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This ultra-compact eGo AIO Vape Pen Kit from Joyetech is absolutely brilliant for users getting their first taste of vaping without overwhelming them. Lightweight and easily portable, the eGo AIO featuring a built-in battery comes in an all-in-one-design which makes it very easy for new vapers. Boasting of convenient leak-resistant cup technology, and a child lock feature, this pen-style e-cig device is remarkably easy and safe to use. Leakage and spills are minimized thanks to its top-fill system. The in-built battery has a capacity of 1500mAh, whereas the battery level display options include red, blue, indigo, white and purple.

eGo AIO Joyetech
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Joyetech eGo AIO: Best Starter Kit for Beginners?
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Joyetech eGo AIO reviews

Video Transcript: Joyetech eGo AIO: Best Starter Kit for Beginners? by Suck My Mod

What's up guys? I am Matt, back with another video. Today, we are gonna check out a new little starter kit from Joyetech. This is the eGo AIO.

Alright, this is the eGo AIO. What it stands for is All In One, and why they say that is because the tank is basically built into the battery. It does have a little top cap you pull off, a lot like the Joyetech CUBIS. It's got the same coil heads, interchangeable coil heads, but this one, to me, is really, really made for the beginner vapers. You can use some of the looser draw CUBIS coil heads in here, but I really think the tighter draw ones, like the 0.6s that are included in this kit work the best, and this may very well be the best starter kit on the market right now. It's definitely one of those I would have put in my Best Products for Beginners video that I did a few months ago. It gives a very, very satisfying mouth-to-lung vape, if that is your thing, it's easy to use, it looks cool, it's small, and it's just an all around nice little device. Now, it does come with some nice Joyetech packaging, same type of packaging we've seen from them. It comes with two 0.6 ohm stainless steel coil heads, made for mouth-to-lung, comes with the charging cable, and then your device.

Now, one really, really cool feature of this is that it is childproof, so in order to take the cap off, you have to push down, and then twist it off in order to get it off, and then push it back down to twist it back on. Pretty simple for adults, but might keep your kid from getting into it. Airflow control is on the top, like the same with the CUBIS. People are definitely gonna compare this to the Innokin T18. Wide open, it definitely has a little bit looser of a draw than that one, not by much, but then, you can tighten it down if you twist it 180 degrees, and that will give you an even tighter mouth-to-lung hit. I think that if you're a mouth-to-lung vaper, some air flow setting with this will be up your alley. But like I said, you can also use the 0.5s on this. This will give off 3.9 volts when fully charged, it goes all the way down to 3.3 volts right before it shuts off, but with the 0.6 ohm tighter draw coils, I don't really tell a huge difference, honestly.

It's a nice warm vape. If you do the Ohm's law calculation, I think it actually gives off a little more power than the T18, if that's something that matters to you. So though you're getting a little more wattage, might be a slightly warmer vape, but they both really do give off a nice vape, a nice mouth-to-lung vape, if that's your thing. It is shorter than the T18, but it's fatter. It does have a 1500mAh battery, as opposed to the T18, which has a 1000mAh battery. Both of them have pros and cons. So when you pull off this cap, you fill it all the way up and you wanna fill it to this colored line right here, right next to the glass. You don't wanna go any more past that, or you could have leaking issues.

In my CUBIS video, I had a lot of people commenting saying they had leaking issues, not trying to be a dick, some of you might have legitimately had those, but I know that the only times that I've had leaking issues is when I put too much liquid in these, you're pushing that liquid down, it needs a place to go, and it goes into that coil head. Those are the times when they've leaked really bad on me. There have been a few other times where they get slightly gurgly, but with a few vapes, I can get through it. The tank section is glass, which is not removable, which is kind of a con. It is set back a little bit. I think you'd have a hard time breaking it, but it is still possible, so that might be a con for some people. Also, the fact that, in order to clean this out, you basically have to take the whole battery and clean it out that way.

