Wismec RX Mini

Wismec RX Mini

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Max Wattage:80W
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The Wismec Wismec Reuleaux RXmini 80W Mod is a worthy addition to the RX200 structural chassis. It comes with an ultra-ergonomic platform powered with an integrated 2100mAh battery, maximum output of 80W along with upgradeable firmware and Preheat Function. The Wismec RX mini leverages the polygon-angular frame adjusting comfortably in the hand whilst paying homage to the Reuleaux RX series. The vaulted chipset also features an upgradeable firmware that can fire 80W, and a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.05ohm.

Wismec RX Mini Wismec
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Reuleaux RX Mini 80w Mod
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Wismec Wismec RX Mini reviews

Video Transcript: Reuleaux RX Mini 80w Mod by IndoorSmokers

Well, alright, guys, welcome to IndoorSmokers. I hope you're having a great week! As you guys know, we are just a few days away from Christmas! So, I've been busy getting all my shite packed to get over to Seattle this weekend, spend Christmas with my father and sister over there, but I did wanna get in a couple of videos before I take off this week. And we still have some 12 Vapes of Christmas we gotta finish up on. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at this new Reuleaux RX Mini by Wismec. And then at the end of this video, you're gonna get a chance to win one of these as we continue our 12 Vapes of Christmas giveaway!

So that's right, vapies! It is another Mini mod, we're gonna be taking a look at. Now, this one's actually pretty cool, because it is the exact design of its bigger counterpart, same shape and everything. Check it out. The big brother, little brother right here. Now, one of the things you will notice, this is an early version of the Reuleaux RX. They actually did an updated version with the big screen. And as you can see, even though this one is the Mini, it actually has a much bigger, brighter screen than the original. But anyways, I would say just about half the size of the original Reuleaux and not even half the batteries, 'cause unlike the three 18650s you gotta put in here, you ain't gotta put none in here.

This Reuleaux RX Mini does have a 2100 mAh built-in battery, which is a lot of battery life for a freaking Mini mod. Even the 80 watts this thing will do, I mean that was a good, solid double 18650 box mod like a year or two ago. But this thing will do your full range, temperature control, nickel, titanium, stainless-steel. You got your TCR modes, as well as bypass modes for you builders and things. You can use this thing basically like a mech mod. As you'll notice, you got a very sleek design, 510 thread is right there on the top. You have your micro-USB right on the bottom, and you won't see any other buttons besides your one power button. They are actually discreetly hid right down on the bottom, and they are flush.

So you can barely see it, it's just a toggle switch. I'm not the biggest fan of that. I got fat enough fingers. It's just a little bit tricky unless you almost gotta use your nail to kind of push up or down. And then you can do 200 to 600 Fahrenheit, or 100 to 315 Celsius. It's got a 25 Amp maximum output. This thing will read resistances all the way down to 0.05 in temperature control, or 0.1 in variable wattage. Well, that looks pretty good. I think that it's either the Baby Beast, or the Big Baby, I can't remember offhand, they all look pretty similar. But anyways, you got one of your Babies on here. It is reading this as a 0.2 resistance. Why don't we go ahead and try hitting it as 60 watts?

We are doing 60 watts right now to get this vape on this 0.2 resistance Big Baby tank. Let's check it out. Oh yeah! There you go. And we still got 20 watts we can increase this thing on. 70 watt vape on the Wismec Reuleaux RX Mini and the Big Baby tank. Now you're filling the room with vape, man. This is actually a really nice vape combo for a maximum cloudage off of this mod, I think the 0.2 resistance is perfect within that 80 watt range. Cock-a-doodle-damn! This thing is getting some really nice thick, rich vapor. Love this Baby... Big baby, whatever the fuck it is, I love all of the beast tanks.

Well, this is definitely a slick little Mini mod. I do love the fact that they stuck with the exact same look and design of the original, it's just like a little shrunken version of it. And then still being able to do 80 watts, your TCs, your bypass mode, all of that stuff, you're basically gonna able to do anything that a regular full-size mod would do, I think the name Mini is almost misguided nowadays, because you usually think of a Mini mod as being much more limited, this one's basically a regular mod in just a tiny little package. That's what she said, and that made me cry.

I'm not sure who is selling this offhand. I'll take a look around, see if I can find a website, put a link to that right underneath this video! I definitely know where you can get a chance to get one of these right now. That is right here on this channel! After the cutscene, we are gonna be announcing the five winners. We'll be picking five winners for those 120 milliliter bottles of e-juice! All you have to do is be a subscriber to this channel, that's number one, then you just like and comment down below in the comment section. We have a website that picks randomly among the comments, so you can only comment once. But I am gonna do something new today, and probably through the rest of the 12 Vapes of Christmas. I had some people asking about me giving away t-shirts, and I didn't feel like it was gonna be a good enough prize to do on its own, but what I'm gonna do, if you have social media and you share this video, there's a spot you can click to share it. It will bring up the little Facebook, Twitter icons like that. Just click on 'em, share it on your account. Tell me at the end of your message, just, Blah-blah, whatever, oh, and I shared it on Twitter, shared on Facebook, whatever. If I see that you shared the video, we're gonna throw a t-shirt in with your Wismec Reuleaux, or whichever prize you end up winning this week.

So like and comment for a chance to win the Reuleaux Mini. Share for an extra chance to get a t-shirt thrown in with your Reuleaux. But alright, that's gonna do it for me, guys. Have a great rest of your day. Join me back here again tomorrow for another one of our 12 Vapes of Christmas giveaway! See you then.