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Introducing the one and only kit that has the ultimate flexibility and adaptability for your convenience, the Aspire Puxos Kit! What makes this kit so special is it can use not just one, but three different types of battery including the 21700, 20700 and the 18650. In addition to that, it comes bundled with the spanking new Aspire Cleito Pro tank, which is famed for its durability and high bursts of flavor during every vape session. This tank is also compatible with coils from both the Cleito Exo and Cleito tanks, giving you more freedom to switch between devices. If you like freedom with your kits, then you will like that the Puxos kit is able to be used in many different modes. This means that you can choose what wattage, voltage, bypass, CPS and TCR you use during each vape session.

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Aspire Puxos & Cleito Pro Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Lightweight and 21700 Compatible
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Aspire Aspire Puxos Kit reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Puxos & Cleito Pro Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Lightweight and 21700 Compatible by Jai Haze

Hello, what is going on? How's everybody doing? You feeling fresh? I'm feeling clingy, keep it bounty. What! What's going on everybody? Jai Haze here. And today, I'm gonna be doing a review on the device that I was sent for the purposes of the review. You know what impresses me as of late? Aspire. I feel that there should be other companies that should follow in the footsteps of Aspire. Now, I'm not gonna sit here and say that Aspire always made solid products, but those of you that remember, they did the Atlantis and they kind of started that whole sub-ohm tank scenario scene. So did KangerTech, but KangerTech has since fallen off. I don't know if you've seen my video of that AITE RDA, if you haven't, I'll post a link right there.

Aspire did the SkyStar, they also did the Feedlink Pro, which I was a very, very big fan of, and specially for being an unregulated device. Wasn't horrible, but it would have been much better if there was a chip inside. Anyway, long story short, Aspire has always made semi-solid products. What I'm meaning by that is not the actual quality of it, but how heavy it is, so to speak. When I got this in the mail, I almost did a little baby cartwheel. Just picture a big ass human being doing a cartwheel, just remove the legs. I'm not quite sure that would work because what would happen is... When you go to touch down, you're just gonna roll over like a Twinkie. Or like an egg. If you have no legs, you should not be worried about doing cartwheels.

We're just gonna put that out there. That is my warning to you, legless people. God! Sounds so bad. Let's just flip it, or cartwheel it. We're gonna do something with this mod. Let's flip it.

Puxos. I'm not quite sure I'm saying that correct and I'm probably, definitely butchering the name. I don't know how else you would say that, maybe if you pronounce the x like a z... Puzos? You got the Puzos. I think it's French, it means French fry. On the side, it got absolutely nothing. On the top, Aspire. On the bottom, Aspire. Then on the flip side, baseball card stat sheet, everything that's included on the inside. Gonna freeze-frame that for you. What makes this mod so great is this right here. I'm not quite sure why there's still mod makers and companies making box mods that are single 18650. It almost seems like it's counterproductive.

Why would you release something that is only this battery when this is the battery that everybody's using? Now, I know you could use your argument and say, The same thing happened with the 18650 and 26650 when the 26650 came out. Not the same scenario, because the 18650 and the 20700, the only difference is it's 2 millimeters fatter and it's 5 millimeters longer. That's not that big of a difference. And then of course, you go here, that's only one more millimeter on top of the 20. Down here on the bottom, we have batch which is going to be empty if this is a sample. Color configuration down here and the design, and then scratch and sniff is going to be flower honeysuckle colostomy bag flavor and scented.

A lot of stuff going on with this, and it's more of the colostomy bag once it's filled not empty. Don't know about you, but that makes me hungry. Who's in a mood for some eggplant parmesan? Yum! What I did was take everything outside of the box because it'd be much easier for me to show you everything that was inside the box as opposed to taking everything out, going one by one. First off, you're gonna get a peripheral pouch, and inside the peripheral pouch, you're gonna get a bunch of extra o-rings and a rubber tank stopper-bumper. I'm not quite sure as to who makes this battery because 20700 4000 milliamps is going to remind me of the Sanyo B. However, this is a 21700. It may be another re-wrap of an iJoy but that's very, very much unlikely. Aspire is not typically known to re-wrap iJoy products. Joyetech does with the Ampking but I've never seen Aspire do that. I'm sure there's gonna be that person down below, Of course Aspire re-wraps batteries. I've seen them re-wrap everything. You're right, I'm wrong.


Brown, and...

It's like a browny orange.

Okay, there you go. A browny orange... If you're ever interested in putting oranges inside of your brownies, Aspire has the right color configuration you wanna go with. Let's talk a little bit about the warranty card. Aspire is known to validate their warranties and take care of consumers. Usually, a lot of companies in China will always tell you go back to the person that sold it to you, and then they'll replace it, and then we might, might... Might is the key... Replace it for that company that replaced it for you. Which is always a shitty business practice and almost makes a company not wanna deal with that distributor or that manufacturer of products just because of the warranty.

