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The Innokin Proton 235W vape kit is a big, trendy, ergonomic device that has a fairly simple interface that is not difficult to figure out, thanks to the small joystick controller. This kit comes with the newest Super Sub-Ohm tank called "the Scion II" and showcases a slide off top-fill for easy access and refill. Additionally, this kit comes with some new coils that last a decent amount of time, extending your vape sessions and allowing you to not worry about them burning out too fast. The coils, called Plexus, are mesh coils that produce a lot of flavor and a delightful thick vapor with every inhale and exhale. If you are looking for a durable, easy to use, and high-quality vape kit, look no further than The Innokin Proton kit, it won' let you down!

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Innokin Proton 235W Kit & Plex Sub Ohm Tank Review and Rundown | Worst Sub Ohm Tank Ever
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Innokin Innokin Proton reviews

Video Transcript: Innokin Proton 235W Kit & Plex Sub Ohm Tank Review and Rundown | Worst Sub Ohm Tank Ever by Jai Haze

What's going on everybody, Jai Haze here. So today I'm gonna be doing a review on a device that I picked up for the purposes of the review. The only reason why I picked this up, is just because of the original one I never got to do the review on. So many people talked about it. And even now me looking at this box I'm a little outdated. Like, people have done reviews on this last month, two months ago. What everybody's gotta understand is, I don't usually get stuff from companies. So what I have to do is I have to wait for the consumer release and then I have so much other things that either just come out that people ask me to do a review on or there's another starter kit. So it's very, very difficult for me to maintain and get those brand new products that are just coming out. I have to wait just like everybody else. I picked this up because of so many people hyped up the proton. I don't know why, I guess because of the way of the display is but Innokin is one of these companies that just kind of pop up out of nowhere, they do something and then they vanish. This is one of the few select companies that I can remember that actually started doing a lot of mainstream vapor stuff.

You guys remember the VTR? The thing that weighed as much as a VCR, that big old jalopy toaster oven, with the iClear 30b 168? What about the iTaste MVP? These were all Innokin products then they had that one that look like a Gatling gun. Oh my God, they had so much products. It's weird because you would think that companies that were big back then when vaping first jumped off, they would have maintained that status and continued to be large. There has been very, very, very select few. The only two I can think of, off the top of my head, would be SMOK, which was SMOKTech and then Aspire. Kangertech fell off. Innokin, they just don't do very many things. Vision was around back then, I haven't heard anything from that company. KSD gone. They're all gone. Either they've been engulfed by their bigger company or subsidiary or they just stopped making stuff. So the one that I'm gonna be reviewing today, is this one... Is white, and rainbow, and apparently it's upside down. You guys remember when I did that for a while, every time I picked up a box, it was always upside down no matter how. Okay, this has a new sub-ohm tank in it and it's called The PLEX. The coils on this thing are chubby bunnies. Take a marshmallow and then put wire on the inside of it, that's the size of this coil. A matter of fact that might be what the coil is, marshmallow in metal. So you don't even need flavor, you just vape it the way that it is. Don't do that. Please, don't vape your tank.

Don't vape your tank, they contact Innokin, Listen, I was watching Jai Haze's video and he was saying something about, It doesn't need any juice whatsoever, it's built into the cotton. That's the last thing that I need. So, without further ado, let me show you the thing inside this box. Let's flip it. Innokin Proton with the PLEX Sub-Ohm tank on the top. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped up about this 'cause wait 'til you see the coils that are inside. On the top up here, they're really highlighting the coil that is on the inside, Plexus coil. On the side, nothing. On the other side, it's gonna say Proton. On the top, Innokin. On the bottom Innokin and then on the flip side. Then on the bottom, it's gonna say, Sale only allowed in the United States. First time of me seeing this on a box, and obviously, we have a scratch-and-sniff over here, this is going to be peach pickle popsicles, lots of different things going on here. Little bit of fruit, vegetable... Let's make it cold. UPC down here, let's open it up, let me show you everything inside of the box. Blue Ribbon down here, super cute, man. We've seen this before on the Vaporesso Revenger where they have two little compartments on the inside, which makes it look like it's some type of cellphone package.

