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Are you in the market for a new vape kit? The SMOK Rose Stick kit is as awesome as it gets, with a battery that has a capacity of 2000mAh that is certain to give you enough juice to take you all through the day no matter how much you vape. Additionally, this battery has a neat life indicator that gives you clear notifications when it is running low by blinking its LED ring around the fire button for four times during each puff. Additionally, if it's the voltage that is starting to kick the bucket on you, it will blink 15 times very quickly. SMOK brand is very popular amongst the vaping community, and once you give this kit a try you will understand why!

SMOK Resa Stick SMOK
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SMOK Resa Stick / Starter Vape Kit Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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SMOK SMOK Resa Stick reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK Resa Stick / Starter Vape Kit Review by Zophie Vapes

For review today I have the SMOK Resa Stick. Another stick from SMOK. So it's one of those easy, simple-to-use grab-and-go devices, five clicks on, five clicks off, there's just the one button. Single button operation. You hold it down and you vape, that's it. Sitting on top of here is the Resa tank with this bubble glass that holds 7.5 milliliters of e-liquid. And it may look similar to their TF, V12, the Prince, Baby Prince, all the princes, but it's different. And what makes it different is the top fill. I do like when tanks have big juice fill holes.

Normally with SMOK tanks, they have the swivel system, you push a button, you swivel it out, but I kind of like this way better 'cause then you can just grab your e-liquid bottle and... This cobra resin finish. It started with a drip tip, then they started putting it on tanks, and now it's the whole mod. So even the battery has this cobra resin skin on it. There's a closer look at that. Inside of here is a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Petty nifty, and so is this giveaway, which I'll talk about later. But first, let's check this out up close.

Alrighty, so here is SMOK's Resa kit. This is how it comes packaged, on the side is a scratch-off authenticity code, and on the back it gives you some information about this kit and what's included inside. Inside of the box, there is a user manual, warranty card, there's this little spare parts bag with matching seals, and they do kind of try to match it to the color of the device. That's this part right here where you can see these black rubber bands. You can switch that out. Like for example, mine came with yellow ones. So you guessed that the one in the box, it has a blue color, but not as blue as these. Not too matchy matchy in my opinion. And there's also a USB cable for charging, and here is the Resa Stick. So, inside of here, there is a 2000 mAh battery, and you can recharge that through the USB port. Here's a look at the bottom, there's a little tiny hole for some battery ventilation, and on the other side is a 510 spring-loaded connection. This thing is 25 mm in diameter, but to turn this on, it's just one, two, three, four, five clicks of the fire button, you'll see a light flash, and now it's ready. But since I don't have an atty on here if I try to push it, it'll just flash the light.

This device is super basic, there's nothing to adjust, it'll automatically set the output wattage based on the resistance of the coil. And with this kit you do get two different coils. So here is the Resa Baby Tank. With this bubble glass, it hold 7.5 ml of e-liquid, and it's roughly 25 mm in diameter, maybe closer to 25.5, because the mod is 25 mm in diameter. But when I stick this on here, you can barely, barely see it, but that airflow control ring is not flush with the device. An airflow is adjustable in this, and it is on a stopper. So that drip tip, it is removable, it's size 810, but it is not goon style.

To fill this with e-liquid, grab the top, twist, and then you got these two really big juice fill holes to access the coil or to clean out the tank. Grab it, twist off the base, this does not come with extra glass, but I'm sure more glass will be available for separate purchase. It does come out like this, and then the coil just twists out like this. The coil that was pre-installed, this is a 0.15 ohm coil, it can be vaped between 40 and 80 watts, but they're saying it's best between the 60 and 70. And this is a mesh coil. And then the other coil, this is a 0.25 ohm coil, and it can be vaped between 30 and 50 watts.

There it is. The Resa stick. But before I continue on, let's talk about this giveaway. So two lucky people are going to win this thing here on YouTube. To enter, you do have to be 21 years or older and have a shipping address somewhere within the United States, and if you are one of the lucky winners, there is a $8 FDA fee which just covers shipping. Alright, so now listen up, 'cause this is the important part. To actually enter, leave a comment down below, and somewhere in your comment, put the word cobra. Because if you don't put the word cobra, you will be disqualified, and that's it. About a week from now, I'm going to post the winners in the video's description, where you can also find the full contest rules, and on my Facebook page, and that is it. And yes, I do have a third one, but this one I'm going to be giving away a little bit later on my Instagram, or maybe Facebook page.

Super simple user-friendly pocket device grab and go. Yeah, it's basic, you don't have to learn anything. There's no menu system, there's just one button, you push it, and you vape, and that's it. One button cloud chucking device. With this kit, they do give you two different coils, and right now, I am using the mesh coil. It is a little bit louder, but I just find them to be more flavorful. And I don't know if SMOK did something different to them, because I swear these are like the V8 coils, yeah, these are the ones that fit onto the TFV8 Baby, the M2 coils, but it tastes better than it normally does. Like the cotton really didn't even need a break-in period, and I didn't prime it, I just put e-liquid in there, and I let it sit for about 10 minutes, and flavor was really good right off the bat.

Normally with SMOK products, I'm struggling to take things apart, 'cause they tend to be over-tightened, but this time I really didn't have any issues, so. So they give you two coils, which is nice, but they only give you one, one piece of glass come for that. This thing is kind of top-heavy. It's already bubble glass, so if you drop it, it could break it. But if you set it down, if you set it down like this, bumpy table or desk, it could fall over. So I've been setting it down like this, and if you're wondering, no, I haven't had any leaking out of that bottom airflow. But one con for not having an extra glass piece in this big box. I mean, it's a big box. SMOK, you could have squeezed in a piece of glass, come on.

So, inside of here, there's a rechargeable battery. So kind of a pro. I guess you can look at it as a pro or a con, some people would have preferred to use just their own 18650, but on the pro side, you don't have to buy a battery, and the one that's in here is rechargeable. And it takes about an hour and a half to charge it, and then to drain the whole thing depends on how much you vape. If you're just casually vaping along, it might last you all day long, but if you chain vape, no, it's going to last like four hours. But on the plus side, it does have pass-through charging, so you can plug it in and continue vaping, and there's also some safety features. There's an eight-second shut off, so if you're holding the fire button for too long, which is eight seconds, it will automatically cut you off. There is low resistance protection, this will fire as low as 0.1 ohm all the way to 2.5. If you try to stick anything lower on there, it's not going to fire it. It also has low voltage protection, so once it gets to 3.3 volts, you're not going to be able to fire it. The little light that's around the fire button, it's going to flash like 15 times, and then you do have to recharge it. Now, when you're firing... You can barely see it, it's pretty faint, so one con for that. I would have liked to see that a little bit brighter. When you're firing, it flashes four times.

So that Resa Tank, it's pretty good-looking as well. It might look similar to their other ones, but like I showed you, the main difference with this is that top-fill design. It's not a swivel design anymore, but I think I like this one better. I mean, those juice fill holes are just mega-sized. Let me show you those holes for the third time now. I wasn't the biggest fan of their swivel out design, because there was just the one hole, maybe if they had another hole, but with just the one hole being there, it could pool at the top, especially with their smaller tanks.

Alright. So that's pretty much it. That completes this review. If you guys are interested in getting this, they're going to be coming out in nine different colors. I only found one place that currently has them in stock, Element Vape, 45 bucks for the whole kit. And Heaven Gifts does have these on pre-order, and I have a coupon code down below. They do ship worldwide, and SMOK or, they're eventually going to have this on their website as well. Well, that's it, that completes this review. And if you guys want to see me also, I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my other weird channel called Just Zophie. Bye guys.