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New to vaping? No problem! Are you looking for a simple and easy to use starter kit that doesn't take much thinking to put together? The JEM/Goby Starter kit might be the one for you, as it boasts a 100mAh battery that has a customizable wattage that ranges from 10W to 13.5 W, which makes it perfect for anyone who isn't familiar with vaping yet. In addition to that, there's an adjustable airflow as well, and it comes with a top filling system that doesn't make any messes. The JEM/Goby comes with a 1.6 ohm coil and makes a mouth to lung vape a flawless and comfortable action. The next time you're shopping around for a starter kit, or know a friend who wants to get introduced to vaping, give this kit a shot!

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The Goby & Zenith Tank from Innokin
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Video Transcript: The Goby & Zenith Tank from Innokin by IndoorSmokers

Alright, vapesters, welcome back to another installment of IndoorSmokers. So I have been contacting a lot of the companies I work with asking them to send me any beginner mods they may have because like I said, I'm really trying to focus on people trying to get off cigarettes at the beginning of the year here. So out of all the companies, of course, Innokin came through big time! They not only sent me a beginner vape, they sent me this whole box of shite. We got four different great beginner products we're gonna look at today and then we're gonna be doing some giveaways too for you guys. So hang tight. We got Danielle down here to help me look at all of this and we're gonna be looking at and vaping on all of these beginner products right after this.

So Innokin has been working overtime making beginner vapes for you guys. They are always great about that. They are one of the companies that really does focus on that transition vape to get people off the cigarettes and end up vaping. This one is called the Goby. It is a...

It's super cute.

Yeah, it's really tiny. I was actually even surprised man when it came out of there just how small this thing is. This is a 1000 mAh built-in battery with a little 2 mL tank on here. You do have an adjustable wattage but it is just limited from 10 to 13.5 watts. So this is the one we're gonna be looking at. What do you got over there, Danielle?

Well, I got the new Zenith tank that they sent right there. We got the red edition on there. Looks really nice.

And this is the tank that you can do mouth to lung hits on. I believe we got a 1.6 resistance coil in there right now. Yeah, not bad. They all work great. We got a couple other things they've sent us too that we're also gonna be doing on giveaways. So this is the Christmas edition of the Endura T20-S. Still vaping just as good as the original...

Yeah, that's the one that Kelly liked, right? Well, the one that originally got her off smoking?

Yeah, and the one that we've given out to a lot of people. I know Kelly's given it to a couple of her friends and they've all loved it. So yeah, a really nice beginner one. And the last thing they sent us for the four out of four is this pocket mod, another great little beginner vape. This one's a little bit bigger and has more of a built-in battery than the other ones we're looking at. So the Goby comes in a little kit like this. You just open it up like that, you have your accessories. So in your accessory pack, you're gonna have your micro USB, the instructions, your verification codes, warranty, all that kind of stuff. Then you've also got your replacement glass piece and the coil inside in there, that's another 1.6 resistance on that bad boy.

Nice, and then we got the Zenith box right here, hold it and open. Our tank came right in this little guy right there. We got our warranty card and directions are right there.

Oh, we did have it.

We did have it.

So this is the 0.8 resistance coil, and then she's got the 1.6 resistance in there.

Yep, and they give you a little separate drip tip as well as a couple O-rings in there.

Nice. So this one actually has a very easy fill system. You don't even need to take the top off, you just spin it and now it's open and then you spin it and now it's closed. Alright, so I got that with one airflow open. I'm gonna go ahead and try do a mouth to lung hit and then we'll open it up a little bit more. And we are whoo! Using our ZampleBox today to fill these tanks up. We tried out that banana bread yesterday and we liked it so much, we're using it again today in these tanks. Alright, if you guys are interested in doing a ZampleBox, it is like a fruit of the month or wine of the month club, you basically fill out your flavor preferences and then they send you a selection of delicious E-juice every month at about 50% to 60% off retail. So you're not only getting a great selection of juice, but you're getting em' a lot cheaper than you would be buying them individually.

And you get a family.

You get the ZampleBox family behind you. Alright guys, here I'm gonna try my first mouth to lung hit on the Zenith tank by Innokin.

Not bad. That might be about the most vapor production I've seen on a mouth to lung hitter in a while. I'm gonna go ahead and see what I can do with a direct lung hit right off of this at 13 watts and that's what we're vaping on this bad boy at, 13 watts out. One runs about the same between 10 and 13 so there's nobody out there with a mod that isn't gonna be able to run this tank on it.

Is someone whistling at me? I'm used to getting that when I'm out on the street. Not bad though. You see that vapor production off of this thing at 13 freaking watts man?

Alright, guys, you've seen what the Zenith can do. I really do like this, its got great flavor. That mouth to lung hit is nice. It just has enough resistance so you can really get enough pucker to get that vapor into your mouth before you inhale it. Alright, let's go ahead and see how this Goby, now, this is an all-in-one. This one was just a tank. That one is a tank and the mod, everything in there. Wooh, what was that at?


Alright, good. So we still got a little room to move up on that. Do you think you're... That was basically a direct lung hit or was that...

That was a direct lung hit.

Alright, good.

I'll try it... I'll do a mouth to lung.

Alright. So 12 watts is what this thing can do. Mouth to lung, damn, not bad.

