SMOK Priv V8

SMOK Priv V8

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Aimed at those who are seeking thrill and simplicity, the SMOK Priv V8 with TFV8 Baby Tank features durable Zinc Alloy construction in a 24.5mm x 34mm x 80mm frame weighing 83.3g. Equipped with a single high-drain 18650 battery (sold separately), the SMOK Priv V8 configures power-output via a smart voltage-based method. Notably, the single-button interface activates the output-voltage based on the battery’s current state. Everything about its functionality is visible on the single LED screen. The voltage output stays between 3.4V and 4.2V, providing maximum output wattage of 60W.Also included in the kit are an array of safety features.

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SMOK Priv V8
Credit to: Scriv's Ecigs
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SMOK SMOK Priv V8 reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK Priv V8 by Scriv's Ecigs

Today, we are looking at the SMOK Priv V8 kit. Mine's in black and iridescent rainbow. Take the sleeve off, and you're greeted with the device. It's real small. Takes a single 18650 battery. Charging port here. This bar is the firing button. Five clicks to turn it off, five clicks to turn it on. Underneath here we have instruction manual, QA pass, and a warning label of some description about batteries; don't use them if they look like anything here. And then inside we've got a charging lead, a vape band, some O-rings, a spare glass piece, an extra 2.5 ohm coil and the Baby Beast tank, if I can get it out, in rainbow with a 0.25 coil preinstalled.

Swivel top, as with all the SMOK products now.

Very similar to my V8 stick. My rainbow, the one that I've done a review on.

So, this is what it looks like together.

Very nice, not too shabby at all.

So, basically, that's the firing button. Charging port here. Battery door, opens and up. And the Baby Beast tank has got a 0.25 ohm coil, an M2 I believe. Let me have a look. Yeah, M2, 0.25. You get your charger, you get your O-rings, you get your vape bands, you get your spare bit of glass and a spare coil. This was meant to put out about 60 watts, and is a very nice piece. Just one look again at the packaging. It's what you get in the kit. And yeah that is the TFV8 and V8 Priv. Hope you enjoy, come back soon.