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The Innokin Ez Watt kit is a fun and portable e cig that is wonderfully simple and easy to use on the go. It has a set of three power modes that allow you to customize your vape experience instead of using a screen. The three modes include a low mode one where it operates at between 13 or 14 watts, a medium mode that works at 16 to 18 watts, and a high most that used between 30 and 35 watts of power which is preferred by those who like to use sub ohm tanks. The Innokin Ez Watt e cig has a battery that holds 1500 mAh oh power, which means you will be able to vape all day long without stopping for a recharge. If you are searching for an e cig that has a nice versatile profile and different mods, then the EZ Watt could be the one for you.

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Innokin EZ Watt Starter Kit + & Villain Vapors Liquid
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Innokin Innokin EZ Watt reviews

Video Transcript: Innokin EZ Watt Starter Kit + & Villain Vapors Liquid by Vapor Trail Channel

Got a nice little starter kit from Innokin, it's called the EZ Watt. We're gonna give you a chance to score.

Welcome to the Vapor Trail Channel, I'm Tony. It is really nice to see companies still coming out with starter kits, like something that you actually don't feel bad about saying, Yeah, this is a starter kit. It's something that, if you have no knowledge of vaping, is actually pretty easy for you to use, and you don't have to worry about a bunch of settings, or what kind of batteries you need. What's not a surprise is the company that's making these, that's Innokin, and they're all about safety. I've talked about this before. Their manuals are usually pages upon pages of safety and recommendations and all that kind of stuff. Love to see that, especially when it comes to a unit like this, that I think is largely gonna go to beginners, people that are trying to get off of cigarettes, and maybe vaping is a good way for them to do that.

Innokin has a couple of offerings that really cater right to that. I'm gonna do two separate videos on them, and I'm gonna give you a chance to score on both of those. On this one, all you have to do is fill out the Google Form, it's right down below the video in the description. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see it, just tap the title, it'll drop down, you'll be able to see that link. It's a $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it, it's US shipping only, and if you're from outside the United States, look for Bill Cooper in the comments, or William Cooper, and he's volunteered to be your friend in the US, he'll give you all the details.

The one we're looking at in this video is called the EZ Watt, and it really, it is very, very easy. Just three little indicators for different levels, does have three different levels and as a low or high boost type of thing, you'll see when I show you up close. Well, let's just go ahead and dig in and let me show it to you.

So the e-liquid this time around is from Villain Vapors, this one's Dillinger. Man, I have been vaping this for a long time; in fact, let's see. Well, they've redone all their bottles, they've got a rebranding going on, and I think it's great. You got 60 ml bottles and Unicorn bottles. Tombstone, Pair of Deuces, Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, and Dillinger, and this is the one that I was reaching for right here. See, Bonnie and Clyde is the first e-liquid that ever got me off of cigarettes.

The way that it worked for me was, I had tried a bunch of different things, and this one right here, my mom had given it to me, along with a Ego pen and a Vivi Nova mini tank, and it was the first one that I actually said, You know what? This does not taste horrible, like the gas station ones. In fact, it tastes really good. So that's what encouraged me to get going. So kinda have a little old-school love for Villain Vapors and wanted to show you the rebranding. So yeah, Dillinger, it's a nice custard ice cream, cream type of vape, and it's really, really tasty. Got all the warnings and stuff that you'd expect on the bottle, bar codes, and the Villain Vapors logo on there, it's good stuff.

So here's the box for the EZ Watt. Now, this one is gonna be... It's something that can grow with you a little bit, yet it's not so difficult to use that people are gonna be like, Alright, I'm done. Here's what the package includes, if you wanna pause that for a second to read that, go for it. And of course, more warnings, they're all about the warnings and safety with Innokin. Looks like they're kinda going to this as their new box style, and it's really classy-looking. This little card was actually inside of here, so when we opened this side up, it was sitting in there. I'll just put it in there for a second. Okay, so you got a little accessories box over here, pull that out. And in here, there's a little envelope-style box, this comes open, couple stickers in there in case you wanna use those. And then, you've got Innokin warning and safety. This entire booklet is Innokin warning and safety in all the different languages which, wow, that's above and beyond for safety, love that.

