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The Innokin Cool-Fire IV is renowned for its looks, performance, and functionality. It features an output of 40 Watts that fires down to 0.3 Ohm (2.5 ohm max), in addition to a long lasting battery of 2000 mAh. The device’s user-friendly curved design fits into your hand perfectly to provide excellent vaping experience, beautifully complemented by an ergonomic one-touch power button. You can use it even while it’s charging, which is provided by a micro USB port and quality cable. Combining style with substance, the Innokin Cool-Fire complies with the safety standards for overheating and over-discharge protection.

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Innokin Cool Fire IV (4) 40W Box Mod Review: Cool Fire IV vs iStick 50W
Credit to: Metal Gear Vaper
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Innokin Innokin Cool Fire reviews

Video Transcript: Innokin Cool Fire IV (4) 40W Box Mod Review: Cool Fire IV vs iStick 50W by Metal Gear Vaper

Welcome back everyone. I'm Metal Gear Vaper. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the CoolFire V4.

Hello and welcome everyone. Like I said before, I am Metal Gear Vaper. I hope you guys enjoyed the new intro and enjoyed my new logo. Sorry, I haven't had a video out in a couple of days. It's more like a week and a half now. I've been working on some new things for YouTube guys. I bought the CoolFire V4, which was some feedback from my latest giveaway. I asked all my viewers what're some things that you guys would like to see, and so I picked up the CoolFire V4, because that was one of the most commonly asked things to review. So, without further ado, let's get to it. So like I said earlier, guys, today we're gonna be taking a look at the CoolFire version four, v4, number four, whatever you wanna call it. And I have to say, I am really impressed with this. It has a lot of functionality to it. Really good form factor. Fits in your hands really well. It reminds me of the iStick 50W. And we're gonna compare this to the iStick 50W in this review. So let's go ahead and talk a little about the specs of the CoolFire V4 and we'll move on.

So the CoolFire V4 has all of the protections that you would want. It has the low voltage protection, the overheating protection, the low resistance protection. It has all those protections that you'd want in a regulated device. But it also comes built in with a battery. So this is like the iStick 50W or any of the iSticks. You just plug in through this little charging port right here and you can charge your battery. So this is perfect for you vapers out there, who... You're new vapers out there who are looking for a mod to upgrade from those little pins. So if you're looking for something with a little bit more power, a little bit more versatility, this is gonna be the mod that you're gonna want. This is not a mod. It's really geared towards you high end vapers out there who are used to 150W. Unless you're looking for something that's small, that's portable; something that you can use on the daily grind when you're at work. So with the CoolFire V4, it comes with something really cool right here. It has a little lanyard hole, as you can see it, zoom in right there. A little lanyard hole. And you can wear this around your neck, you can put it like on a belt buckle, whatever you wanna do. If you're that person and you just do not wanna put it in your pocket basically you can let it hang out right here and just bring it up and vape.

If you wanna do that, you can. You can put it on a lanyard. So that's just a little bit of an added feature that comes with the CoolFire V4. Another really cool feature is, I know I talked about the battery being part of the device, but the one thing I forgot to mention is that it's a 2000 mAh battery. And it is actually the same battery that they use in the iStick 30W. Now, the iStick 30W's like 2200 or 2300 mAh. But that's not actually true for the iStick 30W. The iStick 30W actually puts out, or has the capacity of 2000 mAh. It's just that they actually brand the 2000 mAh with the battery's actually supposed to output on the CoolFire than what the iStick kind of lies about just a little bit. So there's a 2000 mAh battery in here. So the CoolFire V4 will also let you build down to 0.3 and you could use that as an RDA. You can build that to 0.3. Or you can use a coil head that's at 0.3 or higher. The one thing that I noticed with mine is I put my RDA on here, which is running at 0.26, which is below 0.3, and actually will recognize and it'll actually fire. You don't get any air. So I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, per se, but I do know that for 0.26, at least... I haven't tried to put a 0.1 ohm on here or anything like that. But 0.26 for me actually worked on the CoolFire. So that was kind of a interesting fact there.