On the left-hand side, in the accessory box here, you're gonna get a little flyer. It's gonna kind of break down the mod and the tank and then how to fill it. Wow, even more stuff. Innokin warranty card. I don't really know too much in regards to the warranty. As I don't know a lot of people that have had issues with Innokin and ended up seeking them out to see what they would do in regards to fixing the product that is broken or needing to be warranted. Battery care guide, this is pretty nice, very nice warning. This little pamphlet right here is not, in fact, the user manual, it's a warning pamphlet, first time for that one as well. Some extra o-rings and a gasket for your sub-ohm tank and then, of course, you're gonna get a USB. I'm thinking, by looking at this USB, that they haven't updated this USB since '84 or '85 when they first released their first version of the iTaste or the iTaste it. Innovation inside, here we go. Quick response code. Proton on the front. The mod, we'll go over that shortly. Sub-ohm tank, an extra glass, and an extra coil. Oddly enough there is no manual at all for this device, that's really awkward.

PLEX sub-ohm tank by Innokin. On the top you're gonna have an 810 drip tip. However, it's more designed towards the TFV12, V8 series because it has double o-rings on the drip tip itself, not inside. Two screws located on the top. And then to open that up, you're just gonna push that and then there is the little compartment. It's almost designed like how the mod is shaped, how convenient. Dude, there is nothing on the bottom of this sub-ohm tank. Okay, so this is not a plug-in-play coil, meaning that you take the deck off and then you pull that off, it is threaded on the inside, but let me show you something. As you unscrew this, notice how the coil is not moving. That's not coming off. If you end up buying this and you're not able to separate these two because it's too tight, just be very careful, put a pair of gloves on or something that can't be pierced by glass just because you're gonna have to grab that and really twist that. What I'm gonna do right now is kind of get this out this way. So, I don't really have any other choice at this point. Great... Can you see what fucking happened? Stupid shit... Ooh.

That machining on the inside looks absolutely horrible. Oh my goodness. It's not even. That doesn't even look like it's finished. This glass that is on here is very, very tight. It's not even spinning. And that's not even dirty, that's the finish. Jesus Christ that looks disgusting. The O-ring is stuck on the glass. The coil that comes inside of the tank is this triple coil. The other coil that comes on the side, again, the finish just looks horrible. I know it's just a coil but I have a problem. Now, Innokin is a quite large company, right? Take a look at this coil. Granted, I get it, it's Chrome, it's polished, it is what it is but that SMOK's new coil looks a whole lot better than this does. This looks to be very poor quality. The Aspire coil, do you see the differences in the quality of the metals? This just doesn't look good at all and that's surprising because Innokin is usually pretty good.

The extra coil that is in the box that is not inside the tank is a 0.15 Kanthal, 60 to 110 watts. Very, very wide spread. It wouldn't be Sub-Ohm tank coil if it wasn't mesh. Very nice mesh. It would've been cool if this was like a 0.3. The one that comes by default is a 0.13. Even that much lower, 80-110 watts. Both of them are Kanthal so that's, I guess, a nice thing. Some people prefer stainless steel. And you can see how jacked up that is inside there too. Quality assurance is not a very important thing for Innokin, I guess. Guys, you don't see the quality of that. Jesus... Come on, man. Oh my God, dude. I don't know if I really wanna rip these apart just because this isn't really a Sub-Ohm tank review and I don't have a lot of these. So let's use the triple coil. Always guys, whenever you have a brand new coil, you're just gonna wanna put a couple of drips like this all over the cotton. Now the base of this is very, very unique. See that's kinda like a little connection on the center four star rim. Do not use this right away. You're gonna wanna put juice in there and then let that sit and saturate because that is a lot of cotton on the inside there. Drip tip back in.

Check this out. This is pretty cool. So on the front plate of the mod for the screen protector, which you're gonna need to take off, it shows you how to put the two batteries in and to basically how to access the menu. Fire button is gonna be right here with this weird symbol on the side. And then on the top of the mod, you have a very awkward positioning for your tank. Instead of it being centered, although quite small of a mod, they decided to go all the way to the right. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. 30 millimeter on the top's gonna give you about half a millimeter by the firing button which is very, very even hard to feel on the front, and the backside is also about a half of a millimeter but it does in fact fit and it is a dual 18650. So there shouldn't be a problem if you already have a favorite 30 millimeter that you wanna use and a good mod. It's gonna be able to fire it. On the bottom for your contacts. There's your venting. The rainbow on the side doesn't look bad. It's just the gold parts look kind of cheap. It being as wide as it is just makes it really, really pretty.

