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The Ego AIO Probox is brought to you by Joyetech and is a wonderful all in one (AIO) device that is the latest addition to the AIO kind of devices. It showcases a top fill top airflow design and is capable of holding a capacity of 2 ml of E Liquid at a time. In addition to that, this device has an easy to figure out sliding control component that assists you in selecting your vaping mode, which can all be done at just the touch of a finger. The Ego AIO Probox is an amazing portable device that won't let you down even if you are one of the heavier vapers out there. All in all, this is one of the finest compact vape products on the market.

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Quick Glance! Joyetech eGo AIO Box Mod Review
Credit to: VapingwithTwisted420
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Joyetech eGo AIO ProBox reviews

Video Transcript: Quick Glance! Joyetech eGo AIO Box Mod Review by VapingwithTwisted420

What's going on there, YouTube? VapingwithTwisted420 has returned. And today people, it's a quick glance. I gotta go do some stuff. I gotta go visit my sick uncle in Dallas. We're gonna go visit him. He's got a lot of issues, stage four cancer of the brain, and they gotta remove the liver, bunch of crazy stuff, crazy stuff. So I'm knocking this quick glance out. I'm gonna let you people know though, reviews are coming. I'm looking at a sea of products over here, and I'm gonna review every single fucking one for you people, soon. Some really cool stuff coming up too, so you guys, keep on the lookout. We got some good vape stuff comin up. Also, speaking of cancer, I wanna give you guys a quick update, my father-in-law is completely cancer-free, didn't even have to do chemo or radiation or anything. They removed that spot from his tongue, he's good, he's good. So I'm really, really... Really, really good news, really glad to hear that. The wife's relieved, everybody's relieved, that's great. It's one of those things.

Okay, now I just had to get some of that out of the way, let you guys know what's going on in my life currently, kinda give you an idea of what's in here. Oh goddamn-it, I wish I could tell you. I hear something in here. Is that... That's weird, freaking out a little bit. I had a couple of interviews for a reality TV show, okay, and I can't say much about it, but it's looking pretty good. So if that works out, that'll be really dope. So we'll tell you more about that here shortly as well. Anyway, it's not about all that. I just wanted to do a little rambling before we got to this. We got today is a little Joyetech product. It's called the eGo AIO, which they have a product named that already, but this is the box mod version. Check this little fucker out. So what this is, this is a 2,100 mAh, two-mL capacity little mod, and it's extremely lightweight people, I'm talking next to nothing. They got it in a multitude of colors, and these little wraps on the outside, they're stickers that you can change out for a different color. Pretty cool, right?

Also, the tank lights up. The tank lights up in there. They've been doing that lately, it's pretty cool. It comes with 2.6 ohm mouth-to-lung coils and two different drip tips and a USB charge cord, okay? I've seen these guys online for about 20 bucks. So what this is is another beginner-esque product. There's no air flow control, this thing just spins. It's got one setting, that's it. It's got the child-proof thing where you gotta push down and turn on the top to open it up, right? They're using that whole leak-proof design that they've become so fond of and it works well. And a 2100 mAh for a little 0.6 ohm mouth to lung coil, it's not to shabby. You get some decent battery life out of this little guy. Big clicky button on the front of this fella, nice and big and clicky. Man, that auto focus is for the win today. Let me try that again. Oh yeah, look at you, nice. I don't even have to do the close-ups after this. I'm just gonna do this.

You got a micro USB port on the side, where it should be. Look at that. Yeah, that worked out great. It's got this nice little hexagonal rubber texture to it on the sticker, real nice and grippy in the hand, I like it. You got some venting down here for the battery. Let me go ahead and show you that too. Fuck it, we're doing stuff. Look at that. Yeah, that's what we're gonna... For this video, that's what we're gonna do, I'm not even gonna shoot the extra scenes. Fuck it. As long as we're here, packaging is standard Joyetech stuff; the sample, not for sale, the whole thing, and it tells you some things about it on the back. You don't need to read that though. I gotta say, for such a little light motherfucker, and it's small, you got the drip tip sticking out, but that's about it. I mean that... I got big hands. Again, we always gotta state that. That's the whole mod in my hand, not to shabby.