Now it's time to show you guys how this thing performs. So right now, I've got the Atlantis V2 on this with the air flow open in the drip tip, and the air flow open half way on the bottom. And let's just see at 40W how she vapes. So 40W with a 0.3 coil head, with the air flow that I have, vapes pretty good. And I don't have really any issues. If you're running the Atlantis V2 with a 0.3 coil head, 40W, it's fine. Of course, you can go higher. 50W you'll get a warmer vape, but 40W, with the way I've got it set up, is actually really good for the Atlantis V2. So the Atlantis V2 pairs well with this, a Kanger sub-tank will pair well. Really any sub-tank can pair well with the CoolFire, as long as you don't get those really hard core sub-tanks that you have to have between 50W and 100W to really get any kind of performance out of it. You can still use that sub-tank, as long as it's not below 0.3 ohms. You can still use that sub-tank, it's just that you're gonna have a higher ramp-up time and so you have to hold the firing of that button down for a few seconds before you've reach that temperature that you're looking for. So now, let's give this a try on the Doge XV2. This is a new RDA that I have that I'll have a review coming out for soon. And this is burning at 0.26 ohms. And it is, I believe, a 5 Wrap dual coil for 24 gauge Kanthal. So let's go and give this a try.

So, it produces the vapor that you're looking for. If you're looking for a lot of vapor production for 40 watts; like I said, there's going be ramp-up time, especially if you're using an RDA, but you can use an RDA with this. I would recommend to get the maximum performance out of this device that if you're gonna use an RDA, build around higher 0.5-0.7 range. That would be the perfect range for this RDA with pushing about 40 watts in my opinion. Alright, guys, so that's it for the specs of the CoolFire V4. Let's go ahead and take it up close and we'll compare it to the Istick 50W, and we will move on from there and talk about the pros and the cons.

Alright guys, so here's the box, the CoolFire V4 will come in. Here is the side of the box, so you got the back, the logo, and you got a little thing right here, where you scan this, it will tell you if it's authentic or not, and then if you go on the back, you've got all of the fun facts about the CoolFire V4. Alright, let's go ahead and open this bad boy up. Okay guys, so inside the box, you'll get of course your CoolFire right here. You're gonna have a little eGo adapter to push your little eGo tanks on, if you still have one of those you wanna use, you can use that. It also comes with a charger. I couldn't fit it back in the box. I just took it out and wanted to show you guys.

So, you have a USB port right here, so this is where you charge it with, and then this will go into the mod. The only bad thing about this is that it did not come with like a base to put the charger into the wall, so you have to use like your cell phone charger or your computer or whatever you have. That's just a con that I've seen. Alright guys, so here's your CoolFire version 4, number four up close, so here's your logo, and as you can see, it has a really good form factor. You can fit it in your hands like this. You can fire it with your index finger or you can fit in your hands like this and you can fire it with your thumb.

On top here, you have your spring loader connection. It's not super springy, so certain tanks that aren't RDAs, you might have a little bit of a gap there when you screw it all the way and you've got your little vent holes right here for your air, the juice to flow out of, if you over-drip or whatever the case is, and then over here on the bottom, you have your on and off switch. You can turn it on and off here like that, and then this is where your battery is located in here.

If you move over to the front, you have this power switch, just to turn it on and off with and to vape with, and then you have your plus and minus here to change the wattage and voltage and then down here is the charging port where you'll plug the charger up into charge the CoolFire with and then up here you have your vent holes for the battery.

So, let's go ahead and talk about the functionality. Now, before we jump into the functionality of the CoolFire, let's go ahead and compare this to the Istick 50W. So, you can see they are about the same size here. The battery life is a little bit longer on the Istick because, I think, it's 44 milliamps, I believe, let's see, yep, 4400 milliamps and this one's only 2000. So, I mean, as far as size comparison goes, they're roughly the same size, but this one is just a little bit skinnier on this end than the other one is, but as far as comparing goes, I mean they're a little similar. This one's just a lot smaller and feels a lot more comfortable in your hand than this one does.

