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The latest addition in the Nautilus series, Aspire Zelos is an ergonomic vaping mod from Aspire powered by a 2500mah built-in Li-Po battery; it is capable of reaching wattage of up to 50W and ideal for day vaping. Besides its precision-laden temperature control settings, the wattage can be adjusted under TC mode. Zelos comes in a sleek, curvy design that is equipped with a 1.8ohm BVC coil. Top-fill design keeps things very clean, whereas interchangeable coils with other Nautilus coils lets you easily personalize your coil/cloud producing preference. Aspire Zelos is available in a range of anodized and matted colors.

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Aspire Nautilus 2 Zelos Kit
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Aspire Aspire Zelos reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Nautilus 2 Zelos Kit by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, I have a kit to show you guys and this kit right here was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Aspire. It is the Zelos kit that includes the Aspire Nautilus 2. Yes, the new Nautilus tank as you see here, and just to say this right now, I might say Nautilus Mini a few times in this video 'cause I keep on calling it a Mini, and there's a reason why, which we'll talk about later on in this video. But yes, the Aspire Nautilus 2 tank, the Zelos 50 watt device right here, does your temperature controls, nickel, titanium, stainless steel, has a voltage mode, also has a bypass mode. Built-in 2500 milliamp hour battery. The tank itself comes with a lot of stuff, you get two drip tips with the tank, extra glass, O-rings, two coils, you get the 1.8 ohm mouth-to-lung coil, you also get the 0.7, it's kind of like a mouth-to-lung/restrictive lung hit coil, which I have in the tank right now.

And let me demonstrate, fully open air flow with the 0.7 ohm. That's vaping it at 22 watts. You can mouth-to-lung it too. Real nice.

So let's do this. Let's dive down. I'll show you guys the packaging. We'll go through the device. I'm gonna fill up... I have two of these tanks. I also have without it being a kit, just a Nautilus tank, comes in a separate packaging. We'll put 1.8 ohm coil in that one, and fill up some juice in there, we'll vape that too. We'll come back, vape on it, and I'll give you guys all my thoughts on the Zelos and the Nautilus 2.

And here's the packaging, the Aspire Zelos or Zelos, however you wanna call it, 50 watt kit comes in. They forgot to put the nicotine in there. I didn't get it with nicotine. Inside the packaging, you'll get your user manual, your warranty card, and how to fill the tank.

You get a USB charging cable, you get a Delrin 510 drip tip, you get a baggy with some O-rings, a spare glass, and this 0.7 ohm... What does it say? 18 to 23 watt coil. It's got the orange rings, and pre-installed in the tank is gonna be 1.8 ohm coil. This is their 0.7 ohm coil. Alright, here is the Nautilus Mini... Oh, actually, the Nautilus 2. Pre-installed you're gonna have a stainless steel drip tip. As you guys saw, you'll also get a Delrin drip tip. There's the bottom of the tank, it says Nautilus 2. There's your 510. Your air flow ring as you see here, it's got a stopper, it stops, and you could set it up to a very tight pull or a fully open pull. Air flow ring itself does pop off, as you see there. It's got one o-ring here that holds it in place. It's nice, it's got a nice tension on there. Where's the inside... Quality of paint, feel of the tank, very nice.

And to fill this tank, all you do is unscrew, and you could keep the air... This ring on there, I just took it off to show you guys, but you just unscrew, and there we go. There's the inside of the tank, and there's your glass. Now, to fill the tank, obviously, you're gonna fill in around the sides here, fits 2 mls of liquid, but to change your coil on this, you're gonna have to pop the glass off, so you have to do one of these, you pop the glass off, and you unscrew the coil. Let's check out the coil here. This is the 1.8 ohm BVC coil. You could see there 1.8 ohm, 4.2 to 5 volts. They don't show a wattage on here, they just show voltage on here. I think there should've been wattage put on here instead of voltage. But the device itself, the Zelos or Zelos does have a voltage mode, maybe that's why they did it, but I would like to see wattage on here.

