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The Joyetech brand made it a mission to design an e cig that stands out from the rest, which is out the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO was born. The very features that make this kit so different are not only appealing in looks but on what is on the inside too. With the shockingly awesome technology surrounding e-cigarettes these days, you can assume that you will get the best with the eGo AIO ECO with some great flavor and cloud production from your e juice. The battery in this device is very long lasting, so not only do you get to have a practical and functional kit but a good looking one too! If you are ready to take the plunge and join the Joyetech club, the eGo AIO Eco is a game-changing device. Once you try it you won't be looking back!

eGo AIO ECO Joyetech
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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO reviews

Video Transcript: Joyetech eGo AIO ECO! by IndoorSmokers

So welcome back to IndoorSmokers guys. Hope you're having a great day. Our spell of beautiful weather is continuing up here in the northwest. And we also got a great video for you guys today. I'm gonna be crackin' open my February ZampleBox. And we're gonna be puttin' some of that juice in this brand new mouth to lung hitter from JoyeTech, the eGo AIO. Ole McDonald had a farm, AI, AIO. And with a vape vape here and a vape vape there, here a vape, there a vape, everywhere a vape vape. And I may not be ol McDonald but I'm gonna be doin' some vape vape right after this. Whoo.

So this is the way your ZampleBox comes. You always have your menu right on top there like that. It tells you all your flavors, the flavor profiles as well as the companies and everything they come from and where they're located. So this is our delicious selection today. So the first one I see here is Marilyn, this is a seductive strawberry marshmallow fluff, not just a regular marshmallow strawberry fluff, but seductive. Alright, now we're back to gettin' boners when you vape again, I guess. The Marilyn would explain why. Alright, and then the next one I see here is a FLO. This one is a stachioberry. I don't know if you guys can read that, but I'm assuming that would be like a pistachio berry. Next up, we have got a Moonies, vanilla cake with chocolate and marshmallow. And this one is from the Milkman out of Los Angeles, California and they come in these cool little milk cartons with the, Have you seen me? Just kiddin'. We don't have the missing kids on the back.

Next up we got Spartans Blood, which is a sweet strawberry coconut watermelon with a twist. They don't tell you what the twist is. But fuck yeah, Spartans Blood. This is the one I'm thinkin' right now I may go with today. We also have the Milkman fruit toaster pastry, vanilla ice cream, and milk. And that is the basic Milkman right here, and actually I spoke too quick, we do got a missin' vapester on the back. Have you seen this vapester? Please call this number and give him a vape immediately. Alright, there we go. And then last but not queck, is watermelon bubble. Oh, I'm sorry guys, I mixed it up. So this one is actually the bubble which is a candy watermelon and bubble gum. Damn, that sounds good, too. And then this one is the Marilyn called Bombshell and that is the one with the seductive strawberry vanilla fluff. Alright, we got these all straightened out now. You can kinda see where the confusion came.

But alright guys. I think I'm gonna go ahead with the Spartan Blood, not just because it sounds like a good flavor but it's also a cool name. Isn't that what Charlie Sheen had? Spartans Blood and Tiger Tears and all that stuff? So yeah, very cool lookin' bottle and has, I think, I already mentioned this is a sweet strawberry coconut watermelon with a twist, so alright. And this flavor is called Tyrant and it is out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Good ole salt lick. Oh yeah, that smells delish. So alright guys, if you're not familiar with ZampleBox, they are a juice of the month club just like a wine of the month club or a fruit of the month club, somethin' like that.

You basically go over there, you fill out your flavor profile, they ask you a bunch of questions, you say whether you like these flavors or you don't like em'. Then from that, they will put together a box of delicious e-juice selections at 50% to 60% off retail price and send it to your front door every month. And I will put a link right underneath this video where you guys can go check out ZampleBox if you wanna sign up for a subscription for yourself. But let's go ahead and turn our attention now to the mod. So this is the brand new eGo AIO. Do you guys remember the other AIO we had and had a light? I think it was the first one with a light in the tank and everything. Well, they continued that tradition with this brand new one. Alright, so check it out. There is your complete kit, the mod, the tank, everything right there on the first level. Gonna pull that out and see what they got for us in the basement.

And in here, you do of course have your instruction book. You also, I believe, have a warranty code right there. And then what else did we have in here? Oh, you got some replacement little o-rings for the tank. Besides that, you're gonna have your micro-USB charger and there is a replacement coil in there. No bath salts in this one I could find. How the hell am I supposed to relax tonight without my boobly bath? But as you can see, just a very simple all-in-one kit hence the AIO name on this. It is an all-in-one vape. Nothing really to have to know about as far as wattage, resistance, voltage, any of that kind of stuff. All you gotta do is fill the tank, press the button five times to turn it on and you're in business. I did prime this up a little bit already and as you can see, it does have that light. I don't know how well you guys can see that blue light in there, but alright. Let's go ahead and fill this up with some of our Tyrant from Spartans blood.