I would just be really careful. Fill it up a little ways with water, maybe put the cap on, shake it around, just be careful that you don't get water down into the charge port right here, it does have a Micro-USB charge port. So right now, I have the air flow wide open but there's a 0.6 ohm coil in here, the battery's just about charged, I've been vaping on this for about 30 minutes, let's go ahead and vape it. Yeah, you'd still do get a good amount of vapor for it being mouth-to-lung. If you know me, you know that I like a bit of a looser draw, that's more up my alley, so this isn't something that I would use from a day-to-day basis, but I know that I would have loved this thing when I quit smoking. Being someone that quit right around Cardo tank and then Protank times, and having to fiddle with those to get a good vape, get them to wick properly, this would have been right up my alley. And this is just miles, miles better than the disposables, like the blues and things of that nature, which can be even more expensive if you buy the kits.

Now, this does hold 2mls of e-liquid, it comes in black, silver, black/gray, black/white, white/red. Did I forget anything? No, I think those are all of them, but one other cool thing about this is that you can change the colors. Now, you can keep this feature on and off, but you can change through seven different colors. Now, when you power this off, which is five clicks to turn it on and off, once it's off, you would long press the power button until your different colors start coming up, and then you can click through these different colors and pick a color, or you can keep turning the color off, if that's your thing. And what the colors do is, they light up when you're vaping it and then they turn right off after that. But then it'll turn back on, then it'll do different things, depending on that battery level, to where, if you're fully charged, it'll just light up nicely. It could start blinking a little bit faster as the battery starts dying, kinda does a little weird shaky thing at some point, and it just kind of changes as the battery depletes over time, until it just goes dead. So that's kind of cool. It's kind of a cool little indication, but if you wanted the battery life to last a little bit longer, I would say turn that off if you're worried about that.

So all in all, for the price, I just don't think you can beat it, honestly. If you're a vape shop, this is a product I would put in your vape shop, along with other products that are for beginner vapers, like the T18 Nautilus Minis and whatever. Prices are awesome. There's some online vendors that have these for about $20. Joyetech's site has it for $29, so that's telling me that some people are charging less than they're probably supposed to just to get your business, but if you do some Google searching, you can find this for as low as $20. Comes with two coil heads, the mod, a charger, and I just don't think you can beat that. I'm gonna definitely be buying a whole bunch of these to give away to smokers, because I think it's a really, really nice first kit, and it works well with even thicker liquid. I've been using 70 VG in this and it's been wicking just fine.

I'm not gonna fault it that much for the price point. I don't think you can beat it. If you are a seasoned vaper and you like mouth-to-lung, and you want another little kit, travel kit, to have with you, or if you are a new vaper and, obviously, you want something that's gonna mimic a cigarette, I would say, either way, this is right up your alley. So I guess the big question at the end of the day is, would I buy this over the T18? I think the T18 runs for around $30. That's a tough one. Lookswise, I like this better. It's shorter, it has longer battery life. I think the T18 holds maybe a half a ml liquid more. The T18, you can separate the tank, but you can't change out the coil head. If you have liquid in your tank, the vapes are very, very similar, honestly, very similar. This does have a little bit more air flow when it's wide open. Still a mouth-to-lung vape, though, if you're using these 0.6 ohm coil heads.

And so I would say this barely edges the T18 out. The T18 is by no means a bad device, it's a really, really nice device. But I would say, if I had to choose and I had to buy one, 'cause I know that's what a lot of people always ask when it comes to products going head-to-head, I would say go for this one. It's cheaper, longer battery life, it looks better, the vape's nice, and I really, really like these coil heads, and I think the CUBIS coil heads are here to stay. Also, I haven't tried it in here yet, but I'm figuring the CUBIS RTA that just came out would work in here as well. And I would say it's safe down to 0.5, since they say the 0.5 ohm coil heads, that have a bigger draw, will work in this, so I would say you're safe there, if you're wondering how low to build it.

Anyway, I think that's it. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video. That about wraps it up guys. Until next time, thanks for watching, Suck My Mod.