There's the inside of the coil. This one is for your mouth-to-lung. Now, this is the 0.7 ohm coil. You could see the differences, this one has the clear o-ring, the 1.8 ohm mouth-to-lung, and then you have an orange o-ring for the 0.7 ohm. And there, you could see the openings, you could see there the 0.7 ohm's opening is just a little bit bigger. You could mouth-to-lung this, and you could take a nice restrictive lung hit off the 0.7 ohm, but this 1.8 ohm is mainly for your mouth-to-lung. But as you could see in the opening, there's not that much of a difference, just a little bit.

Now, I'll show you guys the proper way of filling the tank and also to primer your coil. The juice I'll be using is some of this stuff I picked up in Detroit, the Mamasan, it's called ASAP. There we go. Yeah, it's a 3 milligram, that's okay. Usually, with mouth-to-lung, you need a higher strength milligram of nicotine, but I wanna vape this juice. I'm going mainly for flavor with this. Alright so, as you see there, I'm dropping a couple of drops of liquid, then I'll put some on the side, and I'm gonna start filling it. Drop two more down there, that's about enough just for the inside to primer the coil. There we go. I could put a little more in there if I want to, but I won't. I'll leave it up to there.

Now, we take this top piece, put it on, just screw it in place. We'll let that one saturate a little bit, put it on the side. Now, you could also buy the tank separately as you could see here. Nautilus 2, they just sell just the tank by itself if you want to, and it comes in all different colors. Everything that you saw that it comes in in the kit, also comes on its own, the only thing missing obviously is gonna be the mod, and the USB charging cable. So you get the extra glass, o-rings, two coils. As you could see here, on this one here, I got the 1.8 ohm off because I actually have the 0.7 ohm on this tank. I have two Nautiluses, and there's the stainless drip tip, and you could see I'm using the Delrin one on this one.

So when we go back up on top, I'll be vaping both of these. So you could see there, there's... So I know that the stainless steel one has the mouth-to-lung coil, and the Delrin one has the 0.7 ohm which is a mouth-to-lung and also a restrictive lung hit.

Alright, so let's check out the device. Before we check out the device, there are all the different colors the tank comes in. Here is the Aspire Zelos. Alright. It's got a built-in battery in here. It's a 2500 milliamp hour battery. You see you have battery venting, USB charging right there, you have your plus and minus button marked, your fire button. Nice, solid device. Real nice, no rattling or nothing. The paint on here is very nice. Beautiful paint job on here. You have your 510, nice spring loaded 510. Everything sits pretty much flush. As you could see, it just sticks up just a hair. If your eyes could make it out, it's just a hair, so this way, you don't scratch the top. The measurements on here comes out to a 23 millimeter would be the maximum, a 24 will have a slight overhang. The Nautilus Mini. This one here, I'll... I keep on calling it a Nautilus Mini, the Nautilus 2 is a 22 millimeter tank.

Now, as you could see there, it has the gyroscope set up on it. See that, it flips? Five clicks turn the device on. There you go, you could see it better that way. So very nice they added this to this device. I'm gonna put a tank on here 'cause it's constantly gonna say No atomizer so I'll do that right now, throw that on. Device does 50 watts, as you could see there. 50 watts and it round robins. Now, if I press the plus button and the fire button, I could lock the device. It'll still fire, but it just locks your up and down button. Press it again, now it's unlocked. One, two, three. If I click it just three times, see it's firing, but right now, when it's three clicks, you have it in stealth mode. Three clicks, now we're out of stealth mode.

Now, to get into the menu system of this device, you press the plus and minus button. You have your wattage mode, you have TC stainless steel, TC titanium, TC nickel, you have bypass mode which works basically off the power of the battery like a mechanical mode. You have just voltage mode, so you could run it like in plain voltage mode just like... Well, you saw the 1.8 ohm coil Nautilus, it shows you what voltage to stay in, so if you wanna run it that way, you can, and then back to wattage mode. So I'm gonna put it in stainless steel mode, it's gonna ask me, New coil or same? I'll press new. So it's reading on the resistance, you have your temperature control. And it does round robin, you could see there.

So you see there's your wattage, it says 40 watts. And right here now, I could change my wattage. So I could run the coil up to 50 watts, as you could see there, press the fire button. Now, it'll fire 50 watts to my temperature.

