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The iStick Pico 21700 stays in the same line of styling with the Pico series, but this device can be powered with either a 21700 or a 18650 battery and provide all day use regardless. The amount of power it can reach is 100W, and it is also able to be quick charged should you need to juice it up with energy on the go. As for the display, the iStick Pico 21700 has a 0.91 inch screen for clear and easy visual management. This particular kit is the ideal one for anyone who is searching for an e cig with a longer battery life and rather vape with direct inhales, as it is a product that likes to get to the point!

iStick Pico 21700 Eleaf
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Eleaf Pico 21700! | & Eleaf Invoke Christmas Edition!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf Pico 21700! | & Eleaf Invoke Christmas Edition! by IndoorSmokers

Welcome vapesters to this almost New Year's Eve video. Hope you guys are having a great day where you're at. We're actually getting a snow storm going on here, right now. I don't know how well you guys can see all the snow coming down, man, but we're getting a ton of it right now. It's coming down heavy out here. Snow storm. What's up Fay? What you got to say? But I managed to brave the weather today to get down the UPS store to get you guys a new product to look at. So we have an upgraded version of the Pico by Eleaf. Pico de Gallo. That sounds like some shit one of those creepy ass Hollywood agents would be into. I like the Pico de Gallos, but regardless, that's what we're going to be looking at today. That's right, we're taking a peek at the Pico.

So, alright guys, Eleaf has done it again, another great little mod, this is an upgraded version of their original Pico, this one will do 100 watts, and one of the most unique things about it is that this one also takes a 21700 battery. The first one I've used of these, and mine actually came with the battery in it. It just had one of those little plastic disk covering the bottom part here, so it didn't get uncharged while it was in transport, but I did have to pull that off. It took me a little while to find it, didn't realize it was on there, couldn't figure out why the thing wouldn't charge. But managed to get that done, got her all charged up today.

Then to just give you guys a quick preview of how well this thing's fucking vaping, check this out. Oh, yeah. This might be the biggest vape producing tank from Eleaf yet. So we got the ELLO tank or ELLO, I'm not exactly sure. E-L-L-O. ELLO. So, this is the TPD approved version with the 2 ml tank, but they do give you a 4 ml glass option that you can switch in there. It does have adjustable airflow on the bottom there. And then the mod itself would have come right here in the pack, with the tank included a replacement glass piece to get that larger 4 ml option on there. And then on the bottom level, you had your instruction books, your replacement coil, the bigger drip tip that you have in there, as well as your micro-USB. And there is also a little 18650 adapter. So if you don't have any 2100s or if the kit you have doesn't come with one, then you're still alright, you can use your 18650s in it too. Now Miles will show you guys what else came today from Eleaf.

So this is the new Christmas version of The Invoke by Eleaf, if you guys can see there, it actually says Merry Christmas and everything on it, but I just had to show you guys this. They just sent me one as a gift for me, which I do love, but yeah, I had to let you guys at least check it out, man. Fuck, that is just one tight ass paint job on this thing. All right, so thank you for the gift Eleaf, I will prize that. I love the iridescent colors. But, as far as the Pico goes, it is a very tiny mod, the battery actually sticks up that little bit, that's why you have that raised cap on there, and then you do have a pretty nice clear screen with a lot of your information on there. This thing will do up to a 100 watts in wattage mode, or it will do the full array of temperature control nickel, titanium, stainless steel, it will do 200-600 in Fahrenheit, or 150-315 in Celsius. And then you have your power button right there on the top, you have your micro-USB right there on the bottom, good placement, though, 'cause you can charge this thing while it's standing up.

And then you'll notice there's no other buttons, anything on here. So how the freak are you supposed to change your wattage and temperature and shit? Damn. Sneaky little bottom buttons on this thing. So you're basically just going to use these bottom buttons to switch up and down, and as you can see, it will fast scroll, or you can do it individually in 0.1 increments as well. And that will do from 1 up to 100 watts. This thing will read resistances down to 0.1 in power mode or 0.05 in temperature. So basically, it's got all the high-tech features you would want in a mod you're buying today. And then one of the exciting things about this is the 0.3 resistance coil that we have in this right now, is rated to vape between 30 and 70 watts. Now, I've only primed this coil up with a little bit of juice, but we might as well go ahead and fill it up now since we're going to be doing some serious vaping. So as you can see, there's like a little triangle right there, and that is where you're going to slide it open, and then you got your fill right there. I do love all these new slide tanks, either the swivel ones or the slide ones. It's a lot easier to have to unscrew the whole top and put that aside, then fill it, put it back on here, in just one motion. And then, I'm going to be using my Beastie Boiz-N-Berry, Vapesta Juice by IndoorSmokers to fill this thing up.

