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When it comes to e cigs that are compact and lightweight, the Innokin Pocketbox is the dream kit. It fits easily in the palm of your hand and has a maximum of 40 watt output, leading you to have incredible flavor bursts and cloud production all day long. It also comes with a 2ml glass tank and has adjustable airflow for a custom experience, as well as an easy to find rubber button that makes it easy to operate the device with a simple touch. As for the battery, the Pocketbox houses a 1200 mAh internal battery along with a micro USB port for easy recharging. If it's safety you're concernred about, not to worry, as this kit also has many integrated safety protections and a battery level LED.

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Innokin Pocketbox Starter Vape Kit 1200mAh Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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Innokin Innokin Pocketbox reviews

Video Transcript: Innokin Pocketbox Starter Vape Kit 1200mAh Review by Zophie Vapes

For review today is Innokin's Pocketbox, so this is an all-in-one device, the tank is hidden right here, you can kind of see it through the little window and inside of here is an internal 1200 milliamp hour rechargeable battery, so you don't need to get anything extra for this except e-liquid and that's pretty much it and it's also super easy to use, five clicks on, five clicks off. The fire button is on top and it's got this nice textured rubbery feel to it. I'm not so sure I like where it's positioned. I think I would have preferred it on the side but I've gotten used to it.

However, this is a little, tiny discrete pocket friendly device you might wanna...

Instead, and maybe bump up your nicotine level so you don't have to take as many hits. I guess it's really situational, depending on where you wanna bring this thing. So yeah definitely great for travel. And I will say I really do like Innokin products, they are well-made, it's not one of those companies that just constantly pumps out new stuff. They put a little bit of thought into it, and oftentimes, when I travel, I do bring an Innokin model with me, especially if I'm going to a theme park. I went to Universal Studios and I brought this Kroma Mod. I have dropped this thing a few times, I don't think I ever had an Innokin Mod break yet. They are durable, long lasting, really, really good devices. But anyways, back to the Pocketbox. Let me show you guys this thing up close, and I do wanna mention that I have a couple for giveaway, so one will be given away here on YouTube and then the other one will be on my Instagram. I'll talk about that later, but first, let's check out this kit. So here's how Innokin's Pocketbox will come packaged on the back. It tells you what's included inside and there's a scratch off authenticity code. Let's open this up. Box opens like this. There's the Pocketbox and here is an additional coil. But first, let's see what's on this side, there's a little quick start guide, which is also the manual, and you can set this on your tables. You always have a little guide in case you forget what you're doing, but this mod is pretty easy and that does come in these three colors. There's a little spare parts bag with extra o-rings, a USB cable for charging and there's also this little envelope.

There's a warranty safety booklet, 90-day warranty card, a battery care guide and they love tossing in a couple of stickers. So let's check out this little kit next. Oh, it's so teeny-tiny pocket-friendly portable. This has a 1200 milliamp power battery which is rechargeable through the USB port. And you can just barely barely see it, but there is a little bit of battery ventilation. So up here is the fire button and it's just one, two, three, four, five, turns the mod on, you can see a little light flash, and one, two, three, four, five, turns the mod off.

So this is an all-in-one device. The tank is hidden inside of the mod, you can see it through the little window right here, and there's also a max line, so when you're filling this don't go past the line. And on top, there is adjustable air flow along with a removable 510 drip tip. So this will not come with a coil installed you have to unscrew the top and then you just pour your e-liquid directly into there. So they do only give you this one Kanthal coil, it is a 0.35 ohm coil that can be vaped between 20 and 40 watts. But there is no settings on this thing. So you take the top part and the coil, line it up and screw it in there. Fill this with e-liquid to the max line, stick this bag in here and then give it about five minutes to saturate before you start vaping. And that's pretty much it. And this does have a little battery life indicator, so when the light is green it means it's at max charge or full, half is yellow and red, you gotta recharge it. So yeah, pretty basic, little all-in-one device.

So there it is, it's so teeny-tiny. I really wasn't expecting much from this, to be honest, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised. The flavor out of this is pretty decent for something that's teeny-tiny. Now I will say it did take a few hits to break in the coil. It wasn't flavorful right off the bat. I would say it was about 15 hits in and then I started getting optimal flavor out of it. And mine, the airflow adjustment had a little bit of a squeak to it unless I push down and then play around with it. But if I just do this...

That's fully open.

Halfway open, has a little bit of a whistle, and now quarter open.

Okay, so fully open is probably the best option. I leave it fully open. Anything less than halfway will have a little bit of a whistle. And I do like the draw on this thing I just wanna keep vaping it.

It is a fun little kit but it has its cons, too, which a couple I already mentioned. So the coils or coil that's the problem. There's only one, I don't know why they didn't put at least two in there. And they do have a mouth-to-lung coil. This is a Sub-Ohm coil. They make a 1.2 ohm coil for this. They should have included it or made two different versions like a mouth to lung kit and then a Sub-Ohm kit with two coils, I mean, come on. I already mentioned the battery inside of here, it is rechargeable, and as long as it doesn't die completely, if you plug it in, it does have pass through charging, so you can continue vaping while it's charging. And I do like Innokin's Quick Start Guide. I mean, for this, it's pretty simple, you really don't even need it, but with more complicated devices, it's been really helpful to have that quick start guide, and I love the way they lay it out really nicely and you can prop it up on the table. Big pro for making things easy to understand. Oh, and I should probably mention, output wattage on this is 40 watts and then it sets the wattage depending on the level of the battery. There are no settings on here, so you really don't have to worry about any of that.

So that is it. That pretty much completes this review. If you guys are interested in getting this kit, a bunch of places have it, Heaven Gifts, I think they have them for 35 bucks. And I have a coupon code down below which will save you 15% and VaporDNA has them well. VaporDNA, they are in stock for sure. Heaven Gifts, I'm not really positive. But let's not forget about the giveaway. So, one lucky person will win one of these here on YouTube. To enter you do have to be 21 years or older and have a shipping address somewhere within the United States. If you are the lucky winner, there is an $8 FDA fee which just covers shipping and I do have to charge an FDA fee, it is required by law. And then the other one I'll give away on my Instagram a little bit later, and to enter just leave a comment down below in the comment section and that's it. That's all you gotta do. About a week from now I'm going to post the one random winner in the video's description, where you can also find the full contest rules and on my Facebook page and then that is it. So that is it, that completes this review, and if you guys are interested in seeing me elsewhere, not sure why you'd wanna. I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my other weird channel called Just Zophie. Bye guys.