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Launched in a range of attractive colours, the Eleaf iKonn 220 box mod fires up to 220W of power, which helps you get better than the most out of your e-liquid! Impating rich flavours and creating gigantic clouds, the iKonn 220 kit features the 2ml e-liquid capacity Ello Tank specifically intended for cloud chasing. The Ello Tank works in tandem with the iKonn 220, to produce flavoursome and impressive clouds, making it an instant hit among those looking to up their vapour production! The kit is completed by a 10ml UK-produced bottle of e-liquid, allowing you to score over those vaping moments after unboxing your shiny new Eleaf iKonn 220. Other key inclusions are a spare o-ring and a 0.91" OLED display, featuring a dual battery life indicator that provides a gamut of vaping information.

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Eleaf iKonn 220 Kit
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Eleaf Eleaf iKonn 220 reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf iKonn 220 Kit by TVP

Alright guys, welcome back to TVP and today we've got a new kit from Eleaf. This is the iKonn 220 kit. So we've got the brand new iKonn 220w mod, this is a dual 18650. Comes with the fantastic ELLO tank with the awesome HW coils. So we're gonna go down, show you around it, have a little flick through the menu, and then I'll see you back here in a bit, alright?

Alright, guys, so we're gonna have a look around this brand new Eleaf iKonn 220 kit. Alright? It comes in a nice box as with all Eleaf stuff. Some info on the back. So, let's open this up. We get a little warning card. Don't use batteries with torn casings, always nice to see. We get a color rating card. Alright? So it'll tell you the flavor you can get from the coils, how cloudy it is, all that good stuff. Inside we get our iKonn 220 mod. We get our ELLO tank. So open up the base, we get a spare coil. Nice user manual there, alright, for the mod. We get a bag with a different style drip tip in, because it's non-510 drip tip this, so you've only really got these two options. So we've got the shape one and we've got this straight wide ball one. A couple of o-rings and a USB charge cable.

So guys, that's what we get in the box. Now, a quick look around this ELLO tank. Alright? Now I've reviewed this before, so we're not gonna go too in-depth with this one. Alright? So this is the ELLO tank, this is the 4 ml capacity. Alright? So we've got bottom earth floor. Nice adjustable bottom earth floor, it's got a stopper on. Nice and wide ball. We've got a gold-plated 510 pin, which does protrude but never put a sub tank on a hybrid mod. You can see though we've got, it says open, now this is how we fill. We've got a little triangle on top there, and all you do is push that and we've got a beautiful top-fill system there.

Drip tip, as I said, it's a non-510 drip tip, it's a proprietary tip. Fits in there, beautiful, no dramas there whatsoever. So, it comes with a H4 coil, stain can mark. We've got a H4 coil, which is a quad-coil system and it also comes with a H3 coil, which is a triple coil system. Now, these coils are absolutely amazing coils, these new HW ones, absolutely fantastic. You can see this one is a 0.2 coil, the HW3. And we are rated up to, from 50-130 watts. This H4 coil is a 0.3 ohm coil and it's rated 40-110 watts. And like I said, these coils are absolutely fantastic. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best coils Eleaf have ever made. This tank really is a good bit of kit. So that's a quick look around the tank, guys. Now, I'll fill this up in a bit, and obviously, I'm gonna vape on this when we go back up to face time on the kit. Let's just to show you what it looks like on the mod itself.

Now, the mod does come in quite a few different colors and you will get a tank to match your mod, but that's what we look like on the red and gold, absolutely beautiful. So that's a quick look around the ELLO tank. Fantastic bit of kit. So the mod, here is the iKonn 220 mod. Now, straight away, people gonna say, Wow, that looks just like an Alien, and it does, it looks very, very SMOK Alien-esque. I do like what they've done design-wise here. So we've got a screen on the front, we've got an up and down button there on the front of the mod and we've got a USB port for charging and firmware upgrades. This comes with a two amp charge as well, so you can... If you charge in the batteries in the mod, not that I recommend that, you can charge them up to two amps.

We've got a little bit of battery venting on the front there. Turning the mod over, we've got a little bit more battery venting. We've got this carbon fiber panel on the back here. On the side, we have got a side firing bar. Really nice clicky side firing bar on this one, guys. Really, really nice. On the top, we have got a gold-plated 510 pin which is very, very, very springy. Really nice and springy. We've got stainless-steel threads inside. And everything I've put on this has sat flush, no problem, made contact. Yeah, really, really nice 510 pin that. So the battery door, the battery door is a sliding battery door. Now we've got more battery venting here, so there's plenty of venting on this mod, guys. Just push it forward, pop it open and you can see that we have got markings for our batteries. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna stick two batteries inside this mod...

And there you go, guys. We're on. Now, straight away I know what you're gonna notice, the screen is absolutely dull. Really, really dull. This screen is... Well, I don't like it. I do not like at all. It needs to be brighter, in my opinion. They've made a really good mod here, but the screen is so, so dull. And we're gonna talk about that more anyway, when go up to face time. So this is, as the name suggests, a 220 watt device with two 18650s. So you can go from 1 to 220 watts, okay? It's pretty much the basic Eleaf chip. So three clicks and we're in wattage. We've got temperature, nickel... You can't even see that, can you? Temperature titanium, temperature stainless-steel and we've got our TCRs there, okay. And then back to wattage. Hold the up and the fire button, and we can change the display. We can go from amps... To seconds, that's your vaping time. And then we can go to puff counter or back to amps. I just like to leave it at amps. Let me see if I can get this focused a little better...