Take this all off. And then that is your front faceplate. Door isn't horrible. It's a little flimsy. You have positive here and you have negative here. Oh. Oh my. Okay. So, if you're having a problem with this battery door closing, go about half way and then pull it out, and then press it down, and push it in. One, two, three, four, five. Wow, very, very clean screen. There's something that I just did a review on that looks just like this on the bottom and in the center. To access the menu on this, there's gonna be this little joystick jammy, press that three times. One, two, three, and then here are your options. Coil is basically for which type of metal you're using. Your head coil use same. That's gonna pick up the same thing that the last one was but then you have wattage, stainless steel, 316 titanium, nickel 200. So we're just gonna go back to same. What happens is, no matter what you do, it does not bring you back to the previous menu, it brings you back to the main screen. One, two, three. TCR, temperature coefficiency rating curve for power curve bypass acts just like a mech mod settings is where all your information is gonna be. On the top of your settings, you have vape cut off which is basically how long you can vape before the mod doesn't allow you to fire it anymore. And it goes all the way down to three seconds. We're gonna keep that up to about 10 seconds.

Once you hit the menu button, it automatically brings you back all the way to the main screen. One, two, three. So you have to go all the way back again to where you just were. Then for your screen setting, hit that. This is going to be how long after you're done firing it and how long it's going to allow it to stay lit up and then it's going to dim out. And right here, you see it's set to 20 seconds. The timeout is 30 seconds. Brightness is how bright the screen is going to be without it having to do anything with timing out. And then going back actually brings you to the previous menu. Celsius-Fahrenheit color is your different accent colors throughout the whole mod. You have blue, pink, red, white, purple and green. Oddly enough, this is actually picking up all the different colors. One, two, three. White looks pretty good. But then you go back into the settings and it's back to blue again. And then down here for your puff count, you can reset the puffs and see how many you have active. And then firmware down here is what you're gonna use to update the firmware. And this has a firmware that looks like it came out in February of 2018.

If you want to adjust the wattage, you can't just press up or down. You have to hold in one of the directions, up, down or right, or left in order to make that blink so you can adjust it. Hold it to the right and then you can adjust it. It's a lot of power, 235 watts. So once again, that is the Plex Sub Ohm tank sitting on top of the Proton Box Mod. Let's bring it on the top.

Back on the top with the Innokin Proton with the plex Sub Ohm tank sitting on the top of that. Let me show you some vape production. We're working with the 0.13 jammy, 63.5 watts.

See, here's the problem with sub-ohm tanks. Even though that is mesh right there, I cannot put this even on the same playing field, as the Nunchaku, the Falcon, the FreeMax, it's just not there. And I was really hoping that I was really gonna enjoy this sub-ohm tank due to the girth of those coils 'cause they're absolutely massive. It's like putting an apple inside of your sub-ohm tank. I feel like I would have got better flavor from licking the coil than vaping off of it. But isn't that always the case? Or maybe not.

No, no, that coil is just not good. Nope. It's not... It doesn't taste like shit. It's just nowhere near all the other sub-ohm tanks that I've done reviews on. If you're just tuning in, and you're trying to figure out what I'm talking about in terms of sub-ohm tanks, I'm gonna put a link right there. That's basically all the videos that I've done on sub-ohm tanks, and I used to be very, very anti sub-ohm tanks just because well, it was just more or less a gimmick to get your money. But now they've become so good with mesh that the coils last a long time. They have a lot of flavor. They vape well. But then you have sub-ohm tanks like this that are just machined very, very poorly. How are you gonna have a box mod that looks this sexy, that looks this nice, although I'm not a fan of rainbow but it does look good, then you have a sub-ohm tank on the top that's absolutely fucking garbage. If you're gonna buy this device, don't buy it as a kit. Buy it just as a box mod. Now, if you can't buy this box mod all by itself, I'm sure you can find the original Proton which I think is exactly the same as this one is right here.

