Aspire X30 Rover

Aspire X30 Rover

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The Aspire X30 Rover is a 'box mod' style e cigarette bolstered with adjustable power. This X30 Rover kit is inclusive of a powerful NX30 box mod as well as compatible Nautilus X tank that comes with pre-installed coil. Measuring around 10 cm tall, 6 cm wide and nearly 2.5 cm deep, the Aspire X30 Rover has a built-in rechargeable battery with high 2000 mAh capacity and adjustable power (VW - variable wattage). It incorporates the U-Tech coil technology, which is the latest innovative technology created by Aspire. Vape flows via the U-shaped chamber, passing through the Kanthal coils twice before getting inhaled.

Aspire X30 Rover Aspire
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Aspire X30 Rover Kit
Credit to: Vape Anarchy
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Aspire Aspire X30 Rover reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire X30 Rover Kit by Vape Anarchy

Hey guys, LSD here from Vape Anarchy. Today, we're going through the NX30 kit. Alright, we're set up. Let's get into it. Okay, guys, so here it is. And actually, on the box it says the X30 Rover Kit. I don't know why they did that. It's the NX30 mod and the Nautilus X Tank, but yeah, whatever. Yeah, so this is a great little setup. We've got a 2,000 mAh battery in there, which is great, for such a little small battery. It is a 30W mod, yeah, fantastic. Let's have a look at it. What I really like about this kit is the tank. This is the Nautilus X Tank. Now it's an upgrade from the Nautilus. This is your old Nautilus Tank. Now we still sell heaps of these, they are fantastic. The one thing, if I had to have any complaints about this one, is it occasionally, particularly as your coil gets a little bit older, you will get occasionally a little bit of leakage out of that hole there, the air intake hole. Now, the Nautilus X solves that problem. The air intake hole for this one is at the top here, okay, so the air goes in, down, and then back up through the coil, and through the mouth piece. There are no holes down the bottom, alright? It will not leak. I think it's fantastic.

The other thing I like about this one is that it's top fill, so much easier, it makes life a whole lot easier being top fill. And you can even actually change the coils while you've got liquid in the tank, just pull that out and work the new one in. A really good functional tank, really like it. Now, this is a mouth-to-lung tank. Mouth-to-lung inhales are best for quitting smoking. I've done another video on that. This is the sort of setup you want if you're gonna quit smoking, okay?

Now, let's have a look at the actual mod. Like I said, it's a 30W, 2000 mAh mod. What I like about this is that the power plug is on the side here, so you can actually sit it on your bedside table or something and charge it overnight without having to lay it down, so that's a great feature. Then everything else is pretty well standard. You got five clicks to turn on or off; one, two, three, four, five, so now it's locked; one, two, three, four, five, now it's unlocked. You got a battery life indicator, you got ohms, voltage and wattage of course.

Now, what I would recommend for the Nautilus X Tank is an operating range between about nine and 15W. This will go up to 30W, but I wouldn't go past 15W. You're gonna shorten the life of the coil if you do that. Now, because it is a 30W device, it will handle 0.5 ohm, sub-ohm tanks, like the Pro Tank 4 we've got here. It will take that, it will run it, but the battery's not gonna last as long if you do that, but it gives that little bit of flexibility.

Okay, guys, so that's it, the X30 Rover Kit. We sell them for $68. I think they're a great value. At the moment we sell them in black, blue and red, which is sort of, we'll call it a pinky-red, but it looks pretty cool. Okay, thanks guys.