I wanted to vape on this the other day, but Danielle wanted to use the OV. So I went ahead and switched that for her, but now I can put whatever the hell I want to in this. So as you can see with this little 2 ml tank, you're just barely going to need a couple of droppers full to get that tank filled up. And if you guys didn't know, which a lot of people I know, I've always got new people to this channel who don't know, I do have my own e-juice line, it's called Vapesta Juice by IndoorSmokers, we have OV, original Vapesta, which is like a grape, Welch's grape juice type flavor, we got the Beastie Boiz-N-Berry, which is a blue raspberry, kind of like a blue raspberry slushy, this one right here. And then we also have a yo-go, which is a strawberry-banana yogurt. And honestly, it tastes almost exactly like a Yoplait strawberry-banana yogurt, but I'm not supposed to say that, 'cause I don't want to Yoplait up this ass, if you know what I'm saying. But alright, guys, we've got this set right now at 35 watts. I think that would be a good starting point. That way, for people with lower wattage mods and things out there, they can see what this will be able to do at it's lower range. And then it is reading this coil as a 0.29, so it's rated a 0.3, so just about spot on, and we're going to be doing only 3.2 volts to get this vape.

So here we go, the first 35 watt vape, on the brand new Pico 21700. Check it out. Not bad vapor production at 35 watts. I did have to take a longer drag than I would normally like to have to take, so I'm going to turn this up and see what it can do at the higher realm. Bam, and we are now doing 3.75, 3.8 volts to get this 50-watt vape. Alright. Now you're getting to some serious vapage production. And you can see that was maybe about a five or six-second drag on that one, which is still longer than the way I like to vape, so I'm going to go ahead and put this thing a little bit closer to its higher range, but let's go ahead and crank it up. We'll give it one last vape at it's highest range, 70 watts, see what this thing can do, but I got to say, for such a compact little mod, this thing is actually vaping impressively well.

There you go. Now you're getting full on, serious heavy vape-off of this thing. I can take a much quicker vape now. Nothing wrong with that. So really, just a great lower wattage vape. Although this thing does go up quite a bit higher than the original Pico. So this thing is going to give you that 100 watts, which is going to give you more battery power, as well as a 21700 battery in it, which is going to give you longer battery life. So between those two added features, I would say this is a distinct improvement over the original Pico, which I wasn't overly impressed with, but this one, I would say, could definitely be somebody's stand-alone vape or would make a great secondary back-up vape to take with you on the go or something like that. And although you can put a lot of other tanks on here as you will notice, we just barely have a little bit of room between the battery cap and the tank itself, so you're really not going to be able to put something any bigger than this on there. And I couldn't find how many millimeter this tank is, but my guess would be probably about 22, 23 millimeter across on the base there. And, of course, you do have a 510 threading with a spring loaded reciprocal 510 thread right here on the mod itself. But alright, guys, if you are interested in getting the Pico mod for yourself by Eleaf, they are always fairly inexpensive.

I have not seen how much these are running for, but I will put a link right underneath the video, down in the crotch-box where you can go check it out for yourself on the website. And if you like the look and the style of this Pico, but you don't want to go out and buy one yourself, then we got you covered, because we got one right here that we're going to be giving away at the end of this video. So just hang out after the cut-scene, I'll tell you how you can get in on the giveaway for the new Eleaf Pico. And then, of course, I'll also put a link underneath to where you can check out this Beastie Boiz-N-Berry, and I will see if they are actually selling this new Christmas edition of the Invoke anywhere. I know, because if I didn't have this one, this is probably what I would run out and buy right now. And then don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven't already. Ring that little bell, so you get the notification when the videos go up, and then give me a like if you liked, and then give me a comment if you are so inclined. And I will catch all of you guys right back here, next year. That's right guys. 2017 is wrapping up. Can you believe it? And then I hope everybody out there has a fun and safe New Year's Eve. I will catch you guys right back here on Monday. Hang out. Damn. I hate it when I drop them. Hang out till after the cut-scene if you want to get a chance to win one. Peace.

Clouds for days, guys. Alright, if you want to get a chance to win one of these brand new Pico 100 watt, 21700 battery mods, all you got to do is be a subscriber to this channel, then you're going to want to like and comment on this video. Tell me something you thought about the new Eleaf Pico. And that's all you got to do to be automatically entered in the giveaway. Good luck everybody, and then we will see you right back here again in 2018. Damn.

What the fuck? You guys still here? Come on, man. You're trying to Pica de Gallo or something, man. Get out of here.