Now, if you're looking for something a little bit higher wattage, you can always go with the Istick 50W. It's a little bit more expensive, but this is more, to me, it has the better form factor and the better features than the Istick 50W. So, let's go ahead and talk about the features.

Okay, so here is your CoolFire. If you press it three times, it turns it off. Three more times, turns it back on. If you hold the plus and minus buttons down, it will tell you how many puffs you take, there you go. You got one, hit it twice, there you go, that's two. Now, it's a little bit annoying because if you press this too many times playing around with it, it will turn off and then, so it's a little bit annoying there. But now, if we want to change the wattage, you can just hold the positive button down and then you can change the Watts and it goes in five watt increments and then you can hold it down, and it'll go up to 40 and then it'll reset and then you can go backwards and go back to 40, if you want. So, it won't stop at 40. It'll just go around a circle, but it's like a 40. Now, if you want to change to voltage mode, you hold this button and the minus button down, it'll change the voltage and you can adjust the voltage by holding the down arrow, and you can adjust the voltage.

So, let's go ahead and put it back in watts mode, put it back in watts mode, you press the power button and the plus button and it'll go back into watts mode. Now, if you want to switch the screen and make it upside down, you actually hold all the buttons down and you're gonna hold them all down, bam, and it switched. So that's the way to switch it back.

And we're back to normal. So that's pretty much all the functionality that you have. You have your ohms. I got the 0.3 coil here, which is reading 0.31, and right now at zero volts 'cause we're not firing. And see how easy that was. You barely fire, and it'll turn off. So that's just one little pet peeve I have about this, is that, if you press it too many times, one, see, it turns off way too quickly. Three clicks is just too soon. It should be five clicks like every other variable wattage and voltage device has. So if you want to turn this off here, you can just turn it off down here and then bam, it's off. And then if you want to turn it back on, it's ready to go. I mean, you don't have to worry about anything. It's just, bam! Instant low time. It's ready to go. Alright, so that's it for the functionality. Let's coil it up and talk about the pros and the cons.

Now, this has a great price point, you can get this CoolFire V4... Get out of here, cat. So this has a great price point. You can get the CoolFire V4 for about $37 from most places. So it's a really good price point, really affordable for what you can get compared to a lot of the mods out there. If you're looking at this and the ASIC 50 watt, this is a lot cheaper than in ASIC 50W. You can get the ASIC 50 watt for around $50 or so, give or take. And this, you can get for, like I said, $37 and some change. So this is a really great deal for the CoolFire 4.

So my first pro for the CoolFire V4 is the price point. Like I said earlier, $37 is a great price to pay. Now, it's perfect for you vapers out there who are vaping on a budget. If you're looking for just something to use that's gonna last you a while, this is gonna be great for you. Now, because it doesn't have... And you don't have to use your own batteries. You can use the CoolFire V4 and you don't have to have a battery. That's an added expense there. You don't have to have a battery charger. That's another added expense. So at $37, is a great price, plus, if you get you a nice sub-tank, or a nice tank, you might spend $50 or $60, and you're setup for your vape future, assuming that you're not gonna be like the rest of us out there, and as soon as you see the new cool thing, you've gotta have it. But this is gonna be perfect for you guys on a budget.

My next pro for the CoolFire V4 is the form factor. This thing fits great in your hand, and you can hold it like this and fire it. You can turn it around and fire it with your thumb. I mean, it has a really great form factor. And it's so small and lightweight. Literally today, I had this in my pocket on my way to work and I said, Oh, crap. Where's my vape? And I thought I left it at home. I got to work. Was taking stuff out of my pocket to put on my desk, and I found out that I had this in my pocket the whole time, it was so lightweight that I had no clue that it was in my pocket. This form factor and the weight of this is great and I'm loving it. So this is a really good pro. And something that I wish that any type of device... Because the iStick is actually pretty heavy compared to this. So if you're looking, and you're trying to figure out if you want the iStick or this, the iStick 50W is a little bit heavier and you're gonna probably enjoy this more if that's what you're looking for. If you're looking for something with a lower wattage and you don't really care about 50 watts. I mean, it's only 10 watts difference. This is gonna be good for you.

