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Minikin V2 Kodama

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Max Wattage:180W
Fits in Pocket:Tight Squeeze!

The Asmodus Minikin v2 Kodama Edition is a Stabilised wood version of the Asmodus Minikin 2. The colouration varies from unit to unit, making each one unique. It features the new, more battery- efficient, GX-180-HT chipset and an ergonomic design for handling comfort. It is a high powered dual 18650 battery device with ranges upto 180W; 100°C to 300°C; and 0.1 Ohms to 2.5 Ohms. The Minikin v2 Kodama has same easy to use touch screen controls as the original Minikin 2. The Minikin v2 Kodama includes newly updated firmware displaying individual battery charge, atomizers’ resistance, a puff counter, etc.

Minikin V2 Kodama asMODus
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Minikin v2 Kodama Stab Wood Edition
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Video Transcript: Minikin v2 Kodama Stab Wood Edition by Mike Vapes