Yeah, it's not bad.

Let's go ahead and kick this thing up to the full three air holes you got in here now.

Slow down there.

I do even like to look at this. It's just pretty sleek all the way around.

Yeah, fit in the pocket.

Not bad. But yeah, just because you're a beginning vapester don't mean you wanna have something that just totally looks like crap, you know, you still like to get a little bit of a cool mod, be able to actually show it off a little bit, kinda flashy.

Yeah, it's definitely flashy, looks very business-like. Way better than a cigarette in your finger, I'll tell you that.

So that's the biggest hit right there I could get at 12. Let's go ahead and turn this thing all the way up to 13.5. Says it's recommended from 10 to 13 watts but it goes up to 13.5, so that's what we're gonna do. Not bad. Alright, there you go for decent vapor production. We got a couple of other ones we're gonna look at here. We already showed you guys the T20-S, the special edition. We'll talk more about that at the end of the video and we'll tell you what you need to do to get in on it.

But then we do have this sleek looking pocket mod, and then this sleek little pocket mod here. One of the things I like about it too is there's no adjustment whatsoever. So it's basically just like a vape pen, where you basically have one button that's gonna kick in and you have a recessed tank, so everything is built right into this. The only thing you're gonna wanna be careful about is hanging on to that lid otherwise you might lose it. It's not necessary but it's nice if you're gonna be going out and about and have it in your pocket, you don't get that pocket gunk, you don't get smeg down in there. She's gonna start watching Red Dwarfs pretty soon, so then she'll know what fucking smeg is after that. Alright, let's see what I can do on this, the pocket mod.

I don't know if you noticed but did you see the cool green light up button in there when you hit it?

Oh shit, I didn't.

That was really cool.

Damn, good eyes on that. Can you guys see that? It lights up green and then that will turn yellow, and then red. They do recommend you charge it as soon as it turns red, you don't wait till it dies.

Oh, it's a battery indicator.

Yeah. So pretty nice. So we're getting the green light right now, means we got plenty of battery charge.

So I think this one may have the biggest vapor production out of the four of em' we looked at here. Go ahead and give that one a try, see what you think.

Pretty close though.

Yeah, they're all very similar. I would say they all put out very good vapor production for, you know, what they are and...


These small little beginner mods, they have some really good nice vapor production.

The main difference between em' is gonna be whether you need a whole kit. If you need a whole kit, then a vape pen like this if you don't want anything to adjust on or that pocket mod is gonna be great. If you wanna have a little bit of adjustability, a little bit of a range, then that Goby is nice because it does allow you to do that 10 to 13.5 So the key with the Zenith would be if somebody already had your own mod and you don't wanna have to put out the expense to get an entire kit like that, then you can just go with the tank which is gonna vape pretty similar to all these other beginner mods right here. It does have the mouth to lung or the direct-lung option.

Just triple hit and vape. So over here, no big deal.

Or you could be like Danielle and get all four just so you can show off your vaping collection there. So, alright guys. Basically look down in the links underneath this video down in the crotch box. That crotch box is gonna be full today. We got multiple crotches down in there. So you'll be able to find the links for all four of these vapes if they have that Christmas additional, but otherwise I'll just put a link to the T20-S and then we will also put a link underneath to where you can check out a ZampleBox for yourself. Great way to get introduced to a whole variety of e-juice flavors you might never even have tried if you were just picking em' out yourself. And then if you really wanna up your game a little bit, you can go at two at a time basically.

They're whistling at us again.

Damn! That's some serious vapage right there. So alright guys. Don't forget to subscribe to this channel. If you haven't already, ring that little bell so you get the notification when the videos go up. Tell me what you think about Innokin's new array of beginner vapes right here, and then if you guys are just dying to see more of Danielle, you can do that over at...

Over on The Dab Spot.

Alright, and then hang out. If you're interested in getting in the giveaway, you're gonna get a chance to win one of four of all these products we're showing you today. So, hang tight for that. We'll see you right after the cut scene.

Nice cloudage off of beginner vape. So, we are vaping two at a time but I do not recommend you do that at home. Definitely take your vapes, go over to a friend's house and do it. Alright, show some respect for your house. But alright, the rules are the same as always. The only difference is we're gonna be picking four winners, so you're gonna get a chance to win one of four of these. But you still just have to do the same stuff. You need to be a subscriber to this channel. You're gonna need to like and comment on this video. So you can tell me down in the comments what you think of the new beginner Innokin mods here. You can also tell me which one you like best although that's not necessarily gonna effect which one you win. We're just gonna have to pick em' randomly and pick the winners as we go.

But I'd still be curious to know which one you really like. So if you or somebody you know are trying to get off cigarettes, it's gonna be a great opportunity for you. If you don't win the one here on the YouTube channel then go over to my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts and you'll have more chances to win there. But thank you very much Innokin for sending over all of the awesome vapes for noobs. I love the noob vapesters because those are people who just got off smoking and that's what this is all about. So alright, you guys have a great rest of your vaping day. Use the links underneath the video if you wanna check out the ZampleBox or go look at the site where you can see all the specs and stuff about any of these beginner mods. And I'll see you guys right back here tomorrow on the next Big Joe! And we out.