So my last two pros for the CoolFire V4 are, one; you have your on and off switch right here, so you can just directly turn it off. You don't have to worry about clicking it for three or four times, or whatever. You can just turn it off, you're good to go. You don't have to worry about the auto firing or overheating or anything like that because you can just directly turn it off and you're good to go. Next is the cool little lanyard hole that you have right here. So, I mean, it's just a nice little added feature which you don't see on a lot of vaping devices. So you can like hold it around your neck and you're good to go. And if you don't wanna have it in your pockets. If you're a girl, you're wearing a skirt, but you wanna bring your vape with you, you don't really wanna carry a pocket book, I can see how this would be a really cool factor to have a really cool, not factor, but a really cool thing to have on your mod because you can just hang it around on a necklace or have a little strap or something. I don't know, but there's a lot of cool things you can do just because it has this little lanyard hole.

So now, let's move on to the cons. So my first con is the battery life. Now, this is a little bit subjective. The battery life last me about a day with 2,000 milliamps. Average vape use last me about a day. So, I mean, that's... I mean, that's pretty good and I'm not a real chain vaper. I vape on breaks, just hanging out, whatever the case is, I vape. But it'll last me about a day. So if you're that type of person, this is probably gonna last you a day. But if you're a chain vaper, it might last you six, seven hours at the most. But remember, that's not the end of the world because you can charge it while you're vaping here and that's always a pro if you can... Your battery's dead, you can charge it. You don't have to worry about putting your batteries into a charger because you can just charge it through this little port, vape on it and you're good to go.

So my next con is, it has a little bit of button rattle. And I want to try to see if you guys can hear this. Let's see.

It has a little bit of a button rattle. I don't know if you heard that or not, but this is subjective. If you really care about if the buttons rattle or not, then you may not wanna buy this. At least mine will rattle, but if you don't really care so much and you just care about the performance of it, this is not gonna be really a con for you. So this is a subjective con.

And my last con for the CoolFire V4, is that the charging cable that they give you... They don't give you a base to plug into the wall. So you, hopefully, you have a cell phone and you can use your base for your cell phone or you can use your computer, but it doesn't come with a base. So that's just a con for me. I mean, it would be nice if they included a base in with the CoolFire V4, but they just gave you the cable, a USB cable, so you can charge with your computer or a cell phone charger, whatever the case is. So that's just a con for me. They should have included that.

So that's it for the cons, guys. Let's go ahead and wrap this up. If you're looking to get yourself a CoolFire V4, I got mine from VaporDNA. It's a really good company. I actually used a coupon code called DNA 10. I got 10% off my whole purchase. So that means you can get the CoolFire V4 for $34 instead of $37. It's about $34 and some change, but you can get for a really good price and that's about it, guys.

Let's go ahead and wrap this up. Like I said, I'm Metal Gear Vaper. I hope you've enjoyed the video today, and if you have, please make sure you subscribe. I'm gonna have a lot more videos coming, a lot more giveaways coming, and another really cool thing coming up. I just got word that I'm gonna have an RDA called the Evil Monk RDA sent to me to review for you guys. Now, the Evil Monk has a really cool build idea. There's no post, you actually build into the deck, it has holes built into the deck. I think it's gonna leak. We'll find out. Go ahead, subscribe. I'll have that video coming as soon as it gets to me, we'll do a first look, review and then I'll do a full review later.

So if you enjoyed this review today, please make sure you subscribe. Follow me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter. And as always, guys, it's not about the clouds, it's not about the flavor, it's about getting off those cigarettes and growing old, so that you can see your family grow old and you guys can live a longer life. I'm Metal Gear Vaper, until next time, guys, you keep it classy.