so it's got quite... It's a really, really sleek, tiny portable device, that despite its size offers some serious kick.

So if you're after a good mouth to lung device with some very top-notch gear, you can't really go wrong with a Nautilus tank, then this is good for you. You can change the tank, if you want. If you preferred something else with a different mouthpiece or a different style of tank or a different coil set in there. But for me, this is absolutely perfect.

These are around about £45 and that's a complete kit. You get your tank on top of that. You can buy them for slightly less but you'd have to have your own tank, which if you've got your own tank I suppose it's quite easy. But I was after a complete pick-up and go kit. Buy this, get some e-juice or e-liquid and put it in. It's fairly easy to do, you just take the top off, pour down the side. If it's a new coil you're supposed to prime it slightly, so you put a few drops on the coil. You can see there, the coil is coming through there, you just put a few drops on it.

Absolutely superb beginners device.

And even perfect for the pros that are after something that isn't quite basic, but is quite small and compact. Absolutely fantastic. I got mine from Ecigwizard. If you're ever in need of any advice they are very, very, very fantastic people. I'm not hugely up on the whole vaping scene. So I had a few questions to ask. Not a problem. Very, very helpful, very friendly. There's quite a few Ecigwizard stores around so I highly recommend them.

So that is the Aspire. It says the NX30 on the device, but it's X30 on the packet. So, I don't know, everywhere I've seen them advertised it says NX30. Fantastic device.

Excellent for just any kind of vaper really. Make sure you buy genuine. You can always tell if it's genuine, it has an Aspire scratch card kind of thing. You scratch it off, it's got a number underneath it, and you can always check that with Aspire, themselves.

So, that's my honest review. I've been using it for about six hours and it's by far an absolutely fantastic little piece of kit. Very, very good value for money. Enjoy.