SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK

SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK

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The SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK is the prized possession of the G-Priv line and has been created to offer up a bunch of incredible upgrades over its last model. Within seconds you will notice that the SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK has a beautiful cover with a cobra pattern design and a resin scaled cover for the battery that matches perfectly with the TV12 Prince sub ohm tank, SMOK's flagship tank. This device is capable of ramping up to 230 watts of power and also comes with a temperature control suite that showcases an adjustable TCT and preheat ability. The touchscreen is shock resistant and made from the highest strength of glass, so you know you will be in good hands should this device suffer a drop. If you are ready to vape at the next level, look no further than the SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK and see what all the fuss is about.

SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK SMOK
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SMOK G Priv 2 230W Luxe Edition and TFV12 Prince Vape Kit Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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SMOK SMOK G Priv 2 Luxe Edition UK reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK G Priv 2 230W Luxe Edition and TFV12 Prince Vape Kit Review by Zophie Vapes

Today for review, SMOK's G Priv 2 Luxe Edition. So before I go on with my review, I wanted to let you guys know that I'm attending another vape convention, not sure how many of those I'm gonna be going to this year, but for sure, for suresies, I'm gonna be going to Connecticut, National Vape Expo in... I'm gonna butcher the name. Mashantucket, Connecticut at Foxwoods Casino. Yeah. Come, come chill with me. Come hang out with me. I will be there, walking around. I'm not at a booth. I'm probably just gonna be walking around. You can come and approach me. I'm very approachable. Come on, come on up or down, or wherever you're coming from, just come. I have the links for that down below in the video's description and it's on my Facebook page and Instagram as well.

Alright, so, on with the G Priv 2 Luxe Edition. So. Aside from the paint job, are there really any differences between the G Priv 2 and the G Priv 2 Luxe Edition? Sure, somewhat. The G Priv 2, I believe this one came with the X Baby Tank, and the G Priv 2 Luxe Edition comes with the TFV12 Prince. And the Prince has that really pretty cobra drip tip, the battery door is a little bit fancy pantsir looking on the Luxe Edition. Luxe Edition comes with this mirror finish, fingerprint magnet paint, and that's it. Those are all the differences. The interface is exactly identical, but I wanna show you guys this thing up close. Anyways, I'm gonna go through all the different functions on the mod. And then when I come back, I'm gonna talk about the giveaway.

Alrighty, so here's the Luxe Edition G Priv 2 Kit. On the back of the box, it tells you some information about this kit, what's included inside. And on the side over here is the scratch or authenticity code. Inside of the box is this little battery safety card, make sure your battery is in perfect condition, including the skin on it. If it looks like any of these, don't use it. This little card right here, shows you how to verify the product's authenticity, and on the back of that, it's a warranty card, and there is this user manual, and I do like when they put pictures. If you wanna pause the video, here are the specifications for the mod and the tank. There's a USB cable for charging and firmware updates, an extra glass too for the tank.

So in this little baggy, there's extra seals, and an additional coil. And here's the tank that comes with this, the TFV12 Prince, with this bubble glass, it holds eight milliliters of e-liquid. My favorite thing about these tanks is the tip. I absolutely love these, they call it cobra drip tips, and it is removable, but when it's new, it's a little bit tough to get this thing out. So this is an 810 drip tip, but it's not Goon style. To fill this with e-liquid, you gotta swivel it out this way, but first, push this little button over here, swivel it out, and then pour your liquid into that hole right there. So on the bottom, there's adjustable airflow, just turn it like so, and it is on a stopper.

To get this tank apart or to access the coil, twist off the base, the glass pops out like this, and then the coil just twists out like so. In total, there's two coils, the one that was installed is a 0.4 ohm coil that can be vaped between 40 and 100 watts, but they're saying it's best between 60 and 80. And the second coil is 0.12 ohm coil that can be vaped between 60 and 120 watts, but they're saying it's best between 80 and 110. And finally, here is the G Priv 2 Luxe Edition. So it's got this really pretty mirror-like paint or chrome, and on the back, the battery panel, kinda looks like the drip tip. This goes up to 230 watts, it also does temperature control, and this is the battery door, it is on four magnets.

The mod holds two 18650 batteries which are not included. On the bottom, you'll see some battery ventilation, and the USB port for charging and firmware updates. At the very top, is a 510 spring-loaded connection. This little button right here, is a screen lock button, and this is the fire button. And they also include this protective silicone cover for the mod. Here's the one that I've been using except for the tank. This came from a Stick Prince Kit because the tank that came with the mod, I cannot for the life of me, get this apart.

And if I can't get it apart to clean it, I'm not gonna use it. So here's the front of it, and this is the screen, and it is touchscreen. When this is brand new, you're gonna wanna take that protective film off. Here's all of my G Privs. This first one right here, this is the G Priv, the original one. And here's the two G Priv 2s side by side, regular version and Luxe Edition. And it does appear that the only thing they really changed is the look of the mod because when you turn them on, five clicks...

They pretty much look the same. So you got a touchscreen mods, so if you hold this, it'll go down in wattage, and the other side, it'll go up, and if you hold it down, it'll do this a lot quicker. Little button on the side, makes the screen go dark, and it also locks it, so you can't change any of your settings, but you can still fire the mod. One, two, three, locks the fire button, so now, if I try to fire it, nothing will happen. One, two, three, unlocks it. So now you can see a little lock symbol has appeared, I can leave the screen on, and I won't be able to change any of my settings or go into the menu. To get rid of that, just hold down this little button right here, don't click it, just hold it down for a little bit until that goes away, and now, I can adjust my settings again. So on the screen, you can see a battery life indicator for each battery. Right now, I am in wattage mode, normal vape strength. This up here, is a puff timer. And I do like that you can see it after you stop vaping.