Alright, very simple to fill. You just take the top off and then you've got to space around. Don't put it in the center, put it on the side just like that. And this is a 1.2 ml tank, so it's obviously not a huge tank. This is gonna be somethin' that would be great for on the go, but it is a mouth to lung hitter which means you aren't gonna be going through the juice nearly as quick as you do in those big sub-ohm tanks. And this one will vape at 6.8 watts, and that's it basically. It's just a set wattage, there's nothin' to adjust, nothing else to do. So we're gonna go ahead and do some mouth to lung hits on this and see just how much vapor production and what the flavor is like on it. But right off the bat, I do like this. I think it is a great little simple mod for somebody just gettin' into vapin'. So alright, let's check it out. Mouth to lung hittin' on the new eGo AIO eco version. So it's actually the AIO ECO. I don't know if they went with eco because that is the small version of the Alexa thing from Amazon too, but either way it is sort of the mini AIO. Here we go, first mouth to lung hit. Let's see what we get.

Not bad! That's about as much smoke as you would get off a cigar I think. Of course that's vapor not smoke. But still, I think pretty good for a mouth to lung hit. The flavor is really comin' off of this thing. Sometimes you do actually get a chance to taste the flavor a little bit more when you mouth to lung hit it. For those of you who are not familiar with what mouth to lung hittin' is, that is basically the way you would drag on a cigarette, the way you draw the smoke into your mouth and then inhale it and exhale it as opposed to a direct lung hit which is more the way you would take a bong hit or what not. It's takin' it straight in, don't hold it. I don't know why I did that. Habit I guess. Of course when you're doing direct lung hits you want an airy tank so that you're not gettin' much resistance. That way you can just draw it directly into the lungs. But when you're doin' a mouth to lung hit, you do like to have a little bit of resistance as you're vaping on it. Of course, you don't wanna feel like you're suckin' a golf ball through a garden hose. So this has a good balance I think on that.

Nice. Alright, good. And I would say this is a very sweet strawberry type of a vape. If anything, it's maybe just a hint of coconut and a little bit on the exhale, kinda leaves you with a little bit of that tropically kinda coconut flavor, but on the inhale it is very sweet.

Whoo. This is sparta. Well, I guess this is. But either way, it's got me in that feel. And then this is designed to be able to do the higher nicotine levels as well, or that nicotine salt, if that's what you're into. That stuff does give you a little bit of a more realistic throat hit, and it definitely gets that nicotine into your system quick. I personally don't use that nicotine salts unless I happen to have a pod mod or something that's pre-filled with it, and so I use it for a review. But I do know for a lot of people, it has really been the trick to getting them off cigarettes.

So you're obviously not gonna be filling up rooms or winning cloud contests with this thing, but of course that is not the point. This is something that is devised to get people off cigarettes. So if you are in that position, where you or somebody you know is trying to get off the icky sticks, then I do think that this eGo AIO could be a great transition into vaping. And on that point, I believe we actually got one more for you guys here.

So we're gonna be giving this away right after the cut to, at the end of this video. If you guys wanna go ahead and pick one up, or go over to the website and check out the specs and everything on this, I will put the link right underneath of it for the eGo AIO down in the crotch box. That will be along with the link to Zamplebox. This would actually be a great combo starter for somebody, because you got the juice selections and everything else, that you don't have to know the companies, you don't have to know the different brands and everything to figure out which kind of juice you're gonna like. You just gotta tell them what you like and they figure all that out for you. And then this is a great little beginner vape to go along with your brand new selection of e-juice each month.

But alright guys, there's really not much else to go through with this thing. Like I said, there's no up or down button to adjust wattage, nothing to worry about as far as resistance or anything like that. Vapes at a constant 6.8 output. You got a 1.2 mL tank. What else do you need to know? Put your favorite juice in there, start vaping, quit smoking.

Alright guys, thanks for spending a little bit of your afternoon with me today. I do appreciate it. Don't forget to subscribe to that channel if you haven't already, ring that little bell so you can get a notification when the videos go up. Tell me what you guys thought about the eGo AIO down below; the Eco version. And you could also give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed yourself at any time during this video. Alright, you guys have a great rest of your vaping day. I will see the rest of you who are coming back to the giveaway in just a moment.

Welcome back to the giveaway portion of this video guys. So I would love to get this kit into the hands of somebody who is still smoking but trying to make that transition. So hopefully you or somebody you know is in that position and really wanting to get off the icky sticks. I think this could be a great one to help 'em make that hurdle. So all you gotta do, it don't cost you a penny, you just gotta be a subscriber to this channel. Then you are gonna wanna like and comment on this video. You might as well go ahead and ring that little bell so you can get the notifications. That way you don't miss it when we announce the winner. So that's about it, guys. Just like, comment, tell me something you thought about the eGo AIO or what you're gonna do with it. Is it for you? Is it for a friend? Is it for your grandma? Who's gonna be getting this kit if you win? And then we will have a website that I will pick randomly among the comments. So make sure you only comment one time, if you comment more than one time you will be disqualified. Nobody wants that.

Alright, good luck everybody. We will see you guys right back here for another product review, same vape channel, same vape time. Catch you then.

Old McDonald had a vape, A, I, A, I, O.