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SMOK Stick Prince

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The SMOK Stick Prince kit is everything you need in a vape kit, as it's an all-in-one vape pen that has an astonishing 3000mAh battery along with a 2ml SMOK TFV12 Prince EU Tank. This kit excels in bringing you one of the utmost best taste experiences that you can get during a vape alongside a large amount of cloudage as well. SMOK Stick Prince always values safety first, which is why these devices are equipped with many safeguards such as low resistance protection, short circuit protection, and low voltage protection. Additionally, you won't have to wonder too long about when your battery is getting low as this kit will clearly flash a LED ring four times during each puff when it's about to die out.

SMOK Stick Prince SMOK
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SMOK's Best Product? SMOK Stick Prince Kit Review!
Credit to: VapingwithTwisted420
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SMOK SMOK Stick Prince reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK's Best Product? SMOK Stick Prince Kit Review! by VapingwithTwisted420

What's going on there, YouTube?

I don't know if the vapor escaped while doing that. I gotta quit wearing masks while doing these things. It's hard to do things. Okay, anyway, I'm gonna turn all this off. Anyway, people, how's it going? We are back, we are back once again, people. It's Friday, and boy, do we have an interesting little stick for you. A stick, quite literally a stick. Today, people, we are taking a look at the SMOK Prince Stick. That's right people, the SMOK Prince Stick.

And I got a confession to make about this Prince, the TFV12 Prince tank. Let me start at the beginning real quick, okay. Initially, got the Prince tanks by themselves. It must have been a bad batch of coils initially, right? Then the Mag came out. I still gotta do the final review on that son of a bitch. Then the Mag came out and it was better. I was like, okay, this is better, it's not as bad. Then I got this little Stick Prince in this lovely Ironman-colorway. That looks nice, right? And it came with two 0.17 coils, the quad coils. Quad coils, single, vertical. Not single, that can't be quad coil, single, but quad coil, vertical coil, and I gotta say, I think I can say it without a doubt, this is probably SMOK's best all-around sub-ohm tank.

As of right now, this iteration with these new coils, they came with this. They're there, but I'm not saying best sub-ohm tank, period, but I'm saying it's SMOK's best. As far as flavor, coil longevity, output, all that good stuff, it's great. Now, as far as this Stick situation, what it is, this is a 3000 mAh battery, non-adjustable. The battery depletes as the battery goes down, the power goes down. 80 to 100 watts, and it comes with the TFV12 Prince with the bubble glass that allows it to hold eight mls. Everything's real matchy-matchy, that's what this Stick Prince situation is all about, and I gotta say it looks good and vapes well. And I haven't done a stick-tick kind of set up in a while. I haven't done one of those. I know Eleaf's done a couple of really good ones, those iJoys were great, but I haven't done any sticks in a while, personally. I've had a few coming through but I just haven't got around to them.

But this Stick Prince made me say, You know what? I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do this video, because for me, if let's say you've been started... And I don't know what people start out vaping in, but I haven't worked in a shop in a couple of years, unfortunately, and I don't know what people start on mainly nowadays. But I would say, if people are getting into vaping nowadays, they have something small, maybe like a little Eleaf, iCare or something, some pod system, this would be a worthy little upgrade right here for the money. I've seen them online for about 30 to 50 bucks, depending on where you look. And they got a shit-ton of colorways for this guy too, a bunch of them, a whole, whole bunch of them. All in all, not bad. Not too expensive, good vape, easy to use, no adjustments, turn it on and vape. That's good. That's good. That's why I like to show these some time.

We need to discuss what's in the box. We need to discuss what's in the box. Inside the box, you're gonna get your Stick. All right, and you're gonna get your tank. Those are all good, and you will also get an extra coil, an extra 0.17-ohm coil. And beyond that, you get some extra O-rings and seals and a micro-USB charging cable. Now, I saw on some websites, they said it came with an extra glass, but my package didn't have an extra glass in it. I don't know, maybe it's an early sample, but most websites say it comes with an extra glass. All right, you guys got it?

