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Are you looking for a reliable and easy to use e cig kit? The Aspire Skystar Revvo is a dual 18650 mod that can hold up to 210W of power and comes with a big touchscreen, measuring 1.3 inches. Additionally, this kid also comes bundled with the Aspire Revvo tank, which is a well-loved tank by vapers all around the world thanks to its durability and flavor production. The Aspire Skystar Revvo kit features a new style of coil, called the ARC (stands for Aspire Radial Coil) that is positioned horizontally in the tank with a large surface area to embellish the vapor and flavor. This is a coil concept that has been proven to be effective and that customers come back for time and time again.

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Aspire Skystar Revvo Starter Kit Review and Rundown
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Aspire Aspire Skystar Revvo reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Skystar Revvo Starter Kit Review and Rundown by Jai Haze

Woop, woop!

What's going on, everybody? Jai Haze here. This time, I'll be doing a review on a device that I was sent for the purposes of a review. Can't say I've ever been sent anything from this company before. Usually, when I get something for a review, it's from a distributor like Heaven's Gifts, or Lego Mall, or however you say it, or AT40. It's never really a manufacturer. There are a couple exceptions to that. HCigar is one of those companies that will send me stuff for free. The no-name companies, Amplevape or whatever. It's always somebody that doesn't really have a huge presence in China for vaping. Long story short, they sent me an email and said, Hey listen, do you wanna do a review on some of our products? And I said, Well, I don't know if you know who I am. Usually, companies don't wanna send me products, just fear of what I'm gonna say in the review. They were like, No, no, it's all good. What color do you want? I said, Well, if you're gonna send me one, if you can send me multiple colors so I could show them in the video, that'd be super dandy. I don't know if I used the word 'super dandy'. I can't even see me using that word, period; let alone describing how I feel about something... Massive loads of happiness, dandy. That sounds like an old-school lemonade. Let me get a dandy, light on the sugar.

Skystar is the name of the product we're gonna be talking about. They have kind of a revolutionary situation going on with their tank. Not gonna go whether or not I think it's bad or good because it's definitely, definitely different. Innovative is good. I got no problems in innovative. It's just the way that this wicks is quite a mission. And the type of coils they use are very, very, very much different than anything we've ever seen before. I don't wanna say that because there is... When you see the design of this, automatically, you're gonna think of a NotchCoil from Wismec and JayBo. Kind of has that same type of feeling to it while keeping it different because it's a disc. And it goes on the top of the tank, not the bottom, so this is gonna function more like an RDTA is than an RTA is. And I'm not really a huge fan of RDTAs because in order to wet the wicks, you kinda have to tilt it, which is a natural occurrence anyway, if you're vaping. Unless you vape in a downwards position, downward-facing dog, doing some pilates up in this bitch. If you vape like this, I can probably tell you right off the jump that this is not gonna be a tank that you want because you do have to wet those wicks by tilting this device. This is the whole kit. Dual 18650 jamming. Let's flip it.

The one that's supposed to look black is more of a graphite blue. This is like a blue-purple, and it looks like some whites and greys in there. This one doesn't look bad. It doesn't really look like the picture so much, but it definitely isn't a horrible look to it. These do feel very, very cheap. For the purposes of this review, we're gonna be going over the solid white rendition just because I'm not a huge fan of patterns. So on the front, we're gonna have a display of the actual device, the tank on the top, Skystar Revvo kit. I don't know if that's pronounced rev-o or ree-vo. Nothing, really, on the bottom. On the back of the flip side, little baseball card stat sheet. Skystar mod, 3.6 millimeter Revvo tank. Some coils, 0.1... Oh, guys, I have never seen a coil come in a 0.10 option. Do believe this company here to be the main company that houses Aspire, and Aspire is a subsidiary of that company. A little scratch and sniff down here. This is gonna be a gold chocolate-flavoured. We'll go over the mod shortly. Solid white, not really too much going on. It's like an old-school, white iPhone.

