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Are you looking for a safe, pure, and fun vape kit that will last you for months to come? Check out the SMOK Stick M17, as this pen style vaping kit is an all-in-one e cig that will bring you a great vape session with very little effort. This EU TPD compliant complete device has a 1300mAh battery built in, and while that might not sound like a lot compared to other models, don't worry! The SMOK Stick M17 uses higher ohm coils which means that it also uses less power, so this is still a great go-to all day vape device. Fans of this e cig love the low battery warning prompts, and when power gets lower than 3.3V it will blink 15 times in a row so you can't miss it.

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SMOK Stick M17 AIO Starter Pen Style Vape Kit Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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SMOK SMOK Stick M17 reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK Stick M17 AIO Starter Pen Style Vape Kit Review by Zophie Vapes

Today for review, I got a pen style vape from SMOK. This is the Stick M17. And the reason it's called M17 is because it's 17 millimeters in diameter. That little tank that's sitting on top of here, it holds 2 milliliters of e-liquid, and it is attached to the battery. The tank is actually part of the device. So this is kinda in between direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung, and it's more direct-to-lung because the coils that are included, you do get two of 'em, they're 0.6 ohms, so that is sub-ohm vaping. I really don't consider it mouth-to-lung unless there the resistance on the coil is at least one ohm or higher, but I guess it really depends on how you pull on it 'cause you can get a lot of vapor out of this, or just a tiny amount.


It's super simple, pocket-friendly, there's a little fire button that you push when you're vaping, and that's it. There really isn't much to it. So I wanted to show you guys this thing up close, but before I do, let me mention that there is a giveaway. They did send me all five colors, so it comes in blue, gold, black, silver, and rainbow. So this is the one I'm gonna show you guys up close. Two of these are gonna be given away here on YouTube, and then the other two, I'm gonna give one away on Facebook and my Instagram page a little bit later. So keep your eyes peeled. Next up, let's check out this one up close.

So here is SMOK's Stick M17. On the back of the box, it gives you some information about this, kit contents. And on the side over here, is a scratch off authenticity code. Inside of the box, there's this little card that shows you how to verify the product's authenticity, and this is also the warranty card. And here's the specifications, battery capacity, 1300 milliamp hours, and the tank capacity is two milliliters. So here's the little mod, this is the Stick M17. This thing has an internal 1300 milliamp hour battery which can be recharged using this little USB port. And they do provide you with the USB cable for charging. So this over here is the fire button. To turn the mod on, click it five times. You see a little light will flash, now the mod is on. And if you wanna turn it off, click the fire button again five times.

The light will flash again. And now, if I try to push it, the light is off, meaning the mod is off. So with the way this battery is designed, you do have to screw a coil into it directly. And this kit will come with two of these 0.6 ohm coils. So, these two little holes that you see on the side, that is for airflow. So here's the tank portion, it will come like this, since the base of it is the whole battery. At the top, is a Delrin drip tip which is removable, and it's also 510 compatible. To fill this with e-liquid, this just swivels out like so, and then you pour your liquid into this hole right here. And they do provide you with an additional glass tube, and a couple of protective bands for the tank.

To assemble this together, screw the tank to the battery. So there it is. It does produce a decent amount of vapor if you wanted to, and the flavor's pretty decent as well. So far so good. I haven't had any leaking. Now, the airflow, the bottom airflow on this, it is the way it is, you cannot adjust it, it's part of the battery. This is more geared towards people getting into vaping, so you have a very simple device that isn't gonna make you pull your hair out if you try to use it. Five clicks on, five clicks off, hold the button down to vape. And that's it. Do make sure that the first time you use it after you fill it up, and you have a brand new coil in there, give it a couple of minutes so the coil can saturate.

But it's not just for those getting into vaping, you might be looking for a secondary vape, something pocket-friendly, portable, so these stick style or pen style vapes are pretty good for that. I always like when they give me extra things. There's two 0.6 ohm coils which is wonderful. There's also two pieces of glass. Now, with the glass, hopefully they're gonna be offering additional glass to purchase because without it, if you break it, the device is useless. I do like that top fill swivel design, however sometimes e-liquid can pool at the top, especially if you're using one of those glass drippers. So with this, I'm gonna recommend using a unicorn bottle or a needle point bottle, needle nose, whatever they call 'em, just makes life a little bit easier.

One more thing when it comes to cons, sometimes there is a gurgle to the tank after you refill it, so I kind of do this thing, and then the gurgle goes away. So inside of here, there's a 1300 milliamp hour battery, so for me, that lasts about half a day, but it depends on how much you vape, if you're vaping a lot, it's not gonna last as long, and if you just casually vape, it might last you all day long. But the good news is, you can plug it in using the USB cable, and it does have pass-through charging, just don't let it drain all the way.

So the giveaway, two lucky people here on YouTube are going to win one of these. To enter, you do have to be 21 years or older and have a shipping address somewhere within the United States. If you are one of the lucky winners, there's also a $6 FDA fee. And that's pretty much it. To actually enter, all you have to do is leave a comment down below, and somewhere in your comment, put M17, 'cause if you don't put M17, you will be disqualified. So put M17 and leave a comment on top of that. In about a week from now, I'm going to announce two random winners. Winners will be posted in the video's description where you can also find the full contest rules, and on my Facebook page, and that is it. Other two I'm gonna give away on my Instagram and Facebook page later. I'm not sure really when, so keep your eyes peeled.

Alrighty, guys. So that is it. That is it that completes this review, and if you're interested in getting one of these, I did find them on Element Vape, myvaporstore, Heaven Gifts, they're between like $24 to $34 depending on where you look. Alrighty, guys. So, that is it. That is it. I'll talk to you later. Bye, guys.