SMOK Priv M17

SMOK Priv M17

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The SMOK Priv M17 is an e cig kit that is an EU TPD compliant complete vaping kit that is a pen style, all in one device. The SMOK Priv M17 comes with a fantastic 1300mAh battery that is sure to last you all day long, as well as a 2ml SMOK M17 tank that gives you the purest taste experience that you ever imagined. This device has been designed with the vapers in mind who really seek after strong flavors during vape sessions, and the SMOK Priv M17 steps up to the plate with that. Even though it uses higher ohm coils, this allows the device to use much less power so that your battery lasts all day long. Once your e cig gets below a 3.3V, it lets you know by blinking 15 times in a row very quickly. The SMOK brand really values safety, which is why it the Priv M17 comes with a lot of different safety features including a low voltage protection, short circuit protection, 8 seconds of protection and more.

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SMOK Priv M17 Kit Review!
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