These little 0.6ohm coil... Here's the thing too. Everybody's dropping all of these beginner devices since the whole August 8th thing, and they're starting to cater to beginners and mouth-to-lung people, which Joyetech's kind of the originator of all that. But I wish a lot of more... I wish... I'm not a mouth-to-lung guy... I'm a lung-inhale guy. I like a lot of air flow and decent power. But nobody really catered to the mouth-to-lung people or the beginners too much before all this. It just seems like there's kind of a flood of...

Sorry about that, people. In the middle of me talking just now, my battery died which it was showing two bars. How the fuck you go from two bars to zero that quick? Who knows. It's one of those things. It might be a bad battery. Anyway, where the fuck was I on this? Yeah, mouth-to-lung, beginners, people catering. Anyway, for all things considered, what this is set up for, me, being a professional vaper, I guess you could say, been doin it for a while, experienced vaper, that one's good, professional sounds too arrogant too, me being an experienced vaper, I still get a good hit off of this guy. Let's check this out. Three-milligram juice... Yeah, three-milligram juice... That didn't sound right for some reason. I get three-mL, three-milligram... I don't know what's up this morning? We got a Max VG juice in here, three-milligram nic. Let's have a toke.

Pretty decent. It's not what I'm accustomed to, but it vapes pretty nice. It's not bad.

I can still lung-inhale it, kinda. It's kind of tight draw, but I can still lung-inhale it. You get a pretty good hit, man. And most people watching this, some people might be in the beginners and new to this, but for most people watching this, if they were ever to consider this device, it'd probably be for a family member as a gift. The form factor's nice. You got a multitude of colors, holds two mLs, which is eh, but still, for new people, that'll probably last a little bit. You get 'em one of these little fuckers, you put some 12-milligram nic in there, maybe 18, I don't know, depends on what they're used to, they can have a great time, man. That's what I love about these little things.

Yeah, I think it'd make for a great little beginner for most people. They've come so far. Let me tell you man, back when I started, you couldn't get a hit like this on a beginner device. You could spend 60 bucks sometimes and not even get a hit this good. Now the future is here. This little fucker's 20 bucks right here. It's like, ah, whatever. A little light in there, I don't know, that's kind of cool. I'll show that, I'll do a thing of that just to show you that there's a light in there. But no, overall, this little guy... This little guy's not bad. It's a nice little decent beginner. You get a couple of coils, you get a... The battery's already built in. You get a micro USB cable which everybody's got five million of those fuckers. Overall, not too shabby. Overall, not too shabby. And that's why I wanted to shoot a little quick glance on this fella before I take off to Dallas and go visit my peoples. So yeah, folks, so yeah, maybe this might be for somebody as a little backup. If not, maybe you can recommend it to a friend or family member that wants to quit smoking.

That's how I look at these little devices. And we got a ton more little fuckers to show you that would be ideal for someone that was just trying to start out quittin'. Maybe a little gift, a little stocking stuffer for Christmas, huh? Who knows, who knows. Anyway, I really don't have much for you people. Now my back's itching. I don't have much for you. I got you this and told you about it. That's gotta be worth something, right? Links will be in the description, go take a look, ganders at those salamanders. And I feel pretty good about this. This is a decent little box. It's cheap and lightweight. What more could a person ask... It's got lights in it. Yeah, what more could a person ask for? But really folks, that's what I got for you. So with that being said, thank you for watching. I truly do appreciate it. Remember, doesn't matter what the fuck you're vaping on, as long as you're not on them stinkies. Don't smoke and you're alright. And last but not least, you stay sexy, YouTube. Me and this little eGo AIO box mod are out.