Here's a little size comparison between the Zelos and the eVic-VTC Mini. I'll let you guys get a basic idea on how big the device is, and you see the Zelos is a shorter device. But the rest of the dimensions are around the same except for obviously, this one is rounded, and this one isn't. That was the Aspire Zelos and the Nautilus 2. Let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And we're back. And that was the Aspire Nautilus 2 and the Zelos Mod. The Zelos Kit. So Mike, what are your thoughts?

I absolutely love this whole concept, everything about this, this whole set up, love it.

There's a reason why I love it because I'm a big fan of the Nautilus Mini. See, I said Nautilus Mini. The Nautilus. That's what helped me quit smoking. When the Nautilus Mini came out with the BVC coils, that was it right there, I was in love with vaping. That's when I knew I was in love with vaping, and vaping was it for me. So they've updated it obviously. Coils are like the same, these are half cotton in these coils, yes, they are cotton. The same thing... Now they introduce you with a 0.7 ohm coils with it. Air flow adjustment, it does have in the bottom, you could restrict it. Right now I have it, just two little dots open, as you see there, and you could see they got stainless steel drip tip on this one, 'cause this one here is the 1.8 ohm, as you could see there right now, it's reading it at... It's actually reading it at 1.93, and I'm vaping it at 15 watts.

Nice tight pull, I like it. I'm gonna raise it up a little bit. We'll put it at 16 and a half watts. So you got that nice tight pull, which is... It's a very nice tight pull, I mean for all the mouth-to-lung people out there, people that vaped on the Nautilus and loved it. In the comments below, give your experiences. The people that are just getting into vaping that might be interested in this, this is... The Nautilus coils are one of the best for mouth-to-lung vaping. I'm gonna raise the air flow. I got it fully open. Now, with this one here, compared to the original Nautilus, there's more air flow, because right now, I'm opening up all the air flows, as you could see there. Watch. You could take a nice big hit. Even with all the air flows, it's a nice loose mouth-to-lung, but it's not sloppy, it's not that sloppy mouth-to-lung hit. Real nice.

Bump up the wattage a little bit. Remember now, I'm still vaping on the 1.8 ohm coil. I'm gonna put it at 19 watts.

People are like, What the hell just happened? Yeah, look. There you go, if you don't believe me. It's a nice hit. It won't keep up if you're gonna try and lung hit it with the 1.8 ohm coils, but this is where if you like to mouth-to-lung and occasionally lung hit at the same time, that 0.7 ohm coil is off the hook for that. So I'm gonna switch the tanks right now.

I got the 0.7 ohm coil, which is reading I think 0.8, 23 watts, as you could see here, I got the Delrin one on here. This one here, like I said, is the 0.7 ohm. And the air flow, as you guys saw inside the coil, the opening, it's just a tad bigger than the 1.8 ohm. So you get some nice vapor for a Nautilus, yeah. Now, I want to mouth-to-lung this, I could too. I'm gonna close the air flow down halfway, I left three openings open.

Now, 'cause I'm mouth-to-lunging, I suggest drop in a wattage, so I'm gonna drop this one down to 20 watts, I'll put it. Great vape. They knocked out of the park with this one, they did. Very nice.

Now, let's go into some pros and cons. We're gonna start off with the mod. The mod basically... Pros on this, build quality is beautiful. Built-in battery, so people that are just beginning don't have to mess around with batteries and nothing, and they could just plug in and use, no rattling or nothing, well built. The paint looks beautiful on it. Temperature control, this is a mod where you could grow on. Someone who's just starting vaping, they could use their Nautilus tanks and who knows, maybe they wanna experiment with some temp control, they could get themselves a tank that does temp control, maybe throw on some stainless steel coils, and vape it in temperature control mode.