However, I can tell you I know a couple people that had some issues with some SkyStars, and they got them fixed. This isn't a company that you would have to be worried about whether or not their warranty is going to hold up. Granted, if you go swimming with your mod, don't contact Aspire and tell them you got chlorine in it. That's not... That doesn't fall under warranty. Then your user manual, very, very self-explanatory. What makes this mod so great? What this tank comes with is a new rendition of their Cleito line. Sort of like what SMOK does with their TFV, Aspire started it now. But for real, this is the second time that I've seen Aspire use something that has the same coil than their original. The first thing that comes to mind is the Triton and the Atlantis. Same exact coil as the original Cleito. The resistances are gonna be different, 0.4, 0.5. Now, you can get the original Cleito and a 0.27, also a 0.4 stainless steel.

If you're lucky enough, you may find these in a monster version which is made by Vapor Works. They haven't really done anything and they don't respond to their emails, but their coils that they made for the Cleito were absolutely phenomenal. However, if you do get this device or you get a Cleito Pro, just keep in mind that the Cleitos are going to be cross-compatible with it. Then you get a micro-USB. Cleito Pro by Aspire. What they did with this made something so much more convenient for filling. Anybody that uses an RTA, you're gonna be very familiar with this style of filling. You just pull this up, fill that in right there and then push this top cap back down. I don't know if it gets any easier than that. I kind of wish that it was tracked, meaning as you pull this, it kind of stayed in place, then you could fill it up and push it back down, but it's not. One of the biggest problems I had with the original Cleito was in order for you to swap out the coil, you had to empty out all the juice that was remaining in the tank. That's still a thing. You would think that they would have figured out a way to fix that, but because the coil is literally the whole centerpiece of the tank, there is no way around that.

In order for you to change out that coil, you are going to need to make sure that there is nothing left inside of the tank. The drip tip is going to unscrew from that or you could just grab it from the base down here and then unscrew it here and then that coil will stand like that. That's it, very, very self-explanatory. I really wish they would have went back to the regular silver or stainless steel. I hate this look so much. A brand new coil. All we're gonna do is put a couple of little drips in here, nothing too crazy. Keep in mind, if you put too much in there when you put the rest of the tank together, it may leak through the airflow on the bottom. Cleito Pro on the base. I guess you could fill this up one of two ways, you could pop that off or you could unscrew this and just fill it up down the side. It doesn't really matter, filling it up through the top port up here is going to be a little bit difficult just because the way the tank is going to be angled as you fill it up. Once you fill the tank, just let that sit for a little bit because the coils do have a lot of cotton in it and again, it is the whole length of the tank, so that does need to saturate.

The mod is very, very, very lightweight and it's cross-compatible with either an 18650, 20700 or 21700. Let's see if it fits on top of this mod. 24 millimeter no problem whatsoever. 25 will not work. What happens with 25 is you get a little bit of an overhang up here on the top. One of the things that Aspire is pushing with this is that you're able to change out these panels and add different ones. Now I did get a different version, but it's multiple colors and I'm not a huge fan of it. I'm also not a fan of this design as well. Either we go with this white with these flowers all over the place or we go with the one that looks like it's like a shirt from the 1960s that a hippie would wear. You know that legless hippie? Yeah, that guy. That's something he would wear. Inside here is going to be an adapter, don't confuse that for a battery, converting your 18650 to a 20700. The weight of the battery alone is what the majority of the weight is. 21700. And then what's going to happen is, depending on what you select for the battery is going to configure how much power you can use. However, there's a workaround to that. We're just gonna wait for this to go all the way up.

Okay, it does round robin. A 100 watts. Now, we're gonna take an 18650 with an adapter. And then down here, it's going to ask what we pick. We're still going to select the 21700, you can still do the same amount of power. All that it's doing is giving you a recommendation for the power, for said such battery. However, the chip is not smart enough to determine whether or not that is a 21700. That would be pretty cool if it could, it just... And then the same thing goes, we could select 18650 even though a 21700 is in there, and that's only gonna go to 80 watts. If you press the fire button three times, consecutively, all it's gonna do is put the mod into stealth. One, two, three stealth mode, and you can still fire it. One, two, three takes it out of stealth. Press the up and the fire that's going to select the watts down here in the corner. And pressing the up brings up the voltage, which is a huge, huge plus. This is one of the main reasons why I love the Oceanus so much is that you're able to use it in voltage. Bypass which works just like a regular mech mod. CPS, cherry pops slowly. Once you have temperature control selected, hit the fire button, that's gonna select over here with the type of metal, you have stainless steel, nickel, titanium, back to stainless steel.