All right. Now, as far as this thing, it's super-duper simple, bro. For one, let's look at the Stick itself. You got this little hexagonal Fire button right here. It lights up as you hit it. Five clicks, on and off; simple stuff. Down bottom, you've got one tiny little vent hole, and you do have a nice little design down there. Makes it seem like the base is flared out a little bit. Probably be harder to knock over than something that was the same diameter.

And speaking of diameter, 24.5 millimeters, the diameter on this guy. You have a micro-USB charging right back here on the back with a little LED indicator light underneath it. And the 510 looks good, as good as any other 510, spring-loaded. You can put whatever else you want on here also. And then you got the old TFV12 Prince. I'm pretty sure everybody's pretty familiar with them at this point. This one comes with that nice kind of honeycomb drip tip. Love the top-fill on these guys. Press the button, swivel back, badda-bing, badda-boom, you're good to go.

Eight mls is a great capacity in my opinion. The bubble glass, everybody's doing bubble now, it makes sense, dammit! But eight mls is great, capacity. And as far as 3000 mAh. Honestly, with the 0.17-ohm coils that come with it, 3000 mAh, I'm able to get through maybe, depending on how often I'm hitting; it's hard, everybody varies; about half a day, maybe three-fourths of a day before you need to plug it up. So, not bad.

And I will say, for people... Okay, for new people, it's gonna be a good vape. But for people who've been vaping, I know some people are stuck to their RDAs or their or RTAs or RDTAs or whatever. Rebuild it. I don't care about sub-ohm tanks! But for people who do use sub-ohm tanks, this one vapes pretty... It's a pretty good setup for around 30 bucks is what I'm saying, people.

Let me have a toke real quick. Let's toke on the old Prince, the old Prince Stick. I'm enjoying the flavor. I don't know, man, it's like the V12 Prince has been evolving. It's getting better and better. I don't know if, it's just gotta be the coils, that's the only thing. The coil, SMOK's figuring out something with the coils, and it's vaping really good. I'm getting good flavor, good vapor output. These newer Prince coils have been lasting me up to a couple of weeks, and that's several, several refills.

Like I said, there's a bunch of variables out there, you know what I mean? There's a bunch of variables. I don't know what juice you're using, how often you let your shit run dry. There's a bunch of variables, okay. But I've been going on two weeks on this coil in particular right now, several refills. Let me have another toke. Not bad, man. No thinking: Turn it on, hit the button. It's vaping good, man. I've been impressed. SMOK, kudos. Kudos. Your Prince tank's your best tank, and the coils are getting better and better. There's that.

Other people might have other experiences. You might have gotten a pack of coils that didn't last a day a piece, but I could say right now, with this setup in particular, specifically with the Stick Prince, it's doing good. It's doing good. And really, that's it. That's it. It's a simple device, there's not much to tell you, you know what I mean? You fucking press the button.

Good little on-the-go device, folks. But I think that's it. I think that's it, people.

Is there anything else I need to... Is there any cons? And there's not much to con. It's a simple thing. It's a simple thing unless you get bad coils or something. Other than that, there's not much to con. It's a turn it on, turn it off, 3000 mAh. I don't know, what do you want from me?

I don't know. But yeah, people, I'll put a link in the description if you wanna go look around thinking, I don't give a shit But I did tell you, and gosh darn it, that's gotta be worth something. In the long run, I think it is worth something, really.

So really, folks, with that being said, thank you for watching. I truly do appreciate it. And leave me a like if you liked the video. Dislike it if you didn't; I don't give a shit. But I did tell you that also. Okay. Remember: It doesn't matter what the fuck you're vaping on, even if it's a little stick or whatever, as long as you're not on them stinkies, people. That's what counts. And last but not least, you stay sexy, YouTube. Me and this Stick Prince, we are out.

Vaping saves more lives than sticking a Prince up your ass.