On the bottom here, battery safety sheet, always a good thing. Guys, just make sure if your batteries are frayed or a little jagged at best, go ahead and re-wrap it. It's very inexpensive and it's very, very effective. A warranty card. Aspire's warranty card is like that of Joyetech. If you have a problem, they're gonna tell you to go back to the company where you bought it from. But then, when the company contacts them, Aspire is gonna tell you, Well, I don't know what to tell you. Very rarely will you hear any kind of warranty from any company usually working. And that's... Consumers do usually go back to where they bought it from, but they have to understand that it's not really on the business whether or not it's taken back; it's really based off of Aspire, or whatever company you're dealing with. So this is how the tank works on one side, and then on the other side, it's a little bit of a pamphlet for how the mod works.

After the first filling and when replacing the coil, make sure to invert the tank for two minutes to help saturate the coil with liquid. That's a little long. Typically, when you're working with any kind of sub-ohm tank, you just wet the wicks and then it just naturally gravity play and then it works. But this needs to be tilted for you to use this effectively. A little bit of a peripheral bag, just has a bunch of o-rings, an extra glass, an extra coil. This coil's gonna blow your mind. This is a very, very, very different style coil. Almost like a stovetop, or like I was saying earlier, like a metal notch coil. Those of you who remember when Wismec and JayBo did that whole stainless steel notch thing, I was never really a big fan of the whole notch situation. That's an awkward material. This part here does not look like cotton to me. Whatever that is, it has a lot of fibers in it. And you could see the cotton below there and there, but I don't know what this is. It almost looks like some type of rayon, maybe? I can't really comment on that. I've never seen anything that look like that. Then your tank, and then you have a micro USB in here.

On the bottom here, this is going to unscrew, as well as on the top up here. However, you cannot dismantle this tank in such a way where all the pieces come apart. I'll explain why. This part right here doesn't really come apart. It's kind of stuck all together. Guess it's somewhat press-fitted and you could see that your airflow is on the top, and this is using a proprietary drip tip. It doesn't come with any other drip tips or any other caps. So what you see is what you get. Dual-chamber action going on here, one for juice flow, one for airflow. Top part of this tank looks very, very confusing. So let me explain how this works. Whatever it is you're filling this up with, you're gonna have to put the tip of that in here while pushing down as that opens a valve on the bottom to fill the tank. So you have that down there on the bottom. Here is your coil apparatus. In order to get the coil out, what you have to do is unscrew this piece, and then you kinda just pop this out like this.

I don't see anywhere on here that specifies what kind of coil this is. There's no distinguishing marks at all. Maybe the reason why they have a spread of resistance from 0.10 to 0.16 is because it's going to be all over the place just due to the way that the coil is built. I would assume that's the reason why it's all over the place. So the one that's in it, the one that's on it, and then there is your tank there. Obviously, you can't use this without this system.

Do you see what I was saying earlier as far as the tank having to be filled? When you tilt this, it's going to wet that wick. But if you look at, the wick is the whole diameter of the tank, so it's almost like forcing you to make sure that RDTA section on the bottom is totally filled up. Seems kind of counter-productive. There is a little bit of a catch-cup scenario over here. So if you do get a little bit of over-drippage or over-leakage when you're pushing this down and filling it, any juice that gets into this well right here is gonna go on to the top of the coil. In order for that whole thing to be saturated, you kinda have to turn it and spin it as you're vaping it just to make sure that it is keeping it saturated. To replace the glass, you're basically gonna unscrew this bottom, and that's kind of it for the actual tank. So what I'm gonna do right now is kinda prep my Jimmy Jams, kinda prep this, and I'm using my buddy's juice here, Chateau Noir.

Obviously, do not try to fill it the way that I'm doing it. I'm just prepping this cotton up here on the top. So let's fill this up. We're gonna go ahead and push that down and fill it and you'll see the juice come out at the bottom there. Right there, just like that. Real simple. You see what happened here? So as I'm filling this up, even though I'm pushing, it's still getting into the catch cup, which isn't necessarily a problem because, you see what's happening, It's going all over the cotton anyway.