TCR, temperature co-efficiency rating. M1 and you have M2, M3, back to watts. Hit the fire button again, now you're gonna have another menu where it says N, that's gonna be your normal, high and then S for soft. We're gonna leave it on normal. Press the down and the fire, that's going to lock the mod where you cannot adjust any of the power. However, you can still use the fire. Oh, shit, check that out. That's pretty freaking cool, it doesn't do anything but if you press the up and down together, that's gonna bring up a menu, brightness and flip screen. However, when you hit flip screen, it doesn't exactly flip the screen. It kind of just keeps it right where it's at. As you can tell, it doesn't really fit very well on top of the mod. It doesn't look horrible. It would have looked much better if it was white or that other color that's on this door, or even black. That silver just does not match. Try this one more time. If we press the up and down together, hit flip screen, nothing happens. I don't know why it's not flipping the screen. This is the Puxos kit by Aspire. Let's bring it on the top.

Back on top with that Puxos kit by Aspire with the Cleito Pro sitting on the top of that. This is how the kit comes. 49 watts and it's picking up at a 0.53, it's a bit much.

Drip tip is super, super comfortable. If you're already aware of how the Cleito hits, it's exactly how this hits. It's the same exact coil configuration. However, there is a difference in the resistance. I guess they took something that they knew that was successful and they put it on their new kit that they were coming out with. One thing that I love with mods is when they're really compact and they're really lightweight. Probably because I ride a motorcycle and I don't want something that's in my pocket that feels like I have a washing machine in it.

For instance, if I'm going into a lean on a turn on my motorcycle and, for whatever reason, my pants are dragging on the road because I have something that's the size of a backpack in my pocket, that's not comfortable. I much prefer something that's dainty, like the ballerina-style sized mod is something I would like. What I would like to do with this is go outside and throw it in the air to see if it's gonna break. And I like doing that with plastic mods to see if they can really hold up. Because the huge argument that a lot of people have is they want something that's metal because it feels more sturdy and it could take a hit better, but that's not necessarily true. Just because something's metal doesn't mean that it's gonna handle better than something that's plastic.

For instance, when plastic hits the ground, the shock waves, so to speak, can travel through it, versus on metal, they can't. What happens is it bends or it warps. That's not necessarily a bad thing, that's just a little bit of factual information for you, and that's why plastic, if under enough of pressure, will snap and it doesn't bend. More unique than the original Cleito is... Those of you that don't know what it is, it's basically the same exact thing. However, the drip tip on the top was kind of built in, and if you wanted to get a Cleito drip tip, or ULTIMO, you had to put a drip tip over it and it was a very, very awkward size. However, it came with like an adapter that went over the top of the tank to stop the tank from getting really hot. They removed that with the Cleito 120, which was basically a bigger rendition, really juicy coil, only came in one resistance, the 0.16. However, they did come out with a 0.23 or 0.24. Sorry about that, I went on a little bit of rant and started talking about a bird. If you wanna watch that video, I'll go ahead and I'll plug a link right there. Usually what happens is I leave it in, but if it goes on for like 15 minutes, the camera gets hot, and I just can't finish because, well, it's a little bit difficult.

And a lot of people complain that I tell too many stories. It's story time with Jai Haze. We don't wanna do that. We wanna talk about the vape and how good it vapes. Listen, I could talk about vapes all day long. Every day, I talk about vapes. If I wanna talk about a bird or a lost cat, and plug that into a video, guess what? You're gonna have to watch it. Or, you can hit the X and get off of my channel. The fact that it can support an 18650, 20700 and 21700, this is what I'm talking about when I'm talking about reviews where products are always using 18650s. That shouldn't be a thing anymore. The fact that they made this, yeah it's... Listen, it's lightweight. If you already own the Tesla WYE 85, this will give you a really good example of something that's lightweight. However, the Tesla WYE 85 is a single 18650; it's not a 21700. The good thing with using a lot of watts on a 21700, it's gonna handle it a whole lot better than a single 18650 will. This is probably one of the starter kits I would recommend all over all the other ones.

I did a review on the SMOK Devilkin. And I did recommend that because it's not a bad kit, but it is a little bit heavy. I feel that people that have just started out vaping are gonna want something that's lightweight, portable and works well. And this does exactly that. Aspire actually including a battery, the top-tier battery, for their device, the 21700? God, that is just a win. Of course, that sucks for businesses, because that's less profit margin that you can make, because the battery is included. But, for someone just starting out, yeah, that's nice. Again, they're kind of forcing you to use the micro-USB on the front faceplate here to charge it, which I don't agree with.

Guys, listen, if you're gonna buy a kit like this, it's already gonna be affordable, just invest in a single or a dual battery external charger so you can get the proper charge on multiple batteries at one time. You don't have to worry about hooking up a USB or finding a USB to either upgrade the firmware, which I'm not even sure is even an option for this, or charge the battery. It's always a good option to have another alternative aside from just charging it this way. I would rate this a 7, 7.5. It's a little high and that's because of the tank that's on there. I know that that coil works. It's a solid, solid tank. And I am not a fan of the bead blasting on it. And, the mod is very lightweight. It's all around a really solid device to start off vaping. And I've kept it real. Have you? Jai Haze out.