I've tried it in temperature control mode, and it works actually pretty good. I've tried it in stainless steel mode, no issues with it. It locks your resistance when it asks you for a new coil or old coil, it does that. You could change the wattage and temperature control, very nice. The only thing I could give it a con would have to be, if you wanna get into that much technical, 'cause I don't think it really needs it, is there's no TCR option, where it's alright for you to do TCRs and temp control, but I think mainly this device here, this set up, is not for the temp control, they just threw it in there. This is mainly for you to get mouth-to-lung vaping, low wattage, 2500 milliamp battery built-in, and it's gonna last you the whole day. You should be able to get the whole day vaping at 16 watts, with this, you're gonna get through the whole day, no problem.

Another pro I'm gonna give it, now for the tank, will be flavor. The flavor is real nice on here. It's got a nice flavor, love the air flow adjustments, love how there's so many options with the air flow where I could open it fully, shut it down, halfway, whatever, and find where I wanna vape it, so very nice. Tank itself looks-wise, that's up to you guys. Some people are gonna love the look, some people aren't gonna like it, but the looks, I wish that it had a little bit more... What do you call it? Liquid capacity, it only fits 2 mls of liquid. But when you are mouth-to-lunging, 2 ml is actually, will last you with this tank. And the reason being for 2 mls, is that it's a TPD compliant. Now, this is where I keep on saying, it's always in my head that this is a Nautilus Mini, which it is, it's a Nautilus Mini. This should've been called the Nautilus Mini version 2, not the Nautilus version 2.

The original Nautilus I think fit, if I'm not mistaken, was it 5 mls of liquid? So, yeah, it was a bigger tank. This one here is smaller than the original Nautilus Mini, so this should've been called the Nautilus Mini in my opinion. The Nautilus Mini 2, this tank. But yeah, style of the tank, it would've been nice... I like to see maybe in the future, is different style top caps to put on here. And I wish also that it was different way to change the coil, where you could remove the base and take the coil off because for the beginner, this might be a little bit tricky, especially trying to get the glass off. For me, it's no problem 'cause I know how to do that, but a lot of beginners, you know, they're gonna be like, Oh, how do I get this glass off? and they're gonna try and they might break it, you never know, but I wish it was just a little bit simplified.

But to tell you the truth, for me, it is pretty simplified. But for the beginner, it might not be. But all in all, I have to give two thumbs up on this whole set up. The device itself, really like this device. For a nice little 50W device, they really did a good job with this. The tank itself vapes great, awesome vape. Different colors, as you guys saw in the up and close. That little pamphlet, they're gonna be all different colors for these to choose from. Even the device itself.

I see right now on, they have a red, a black, and they have the charcoal. I think this is it, the grey. Alright, so they have these three right now. The kit on Heaven Gifts, what's the price on this thing? I think it was $60. Let's see... Yeah, $60 you can get this. I'll have a coupon code down below for this.

And also, if you wanna buy just the tank, I found it at a Just the tank itself, and that's... Element Vape is a US vendor. Heaven Gifts is a vendor outta China so I haven't found the device yet here in the United States. I'm sure there might be, when it is, I'll update it down below in the description. But $31.95 I found the tank. I think that's the price it was at

Coil options that they're gonna have, like I said it comes with a 1.8 ohm and the 0.7 ohm. They're also gonna offer a 1.6 ohm coil too. Five packs of coils, this is it right here. This is the way they look. Alright, there's the five packs of coils.

I tried looking on the box to find out what they need. Another thing that Aspire needs to do is put down the resistance of the coil on the box. It's not on the box. You actually have to open up the box and look. And just by me opening up and looking at these, I have orange o-rings, I know right now these are the 0.7. But for the average person, you need to mark these boxes with the resistance if you're gonna sell them.

So yeah, all in all, great device. Yes I do recommend it. And I have to say, the 0.7 ohm coils, I like them a lot. They're pretty good. Getting a great vape.

So in the description below, I'll have a link to Aspire. I'll throw their link down below. They also sell the stuff out of China. I'll have Heaven Gifts link with a coupon code, AMV15. I'll have their link down below, and I'll also have Element Vape's link if you guys just wanna purchase just the tank. I'll have their links down below. All of my links, social media links, advocacy links, all of them are down there, even my website links. Make sure you click on that bell icon. Yeah, click on it on YouTube so you get notifications when I put up a new review. Alright, I'm done. Thank you. And remember, keep on vaping.