The air flow is gonna come in from the sides of the catch cup. The air flow here is gonna come from the inside of this chamber and then go on to these coils and then come up on the side of the catch cup. So it's got a little bit of an awkward situation going on. It shouldn't leak just due to the fact of that super-fibrous material, which I really wish I knew what it was. Looking on the sides there, it is gonna be somewhat of a restrictive hit because there isn't that much space between that catch cup and the top drip tip.

Looking at this, you're gonna notice you don't really see any buttons. Well, you may, but the button is right here, and it's kind of a stealth button while it is utilizing a touch screen, which is little bit difficult to use. The chrome on this, I do feel, will chip in time just 'cause it feels like that plastic chrome. You know, when they take plastic and they chrome-plate it? Your doors are in fact plastic; they are not replaceable. You can replace the one, but in order for you to get the other door off, you are going to need to dismantle this. It's not as simple as just taking it off and putting a new one on. Pretty decent looking tray. Aspire's always typically known to make solid devices, and it is in a series connection, and it does also look like this is housed for a 20700 set, but in fact it's not. It's literally 18650s. So let's put the batteries in, positive side over here, bang-bang, pow-pow! Little bit of spacing between them, so they could have shrunken this down a little bit more, making them touch or, even going a step further, they could have went with 20700s just because there is that much room.

There is your screen, really self-explanatory. This button up here, let's go ahead and remove this, and we'll remove this. If you swipe down twice, one-two, you're gonna be presented with the modes: The Data, the System, the Time, and About. So if you go into modes, you're gonna be Wattage, Voltage, Bypass TC. Scroll a little bit more, CPS, which is your power curves bypass. That is basically gonna act like whatever the power of the batteries are is how it's going to hit.

Modes, you go into Temperature Control, those are all your different options. Now, if you wanna adjust the amount of power that is on the screen, you're gonna swipe up twice, one-two, and then there is your power. So you have Normal, Hard, Soft, back to Normal, and then you just adjust it here. Surprisingly enough, this touchscreen is much more responsive than that of the Minikin that we all know so much. Swipe down again twice, so then you have your System. This is your vape time. What that is, is how long you can hold the Fire button down before it doesn't allow you to do it anymore. The minimum is five and the max is 15. And when you wanna go back to the other previous, just swipe to the left. Screen Time, that's how long it's going to default on. Wow, 120 seconds. So we're gonna leave that at five. System, Watch Time, and Brightness is obviously self-explanatory. I'll bring it down just to about 45 to save a little bit of battery life.

And then down here in your About, little quick reader code. Really self-explanatory. Nothing really too crazy about this. As you could see there, you could change this up here, the configuration of how it's set-up, Month-Date-Year, that's how we're gonna do it. You're gonna have your wattage on the screen right there, wattage and then how it's hitting, your resistance, your amp, how long it hits for, voltage, and a dual-battery configuration display on the screen.

Check out that 510, how it has the A for Aspire. Let's see what fits. I have a feeling that 30 millimeters is gonna fit absolutely fine, and it does not. 30 millimeter is gonna create a little bit of an overhang on the actual top piece up here because it is bevelled in a sense. However, it's not going to overhang the actual mod. Probably feel that a 25 is gonna look the best on this. 25 works, no problem, so maybe a 25 or a 26 would be the best option.

To shut the screen off, one-two-three, then you could still fire it, or bring it back up, press one-two-three-four-five, that's gonna lock the device. Now, you can't do anything with it. However, once it's locked in this mode and whatever, you put it in your pocket, you keep it out, but you can't do anything. Now if you hold down the fire button, that's actually gonna shut the mod off. That's a pretty unique feature. So, let's bring this on the top.