There you go, that's a little better. So holding the down button and the fire button, we can go into stealth mode. So we've got stealth off, stealth on. Holding the up and down button, we can lock the device. So if you're putting it in your pocket, you can lock the keys. Now, when we go into temp control, I'm just gonna nip into... Let's go into stainless-steel temp control. So we're in temp control, we can adjust the Fahrenheit and stuff like that. Now, what you wanna do to change your wattage is you give it four clicks. Four clicks and then it'll take you into wattage. You can adjust your wattage while you're in temperature control mode. Then we can go back to wattage. So five click's off, turns the mod off. Now, if we hold the up and the fire button at the same time, keep hold of it. Here we can adjust our TCRs, so that's where you would input your wire TCRs, very, very simple to do. If we hold the fire button and the down button, while we are off, it should show us the voltage of our batteries.

Can you see that? Go on. But I think this screen is just terrible. So that's it, guys. That was a quick look around the Eleaf iKonn 220 mod. And as you can see there, beautiful looking mod, but this screen leaves a lot to be desired. I'm gonna juice this tank up, we'll get up to face time, let it run through some specs, have a vape on it and I'll tell you what I think. Alright, let's do this...

Right guys, that was a look around the Eleaf iKonn 220 kit. What do you think of that little beauty? So a couple of specs on this. It is a 220 watt device. Alright? We've got all the usually temp controls, TCRs, all that bullocks. Dual 18650, and it's very, very small, I mean, fits in the hand absolutely beautifully. Really, really nice. The tank is a 4 ml capacity tank. I'm pretty sure the European version will come at 2 ml capacity, but the 2 ml capacity one comes with a little extender and a bigger glass, so you can make it up to four ml. But they've gotta be TPD compliant. You get the two coils, the HW3 and the HW4 coil, which are both absolutely epic coils. This tank, alright, I've said this before and I've reviewed this a couple of times, doing a couple of Eleaf kits, this tank is the best tank they've ever done. It really is.

The coils that they're using in this are absolutely amazing coils. The life of 'em, they seem to last ages, absolutely ages. I think the longest I've ever had a coil is nearly four weeks, which is a long time for a stop coil. And the flavor is absolutely pukka. Love the top-fill, bottom air-flow. It's a nice looking tank. And I think they're onto something, and I've said it before, they're onto something with these HW coils. Love, love, love this tank. Alright? Now, the mod. The mod itself, I really like. I do really like. I love the form factor of it. It's got the grey Eleaf chip in. Very, very simple to navigate the menu system and stuff like that. The temp control works. Although, I've said before, you need to ramp it up a little bit more than you would on, say, a DNA device. I always compare temp control, me, to my DNA 200. And this one, you have to ramp up 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit to get the same vape. But the temp control does work, it regulates the temperature just fine. Saying that, I've only used it in stainless-steel because I don't use nickel or titanium. I'm not sure anyone does now, do they? Does anyone actually vape with nickel or titanium? If you do, drop the comment below, 'cause it'd be interesting to see.

I've never vaped on 'em, personally. But the stainless-steel temp control works beautifully. The fit and finish of it, very, very good. The fit and finish. The paint seems durable. Couple of atty marks on top, but you've gotta expect that with a painted mod. You're gonna get a bit of atty rush on the top, but listen, I've been out all weekend with this, proper hammering it and it's flawless. Like I said, just a little bit of atty rush on top. So the fit and finish is good. Now, I'm gonna show you the other colors it comes in, now, down here. So it comes in six different colors, as you can see. All really nice colors. I do like the green one. I do like the look of the green. Although, out of all of them, I think this one is probably my favorite. It is. And I'm glad they sent this one, 'cause it looks almost Iron Man-esque dunnit? Very, very nice. So the fit and finish, beautiful. The battery door, it's got zero rattling. We've got no gap at the bottom either. The battery door fits absolutely flush. No battery rattle. Tiny bit of rattle on the side bar button, but you don't walk around with your mod like that do you? I love the side firing bar. You can hold it there. You can hold it there. You can fire it wherever you want. Very, very comfortable to use. This is a really, really compact, comfortable, dual 18650 mod.

Now, the one big let down for this mod, I said down low, is that screen. Come on. It is way too dull Eleaf, way too dull. When you look at other mods in... I'll use the Alien as an example, 'cause that's pretty much what this emulates dunnit? They've tried to emulate the popularity of the SMOK Alien. When you look at something like that, you look at the Joyetech mods, who are a part, actually, a part of the Eleaf family, Joyetech. Their screens are nice, big, bright, crisp, concise and clear. And then you've got this Eleaf screen which is... It's diabolical, alright? And it's just, it's such a big let down for this mod.

If that screen was brighter. Alright? Really nice and bright, and crisp and clear, this mod would be absolutely epic and I mean it would be fantastic. And they would sell shit-loads of these, they probably will anyway. They'll probably sell shit-loads, just for the price point it's gonna be in and the fit and finish and the looks of it. But, they need to do something with that screen. And Eleaf, if you're watching, you need to fix this screen. Either... I don't know, tone down the tint on the actual screen cover 'cause it is very, very black that. It is very tinted. Either tone down that or get a new screen in. Do something because as it stands now and that's not good enough. It is not good enough. And it definitely needs to be brighter. Outside, you don't have to be in sunlight, just outside in everyday use, it's impossible to see this screen. You cannot see it without doing that, alright? And for me, that is a massive no-no. So I love everything about it, I love the fit and finish, I love the looks of it, I love the tank, the menu system. But that screen let's it down massively. Alright? Absolutely massively. So, yeah, thanks to Eleaf for sending this over. And guys, if you're watching over at Eleaf, please, do something about that screen because you are so close to having something really special there. So close... Fix the screen. Anyway guys, thanks for watching and I'll see you soon.