Down here, is a puff counter, amps, voltage, you can see when I'm vaping, and same with amps. And down here, is resistance. So let's go into the menu. The first one, this is wattage mode, so right now it is showing I am in wattage mode, VW is wattage mode. Preheat, this is vape strength, you can adjust it to soft, hard, normal, or max. And you do this just by touching them. There's also temperature control, so right now, it's showing that temperature control is off. If I click on this, now, I'm in temperature control, so there's nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. So I'm gonna go into stainless steel. Right here where it says preheat, if I click on that, I can adjust my wattage in temperature control mode, and this does go all the way to 230 watts. And on the very bottom, TCR, you can adjust the temperature coefficient of resistance. So now, in temperature control, the screen will look like this. Next one is screen, you can change some of the screen color on here. I'm gonna go with red.

And screen time, this is how long it'll take before it goes into standby mode, so if I click on that... I do have it on 60 seconds, but it does go all the way up to 240 seconds, and as little as 15 seconds. So this is how long it'll take before the screen goes dark. Now that I've changed the color, my menu looks like this. The very last one in here, puff counter, I'm still not really sure why they have this on here, but you can set a maximum amount of puffs all the way up to 9,999, and zero is infinite which is what I keep it on. Down here, it says puff clear, this will clear out your puff counter. So that's pretty much it. If you wanna turn off the mod, one, two, three, four, five, brings you to this screen, you can leave it on, or turn it off. So yeah, it does appear that both G Priv 2s are exactly the same, same interface, yup. Everything appears to be identical.

So I am back. And as promised, I'm gonna talk about the giveaway. So this silver one that you saw in the up close part of this video. I'm gonna be giving away on my Instagram page. There's no giveaway here on YouTube, it is gonna be on my Instagram, and that's just Zophievapes, all one word, Zophievapes, so do check it out. All the rules and everything to this will be posted there, and if you missed it, don't worry, there's always more giveaways in the future. So yeah, I'm basically just doing the same review that I did with the G Priv 2 when I first showed it. There's no differences except for the way the mod looks, and now it does also come with the TFV12 Prince. So to sum up the tank, I haven't had any leaking issues. I love the cobra drip tip, easy top fill design, the bubble glass however, if you drop this, it's probably gonna break. It is a juice guzzler and it chucks a lot of vapor. And that's it I'm not gonna keep talking about this tank. The interface, it's identical.

I think it's really user-friendly, so big pro to that. It is a touchscreen mod, so you do have to remember to lock it, but they make it really easy, you can either hold down this button for a second, and it'll lock the screen while the screen is still on, or you can click it, the screen will go off, and it locks it that way as well. You can adjust TCR settings, you can adjust wattage in temperature control mode, you can even lock in your resistance, and I think I forgot to show that parts. Let me just show you real quick. One, two, three, locks the mod. Once it's locked, hold down the fire button for about five seconds, and here's resistance. All the cons I'm gonna mention in this video are gonna fall on SMOK's deaf ears because everything I mentioned before, they didn't listen to any of it, they didn't change any of it, it's all the same, so it's gonna have all the same cons I mentioned before. It's great that you can tweak your TCR settings, but I think the manual should give a range, so that people can have a general understanding of what range you should keep it in.

I'm glad it's got all these different functions, and that it's user-friendly, but I would like to see some custom power curves. A lot of companies are adding those. SMOK, get on that. And I think you should be able to adjust the screen brightness, but you cannot. So all those things that I wanted added to the G Priv, were not, so nothing has changed. And now, it just comes in this new look. However, I still really like the mod, and the G Priv 2 is really easy to turn off. Unlike other SMOK mods, where you have to go through the menu, or like hold down the fire button for a long time, this one is just five clicks, and then you get the option to turn it off, or leave it on. I do like that big OLED screen, and I like that you can change some of the colors, but I think with the Luxe Edition, they should've added some extra colors.

And speaking of colors, I do believe this comes in six different colors and they have that mirror finish which is quite a fingerprint magnet. But I will say, I do like it; it's pretty. But the paint on the tank, I don't think it really matches the mod. Yeah, they're both gold but the mod has a mirror finish and the tank has a flat gold. But the Prince tank that I have sitting here is not actually the tank that came with it. So here's part of the tank anyway, that came with it. It still has that same paint job. So yeah, I have not been able to use the tank that came with it because I can't get the coil detached from it. They over-tightened it to the point where I would need to put it on a vice, and after I moved here, I have no idea where the vice is. I can't find it. I should not have to use a vice to get my vape stuff apart.

So even with all the pros and cons, I really still do like the mod. The tank for me, it's overkill, it's huge, it's a big sub-ohm tank. But I know a lot of people really love it and it is a pretty tank and I haven't had many issues with it. So I just dropped this and I will say, the screen made it, the screen hit the arm of my chair perfectly and it's fine. So another pro for that. Well, that's pretty much it. That completes this review. If you guys are interested in picking this up, I know VaporDNA has it. I'm just gonna have a bunch of links down below in the video's description. Right now they're around 90 bucks and the one for giveaway will be given away on my Instagram page. So that is it. That completes this review. If you guys want to find me elsewhere, I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my other weird channel called Just Zophie. Alrighty guys, bye.