The menu is not bad, it's very easy to navigate, no problems at all; the fire button feels good. The mod is extremely compact. It's just that the tank is no good on this. The battery door that's on the bottom when the batteries are not in, is not very strong. I don't feel firm in believing that this is going to last a long time with opening that door and closing it. I can't ignore the sub-ohm tank. As much as I would love to just ignore it, and say, You know what? I don't care about that. It's all about the mod. This is sold as a starter kit. I got this as a kit, so it's all about the whole rating because that's how it came. So, how would I rate this kit on a zero to 10, a four to a 4.5; can't even go five. The mod by itself, I would put somewhere in the six, 6.5 region. The tank; a one or a two, and that's being friendly. Coils are just not good. Machining's not good. Finish isn't good. Vapor production is very subpar.

The mod does feel good though. It's very compact. I wish I would have got this like black with silver. I'm not a fan of rainbow because usually what happens is whenever you have this plastic, 'cause that's not metal, is they start to chip and then they look like shit. And then it's no good anymore. But the mod itself, being all white with the black, it just reminds me of an old razor, not the kind you shave your face with, but the Motorola jammies, that's what I'm getting out of it. It definitely has a nice appearance to it. It's just the tank is... And then I guess that's my question to Innokin. If you're selling this as a sub-ohm tank, do you not see the other sub-ohm tanks that are on the market, from what your comparison is? And who exactly made that coil for you? Clearly it's not the same company that's making the majority of other coils.

If this is your concoction of making coils, I suggest you retire the coil game, and just focus on the mods. Because mods you got without a doubt. Sub-ohm tanks, you need to sit the fuck down, it's that simple.

It's that bad. It's not even like I got pubes or Freetos in the tank, it's just not a good tank. Jai, don't make it about the tank, make it about everything else. Well, listen, my socks that I put on today came fresh out of the dryer, were super warm when I put them on and everybody knows that feeling, especially when it's cold outside, nothing like a nice pair of warm socks, or like a warm blanket, you know what I'm talking about. It's freezing outside like shit, I can just toast up a little bit, warm it up instead of standing in front of the microwave, like a normal human being, you put on a nice pair of socks or slacks, maybe even some nice underwear. Maybe you take your underwear off and you just wrap around a blanket. How's that for talking about something else? So as a kit, I don't recommend anybody to buy this, I really, really don't, especially if you're just getting into vaping. This is going to give you a very, very bad taste in your mouth, figuratively and relatively, for the sub-ohm tank. There's plenty of other sub-ohm tanks.

I'm gonna tell you straight off the jump. If you want something that's easy to start off with, you want Nunchaku. Now, if you don't like tubes and it has to be boxes, now if you don't like tubes and you don't like boxes, I'm just gonna provide a link in the corner where I give you the highest rated products, and you'll even see starter kits in that. This is just not good man; it's not good for a starter kit. The box is perfectly fine. But as a kit, this thing just fucking fails across the board. It's like you picked me up and then you dropped me. At least if you're gonna pick me up from the back of my shirt, make sure that I have something strong enough that's gonna hold me up while you're pinching my shirt. Don't just drop me dude. This is it, like you get me up there, looking all sexy on the outside, it's like that really, really hot chick you see up in the club looking so nice, got the make-up on and shit, everything's heat, you're going over, you guys have taken off your clothes, you get underneath the blanket, everything is good. And then she's got a dick. Well, the sub-ohm tank to me is the dick on this chick.

Now if that you're thing... Now if that's something you're shooting for... Okay that was probably a poor reference. Let's do it like this. So down the road from your house, there's a nice mom and a pop place that make fresh hotdogs. They're sitting out there with the beef and the turkey and the pork and they're grinding it together in that little machine that they spin and it comes out like spaghetti, you know what I'm talking about, that might be for keilbasa or sausage, but either way let's just say they're making hotdogs out of that. Everything's good to go. You know you're gonna get a fresh grilled hotdog and they give you a hamburger with mayonnaise on it.

That's not even in the same field. I'm gonna give you a chicken wing. Fresh foot long spread hotdog. And they give you a bowl of frosted flakes. Thanks, this is... And then inside with the frosted flakes is mayonnaise. It seems like I have this infatuation with mayonnaise right now and mayonnaise is a super delicious condiment. I think it gets a bad rap because of what it looks like and I'm not talking about Miracle Whip, 'cause Miracle Whip is fucking disgusting. I'm talking about straight up Hellmann's delicious mayonnaise. I literally put it on spoons and eat it like it's ice cream. On the real, do not buy this unless you're only looking for the box mod. And I've kept it real.

Have you? Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, hotdogs and pork roll. Jai Haze out.