Hey, yo, what's uppish, shrivelly pumpkin tits? Aspire SkyStar with the Revvo kit sitting on the top. 56.5 at normal power. Let me show you some of the vape production we're working with. Not bad. So let me go ahead and put a little bit more power through this. I wanna see where these coils can go. I highly doubt they'll be able to put out 200 watts, actually, 210 watts. Let's give that a whirl. Let's make sure that's fully saturated before I do that. Flip it upside down, that's what they want me to do. All right, here we go. I'm not gonna get a long hit off of this. Let's see. That's it, that's all I'm getting, I'm not doing anything more. Wow lots of, lots of, lots of spit-back. Mm-hmm, that is not good at all. 80.5 watts, I feel like that's gonna be good right there. What did I say?

Before we get into the kit as a whole, factoring in the tank and the mod, let's go over the tank real quick. I understand we have to be innovative. I get it, we have to be a little bit different. Usually, when something is innovative, it kind of scares people away just because it's something we're not used to. So people are automatically gonna down it, and I don't wanna be the guy to automatically down this, but I will tell you this: That this coil system is kind of flawed. In order for this to wick properly, you have to kind of angle it to a side. Normally I'll vape like this, but this isn't really allowing the top to get wet because it's at an angle. You kinda have to change the way you vape if you're gonna use this tank, like you're gonna have to do it like you're sipping on some yak, or you got like one of those flash jammies up to your mouth. To me, that's not going to work.

Does the tank work? Sure. Do you get a lot of spit-back? Absolutely. I feel the reason why you get a lot of spit back is because if that is wet through that whatever that fibrous material is, when it does get wet, the juice is gonna kind of sit on the top and it sort of looks like those electric stoves, like the stove top jammies. You know, like the glass ones that has the heating elements inside of it. They were kind of big, early 2000s. I don't even know if anybody has those. That might be a default stove right now. I might be still stuck in the '40s with my little metal grill stove. Anyway, I feel like the juice is sitting on the top of that, and as you fire it, it's kind of boiling it, and that's gonna create that spit back. However, there should be less spit back with this just because there's that catch cup in the center and the airflow only goes around the side of that.

I feel like it would be really that much better if the stove top was actually on the bottom. And the coils... I don't wanna get into it, and I'm not gonna do this with Aspire. If they wanna ask me how to do it, I just... Well, fuck it. I'll just say it. I feel that this would be better if the stove top part was on the bottom, that's what we're gonna call this coil 'cause I have no idea what else to call it. So if the stove top coil was on the bottom, on the very bottom, like underneath the tank but in a channelled fashion like how you build an RTA, and you could adjust the juice flow, I feel like that would function much better than the way this functions as it is because it's so close to your mouth, and you are gonna get spit back even pass the catch cup. That's just something you have to accept with this.

The only physical button you have is the actual fire button. Everything else is touch screen. The amount of things that you could do inside of the menu doesn't seem like a lot, but it's pretty robust. There are sub-settings in settings. And the actual touch screen on this, asMODus needs to get with Aspire and figure out how the fuck that they're making their touch screen much more sensitive than theirs because on the Minikin you gotta finger fuck it to get it to take, and swipe certain ways, and it might work. This, every time it's unlocked, swipe down twice, one, two, there it is. Swipe to the left, you're back at the other one. You wanna adjust the wattage, one, two. And then now you're adjusting the wattage.

Everything is very, very easy to work with this. You just have to get past the fact that there's no physical button to adjust the wattage up or down. The tank itself I would probably rate a three. I know that kind of sucks, but that's where I'm at with the tank. If I was to rate this kit as a whole, I would probably give it a five. Yeah, a five is where I would like to go with this. The mod, I'd probably give a six, 6.5. I just like the way it functions. I'm not a huge fan of the way it feels, all this chrome and flashy bling bling. I rock ice little diddy. What? Uh oh! Woop, woop! This isn't working for me. If you're looking at getting this tank all by itself, don't. Look somewhere else. Woop, woop! Let them improve what they have already on their innovation, and I feel like this tank could be that much better. I feel like it's in very, very beta phase is where it is.

It's a decent device if you're looking at a starter kit. It's very, very lightweight, it almost feels like it's plastic. There's a lot of settings, it works well, this is just an all-around solid device with the exception of the tank that's on the top. And I've kept it real. Have you? Jai Haze out. Woop, woop!