Then they got a little card in here telling you how to verify your Innokin product, and it's an actual card stock warranty card. And then, battery care guide, read before use. They tell you some tips about using this battery. And they do have Vape-while-charging technology on their devices, but they do want you to make sure you have at least 10% battery charge left in there before you try to use it that way. And also inside this box is a nice, sturdy USB cable. There's some extra O rings for the tank, and this is their... Well, this is their manual. It's like a quick start guide, and that's all you really need. They show you kind of the exploded view of the tank and how that all goes together, which I'll show you in just a second.

The mod down here, and it's really simple: Push to fire, three clicks on and off. The battery indicator, as all of their devices, has a light inside there, full, half, and low, green, yellow, and red, pretty easy to understand, that's universal. And then, wattage select on there. And for each one of the wattages, there's a low and high, and the light will either be dull or super bright. And then, a little primer on how to use the tank.

Let me put that neatly back inside the box. Then this side opens up here, and you're greeted with this little card, it tells you about the T20-S tank, mouth-to-lung vaping, and the Prism S coils. It does have a spare coil in here, and it is a 1.5 ohm coil, rated at 13 to 14 watts, just like it says right here. Notice that the little arrow has a dull and a bright, so it will work on either one of those. The back of this has the Slipstream tank on here, and it tells you that you can use Slipstream coils at 30-35 watts. They're not compatible with that T20-S tank, but they're telling you that you can use this tank if you wanna go direct-to-lung. Again, this one's more for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Also inside the box, there's an extra cap for the tank. See the one that's on there? The hole is pretty much the same size, they're just different shapes, so if you wanna use a one-piece cap that's more of a tapered style tip, then you could put that on top of here, or you can actually put whatever drip tip you want in here, 'cause that's a standard size drip tip, with dual O rings. It's nice that they give you options. Let's go ahead and check out the tank, then. Airflow is down here, it is not adjustable, there's one on each side, there's no adjustment on that. Here's the base of it. Now this right here, the 510 thread, which is usually part of the base, is actually your coil. So let's take this off, and if you've seen Innokin tanks before, you've seen this system.

Notice how there's a line that's right there, like a flat edge? Well, that's also on the coil, so you just pull the coil out, just like that. Again, this is a Prism S from Innokin, and this coil is 0.8 ohms and it's rated at 16-18 watts, just like it shows on the card. So to replace your coil, all you gotta do is put the coil in there, and then you're gonna line up the flat edge of that with the flat edge of that, and make sure that it goes in there, and you'll see that it is seated in there well. I have a friend that was using a tank similar to this, and they had done like that. See, that's not all the way down, and you don't have a Seal now. So she was getting leaking, couldn't figure out, and I pulled it apart and said, Oh, just turn it and seat it down like that, you're good to go.

So as you see, the hole goes right through that, you just screw it on. To fill this tank, you just take off the top, and there we go. So you're just gonna fill it along the side there, so let's go ahead and do that. Using Dillinger, you just put your dropper in there like that, and fill her up. Then you go ahead and screw this cap back on. So again, you can use this one with the standard drip tip thing, or you can just use a one-piece cap that they include as well.

Even the inside of the box has a quick primer on it, so I think that's pretty cool. So we have a stainless steel 510 on the top and a spring-loaded pin, and you can put another tank on here. That's what I mean, that this thing can grow with you. If you wanna put a sub-ohm tank on here later on, as long as the maximum rating on the coils, I guess maybe not too sub-ohm, isn't over 35 watts, this will still work with it. So let me just put this on here. So the rest of the body here, down on the bottom, they give you a handy guide on the bottom of it, which I think is great. So it shows you the wattage range with each one of those little arrows right there. So that lower number is for the low setting on the wattage, and that higher number, when this thing is brighter, which I'll show you in a second, is for the higher number corresponding with the wattage.

Capacity on the battery is 1500 mAh which, for this size, I think that's pretty great. It's kind of a soft-touch feel to this, it's got a nice feel to it. In normal use, you shouldn't have any scratching on that. That is also matched on the tank, it says Prism T20-S. It's small, it fits in the hand well, and I think this would be a nice device for just about anybody. It says EZ Watt over here. You'll see that it cycles through the colours, the last colour that it stops on is your battery level. When you push the button to fire it, you'll also see that it lights up green. When we push this button down here, you'll see that it's on that lower arrow, so lower arrow is 13-14 watts.

Again, looking at this card, this is a 0.8 ohm coil that's in here, 16-18 watts, so that would be the middle arrow. To get to that middle arrow, you just push this button first, then the fire button, and it moves up. See, now it's on the middle arrow. Hit this one again, and see how the arrow got brighter? And now it's lower? So looking at that, that's 16 watts or 18 watts. And if you wanted to take it even higher than that, which this coil's not rated for, but you'd hit this button, then that button, hold it, and it goes up. Hit it again and it's brighter, pretty simple. So for this coil, you want it to be in the centre, and that's really about it. So I'm gonna let this coil soak for about 5-10 minutes because it's fresh, it's new, you always wanna do that. And we'll be back and we'll vape it, and try it out.

So as the name indicates, EZ Watt, it is, it's really easy and it's got some adjustable wattage to it so you can have some different variances in your coils. Now of course, this one comes with the T20-S Prism tank. You can also put a Slipstream tank on here and it would fit, and you could do that with direct lung vaping. They just tell you about it on the little card in case you're interested in getting one of those separately. That one, the coils would go 30-35 watts. On this one, there are two coils in there, 0.8 ohms and 1.5 ohms, both of them are considered mouth-to-lung, which is basically what you're doing when you smoke a cigarette. You take a puff, it goes in your mouth, you inhale it into your lungs. Even if you're not thinking about it, that is typically how it goes. With this coil at 0.8 ohms and 16-18 watts and... Well, you can get either of those ranges on here. I've got the middle arrow pointed out, and that is the one that is in that range. So let's go ahead and try it out.

It is a very tight draw, even though it has two airflows on there. It's not adjustable, it's not meant to be, this tank is meant to be a mouth-to-lung, so you're basically gonna get that sensation that you would if you were smoking a cigarette, as far as the type of draw. Still get a lot of vapour production, and the flavour off this is really very good. Nice, big, beefy coils, if you saw that coil, the entire length of that is cotton and coil. Or, at least, for the most part. I've got the Dillinger in here from Villain Vapors, it's kind of got this ice creamy, custardy flavour to it, it's really, really good. If you like the dessert vapes, I think you'll like this one. Like I said, I'll put a link down in the description for Villain Vapors, been vaping them since I started. And I even have a 25% off coupon code, and they give you free shipping within the US.

So yeah, that's hitting really well. Now, it's on... When you look at that little arrow, it's either low or high by the dimness or brightness of that, so gonna go ahead and make it bright now, and we're gonna see if that does much to it. It does, it's putting out more wattage, basically. Instead of 16 watts, it's putting out around 18 watts, so it's gonna be a little bit warmer vape. So depending on how you like to vape it, if you're like, Yeah, that's too warm, then you just push the button twice, and you're back down to low power.

You know what? It's not really something that I can see myself using on a daily basis. I go for a lot more, I like lung hits, I like the stuff, like the squonkers. I like bottom feeders, where I just push the liquid up from inside the bottle into the RDA, but that's my preference. If you need something, this might be really good for traveling, it might be good for work, maybe even if you're using squonkers, or drippers, or whatever, the more advanced stuff? You might just say, I just want something simple to take to work with me. It's got a really nice soft-touch feel to it on the exterior of it, and then, this part of it is metal, that's right here. So I don't really... There's nothing really to complain about with it except for, for me, I like more of a hit. Maybe the Slipstream would be a better match for me for this device, but you know what? You could use any tank that you want on here, and as long as you find one that fits within those wattage ranges. You've got what on here?

It's great that it actually tells you right on the bottom of it, in case you remember, you're like, I don't have the manual or the box. So 30-35 watts, 16-18 watts, and 13-14 watts. As long as the coils stick within that range, you can use whatever tank you want on here. And I wanna give you a chance to score one. All you gotta do is fill out that Google Form, it's right down below the video in the description. It's US shipping only, $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it, and good luck to you on that.

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